Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Peek into Project Hollywood: Vince Kelvin and Speer's Empty Promises, Part I

Some time ago I was posting about the high-pressure sales techniques of Arash Dibazar. Shortly afterwards, I received some inside information from K.K. about how Speer and Vince Kelvin conducted their business.

As far as I know, their "Project Hollywood" is no more, with Speer moving to, I think, Miami, and Vince lying in a hospital bed. Apparently the entire project was bankrolled by some rich European benefactor who has either left completely or followed Speer. Either way, the story of Vince Kelvin and Project Hollywood is yet another chapter that's now closed.

Below you will find the first part of K.K.'s story. I'll post another one tomorrow.


Arash Dibazar sounds like Vince Kelvin and his protoge "Speer!! They would invite you through some local pick-up artist group where they would give a "free" talk. They invite you to their house in Hollywood, called "Project Hollywood," and promote the fact that it's the house that Neil Straus was living in when he wrote the Game as they give you a "grand tour." This used to be Mystery's room, this was Neil's room, etc.

So the 1-2 hour talk is free, but at the end, Speer gives the hard sell pitch about it's only those who "take action" are the ones who will improve with women, and then they basically try to shame anyone there who doesn't want to meet up with one of their "Hollywood Knights" who are supposedly up and coming pick-up artists who are studying under the "Masters," so that they will one day be skilled enough to teach at their boot camps, etc. The Knights then used the old  "we are giving you a special offer that is good only for tonight, then the price almost doubles, and if you act now, we will throw in an invitation to the New Year's Eve party at the Mansion!

Speer during his pick-up talk personally guaranteed, that he himself had personally invited at least 75 good looking women to the party, so the place would be teeming with women ready to go on one of the best nights of the year! I, like the guy making low wages flat out couldn't afford any money up front, which later on turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I did get sucked into paying into a $5.00 a day plan, and gave them credit card information, but I had a very low credit limit, and told the dude who signed me up for this plan, after having to go to Speer to see if he would "approve" such a small payment and I think I gave them $20.00 cash up front.

Well, to make a long story short, their big World Pick Artist's Summit/ boot camp/ New Year's Eve weekend, where they represented you would be working one-on-one with each of the best pick-up artists in the world at some point during the 3 day boot camp: gurus like Tyler Durden, who's real name is Owen Cook, I believe, Vince Kelvin himself lol!, Brad P., Sasha "Day Game", David Wygant, Erica Awakening; one of their own Knights named Maven, who is so overweight, bald-headed and dresses so out of style (combination of Chicago gangster and Hollywood in the fifties, with a Fedora to cover his bald head) has the personality of a turnip, and has a striking resemblance to "Uncle Fester from the old "Addams' Family television show, that I doubt that he could get laid if he had five $100.00 bills pinned to his lapel, some woman named Liz who I never got a last name/moniker for, Johnny Soporno, Ross Jefferies, Hydro-who was another one of their Knights and who supposedly specialized in on-line dating and sending text that would guarantee you'd get in their panties, and finally some dude out of New York, named John Keegan, who is supposedly another one of these day game/approach women on the street specialists.

So here's the kicker, all of the above mentioned would give their pick-up advice, and there was a 10 minute break between each speaker where they would be basically pitching their products and services when they were supposedly going to answer your questions, then the speakers would adjourn at around 7 pm, and then the sponsors Kelvin and Speer, would ungraciously kick everyone out of their house and tell you to come back in 3 hours for the boot camp! When you got back, they divided us into groups under the tutelage of the neophyte nights, and Kelvin may have taken one group, while Speer took off with some chick for his own agenda! We would for the most part walk the quarter mile or so to the "Saddle Ranch," or the Standard, where the coaching just amounted to them "pushing you into opening sets," while they stood across the room or 30 feet away, and gave you their "well informed" opinion on what you did wrong.

All Vince Kelvin himself did was tell the guys to "go where the pussy's at," such as the patio, near the entrance, or by the women's restroom, while he sat outside in the patio area and smoked! Shortly after, Vince Kelvin took off with a couple of beat up looking women in their 40's that were either past their prime of being in porn, or stripping, and were now probably pros who serviced the geriatric set. They were so skanky looking that I wouldn't have wanted to do either one of them with somebody else's dick! Not to mention fear of STDs!

Can you imagine the thought process or lack thereof to have 25-30 guys descend on a rather small venue with maybe a few dozen women, as opposed to a large venue with hundreds of women, and they are all basically using variations on the same pick-up lines and routines! I think the only thing we'they accomplished was creeping out the women and clearing the venue in record time!

So the misrepresentations were as follows: Not one of the guru guest speakers worked with anyone at the boot camps following the two days of speakers, unless you count Kelvin and Maven, out of which Kelvin bailed early or arrived late the ONE night of boot camp v. two nights as promised, because after the speakers on New Year's Eve, we were given the boot, until the party started at 9 or 10 pm! I heard that they had some semblance of a boot camp called a "charge-a-thon," or some similarly idiotic name on January 1st, but after two nights of sleeping in the back of my SUV, because I couldn't afford a pricey hotel room in Hollywood, or even a stay at a "Youth Hostel" several miles away, no money and just enough gas to get me home, I was out of there bright and early!


  1. Arron i was thinking about doing a residential with kezia noble. It £4000. u think its worth it or a scam?

    1. Haha! For that amount of money you could fuck a handful of your favorite porn stars, and if you've got such a hard-on for Kezia Noble, then maybe you should know that in real life she looks about twice as old and a quarter as attractive as on her airbrushed and digitally manipulated pictures online.

    2. You're probably kidding about the favorite porn stars. But if not, how would such a thing work?

    3. The mere thought got you drooling, didn't it? ;)

      There are specialized agencies for booking porn stars. Also, it's quite common that porn stars tour through the US and give guest performances in strip clubs, and maybe you know what happens in some of those places when you ask for a "private dance."

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Dude. Why the fuck do you lie man.. Seriously. I mean come on. I met Kezia Noble at the 2011 Summit.

      She is just as hot in person, and does not look older at all.

      Seriously you either haven't met her and are talking out of your ass, or you have met her and you're lying. Because that bitch is a 10 in looks, straight up. Both her and her sister.

      I am not a fan of hers. Just being 100% real. I think this blog like other hate blogs are complete BS.

    6. How far away from the stage were you sitting when you "met" Kezia?

  2. Sad to hear Sasha was a part of this atrocity...

  3. I wish I could've seen the light sooner, but over a year ago, I signed up to take online Pick-up courses with one of Vince Kelvin's Instructors who branched out and made his own unique system. I won't say who it is, but it's funny seeing some of the names in this article as this Instructor would team up with them to answer any questions "AFC's" such as myself had on phone calls. During my time in Pick-up, I'll admit I ran into your site a few times.

    I thought "Oh, this is just some dude who's pissed-off that pick-up didn't work for him. He should've developed his "inner game", and cold approaching does work. So many women were receptive and gave me their numbers. He's just trying to make a website like so he can cry about his experiences in pick-up. When all along he should've done this then that, and he would have success."

    I read Johnny's book and one point that truly struck me, that was truly profound was that it's ok to be rejected. I remember back when I was in PUA, I had immediate success getting lots of numbers and scoring a couple of dates. Unfortunately the dates, didn't go so well because I'd turn into a social robot. Then when I decided to work on my "nightgame", I would get blown off sets like crazy for about half a year. Considering such little return on such large investment, it would've been wise on my part to stop. But because I was told that I'd eventually "get it", that I would be extremely successful with women one day. Yeah...all those lays, one-night stands, and casual relationships would never came. Though because I was told that it was okay to be rejected, like an idiot, I would keep going. So much to the point that the instructor felt sorry for me and gave me most of the lessons for free.

    As I would view more videos, I would be given assignments like i.e. approach these women with this opener, then play this game, then work on establishing comfort. Then I'd reference back to the blown sets and those times I used those terrible openers, then to add these techniques to my repertoire. I thought to myself, I'm done! If I try to implement these techniques, they will cause me to think in the conversation and look socially-retarded like so many other approaches I performed. I'll probably get the set blown in my face again, I'm tired of this bulls***. After that point, I began to distance myself from "game" and realized it was nothing but over-hyped bulls***. I was sick of "DHV'ing", "establishing comfort", "playing the 5 questions game before I make out with her". None of this crap worked, and even when I did apply it, most chicks would look at me weird, stop the conversation, or laugh straight at my face. I'll admit, one thing pick-up did help me with was becoming a more social, comfortable, and confident person in many situations. But at the cost of my psyche, time, and hobbies.

    Now I'm happy that I stumbled upon sites like and your website. These sites give one a good idea of how to just be a regular guy casually dating women. All in all, when I look back at this experience, I find it funny that the guy I was back then would be criticizing the guy I am right now. Thankfully though, I've read Johnny's book and it truly highlights the disgusting snake-oil marketing campaign the PUA industry is. I'm just happy I found the light, I look forward to more of your posts Aaron.


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