Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update on Vince Kelvin

Joe Carnage commented on my recent jab at Vince Kelvin that one of my favorite PUAs is not only suffering financially:

Vince is definitely desperate for cash for his mansion since that old Eastern European benefactor left when Speer did. Breaking news, he is in the hospital for suffering a heart attack because of extreme stress. Figures from not being able to foot the $14,000 a month mansion bill and not being invited to the biggest pua event of the year. 
From Valerie Hammond off his facebook: 
"Vince Kelvin is still at hospital, his heart monitored around the clock. He had a near seizure and heart attack earlier this week. The doctors are extremely concerned. I am answering his phone and Bao and Jesse are in charge at Project Hollywood. He was doing better but had another two intense panic attacks earlier this morning. I am doing my best but we can use his friends support and assistance, thank you. Will keep you posted."
"We're trying very hard to get Vince Kelvin back home, but he had another series of panic attacks leading to seizure last night! Doctors are pretty clear, it is not because of poor health, but extreme stress."


  1. What a moron.

    On other topic I received this free ebook from Neil Strauss:


    With gems such as:

    • NEW! Deep-Tissue Reading (Mix Palm Reading with a Moisturized Hand Massage!)

    You read that right.

    1. That's incredible. I bet all the fanboys go crazy over this as it helps them with their fantasies and delusions. The entire page reads like a parody to me.

  2. The guys are probably like "OMG! 2 features in one new PUA technology to create attraction without the girl noticing it!"

    And other stuff like 5 pages on how to pat someone on the shoulder (With "the back of the hand", wtf) and on timing, with pictures, finally concludingthat you can do it the way you like and when you want...It really is a parody in itself.

    BTW, I'm starting to have less and less patience with PUA fans and victims. I mean, I fell for it myself, but after a while, the idea that they are responsible, which PUAs use to cover their ass, isn't totally untrue...

  3. Sleazy, got some more juicy information from you. Speer is publishing tell all blog posts of what went down in Project Hollywood and how much of a insane egomaniac Vince is.


    There is also another link from one of Vince's Sycophants, Alexander Rose, detailing the corrupt practices of Speer not giving what he paid for. It also talks about the other members of Project Hollywood. It's an all out war. Let's sit back and enjoy them rip each other apart.


    1. Thanks for those links! ALexander Rose has taken that post already down. I had a look at his blog. That dude has Vince Kelvin's cock in his mouth while writing his articles.

      Speer's attacks on Vince almost sound like self-defence. Project Hollywood has failed, and he tries to put the blame solely on VInce. Their bickering among themselves will only make the entire industry go down quicker. During the "golden age of PUA" they were at least able to present an united front. Speer does mention some juicy details, though, only confirming what a colossal fuck-up Vince Kelvin is. On a related note, today and tomorrow there will be two posts with the account of a Project Hollywood insider on this blog.

  4. Hey man, I just put my comment into the first post I got hold on:

    Thanks a lot for putting out the "Debunking the Seduction Community" for free, you helped me on my way to some realizations!

    It is interesting how perceptions change...

    Two weeks ago I would have said that I am gong to stay with the ,,RSDcommunty" for the rest of my life, now I am putting all the pick up ressources in my website-blocker in order to get rid of any external dogma and mindsets that I have adopted subconsciously over time.

    It's cool that you think "outside the box" and share that!

    Take care,

    1. Thanks for the comment, man! Please keep an eye on this blog as I'll very soon post a "survivor story" from a former RSD disciple. You'll probably be able to identify with it, and may want to add your perspective in the comments.

  5. From Vince Kelvin's facebook page...wow, looks like he's blowing the lid on the whole pua scam haha.

    "DO ME A FAVOR EVERYONE, REPORT THE SHIT OUT OF THIS POST SO MY FACEBOOK IS SHUT DOWN! I AM OUT, BUT ONE LAST BIT OF TRUTH IN ORDER OF A TO Z: ROSS JEFFRIES, CRIED IN MY ARMS SAYING HE COULDN'T GET GIRLS AND THEN SECRETLY PAID ME, STILL HAVE CHECK COPY, TO HIRE ME TO HELP HIM CAUSE HE SAW MY GAME SOLID! Johnny Wolf, COMES TO PROJECT HOLLYWOOD RECENTELY, PULLS MY LAST INTERNS INTO THE GARAGE, TRIES TO HIRE HIM SO DID J.t. Tran when I invited him to speak. Anthony Johnson, shared my entire list with him, offered him booth at summit to promot his conference, paid on my own expenses to go speak in london, survey had all attendees but one SAID my presentation was their favorite, then he banned me. Erika Awakening, drunk as shit in the Neil Strauss room, crying cause she doesn't even gets laid AS A FUCKING CHICK, then goes get fingered by speer, I skip all the way to her cancelling her appearence at the initiation because My guys are cheap and don't buy! Johnny Soporno, fucks up my pull with world famous porn star Mika Tan because he contacts her asking what the deal is with me, jesus, some serious skills there, AT COCK BLOCKING, Attractionvault Dc AND James Northon, first ones I called to tell them a conspiracy was taking place against Summit, their first in line with their former # one enemy, even my boy Artisan Pua Trainer runs to them after I helped him be famous in countries no one ever knew of him, DJ fuji, begged me for spot at summit then he gets best new blood award, which gives him a 15 minutes presentation, and he calls in saying he needs me to change schedule NEVER SAW HIM WITH A FUCKING CHICK. He bailed out of Summit too, like all the other EXCEPT Adam Lyons and David Wygant HATS UP TO BOTH OF YOU, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL, ADAM LYONS IS THE BEST PUA ON THE PLANET. Marni Wing girl, what a fucking joke, her too, even hooked her up w/ cc and vault for her as they didn't want her, Bravo Pua, gave me shit after I originally invited all of Neil's crew at second summit, need I go on, and the crwoning of them all, even above Speer J. The Ripper, got him on stage, on video, awarded his lair, mentored him, time and time again, but greed and jealousy had to have him fuck me over. Now if you want to go all the way with speer, be my guest, ARRESTED 2007 FOR DRUG TRAFFIC IN FLORIDA, how the fuck did he get a green card, that's up to INS to find out...wont even bother with the kiss as and suckers who berfiend just to hope to get a little fame, top of them all, stop him before it's too late, little prick by the name of spirit PUA, never did I see anyone fuck up so bad with girls, costed me 3 of my girls...I am fed up, discusted, and out forever...let them tell you and think that I lost it, let them tell you I am on fucking drugs, whatever, please take one last good look at what I achieved to help you all mother fuckers, and then report the shit out of this fb so I am free, non of you have the slightest fucking clue what I pulled, married 3 times, widow, divoercee, harems, porn stars, nearing 1000 for over 15 years, and that's what I get???"

    1. Thanks for mentioning this! That post has already disappeared from Vince Kelvin's facebook page, though.

      Vince is acting like your typical fat chick who's out in the club with some hot girlfriend. You hit on the hot chick, and then the fatty gets pissed and because she can't get laid to save her life, she wants to ruin it for your friend (and the dude) as well.

      Oh, David Wygant staged his "Infield Insider" episode according to DJ Fuji, if I am not mistaken, and AFC Adams has long been debunked.

    2. lol at 1000 pulls in 15 years, VK is such a liar

  6. man, Vince sounds unlike himself. vince man, these are very poor illogical conclusions that are so obviously grounded in unclear thought and rampant negativity. you're better than that.
    what speer's crew did was lame also but looking at this it's obvious your head is not in the right place.

    peace and blessings to vince's healthy recovery

  7. someone bought the house in december, but who?


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