Friday, September 14, 2012

Vince Kelvin is Desperate for Money: 2 days with him for $199

This don't seem to be going too well for Vince Kelvin, but I just can't figure out why. Just have a look at this exemplar of a man: Tall, muscular, beautiful, and always a super-hot chick by his side:

Yet, if you look him up these days, you wonder how well he's doing. He does seem to struggle quite a bit, as you'll soon see. Instead of trying to sell his services for a few grand, he places himself firmly in the bargain bin. His latest attempt to make some money off his fame as a pickup instructor is an offer to shack up with him.
You can chose between those price levels:
  • 2 days & 1 night: $199
  • 2 days & 2 nights: $349
  • 3 days & 3 nights: $499
There is also a "The 'Mack Daddy' BIG BOY V.I.P." package for the customary $2,997.

Seriously, if I lived in LA, I'd book his $199 package just for the entertainment value, and I'd have him approach fatties until I fell of the chair laughing.

If you are interested, then act soon, because even though it is already the 14th of September, this offer ends on the 7th:


  1. Biggest loser in the Community, hands down. Of all the guys who are anywhere close, Ross is at least somewhat successful, and the rest are still reasonably young.

    If VK has really has a serious criminal record as is rumored, even Gunwitch can't make him look better.

  2. why did you post a picture of that short guy? that's not vince kelvin dude

  3. Vince is definitely desperate for cash for his mansion since that old Eastern European benefactor left when Speer did. Breaking news, he is in the hospital for suffering a heart attack because of extreme stress. Figures from not being able to foot the $14,000 a month mansion bill and not being invited to the biggest pua event of the year.

    From Valerie Hammond off his facebook:

    "Vince Kelvin is still at hospital, his heart monitored around the clock. He had a near seizure and heart attack earlier this week. The doctors are extremely concerned. I am answering his phone and Bao and Jesse are in charge at Project Hollywood. He was doing better but had another two intense panic attacks earlier this morning. I am doing my best but we can use his friends support and assistance, thank you. Will keep you posted."

    "We're trying very hard to get Vince Kelvin back home, but he had another series of panic attacks leading to seizure last night! Doctors are pretty clear, it is not because of poor health, but extreme stress."

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'll repost this on the front page of the blog.

  4. If he so desperate for some money, he should suck some dick.

  5. Aaron, this post isn't interesting for several reasons:

    You wrote: ''Tall, muscular, beautiful, and always a super-hot chick by his side''

    1 - What's your point? Can you choose how tall you can be? No. It's biology. It's like laughing at Nicolas Sarkozy, the former french president, because he's not tall. Or laughing at Silvio Berlusconi because he's bald. Irrelevant.

    2 - ''super-hot chick by his side'' The girl on the picture was a friend of a participant. Vince didn't know her before the seminar. He took her just to illustrate a point. That's it.

    Sometimes when people think they're good at something they become arrogant and think they're above others. I hope it's not your case, Aaron.

    Btw, I don't care about Vince Kelvin. I just wanted to tell you that this post isn't fair and you should think before you write.

    1. 1) I won't mock anybody for being short per se. However, when a short guy tries to pretend that he's the second coming of Casanova, then I can't help but pointing out the shortcomings. This obviously includes aspects such as height. However, that's hardly the main point because I don't mock Vince Kelvin due to his limited height.

      2) The picture was rather unfortunate, and he should have been well-aware of it. Unlike his height, this was definitely a situation he could have prevented with some foresight.


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