Monday, September 24, 2012

A Peek into Project Hollywood: Vince Kelvin and Speer's Empty Promises, Part II

Here is the second part of K.K.'s story about Vince Kelvin and Speer's big New Year's Eve event:


Now I didn't go into the "Big Night" of the New Year's Eve bash at the Mansion yet, because I wanted to save the best for last! They did have an open bar for much of the night, until I heard Speer bark at one of his "Knights/slaves" to start pulling the hard liquor back inside the Mansion. The whole inside of the Mansion was off limits to the attendees, so where was I going to bang a chick, if I did pick one up, the back of my SUV, or in the only bathroom accessible off the servant's kitchen and locked down from access to the interior of the Mansion that had an average of 20-30 people waiting in line to use all night long?!!! There was more like a total attendance of 30-40 women and many of those were with their own men, or weren't hot enough to even get my dick hard for!

I have to say that as I circulated and talked to most everyone, most in attendance were very cool people and many told me how great it was to meet me, including the owner of the record label for the up and coming rapper, who sang poolside, where the whole event was staged, and the rapper himself was a real down to Earth dude and not a prima-donna. While standing in line to use the crapper, I would just chat up some of hottest girls there like they were my little sister's friends, teasing them and just letting my true personality come through, which tends to be a bit sarcastic but in a humorous way, with sexual innuendo thrown in to shock and delight them.

I had several dudes in attendance at the party tell me that I was "the man," (out of all the dudes in attendance, which presumably included Vince Kelvin, Speer, and a couple of the "Gurus". On a couple of occasions dudes commented, those girls are way into you, and they're all yours (a couple of tall hot French girls), and one guy who asked if I could keep an eye on his girl a real hottie, by the way, while he went to get the car or something told me, if I hadn't have brought her, she would be leaving with you (I guess she let it be known to him that she liked my style).

Here's the final description of the evening's events that pretty well depicts Vince Kelvin for the scum-bucket he truly is, and what a loser he is at getting with women, in reality. I was standing out poolside and chatting up a group of about 3 girls out of which one I considered do-able and she seemed to be warming up to me quite nicely, when Kelvin walks up, and asks if we want to take the party to his room. I figured maybe he'd break out some upscale booze, or at least I could sit down and chat up the prettier girl that I was into. As we approach the poolside french door entrance to his room, he says plenty loud enough for all to hear, speaking directly to me, "Hey, no newbies allowed!" So to sum it up, he charges you to come to a party to practice your pick-up skills and pick up women, and when you are successful, he steals the woman that you are successfully gaming, right from underneath you!

All I have to say about that is, there was a time when I would have grabbed by the throat and taken him down with one hand/arm, as I'm 5'10", 165 lbs. and in excellent physical shape, while that pathetic little "pin d_ _k," is maybe 5'6" with his 3 or 4 inch platform shoes on, he smokes like a chimney, and I don't have any proof that he does hard drugs, but let's just say that his behavior and appearance are "druggie like." Also, it is common knowledge that Speer had a huge drug problem at one time, (maybe still does, who knows?).

I'll just wrap this up by saying that at the total of $80.00 paid total, it was a fairly inexpensive lesson on what a "rip off" these so called "Pick-Up" Artists are. I'd say it's more likely that they are handling what little they've got much more than any females. By the way, I'm an older dude (58, as of April 2012) that has fucked around 60 women (many multiple times), probably most before these frauds were even born, and anyone ever heard about "The Game," or pick-up. I'm not talking fatties here, either. My first wife was a smoking hot Cuban woman, and I still have smoking hot 20 somethings throwing themselves at me, when I realized that I didn't need all of this phony pick-up crap then, and I don't need it, now! I credit my bad experiences with the so-called pick-up community, and reading your book which I purchased with helping me to turn it around.

I got a same night lay with a 30 year old with a cute face, and a little heavier than I normally go for, but after an evening with a couple of margaritas and a pitcher of beer under my belt, when I offered her a ride back to her hotel instead of having to wait for a cab, she was all over me, before I was pulling out of the parking lot to the bar, "telling me how hot I was, and how she wanted to fuck me so bad," that I pretty much knew it was a done deal before we got back to her upscale hotel room. Funny thing was, I was probably more concerned about waking up her female roomie sleeping in the bed next to us, than she was! Once, I was inside her, I forgot all about the roomie!

Oh, let me add one more thing! Most of the attendees for the New Year's Eve Boot Camp/Guru Summit paid anywhere from $500.- $1,500 and upwards to attend this same event, so $80.00 was a cheap education in the true nature of at least those scum bagging portions of the "pick up" community! I suppose in retrospect, it's a good thing that I was on unemployment at the time, brought my own food in an ice chest, and took my chances parking on their street that warned of being towed as it was permitted parking only, but I couldn't afford $12.00 a day parking in the structure across Sunset Blvd, or they may have "fleeced me for more!" Oh, I probably drank $60.00-$80.00 worth of their booze, too, so I guess I ended up even.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that they work those "Knights" like slaves, trying to suck in more "marks," on the phone and computer all day long, and they sleep in a converted garage with bunk beds and a space heater, and well, you know what a place with a bunch of dudes, dirty laundry, etc, smells like after awhile, so I doubt that any of them could pull anything beyond a street walker, or an absolute skank, back to that hell-hole! I actually felt sorry for those dudes. It doesn't take most of them long to figure out that most of what comes out of Kelvin's mouth is total B.S., about hey they will make big money working for him, etc.  I even know of at least one dude who I heard on a pod-cast that Kelvin had him pick up groceries, booze, etc. to the tune of like $300.+, and never paid him back! Kelvin is actually going bonkers of late, and have heard messages he left on some Website owner's voicemail threatening his life, threatening lawsuits, etc. I doubt if we'll be hearing more about Kelvin in the future, unless it's news that he's been committed to a padded room, or a jail cell! He deserves every bit of it, too!


  1. this guy posted the same story on casanovacrew and i believe JTR and Vince Kelvin spoke about this and clarified things and this storyteller took it up the a$$. he shouldn't complain, he had his chance to get his money back and said he didn't want it.

    1. Yawn. You PUA shills really are the pits.

      1) This story wasn't posted anywhere else.
      2) The guy paid a total of about $80 dollars and never asked for his money back.
      3) Do you honestly think some kind of "money back guarantee" (we all know that PUA companies don't honor it) is an excuse for the pathetic scam Vince Kelvin and Speer pulled off here?

  2. Here loser

    Bullet #3 - talks about it
    3. Intent (Kurt) the 57 year old PUA came on the show and said how you disrespected him, you took his camera and took pics with you and girls, and he barely was in any of the pictures. He went to your New Years party and says you called him a newbie in front of everyone embarassing him, and when you took his set away and took her to your bedroom. He feels you made him look foolish, especially since he paid you for the Global PUA Conference. Also he feels that you guuys misadvertised saying all the speakers would be part of the botcamp which they apparently were not. I understand he is on a payment plan, and owes around $400-$500, so if you could waive that fee for him that would be cool, and make a public apology.

    Then go to page 3 of the thread, the first post
    He said that Intent misunderstood him that night, and that he didnt call him a newbie. Intent said that Vince told him "no newbies allowed" and he the girls went back to his room, but Vince says that Intent misunderstood because of Vince's accent, and that he actually said "no other men allowed" which may have sounded like "no newbies allowed"....

    Vince is also refusing to waive the fee for Intents session, but in return says he would offer time to CC if needed/requested. Apparently he spoke to Intent after the show and they came to some sort of understanding.

    The story was posted. You're an idiot stop trying to be a tough guy behind the internet dude, I tell nothing but facts.

    1. I can't believe your stupidity. That guy wrote his story down, spanning several pages, and I've posted it on my blog. Yet, you come on here and try to tell me that this is the same as one lone paragraph (!) on some forum.

      Also, do you think it matters that what Vince said as opposed to what he has done? The fact remains that he pushed him aside, and whether he called K. a "newbie" or "not a man" is rather irrelevant. In fact, I'd say that what Vince Kelvin claimed he said was an even worse insult.

      Now get the fuck off my blog. You are only making yourself look like a complete idiot.

  3. Thanks Aaron for exposing these scammers. I must admit I never believed you when you said that PUA is all BS. But from personal experience, I now know what you said to be true. I used to think you were kind of a douchebag, but now I see why you hate these guys so much. Keep up the good work bro! Hope you can save more people from getting scammed.

  4. 58 yo guy with 20-something hotties throwing themselves at him goes and buys the PUA bootcamp?


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