Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paul Janka pays 500 dollars for an "outstanding" testimonial

Paul Janka is one of the very few guys in the seduction industry whom I consider legitimate. I've read his free Getting Laid in NYC ebook some years ago, which is one of a still shockingly small number of decent books on dating and seduction. My only gripe is that he recommends getting a girl drunk on a date, but that's a more philosophical issue. I don't follow Paul Janka closely, but whenever someone forwards me an article or a few paragraphs, and asks for brief feedback, I normally nod my head in agreement.

As good as his materials may be, his marketing is now on the same low level as the rest of the industry. Just have a look at the following email, which he sent out to his list of paying customers. He offers 500 bucks in exchange for an "outstanding" video testimonial. Please note that if your testimonial is only "average", you may only get a hundred bucks, if at all. Wanting to leave little to chance, Paul Janka also offers detailed instructions and remarks that you shouldn't bother if your apartment is a mess, because the video should look authentic. Faked authenticity, how lovely!

Here's the entire email:

You've gone through my program, you know how powerful it
is. You know it's the best men's program available. You know
it can change a guy's life if he applies the techniques…

Now.. it's one thing for me to tell people how great my material
is.. but it's a whole 'nother thing to hear it from a real
guy --like you-- who's used the program, and had great results…

That's where you (and $500 bucks) come in...

I need you to record a video testimonial. I need you to share
your story and tell other guys how powerful my material is...

And if you do, I will pay you HANDSOMELY for your video, and
even more importantly, you'll be improving the lives of other guys,
by showing them a better way to get results with women...

Sounds good right? Well here's the catch. It's gotta be at least
2 minutes long. And you need to sign a release that allows me to
use it on the web, tv, radio, or where-ever my advertising runs.

Since I want real, enthusiastic testimonials, with lots of detail,
I'm going to stagger the prize money and make this a competition.

I'm awarding $500 to 10 guys for "outstanding" testimonials.
I'm awarding $250 to 20 guys for "great" testimonials.
I'm awarding $100 to 30 guys for "average" testimonials.

So, as you can see, this is LIMITED TO 60 GUYS and you
must submit your testimonial by FRIDAY 11/23 at Midnight EST.

Here's how this will work. If I get 100 testimonials by Friday,
the best 60 will receive prize money and the worst 40 will
receive nothing. I will watch and rate every testimonial that
comes in before the deadline. Since not everyone will be willing
to do this, should you submit a video, you will have a very
good chance at receiving prize money (seriously).

Your testimonial video can be easily captured by your webcam.

Don't worry about how your apartment or house looks. It should
look like a "home video" and doesn't need to be fancy. What
matters is that you're honest and enthusiastic.


Get into detail about why Attraction Formula is so great and how
it improved your life. Here are a few questions to answer, but don't
worry about following any specific format...

Here are some sample questions to answer in your video:

1. What is your first name, where are you from, what do you do?
2. What's your story? How were you with women initially?
3. Were you skeptical about buying/trying the program?
4. What where some of the things you learned from the program?
5. What kind of results have you had with women?
6. Would you recommend it to others?

Remember, you should be enthusiastic and excited to share your
story! Try to avoid talking too slow. Be honest. Really share
your success and failures and you'll have a great shot at winning.
If your girlfriend or wife wants to be in the video, that would
be pretty great too. If you're just playing the field, and don't
have a girlfriend at the moment, I understand that too. ;-)


On a PC (Windows):

1. Open Windows Movie Maker
2. Select File and Record Movie or something like that
3. Select video device and click Next
4. Enter file name and saving location
5. Press Start Recording button
6. Click Stop
7. Windows will save your video

On a Mac:

1. Open iMovie
2. File Menu > Import from Camera
3. Make sure camera is set to FaceTime camera
4. Click Capture to start the video recording
5. The movie will automatically be saved in your home
directory / Movies / iMovie Events as a .mov file


To deliver the video to me, use this service, it's free
and supports large file sizes (like videos). There is no
registration process either, it's very simple and easy.

1. Go to
2. Enter as the recipient.


In order for me to legally use your testimonial, I have to ask
you to sign a release form that grants me permission to use
your video. So if I, or someone on my team contacts you and
asks you to sign a release form, then you're definitely winning
one of the prizes. You also have the option to get a personal
coaching package from me, which is a $500 value. If you are
selected for any prize, you can also upgrade to a phone coaching
package, should you wish to do so.  My way of saying thanks!

Ok, this is quite a long email. If you have any questions, about
submitting your video, please email

Remember, you have until FRIDAY 11/23 at Midnight EST to submit
your video. I look forward to seeing your video!

To The Good Life,
Paul Janka


  1. Have you posted anywhere a list of books in this area which you recommend?

    1. There isn't that much I really liked. That's one of the reasons why I wrote Minimal Game. ;)

      Paul Janka's Getting Laid in NYC is worth a look. It's one of the very few sane guides out there. Then Gunwitch wrote a couple of good articles back in the days. I think it was called Gunwitch Method. The problem with it, though, is that a few parts are just bizarre and could get you into serious trouble. For instance, he tells people to prepare for fights when they go to a club, and stuff like that. It's completely crazy.

      Also, don't forget to check out the second part in my free ebook Debunking the Seduction Community. In it, I give a brief overview of seduction. This should get you started, or clear up some misconception you might have about dating.

  2. Normally PUA coaches do not ask money for testimonial.They ask testimonial right after the boot camp.It is the best time to take testimonial for those companies.Because right after the Boot camp, their students are in hype.

    He is legit but I don't know why he is asking like this.

    Mark Manson's blog mentioned good point about Boot camp.

    1. "Post boot camp high" is a common phenomenon. Adding to that, the companies I know of also try to incentivize people. For instance, RSD gives you a discount of several hundred dollars, or a free copy of the Blueprint (real value: zero) and whatnot, if you are willing to be video taped.

  3. Off-topic, but I thought I'd post it on Aaaron's blog since this is the first longer post I've written on this subject in almost a year. I got inspired by somebody's question over at BP's


    "I just don’t get how people learning how to become attractive to a stranger, a girlfriend, or a wife hurts the MRM"

    Because the whole concept is fraudulent as demonstrated by science. I've argued and proven this over in length, I won't have time to argue with you now (I have a life, so no time). But basically, you can become more attractive IN GENERAL by

    -> Adding muscle, removing fat
    -> Getting plastic surgery
    -> Getting status in a given circle/community
    -> Making lots of friends and raising your social status
    -> Money
    -> Money
    -> Money
    -> Fame

    Becoming more attractive to one specific chick doesn't work since it involves

    -> Personal compatibility (you could try to fake it, but you don't read thoughts, so you don't even know what to fake)

    -> Being her type (genetic matching displayed through facial shape, skin type, body ratios, unique smell signature of your individual body etc)

    You CAN become a more attractive PERSON (scientifically validated to making a significant difference, go lose 50 pounds and tell me how many more dates you get, same with getting an expensive car).

    You can NOT however merely speak or stand or ask for the date in a "different way" and suddenly get drastically different results. You will still get roughly the same amount of YES-es per 100 chicks. No game believer has EVER shown to get more YES-es per 100 chicks ASKED than a control subject (the control would be average beta-guy game by your terminology).

    [continues in part 2]

  4. [part 2]

    YOU CAN LEARN how to get laid more often, but that doesn't have anything to do with "creating attraction through walking, talking and acting differently" (the fradulent concept that all game is based on).

    So I said that it is possible to learn how to get laid more, right? What is it that you "learn" when you learn how to get laid more? Oh, just how to

    a) meet more hot women
    b) ask for sex more often

    As for improving your ratio? (how to get more yes-es per 100 attempts)? That's simple too... It boils down to

    x) identifying which chicks are likely to say yes to you
    y) asking in a way that doesn't scare women away.

    That's pretty much it.

    For example I've quadrupled the amount of lays I get during this past year. All it involved was simply building a life where I meet and am friends/acquintances with more super-hot women than you could ever even "open" doing cold-approaching. I literally am friends with hundreds of hot women (models, tv personalities, etc etc)... But that all falls under how to be rich and influental and well-connected and "how to network and build social status", not "game". Though I'm sure a game guru is about to claim to have invented networking skills any day now (I'm sure Dale Carnegie stole his ideas from a game blogger).

    As for b, it requires either balls or social intelligence. You could either ask every woman if she's down to fuck outright (experiencing a ton of rejection) or you could learn how to test and tell which chicks are likely to say yes, and only ask the hottest leads to come over to your place (pretty much what I do).

    That's it. A PUAtard might chime in and go "Oh oh, PUA teaches us about IOIs too", and "this PUA once talked about how to network!" or "A guru once told me to join the gym" - > But that's not the point. Game is NOT defined by what it shares with other disciplines, what defines game is its UNIQUE claims. Yes, one of the 52,456 PUA methods might ALSO teach you to for example make lots of female friends - but that's not game, that's common sense. The game part is where he the guru claims that by standing differently or constructing sentences differently or communicating differently you will cause the woman to desire your cock more than otherwise. THIS is the fraudulent part. Get it?

    The UNIQUE claim of game is that you can "create attraction" by merely displaying or acting out certain traits (not possessing them, merely acting them out).

  5. Desperate times.

    I agree with you that Janka's and Gunwitch's approaches offer an unusual amount of common sense. They're also Exhibit A and B for taking whatever good ideas you can get from this and NOT hero-worshipping the guys that write it. Because, you know, sexual assault and attempted murder allegations.

    1. I wasn't aware of Paul Janka's sexual assault charges, so I looked it up. What is written on Gawker, though, doesn't quite convince me:

      If she was uncomfortable with Janka's sexual advances, she should have left right away. However, the fact that she went to see him in his apartment shows that there was some sexual interest. She sounds like a woman who isn't comfortable with something else --- taking responsibility for her own actions.

  6. Paul Janka= attractive looks + decent social skills + sexual advance ( sexual Intent)

    Many of so called game just touches upon social skills and sexual intent.
    Money and Status also help your attraction.For younger one this part is not big issue.After you reached certain age.

    I am not sure his students have good results or not.The part he has game or not,I would say he has game.His pick-up is legit.

    For the consumers side,how average guys has improved or got results from his training.I don't know the guys( PUA coaches) who has good results to their students.I only care about this.Mystery is the only one famous one whose students has results.Many of today's coaches used to be his students once.Of course, not everybody had results like those guys who became instructors now.I know failure rate is high.But I just don't know other coaches student's results.

    1. If Mystery's students had gotten such fabulous results, then there wouldn't have been a backlash against Mystery Method. He is among the least credible guys in this industry.

    2. ok,those guys learned scamming structure learned from Mystery?

      Maybe somebody who has already good with women went his place then became a coach.

  7. Ya, Paul Janka is good for Day Game and that is it.


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