Monday, September 26, 2016

The fundamental difference between male and female streamers

I'll move on from discussing "Twitch whores" soon enough, but there is one aspect I wanted to highlight: women on YouTube or Twitch tend to focus on themselves. They show cleavage, most of the screen displays them. They are central. More concretely, their looks are. The most popular topoic women cover on YouTube must be makeup. On the other hand, men focus on topics. That's no surprise as you probably wouldn't watch a dude with a PhD in motorcars or Japanese video game trivia for hours on end. Some of the most well-researched channels I have come across just have dudes narrating over video. You don't even see their face.

You can probably see that this easily leads to bogus claims of sexism. Women lack the in-depth knowledge that is apparently required to build a dedicated audience over time, so they let their tits hang out. If their tits look nice, that's enough to create an audience basically instantly. Yet, their tits won't withstand gravity forever. Once they've hit the wall and can no longer compete with younger versions of themselves, it's "sexism". Just imagine you had a few thousand dollars come in month after month because you show some cleavage on Twitter, and six months later Okatu Bob notices that his dick just doesn't respond that well to her anymore so he takes his money to a younger Twitch whore. That must be devastating.

On the other hand, guys have to work hard for their audience. You'll find guys blogging, vlogging or streaming about their niche interests who have not gained much attention at all. Yet, they keep doing it because they are interested or, to use a horribly abused word, passionate about something. I bet a dude like TechRax didn't start creating videos with the intention of making money, even though he's making bank on YouTube these days. (Check out his video on how to mod your iPhone 7 to get a 3.5 mm headphone jack.)

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  1. I just don;t get twitch and watching women play video games. I have stopped playing video games as most are crap, time consuming and cost. Instead I watch them if they are good stroy like uncharted or heavy rain. But I want to watch the game being played rather than watch a girl or anyone chatting over the game. Well I don;t mind if the commentator is funny, but there are none that are females and they dont show themselves while playing.

    I just dont get guys watching women, or paying for it. You can watch hotter women for free through free porn. Plus whats so speciall about seeing some cleavege or shots of her vag, I have seen so many in life and internet, that it's not even that special, it has lost it's value.

    The only guys, well the ones that I watch, that show themselves on videos do so cause it relates to the content and even then it is not all about them, they will do close ups ups or videos etc, and these are male grooming and fashion.

    I guess most guys are just plain dumb and stupid. they just dont realise that life is much more and options are more abundent then they realise.


  2. I think it's poignant to say a girl under a 6 on the looks scale isn't getting many views on Youtube, but a range from 1-10 on the looks scale of men are getting views because they actually have some comedy or content to offer.

    I watch a LOT of VideoGameDunkey. I've probably watched every single one of his videos more than once. He spent a lot of time making League of Legends videos, and now has 2.4 million subscribers. He's legitimately the funniest asshole/troll on the internet. He's not a good looking dude by any standards, and knows its, so he rarely shows his face. His girlfriend xLeahBee is cute, maybe a 5, and she's actually kind of funny (and can be an asshole) herself. If she were below a 5, not skinny, and without her cutesy surprisingly not-fake anime voice, AND didn't feature Dunkey in every single other video she makes, I very much doubt she'd get many views, and most of her views have been piggy-backed from watchers of Dunkey. That's the nature of the beast.

    People watch guys long-term for content, people watch women short term until they get distracted, watch some porn, and then go about their day.

    Dunkey and a heavily modded Skyrim:
    Dunkey on LoL:
    Dunkey's guide to meeting girls:

    1. I didn't know about that guy. My first reaction was to close the browser window, upon hearing his voice. But he managed to make me laugh within seconds.

      Is there any female streamer/Youtuber who manages to entertain an audience based on her personality? (This is a serious question.)

    2. I saw a girl playing Dota2 well on twitch. My first impression was that she is not a cam whore.
      And therre was a japanese girl maybe streaming hearthstone and she seemed smart.
      That's all I can say

    3. I looked all over, Aaron. Couldn't really find anything on that level. We all know why people watch Jenna Marbles.

    4. I haven't followed her too closely, but apparently kaceytron (LoL streamer on Twitch) is a pretty funny girl streamer. Other than having big boobs, her niche is trolling her stream viewers.

  3. Never heard of a twitch whore, so thx for enlightening us Aaron!

    Saw this post about heidi klum:

    Another social media app used for brain-dead, look-at-me purposes..


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