Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Are these men dull?

It is well-established that the mainstream media (MSM) have various questionable biases: they are left-leaning, so much that they topple over and end up with their head in the sand, they are misandrist, they detest logic and clear reasoning, and any kind of criticism is "hate", "racism" or "nazism". Today, we'll look at an example of misandry in the MSM. The Telegraph had a brief article on a book with the title "Dull Men of Great Britain" --- published in the men's section of that newspaper! Can you imagine a woman's magazine running a story like "The dumbest bitches in the world?". I thought so. That book itself is an affront, and the Telegraph story isn't any better. They picked the allegedly "23 dullest men in Great Britain", which includes whose achievements include:

- collecting over 300 vacuum cleaners
- building a WWI tank (!)
- traveling the country in order to photograph hedges
- collecting a myriad of handsaws
- collecting > 7,500 different beer cans in 40 years
- visiting all 2,548 railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales

There are some absurdities like a dude who keeps track of the days on which he mows the lawn, too, but broadly speaking, those guys have incredible interests. I personally couldn't care less about vacuum cleaners, but I would certainly be interested in talking to a guy who built an effing tank in his spare time. That's basically the knowledge of a mechanical engineering degree, various crafts, and most certainly heaps of history on top. It's absolutely incredible. This guy is by all means a badass, and the other examples I mentioned are pretty fascinating too. Just consider the incredible amount of devotion those guys have!

Yet, the implication is that those dudes are losers, dull, probably never got laid their entire life, basement dwellers, and so on. But think about this: it is primarily men who catalogue information, and who want to get at the bottom of things. Is this dull? Well, there is one clear case in which a task that demands dedication and only offers an intellectual payoff is dull: if you are the typical female ditz who wastes half the day looking for shit to buy online, posing for Instagram, and leaving backhanded compliments on the Facebook wall of her "friends". To them, an exciting man drives a fancy car, is good looking, and blows a ton of money on frivolous things, and is generally rather irresponsible, kind of like a male Kim Kardashian.

Quite frankly, I don't care what a guy who builds a tank looks like. He'd be interesting to talk to anyway. However, how many women would you listen to if their looks weren't at least tolerable? And even among good-looking ones there are plenty where you'd rather bail than keep listening to their blather. Now imagine what happens if such a ditz, male or female, ends up working in the MSM and encounters men who have genuine interests. To them, it's completely crazy not to sink countless hours into various social media online, and not to spend your weekends getting shitfaced and trying to get laid. To them it's, like, what else would you do with your life? Sit at home and, like, "get things done"?

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  1. If there was a story about the dullest women, it wouldn't cherry-pick individuals, it would be a blanket statement that describes and covers a wide swath of women. The fact is that they could only found 23 men, the rest are more interesting. Women are very rarely interesting. Very rarely has anyone gone to a party and thought "man, this party is boring, it would be so much better if *insert female name here* was here to liven it up" unless she was a stripper.

    I don't think I've ever drank 7,500 combined beer cans my whole life. I salute his perseverance.

  2. Great observation. I wholeheartedly agree!

  3. Some of those guys have unusual hobbies, but at least they go out and actually do things. Like you said, a lot of people, especially women, basically live on Facebook, instagram, or whatever. The virtual version of their lives is pretty interesting, but it is a complete Potemkin village.

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  5. Some years ago I saw a German TV documentary called "U-Boating" ("Submarineing" might be an English equivalent) about a guy, who was a total navy afficionado. So much so, that he built the interior of a German WW 2 submarine to detail inside of the basement of his own house. It was absolutely amazing to watch! You'd enter the basement - just like a real sub - through a large hole in the floor of his kitchen and either slide down a long metal pole for quick access or climb down a built in steel ladder. The interior hehad constructed was totally convincing, at least on film it appeared to be genuine. He had even managed to create some audio background atmospheric sounds for each different compartment of his "sub". And he would hold "submarine parties" or re-enactments with friends and "colleagues", all dressed in period uniforms. Fascinating!

  6. Men are boring or not sexy, if it is not in the interest of the media or women. If those guys were hot, half naked showing their muscles and making videos of these topics, I guess they would not be so boring!

    Problem is media perpetuates the idea of luck, talent and genius is all you need to be a success in anything, ignoring the hard work, determination, persistence, patience and focus to succeed, as these are hard and time consuming. Thus you end up with reality tv shows that make fools of majority of the contestents.

    Women, and media are just interestd in the outcomes of success, not the blood sweat and tears. These guys in this post, just show that when there are not useful outcomes to people they are boring. But ask any top sportsman about training or businessmen about their work, most of it is boring as shit, but they do it cause they get success from it.

    These guys should be praised not for the specific they do, but for the attributes they enhance. It is the like of these habits and mentallity that is the cause of the decline of western civilisation.


    1. Women don't want to do the hard work - as you say, they want the results without the blood/sweat/tears/time. Hence affirmative action and diversity hiring you see in government jobs and corporate America. On top of that, 'pay equity' initiatives.


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