Monday, September 26, 2016

Would you fuck Hillary Clinton?

Fuck no. Of course you wouldn't.

Yet, with the first debate between Crooked Hillary and Donald "The wall just got 10ft higher" Trump, it seems opportune to point out one of the fundamental differences between the sexes. Shillary and Trump are about the same age. She is 68; Trump is 70.

Even if Hillary was not married, not a compulsive liar, not a war-monger, not a criminal, not a puppet of the globalists, not suffering from serious health issues, not a lefty, and so on, you just wouldn't go near here. Even if you wanted to, your dick would certainly let you know what it thinks of that idea. Hillary is just well past an age where she could catch any man's sexual interest.

Now, imagine you were Trump. Okay, that's a tall order. Let's say you were a guy kind of like Trump: multi-billionaire, in decent shape, and unmarried. You certainly would not get any girl you wanted, but you would have plenty of women chasing after you. Trump is probably dodging pussy anywhere he goes. Melina must be fending off sluts left and right anytime The Donald appears in public. Hillary? Nah, I really don't think so. Bill doesn't need to worry about that. Heck, according to Colin Powel, her husband is "still dicking bimbos". They probably aren't as old as his wife.

You may now justifiably ask why you should care. After all, you're not a billionaire, and you're not 70 either. Well, that's simple: you, dear male reader, do not need to rely on looks alone. If you are 40 or 50, but have your life together, you still have a decent chance to get women. No, you probably won't tear it up in the club, but the sum of your achievements in life will certainly help you a lot. If you're 50 and not a loser, you can easily get with reasonably good-looking women in their early 30s. Even genuinely good-looking women wouldn't be out of your reach per se.

I only have anecdotal evidence, based on people I know in real life, and some guys I've coached, but there seems to be clear tendency that if a marriage dissolves when both partners are well past 30 or in their 40s, the next partner of the guy will be a younger woman, while the former wife tends to have a really hard time. This is rather ironic, considering that divorces are primarily initiated by women, and often because they think they deserve someone better.

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  1. I can confirm with anecdotes as well. I even know 50 year old losers dating early-30-somethings. Not just 50 year old guys I would call cool.

    There's even this annoying prick... He's 55 I think, he has a beer gut sticking out like half a meter in front of him... He's dating decent 30-35 year olds.

    As much as the guy annoys me (for being a loser and failure at everything), I like the fact he's setting an example of what is achievable at that age.

    I expect to still have a killer physique at his age, on top of (already) being much better developed in most every trait and status. If I look at him, I think that in comparison, I should have no problem banging the hottest 27-33 year olds when I reach his age.

    Of course though, when I call this guy a "loser"... I have rather more philosophical criteria for who's a loser, and who's a winner...

    But... Let's just say I'm not looking up to him or some of these other guys in any way, shape or form. They don't have a single trait I lack or wish to develop by the time I'm 50. Heck, i'm better than them in most everything.

    Now, when I meet a 35 year old dude who's banging 18-21 year olds on a regular basis, he usually has a ton of traits I wish I had or could develop more of.

    The point is, the tables really do switch...

    A fifty year old dude banging 30 year old chicks requires a lot less of a "status differential" to pull off.

  2. Probably the main reason why most initiate divorce is due to marriage laws from the 60s onwards, that gave women more and more benefits in terms of money, assets and custody of kids. Plus the governments will also help with kids and money and housing if you don;t have a rich husband.

    In countries where divorce laws are more fair or societal morals are strong so divorce is not acceptable, women will not bother and put up with their husbands.

    But clever women, like trump's wife, will not fuck up and divorce cause she has a good thing going and will let trump fuck about and she can fuck about too. When trump gets bored of her and divorces her, she will be set for life.

    But not all women are clever, instead they fall for the western feminist you can have it all mentally thus they believe they can get a better deal. And this to some extent is true, asthere are plenty of men out there are desperate and go with the first woman who shows interest despite how shit she is, despite these guys not being the type of men she is really into sexually.


  3. "Would you fuck (vote for/endorse) Hillary Clinton?"

    => Directly quoting maverick Nigel Farage: "No. Nothing in this world could make me do it, I wouldn't even if she paid me for it."

  4. I'm no fan of Hillary, but I'd be lying if I said she wasn't hot in her younger years.

    1. Hmmm, Killary in 1968 - rather the slightly chubby, "bookworm-hot" kind of hotness... *chuckle*

      Just as a welcime contrast, a really great specimen of genuine hotness of 1969 is represented by PB's Miss June 1969, Helena Antonaccio, still nothing but stunning:

      Perky, great figure and simply *cute as a button*! What an amazing chick... oooh, I'm so in loooove.... LOL

    2. Are those 1969 pictures fake, i.e. is this a reenactment of 1960s pin-up style? The picture quality is incredible. They look as if they were taken with a digital camera, and not scanned. Some of the shots are of considerable artistic quality, too. (Somehow making this statement reminds me of a guy who praised the artistic merits of Jules Jordan porn movies. Probably there are progressive hipsters out there who drink a few glasses of red wine while enjoying the intellectual stimulation the latest Jules Jordan provides.)

    3. As far as I know, the pictures are genuine 1969. She was Miss June of '69. G-d bless her tits!

    4. For me young Hillary looks way way hotter.
      I guess personal taste plays stronger role than objective beauty when comparison is restricted to good looking women.

      Back to main topic: I wonder whether women hitting on Trump do it because they want some tangible reward in return (ie whoring) or because they simply want an extremely powerful man as notch in their belt.

      If former is the case then Hillary could probably achieve the same thing by hiring male escort. I doubt gigolos get paid to fuck wealthy young women. Their clientele are older women with high income.

      That said if woman has to pay someone to fuck her then that isn't exactly validating to her female ego lol

    5. Gigolos are hired almost exclusively by men. Hate to ruin the dream for you.

    6. Please provide some sources. As far as I know, it really is the case that well-off women hire gigolos. It is also the case that there is rampant female sex tourism in the middle and upper classes, albeit that may change now that there are so many mostly illegal immigrants from Africa in Europe.

    7. All I got is hearsay from female escorts who know male escorts, who say that they've never been hired by females and don't know anyone who has. But I've seen Deuce Bigalow so maybe the anecdotal perspective is wrong.

  5. Just to quickly add this information - Scott Adams's blog on the persuasion aspects of this presidential campaign and on Trump's strong and unprecedented situation is really worth a read:

    I do share the author's assessment, that Trump is strong on the level of persuasion and emotional communication, that has *already* won and that he will eventually beat Hillary in November.

    All Trump really needs to do now, is not appear irrational or fearsome, but more presidential and composed. Then he's in.

    1. That was a good read. Scott Adam's is a surprisingly good writer, with a dark sense of humor: "Some will say Clinton outperformed expectations because she didn’t cough, collapse, or die right on stage."


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