Sunday, October 2, 2016

At the BBC, being white and male is now a fireable offence

I just came across this:
Bafta award-winning comedian Jon Holmes was axed from The Now Show – the hit Radio 4 programme he has appeared on for 18 years – when bosses told him 'we're recasting it with more women and diversity'.
The (archived) article is here.

Just imagine that! You're doing a great job for about two decades, and then some SJW asshat decides they need more "diversity" so they kick you out. You may now be thinking that this is just an unfortunate isolated case, but this is far from the truth. Particularly in larger organization there is a strong preference for women and minorities just because they are women and minorities.

On a related note, German legislature is currently working on a binding quota for women in large organizations. Here is one article on that issue from the German Handelsblatt. Obviously, because of sexism women don't do well in certain subjects, and not because of clear neurological differences, so we are entirely justified ruining careers of more qualified men.


  1. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. I actually had to block a group of friends that I have hung out with since middle school including my best friend from back in those days. They were always socially liberal and would definitely lean towards voting for the democrat candidate, and even when I started broadening my horizons and becoming more and more conservative, it was still not an issue; politics was just something that was never discussed. This year alone, things have just gotten really nuts. My friend got married last year and ever since then he has just gone farther and farther over the deep end. He's now for example making claims about how every day he wakes up being oppressed by the Christian community at large (not any specific group; just Christians in general) and how his wife is a victim of male privilege.

    1. It's sad to see what marriage (or even just a regular relationship) does to some men. From an outsider perspective it seems like an act of emasculation if not castration.

    2. It's happening everywhere with quotas... I believe Sweden and Ontario (province in Canada) want a minimum of 40% female board members on publicly-listed companies...otherwise they face being de-listed.

      At least on government boards, the lesbian premier wants 40% female representation.

      I love it when women applaud it...not realizing they are applauding their inability to get onto boards on merit. The common retort is "oh, and so the male board members got there on merit?"

  2. Every business I ever worked in was mostly focused on the colour green, and I never saw anyone not get considered for a job on the basis of ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. The quota approach kind of negates the idea of treating everyone equally, because now their ethnicity or gender is the primary grounds for being considered.

  3. Offtopic but, no open thread for October?

  4. This is also the proof that capitalism caused this.

    PC culture wants diversity => fires you and put minorities instead because it will make them look better on the public eye and make more money.

    Owners always wanted females to work and become independant from their husbands because it increases the workforce on the market (more competition, i.e. lower wages for everyone) and it gives them more customers.

    The only people interested in fashion, people (I mean Hollywood) and media are women. Or gays. Or feminine men. Therefore, you have to promote woman supremacy and femininity if you want more customers and more money.

    Capitalism caused feminism.

    I think we all were better off when each family had a farm.

    "Free" market is a dictatorship.

    1. Yes, it is true that consumption is driven by women, and in many more regards than may be immediately obvious. The other day, for instance, I learnt that luxury apartments are primarily sought after by women -- who tend to spend well beyond their means, of course.


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