Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleazy Stories now for Amazon's Kindle — only $0.99!

In my last post I mentioned I was in the process of converting Sleazy Stories to Kindle, and it turned out that this was a rather straightforward process. Here's a random excerpt thanks to Amazon's Kindle Previewer:

Some sacrifices had to be made for formatting. Kindle uses a simplified HTML layout engine, which means that the book doesn't quite reach the level of the paperback version, which was typeset in LaTeX. I'm nonetheless satisfied with the result because the text is very readable and easy to navigate.

Also, since this is my first foray into e-publishing, and because I view Sleazy Stories as a test balloon, I'll make you the very sweet offer of setting the retail price for the ebook at just $0.99. Pricing in other regions is accordingly. It should be 75p in the United Kingdom,  for instance. However, in other regions, the price may be higher, which is due to some policy of Amazon, since I can only set the price for the UK and US market. Get Sleazy Stories now if you haven't bought it already! :)

Sleazy Stories finally on Kindle

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