Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Post: The Mind of the Average Manosphere Blogger (by Eagle Eyes)

Roosh loves many foreign women because supposedly they have traditional roles, aren't sluts, are feminine, dress better, can dance, can cook, etc, etc. So what does he do? Does he marry one? Does he get into a LTR? No, he treats them exactly the same as American women..."pumps them and dumps them".

Looking closely at the entries on his blog and his posts on his quickly realizes he doesn't go foreign because it's better...he goes foreign because it's supposedly easier. But he'll never find success where ever he goes because his intentions are all wrong. The best example of this is his pathetic blog entry titled The beginning of the end, where he reveals what goes on in his troubled mind:

The notch was a great metric that kept me motivated in the game longer than my natural disposition. I wanted to hit a high number so that I COULD FEEL LIKE A MAN.

Is anyone here surprised manosphere bloggers have sex because they want to feel like men?

Here's more:

There were girls I banged just so I could send a “+1″ text to my friends and GET VALIDATED by their positive response...

Is anyone here surprised manosphere bloggers have sex so they can feel validated?

and more:

The flag was a new metric that kept me not only banging but traveling as well...

Notice how he uses the flag metric as a motivation for traveling...not a single mention of traveling because the women are supposedly "better".

Also, how about...I don't know...having sex because it's enjoyable?

And if you thought that wasn't pathetic enough...Roosh reveals the one constant thought of all manosphere bloggers:

...On that night, for the first time in eleven and a half years, getting laid was no longer THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in my life.

How lame must a persons life be for them to put getting laid as the number one priority in their life?

The answer is here.

For the TLDR's among us just read point 11) and 13):

11. Most of my life is boring. I spend several hours a day in front of my laptop...What you read comes from less than 15% or less of my actual existence...


13. ...As I age it’s getting harder to make friends because I’m becoming more particular and neurotic...

Well, there you have it, the mind of the average manosphere blogger.


  1. Hahaha, this blog is fucking great. Keep up the good work, lads.

  2. awesome Roosh got smacked so hard by this blog it´s time to vanish is some columbian jungle and dissapear forever , living with the shame and humilation alone until the end of days.


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