Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Reader Comments on the Manosphere Invasion of Russia

There was quite a response to my exposure of the follies of the Roosh V forum crew who plans an invasion of Russia, settle in some "Russian shithole"and bang all the local women. I just want to share two of them with you. The first one is from Kurt, which was sent via email:

I had a friend who quite a few years ago, traveled a bit around the former Soviet Union. He said it was one if the hardest places ever, for hooking up with women. A little backstory, this guy at one time had a really hot "9" easy, long term relationship, was well traveled, was socially adept, and was pretty good looking and used to have women offer to buy HIM drinks! Where does that leave these bozos?
I guess the answer is that should they indeed go to Russia, they'll fap off to Russian Internet porn there. I can't even imagine how stupid this would feel.

The second comment was by Jared on the fourth post covering this human tragedy. I like how succinctly he summarized everything that is wrong with the planned expedition:

These guys really don't have a clue do they?
1) Unless they're loaded, how will they support themselves?
2) You can bang hookers anywhere in the world. Big deal.
3) Russian backwaters are kinda racist.In the same way that the Universe is 'kinda big'.
4) Siberia is bloody cold. Good luck sporting the tidy gear.
5) The white God factor. Oh dear. Is there a deluded people only disclaimer on these forums? Sounds like a neo Nazi karaoke competition.
6) Pussy paradise doesn't exist. Period. Except maybe Romania (it's been invaded by just about everyone over history, nice mix of genes) but I'm sure there's no shortage of uglies there too.
Anyway I'm ranting about idiots, I only hope one day they see the true state of things. 

I'm currently taking a breather, but I intend to add at least one more post on  the Great Manosphere Trip to Russia series.

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  1. Its one of the worst things abt the manosphere. The racism.


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