Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guest Post: The Flawed Sociology of Roosh V (by Eagle Eyes)

Since the typicial guys in the manosphere were at some point abysmal with women it wouldn't come as a shock that their knowledge about sex comes mostly from porn. Roosh made a post on his blog about whether American women had looser pussies. Keep this in mind for some of the points I'm going to raise below.

In an earlier post, "Going Abroad Just to Bang 6s? -- Taking down Roosh V",  I pointed out that Roosh only goes after girls who are DTF (which is why there is basically no mention of girls he has slept with using "day game"). In a nutshell, Roosh only hooked up with American girls who were openly DTF the same night and based on THOSE GIRLS makes generalizations of American girls as a WHOLE. If you're still not convinced, read Roosh V's blog post "The morality of game".

He writes:
I know they love fucking, partying, drinking, and playing the game. They feel proud to be successfully emulating their horse-faced television role models, and are as likely to pump and dump me as the other way around...


After I was done with a girl, I knew it wouldn’t take more than a couple weeks of going out for her to get boned by a new man...

Does this sound like the type of girl you bang? It doesn't to me. But then I already mentioned the girls Roosh goes after. However, Roosh clarifies this for us even further...:

I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs back in the States were HATE FUCKS. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to fuck them and never call again.

Did you read that? "masculine attitudes" "lack of care" in style or appearance. This description sounds EXACTLY like a 6 or 5. Heck, this is how I would describe the kind of girl that seems to turn lesbian out of necessity. Still not convinced Roosh only bangs below average American girls?:

...a “good girl,” something that I don’t believe exists in American cities. If you think about it, is it even possible for a girl to be considered good if she is BORDERLINE OVERWEIGHT, has a SLOPPY APPEARANCE...

Lets read that again... "borderline overweight" and "sloppy appearance" can you see a pattern here? Roosh is describing the type of girls he is banging, and the picture isn't pretty. Really, manosphere dudes, is this the kind of guy you want to look up to?

Still not convinced? Here, in this post Roosh rationalizes having sex with "full figured" (i.e. Fat) women:
Full figured women are also less inhibited than fragile petite girls (for reason I don’t understand), so things do get nice and sloppy even if moving her around takes more verbal commanding.
Last time I checked, there were plenty of American girls who dressed at least decently and were very slim, but apparently Roosh doesn't have a chance with those. It's obvious sluts are gonna have looser pussies...that's why they were DTF in the first place!! Because they're sluts. How stupid is this guy?
[Note: I'm not convinced this argument holds. People in committed relationships have more sex, so the pussies of those women should be looser, shouldn't they? --- A.S.]

Roosh apparently slept with "good" Polish girls (even though he admits it had NOTHING to do with his game)...about 3 or 4 of them:

Towards the END of my stay, when the THIRD or FOURTH Polish girl insisted on cleaning my apartment after I ravaged her pussy from knowing her just a few hours...

On the surface 3 or 4 lays would seem like a success, but bear in mind Roosh was in Poland for a LONG time (he mentions being there for seven months in the link above) and getting laid is pretty much his profession. Again Roosh admits:

In the past, I NEVER created a one-night stand. I banged girls who were horny, hadn’t been laid in a while, and would have probably fucked another guy if I didn’t show up...

Girls like the ones he just described are gonna behave masculine and dress sloppily...I guarantee the girls who didn't behave this way where ever he was were better looking, better dressed etc. But he's to ignorant to notice, so he goes abroad and tries to take advantage economically poorer countries where whores only sleep with him for a green card.

Here's how he describes Eastern European women:

...With these girls, sex is usually a logical act with many ECONOMICAL FACTORS weighed...The optimal game here is moving the interaction forward while casually displaying status or WEALTH, but not too much or you’ll be taken for a ride...

Nice guy, isn't he?


  1. A.S.: "(...) People in committed relationships have more sex, so the pussies of those women should be looser, shouldn't they?"
    Pussies normally adapt to the cock they receive and tighten in a short time when they aren't filled - the process in my experience takes 1 or 2 weeks.
    So either a) ALL women Roosh banged had a monster cock in them just before he banged them or b) Roosh has a small dick. You decide what's true.

    1. Thanks for this remark. Option b) indeed looks like a plausible candidate.

  2. Damn you guys are spending a LOT of times trying to destroy Roosh!! Why don't you guys drop the Roosh anti-banwagon or the anti-game/ PUA discussion!!

    You guys are saying game don't work and PUA'S are scammer and all that. But what value are you giving me as a reader. People like Roosh and Juggler helped me get a better grip of social interactions, not only with women, but with people in general.

    It's ok if you guys hate the PUA'S and Roosh. But what is the option you guys are offering to meet and genuinely connect with women? Hollywood doesn't work at all, and you guys hate the pua's, so you ain't doing that, so what are you guys doing to be succesfull with women than? Roosh has lots of advice, where's yours?

    1. So what brought you to this site then?

      More seriously, though, feel free to check out my forum or my books (two of which are free) if you need some help with the ladies. You'll find that I promote a sane alternative to game.

    2. Anonymous...

      Have you ever heard that zen story about the teacher and the apprentice where the teacher says that in order to fill the cup, you need to empty it first?

      In order for someone to be educated properly to sanity, their cup of bullshit needs to be spilled first. You have to be DEBRAINWASHED FIRST BEFORE you are ready for sanity.

      And btw, Aaron links to everything you need on the RIGHT. It's right there. There's a huge sidebar linking to free books and resources. (anti-pua johnny's blog is a great start) and then you have the free book, and the super-cheap "minimal game" book by aaron.

    3. Alek, what happened to Seduction Myth? I wanted to check something there, and all I got was a "suspended page" error message.

    4. Seductionmyth....

      Oh darn. I knew the day would come...

      Last time I emailed with the owner a year ago it was obvious the guy running it would abandon it, as he just fizzled away over time.

      From his communication it was obvious he would simply let the website die. So I predicted it would just disappear when hosting/domain expires.

      This is why I acted and emailed him to buy the website from him so I can save it. He never replied... :(

      I did download the website offline with a website downloader... but it's really the domain that was crucial since it was linked to from all over the net as the "go to resource" for people looking at debunking game crappola... so yeah very sad. I wish I had written that email earlier.

      I was ready to pay whatever it takes to save that website (and for no profit, I would have removed the ads he had on there, I just wanted to pay out of pocket to keep it alive).

    5. Good!! you guys are giving me some info. But still, what about PROMOTING that info instead of writing back to back to back article bashing Roosh?

      I don't totally agree with Roosh's antics, but he convinced me to buy is stuff by advertising is advice in order to sell me his books. So how about you write article promoting your book to make me want to read it instead of bashing Roosh? The latter works I'm sure, the former would be way better in my view. And Mr Novy I don't need to be debrainwashed since I see the truth every day in Toronto. I'm Juggler and Patrice O'neal trained, I'm a master at this!!

    6. I do have to wonder why given all the PUAs out there, Roosh seems so heavily focused upon. Did Roosh open a raw nerve here or have some on-going beef with this site? I don't know, just curious.

      I think Aaron did a good job with calling out frauds like Justin Wayne. That guy deserved to be a target. But Roosh to me doesn't come across as a fraud. He seems like he's out there living the life he preaches. He doesn't seem afraid to admit when he bombs miserably somewhere, so I also trust him when he lavishes praise upon a destination. And many guys I spoke to that have traveled the countries he's wrote bang guides on corroborate his general take on the local situation. For some guy going to Ukraine or Poland without knowing the logistics and dating norms of those places, his bang guides seem a good place to start to get acquainted with the way of things there.

    7. Alek,

      I think it would be much better to have the content of Seduction Myth on a different domain, something like, than not having this content available at all, so please consider reviving that website.

    8. I've already learned to save "proof that PUA is scam" when I see anything because they get censored or die away sooner or later. Seems like the same applies to websites with quality content. I hope somebody keeps a backup of this blog.

    9. I don't think that websites calling out pickup get censored, it's unlikely that it's anything that sinister. The truth is that people who get laid IRL in normal, socially well-adjusted way simply don't care to spend their time on websites talking about girls, so they gradually fade away.
      Despite what some commenters are saying, Sleazy seems to spend hardly any time at all bashing Roosh, given the length of time between updates. Sometimes I wish he's write more, because I enjoy reading this and I'm a recovering "gamer" myself, but then I realize that his online presence is so minimal precisely because he's not a typical "how-to-get-laid" bullshitter.

    10. I wasn't talking about pages like this getting censored, although they might die away sooner or later. What IS getting censored for example are the RSD forums. When they get called out by a news site that Jeffy is fucking fatties or they endorse raping, then those posts disappear or get manipulated very quickly!

  3. Eagle Eyes = The IRT


  5. Sleaze , I will try to finish my Roissy material in 7 days , didn´t do anything for 2 weeks.
    Soon an info bomb will explode and kill the founding fahter of this whole manosphere-shit. MUHAHAHAA
    I will send you a collection of the best quotes /comments plus two article analysis but the writing ( jokes , structure of the article , since my english is too limited ) will be up to you.
    Looking forward for THE article!

  6. The latest stupidity. Wait til you get to the part about Roissy?

    Also funny is a critical comment by a guy called Shocker and how everyone comes out to attack him:

    1. Grizzly, this is hilarious!!! Awesome. ;)
      And the pseudo-biblical format is - especially for anti-theists like myself - another cause of considerable amusement. Too sad, that people actually do eat this up and take this stuff seriously - but then again, with religion it's the same pitty.

    2. Pardon me, I don't see anyone posting as "the Shocker" in the comments section of the thread you provided a link to. Was the comment deleted?

  7. It is pathetic how Roosh's forum members are rushing to his defense. Oh well, guess they will passionately defend a bum who gives them false hope rather than improve themselves. I also don't get the heavy Indian hate that roosh has on his site but whatever. Eitherways, nice to see roosh's reputation is being flushed down the toilet, he will fireback soon enough.

    I mean come on, right now he is sending people to defend him on other blogs and forum when the bashing happens. When he realizes that many people are strting to see him as the fraud he is, he will make a blog post bashing sleazy and me.

    Yet what is better is if we keep attacking roosh and ignore his goons that come his forum, eventually that whole forum will crumble to bits and pieces and Roosh's already dead reputation will make even the most misogynistic men lose respect for him. AMAZING.

  8. It is one thing for Roosh to be the way he is and another for others to follow him.
    One of his influential backers was Ferdinand Bardamu (, I think now it is defunct). In the beginning I was very interested in FB but when he gave rave reviews to Roosh and his bizarre antics,coupled with other stuff,I had enough.
    Yes FB was also quite often angry and resentful.
    Its funny how you know who are successful with women and who are not just by the way they write. I wouldnt be surprised if women found FB downright repulsive and creepy.
    However Omari Warren(realmademen/assanova) is the real deal. IMO the best out there(all respect to Aaron/Alex)- clear headed, common sense approach to women and dating backed by experience and anecdotes that ring true.
    I havent found a better blog in that regard
    But why does he keep taking it down?

  9. I'm sorry to come with a completely off-topic question. But I'm wondering: do you know what happened to the SeductionMyth site? All the information and discussion there is lost?

    1. Sadly, the owner of SeductionMyth quit. A lot of the content should be available through the Way Back Machine on, though.

  10. How come 9/10 posts on your site are devoted to criticizing Roosh or the Manosphere? Maybe try think outside of the box a little and tell people what they should do instead of what they shouldn't? Or is this the only way to get traffic?

    1. How come you slept through school, are unable to count, calculate percentages, and read?

  11. why polish women'd want to get a green card and move to usa, since poland is in eu and they could go to uk, germany, france or scandinavia for 'better life'?


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