Monday, April 8, 2013

The Great Manosphere Invasion of Russia (Part IV)

Onward to part four, comrades!

One big theme was of course the mystical pussy paradise, which is supposed to exist off the beaten track somewhere deep in Russia. Regular women don't do if for those guys. Instead, they fantasize about getting pornstars, as was pointed out by a commenter to part III of this ongoing report. In addition, the guys seem to overly confident. What struck me as downright absurd was how much of a sure thing they thought going to Russia is. Not having been there, they make the wildest demands:

A lot of information can be deduced from these pics, like for example in Cheboksary, there are some nice looking girls, but there really aren't many blonde girls. For those of us who like girls with a particular look, your site is gold. Keep up the good work.

So, to reiterate: the girls have to meet all kinds of criteria, but those dudes don't think they should have to bring anything to the table besides their "white god factor". This reminds me of the PUA bullshitters who claim that "looks don't matter", yet on the other hand only want to bang "10s". Exploring this topic in more detail would be worthy of another post, though.

At one point, comparisons between guy who are "slaying pussy" in the Dominican Republic were drawn:

just read this entire thread and boy this is looking like a truly epic adventure in the making if we do make it there with 3-4 hardcore guys from here who have their shits together. I love the idea of getting together say in early Sept 2013 and meeting in say Moscow or Ste Pets and from there, get on the Trans Siberia train and then once in the selected city, we could rent/or buy a cheap car/van and go sexplore the region otherwise, we'd get bored to death in some of these shit holes. Depending on how many of us would go there, we could then decide to either get one sick pad, say a luxury 3-4 bedroom penthouse in the best/poshest area in town and share the costs.
I'm really looking forward for this and I'm sure with the well travelled guys who will be part of this it will be a blast. Add to this the local expertise of BB and it will be truly epic that it will DWARF anything the boys in the DR can do...

The back story is something along the lines of: a couple of guys from Roosh's forum went to the Dominican Republic and banged hookers there. It wasn't quite spelled out like that but you don't exactly have to be Einstein to figure that out. The Russian crew, though, doesn't seem to realize at all that you simply pay for whores in the Dominican Republic. The girls ask for cab money or a "tip" or whatever other pretense, but it's still prostitution. This has nothing to do with "game" or any kind of imperialist fantasy whatsoever.

So, what do you have to do if you just know that you're going to bang one Russian pornstar after another in an oasis like Murmansk? Of course you're going to learn the language:

Yeah, i have started learning the language too, maybe we can get rotation groups going like the DR boys, anyone up from mid-december 2013? it's the only time i'll be able to come but i'm really interested on doing this.

By the way, if you want to learn Russian fast, try this genius method:

I learned the alphabet and I have been watching youtube videos of song that have the russian and english lyrics on the screen at the same time. That and learning the 1000 most common words, and phrases. This is what helped me learn spanish so fast. Well that and babylon. I think Rosetta stone is the biggest waste of time personally.

I'm sure you'll be perfectly fluent afterwards.

As a first goal, Novosibirsk was declared to be the dream destination:

Until someone comes up with something better, than Novosibirsk it is it. I am sure there are many siberian villages and towns we can explore also. One thing I found about even with just my brother here in Natal, Brazil, a city of even 800,000 is not enough for 2 or 3 players, especially when there are other foreigners around.

I can see a new branch of applied mathematics emerging: player math. More seriously, though, that guy involuntarily gave an interesting insight into the player psyche since he factored in the abysmally low success rate of the PUA crowd. I guess you really need to live in a city of 3 million if you have to approach 1,000 women to get one date.

Novosibirsk is getting a lot of love,let's find some examples of apartments in the town and prices. It seems like a decent place,big and with plenty of entertainment options. I think we can take it for granted that the quality there is pretty epic. I agree we should pencil it in as our destination. If anyone has other suggestions for a location then by all means speak up and we can debate it's merits too.

One guy was wondering whether they could find a place like this in "2nd tier Russia". I found it quite amusing that the description of that place (in Spain) said:

We don't want crazy young kids or older guys staying here. If you plan to party here and annoy the neighbors this is not the apartment for you.

The Roosh V troupe, though, seems to be a mixture of exactly those two demographics.

Oh, 007, are you watching that thread too? Those guys now want to go undercover and might need your help.

Does anyone into this play an instrument? I'm a singer songwriter and being "a band" would be good cover.

Finally, a healthy does of reality:

The sad thing is that we have 273 posts without boots on the ground. The DR guys went with guns blasting. It is a harder mission but my word----- if Russian Embassy in Ecuador does not intefere with, I will be there with guitar, muscles and my mediocre Russian in Siberia in August.

Of course, the big difference is that in the Dominican Republic, you can bang hookers all day for a modest "tip", so it was a much more attractive proposition to middle-aged guys whom no woman in the West wants to touch with a ten-foot pole. Oh, sorry, I forgot that it's just the guys who don't want to deal with Western women because they are all so shitty. I wonder what would happen if someone explained to them how "ego protection" works.

One guy later on really cracked me up. He was one of the earliest contributors, and guess what he did after about 300 posts in the thread:

Ok I have looked at the map of Russia, it is the largest country in the world and Siberia is huge. 
Driving to the destination would take forever from Germany and like someone rightly mentioned earlier, tough when you are with "strangers".
My question is, how much is it to fly to Siberia from the UK? It isn't something you see advertised too often.

So, he was fantasizing about Russia before without even bothering to look at a map. Oh, the stupidity!

Of course, reality TV got revealed to be a huge influence too:

Just curious does anyone here watch the show Departures? It's about 2 Canadian guys who travel the world and just take in all different cultures. This is originally what inspired me too travel and originally led me to this site.
They did an Episode on Siberia before and it's the thing that originally inspired me to visit Russia. For those who haven't been there I'm presuming this would be a very good representation of what to expect there.
Yeah, another funny part when he says "if you ever want celebrity status come to city-x and you'll be greeted like you've never been greeted before."
The first response was:
I like where this is going.

So do I.


  1. These guys really don't have a clue do they?
    1) Unless they're loaded, how will they support themselves?
    2) You can bang hookers anywhere in the world. Big deal.
    3) Russian backwaters are kinda racist.In the same way that the Universe is 'kinda big'.
    4) Siberia is bloody cold. Good luck sporting the tidy gear.
    5) The white God factor. Oh dear. Is there a deluded people only disclaimer on these forums? Sounds like a neo Nazi karaoke competition.
    6) Pussy paradise doesn't exist. Period. Except maybe Romania (it's been invaded by just about everyone over history, nice mix of genes) but I'm sure there's no shortage of uglies there too.
    Anyway I'm ranting about idiots, I only hope one day they see the true state of things.

    Off topic, but bought minimal game on my tablet the other day. I like it, it actually makes sense and I can relate a lot with my own experiences.
    Stay honest and critical, Aaron.

    1. Thanks for this comment! I have just reposted it on the blog. I like how you got to the heart of the matter. Also, thank you very much for buying Minimal Game! If you've got a minute or two, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

  2. Best of luck to them trying to drive a small compact on the M51 in the middle of Sibir winter. The good part of the road requires a 4WD vehicle to clear the small potholes. The larger will simply tear the axle free from your Toyota.

    Novosibirsk is an industrial rail city of hard men, hard drugs and hard prostitutes. I plead with them to stay home and find nice girls in Vegas.

  3. Awesome read, all IV ("four / vier / quatre / quatuor") parts!
    Thanks dude!

  4. Soon there will be V-th part. ...about dead fags.

  5. You asked for examples of stupid Roissy posts. His latest is a classic. He's back to discussing scientific studies, and as usual, he has no idea what he's talking about:

    First paragraph is especially painful.

  6. There is something pathetic about boasting to strangers on the internet about your "notch count" and your "harem". There is also something pathetic about meeting up with strangers and traveling to a "unknown" part of the world...

    The very nature of Roosh's website attracts social misfits. Since Roosh criticizes American women, American men who can't get laid with attractive (or in some cases any) American women are naturally going to criticize them rather than themselves...and since being misfits, long for others that feel the same. They search google with words like "American girls suck" or "American girls are sluts" and Hey Presto! A link to Roosh's website comes up. Smart, yet pretty obvious.

    People who are mentally weak are afraid of change, so they are willing to blame something else other than themselves. It's pretty ironic how they like to talk about the female rationalization hamster...

    I remember someone telling me if people go about their lives constantly lying (and more importantly lying to themselves) inconsistencies and contradictions will inevitably arise.

    Roosh criticizes American women, says foreign women are feminine and will make men happier:


    I quote: "Most guys who dabble in dating travel do it not because they can’t get laid in America, but because they want to lay better..."

    and... "If being happier means being outcast by low-quality women who don’t even act like women, then so be it. South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, here we come..."

    and yet, over a year later posts this...


    "The better looking you are, the happier you will be in America. When you consider that American women will actively chase good-looking men, I don’t see the urgent need for handsome men to hit the road in Eastern Europe or South America."

    But why still not travel Roosh? I thought you said men wanted to date better? I thought American women weren't feminine? Why would "handsome" men be happier in America?

    Since he apparently can no longer bang western women, what type of western women was Roosh banging before?

    well, reading this post Roosh says this:

    "You’ll do what I have done in Washington DC and carry the Britannica of game on your back just to get with 7s.

    So, straight from the horses mouth. Roosh maximized banging 7s (I'm going to assume he was being generous when he said 7s) and how his rationalization hamster justifies banging hogs here.

    I quote: " At the bar I identify the top two or three girls...If the 8s don’t bite I move to the 7s. If the 7s don’t bite then it’s on to the 6s. If the 6s don’t bite then I go to the 5s to see if they are capable of giving me a boner...."

    Hands up if you can guess how many times Roosh ends up banging the 5s?

    But that's why Roosh goes abroad right? Where being a green card...Sorry, I mean an American will have women throwing their panties at you the minute you step off the airport right? But even Roosh isn't stupid enough to believe that, so he says this.

    I quote: " you’ll do abroad is based on how well you do at home".

    So Roosh was banging 6s only to go abroad and bang...foreign 6s?

    May I ask...what's the point?

    I don't criticize Roosh going abroad if he thinks it's "easier" but attacking American women because the hot ones give you no love is cheap.

  7. ovi , you just destroyed Roosh in one comment.

    1. I changed my name. However, my point still remains...someone made the comment on this site, but I'll restate it here. Roosh loves many foreign women because supposedly they have traditional roles, aren't sluts, are feminine, dress better, can dance, can cook, etc, etc.

      So what does he do? Does he marry one? Does he get into a LTR? No, he treats them exactly the same as American women..."pumps them and dumps them".

      Looking closely at the entries on his blog and his posts on his quickly realizes he doesn't go foreign because it's better...he goes foreign because it's supposedly easier.

      But he'll never find success where ever he goes because his intentions are all wrong.

      The best example of this is his pathetic blog entry titled The beginning of the end

      He reveals what goes on in his troubled mind: "The notch was a great metric that kept me motivated in the game longer than my natural disposition. I wanted to hit a high number so that I COULD FEEL LIKE A MAN."

      Is anyone here surprised manosphere bloggers have sex because they want to feel like men?

      Here's more: "There were girls I banged just so I could send a “+1″ text to my friends and GET VALIDATED by their positive response..."

      Is anyone here surprised manosphere bloggers have sex so they can feel validated?

      and more: "The flag was a new metric that kept me not only banging but traveling as well..."

      Notice how he uses the flag metric as a motivation for traveling...not a single mention of traveling because the women are supposedly "better".

      Also, how about...I don't know...having sex because it's enjoyable?

      And if you thought that wasn't pathetic enough...Roosh reveals the one constant thought of all manosphere bloggers:

      "...On that night, for the first time in eleven and a half years, getting laid was no longer THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in my life."

      How lame must a persons life be for them to put getting laid as the number one priority in their life?

      The answer is here.

      For the TLDR's among us just read point 11) and 13):

      "11. Most of my life is boring. I spend several hours a day in front of my laptop...What you read comes from less than 15% or less of my actual existence..."


      "13. ...As I age it’s getting harder to make friends because I’m becoming more particular and neurotic..."

      Well, there you have it, the mind of the average manosphere blogger.

  8. OT

    Please do a post about the "Rationalization Hamster", a manosphere favorite.

    1. I'll see what I can do. I'm super busy these days, but I just added this topic to the list.

  9. These guys are seeing what Roosh has done and are trying to emulate it in some small way by engaging in their own acts of sexual arbitrage. But guess what they can't because Roosh is at the top of a pyramid scheme. In other words, what Roosh is doing is not scalable. He advises people to start their own businesses, but that's like an NBA player encouraging others to consider a career in basketball.

    I've been to poor 3rd world countries and they will give you tons of respect if you're American/European and show interest in their culture. They have low self esteem as a culture. (See Roosh's recent TV appearances). But for most people it's not realistic to find work in another country. Roosh is one out of a thousand who made it work, and his solution isn't scalable.

    The standard response from Roosh V or any of his followers to any criticism of Roosh boils down to one of two things: "you're butthurt", or, "you're just a hater." That's right, the rhetoric employed by Roosh and his followers is on the same level as that of high school girls. Meanwhile pretty much 50% of what Roosh and his followers post is pure hatred. That's what got Roosh his following in the first place. Hypocrisy much?

    Why do I care? The reason I read some of his stuff in the first place is because I am politically somewhat close to some of their ideas, and there is a lot of overlap between him and the blogs that I read. There are some smart people who post on Roosh's forum. I've gotten some pretty good ideas from there as far as tv shows, movies, links to blogs and things like that. Basically, at least they're not buying into "the narrative," and with such a diverse forum there's bound to be some useful things posted there. Most other people simply regurgitate the status quo and don't think for themselves so their ideas aren't worth reading at all.

    Is it possible that some of Roosh's critics are not jealous at all, but make valid points? And even if they were, their motives do not necessarily invalidate their arguments. If I'm gonna be jealous of Roosh for being on TV, then I might as well be jealous of anyone who is on TV or gets girls. That's not what this is about. It's THE WAY he does it that is morally wrong and destructive. He is contributing to the destruction of the beautiful cultures of the places that he visits. The basis of culture is the family unit, and the more guys a woman sleeps with, the more callous and less feminine she becomes, therefore losing her value as a wife and mother. When the family unit becomes compromised in this way, then society crumbles. And Roosh is contributing to that.

    I believe in karma so I'm not jealous of Roosh at all. I believe he is going to have to suffer tremendously for his sinful acts. But in a temporal sense, yeah of course it is hard to take seeing people succeeding by breaking the rules of society. Yeah I'm not a saint... I like girls. But I think that the European way is more civilized. Meet girls through your social circle, not by approaching randoms. That's the way it's always been done. If people want to do things in a less dignified way that's cool but it's nothing to celebrate or try to make into some kind of mission.


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