Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You would be stupid to blindly trust women

There was a calm, and well-written comment by a woman on my article Pushy, 'mature' women, and their exploitative nature. She wrote:

Just because there are older women out there that are manipulative and controlling, doesn't mean it is beneficial for you to internalize this and so believe you need to exact revenge and fuck and use other women in turn. If that's what you believe you need to do, then by all means go ahead and do it, but also take a look at how that mindset is affecting your own peace of mind. If it's making you more paranoid and agitated and closed off, then what's the use?

What's the use of all this distrust and bitterness if it will inform all of your relationships with women; with people?

First of all, I have no idea why “revenge fucks” are mentioned. I certainly never bothered to fuck a woman, pump and dump her, just so that I could have my revenge on the female sex. Revenge for what? I anything, women claim that guys pump and dump them and are “assholes”, because they themselves never realised that the guy wasn’t serious to begin with. It’s mind boggling to me how you can go home with a woman, spend a night with her, make it clear in words and actions that you do not intend to see her again, only to then get harassed on the phone for weeks. Granted, that kind of behaviour is more common if you hook up with teenagers, but it’s still quite startling. One teenager once texted me that I was "worse than Hitler".  You meet so many wackos, it's unbelievable. But let's get back on topic.

The world is a pretty evil place. There are entire industries devoted to exploiting the naive. Remember when, in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, some commenters tried blaming the consumers? Apparently you can scam an entire nation, and then just throw your hands up in the air and say that it wasn't your fault. None of the bigwigs ended up in jail either. Look at how higher education is set up in the US and UK, or or how many utterly pointless insurances there are, or how corrupt a field politics is. Do you know that Israeli PR accuses people of anti-Semitism for protesting against their slaughtering of the Hamas? It’s not as if fundamentally corrupt institutions emerge because human beings are virtuous angels. Quite a few are pretty rotten, men and women alike, which if obviously the explanation why the world is such an incredibly fucked up place.

There is the feminist propaganda that women don’t lie, and are always to be trusted. You’d have to be a complete idiot to believe that. No, I’m not saying that there is no woman you can trust. Absolute statements are very difficult to prove, after all. However, there is an enormous difference between claiming that people can’t be trusted in general, and advising them to think for a bit when something seems fishy.

Let’s say you’re a 38 year old guy with a stable job, nothing too glamorous, but allowing you to have a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. Women never paid much attention to you, but now there is one, 36 and at best mildly attractive, who pushes for marriage and children after knowing you for a few weeks. Unlike other women who seemed closed off, or those who seemed interested but you didn’t know how to make a move, this woman makes things really easy for you. You ended up so quickly in bed, you didn’t know what was going on.

Should that guy view himself in heaven, or in front of the open gates of hell?

Of course she might be Virgin Mary, has only had one or two sexual partners, have a stable job and whatnot, and saved herself just for him. Much more likely, though, is that she is desperately trying to reel that guy in.

All you can do is make precautions. Don’t think that everybody is out to scam you, but do keep in mind that there are many rotten apples out there. The dating arena is indeed highly dangerous for men. If you have a prenup, it might get thrown out in some jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions, marrying a woman is in fact tantamount to enslaving yourself, forcing you to pay lifelong alimony even if you divorce her as a consequence of her inexcusable behavior. Of course, things wouldn’t be quite so bad if modern women would still value the institution of marriage, instead of viewing it as a fast track to personal profit.

Just look up some statistics: women initiate the vast majority of divorces. They are also highly likely to cuckold their partners. Heck, paternity fraud is so common that we have a legal term for it. If it was a very rare occurrence, then there wouldn't even be a fixed term to refer to the phenomenon. There are countries like France where the alleged father will be jailed if he has a DNA test administered to verify paternity. Even worse, in many jurisdictions, that man would even have to pay child support for a kid who isn’t his. Words fail to describe what an incredible slap in the face this is for men. And then feminist propagandists wonder why men are opting out of marriage, preferring to MGTOW it! Of course there is feminist propaganda according to which it shouldn’t matter whose kid it is, because fatherhood is more than a “genetic link”. Seriously, what kind of man likes the prospect of spending a small fortune on raising another man’s child? Hey, if you don't mind paying for one, why not pay for a few others who aren't yours?

You would have to be incredibly stupid to blindly trust other people. Trust has to be earned, and it can very easily be lost. I wonder how a woman whom some guy has known for just a few week or months, and who now wants kids and a marriage could have earned any kind of trust. Her pushiness should make you loses all trust in her. Or think of cases where she “accidentally” got pregnant: a sane man would conclude that this fact alone invalidates her being a worthy partner. Of course, you would have to ask yourself how come that you got her pregnant in the first place. I hope you were aware of the risks that came with her claiming that she's on the pill, and that you shouldn't worry.


  1. Her argument is: "Exceptionally few women are not trustworthy".

    Reality: "Almost no women are trustworthy".

    1. Hmmm, … I would't put it THAT harshly. According to the Gaussian curve of normal distribution the mass of any kind of will always be average and nondescript, i.e. in no way special at all. Hence it's only logical that, for example, most people per se are not to be easily trusted. It’s only natural and nothing to lose your mind over.

      I remember quite well attending a week-long tantra massage seminar retreat some years ago with 30 people participating, where a substantial part of the time had to be devoted (granted: there was quite a number of "bruised" and "hurt" men and women attending) to smooth out all those typical mutual accusations towards the opposite sex, which were initially poisoning the atmosphere („Women cannot be trusted, they exploit and hurt us!“ – „Men cannot be trusted, they always us in times of need and never want to assume responsibility for anything…“ etc. etc.). It was strangely entertaining to watch that unfold and see grown up people initially scream at each other like teens in the middle of stormy puberty.

      As far as untrustworthy females are concerned, women definitely need to become emancipated (I’ve never encountered a really „emancipated“ so far in my entire life!), meaning in particular: they need to stop to see men as exploitable goods, purely existing to „service“ them in all those different ways, and they thus need to stop selling access to their vaginas, asses’n tits in exchange for the submissive willingness of men to have VALUE sucked out of them, and stop calling that „love“. I.e. women ought to appreciate men (again) for their qualities as lovers and companions and openly enjoy sex for the pure joy of it and not as a way, to get „that little sumthin’ more“ from the male. (For many women this is a huge issue and Esther Vilar wrote a great book about that aspect, btw.) But when I look at the intellectual capacity of most women, their seemingly unlimited narcissism and their lacking drive of self-reflection, it’s quite questionable, whether those evolutional mental programs might ever get modified.

      Men on the other hand need to really become emotionally independent from women, so that they can face them as equals and not accuse them for being stuck in the grip of the invisible psychological clutches of the female („invisible umbilical cord“), that are keeping them castrated in suffering and thus alienated from their very nature. This is a painful problem in the process of male individuation and prevalent in many men, especially in „modern“, industrialized Western societies.

      So far, so bad. But, take heart! Sub specie aeternitatis none of this, and none of those emotional turmoils really matter anyway… ;)

  2. I agree that revenge fucks are pointless but if a man hasn't had any women interested in him before age 30 (or 35) then what should he do? Shouldn't he assume that if he meets a woman who seems to be interested in him, she is faking it because she is looking for inexperienced men to con out of their money? It's a logical conclusion.

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    OT 2: TVA_Oslo has been posting for a while at as Alek Rolstad.

    1. The forum isn't broken, but you have to log in to get access to it.

  4. aaron my man, you are like a male figure(mentor) in my life i never had.
    I love you.

  5. How can you claim that women cannot be trusted if you only give one example of a 36 year old woman who is desperate for marriage and is willing to marry any fool that comes along. Many women are not like that. Moreover not a lot of women scam men into marriage so they can profit from it financially.

    If you want to claim a statement like "You would be stupid to blindly trust women" please come with more proof and arguments then this lame example of one crazy woman.

    1. I wasn't just talking about one single case. About 1/3 of women cuckolded their husbands. About 70% of divorces are initiated by women. What else do you need to know?

  6. Okay who's taking Julia to the hospital, needs to get that burn treated ASAP.


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