Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What you can Learn from the Fact that the Magaluf Girl Sucked 24 Cocks in 2 Minutes

A lot of ink has been spilt over the 24 cocks in 2 minute stunt of that girl on vacation on Magaluf. Clearly, she is enjoying herself, she is not drunk, and nobody is taking advantage of her. This is a great starting point for highlighting one particular social phenomenon: “nice guys”, call them white knights and manginas if you want, who think that if they treat a girl “well”, do her favours, and serve as an emotional tampon, she will eventually come to realize what a great guy he is, become his girlfriend and live happily ever after with him. In the seduction community guys like that are called ‘orbiters’, and they are deservedly ridiculed. What is interesting, though, is that such guys harbour pretty abstruse ideas about sexuality.

If you look at that girl, you have to concede that she’s quite good-looking: tall, slim, blonde. I’m sure she’s got plenty of guys fawning over her who never make a move. She’s surely being idolised by them. Probably every girl, no matter how promisuous she is, is someone else’s Virgin Mary. What is so amusing, though, is that those women happily string guys like that along, and take advantage of them for months or even years. They defend their inexcusable behaviour by claiming that they didn’t ask for any favours, or that they don’t want to “hurt his feelings” and tell him that they like getting showered with gifts, but would rather rub her va-jay-jay with Tabasco sauce than having sex with him.

It quite tragic that inexperienced men think sex is oh-so special, and that it takes ‘work’ to get it. Sex is seen as some kind of reward by them. As any guy who ever pulled a girl home from a nightclub knows, there is plenty of sex to be had with very little effort. Other guys are in denial about this too, and claim that people don’t really get laid from going to clubs, or that if a guy and a girl leave together, they’ve known each other. No, not at all! They appear to know each other simply because they leave together. How on earth would anyone even be able to tell, from watching a guy and a girl holding hands and heading towards the exit whether they met that night or have known each other?

On the other hand, what do you do if you have video proof? Let’s say you told some orbiter that the girl he’s fantasising about has banged a different guy every night she went out on her last trip? They’d tell you that you shouldn’t talk so much bullshit. But compared to one girl sticking 24 cocks in her mouth in two minutes, that’s quite harmless, isn’t it? I’m quite happy that there is footage, not of the ‘reality porn’ variety, but of real girls whoring it up. Don’t believe that girls go on vacation to bang tons of guys? Well, take a vacation and see for yourself. Manginas of the world: girls are handing out sex like candy. Open your eyes if you don’t believe it.


  1. You know, it's always a great moment when some insighful hardcore truth gets coined and concentrated into little verbal nuggets. And here we even have two of them:

    I.) Sex isn't "oh-so special" and it doesn't takes "work" to get it.


    II.) Girls are handing out sex "like candy".

    Fair enough, they well might be variations on things you previously wrote – but still…
    I particularly like no. II.) ;)

  2. Aaron, didn't you say that the "Cock carousel" was a myth? It seems to me that the concept is more real than not.

    Alex (sorry english is not my first language)

    1. Your English seems fine to me.

      Yes, the cock carousel is a myth, as I discussed in some other blog post. This doesn't mean that there aren't some women who are whoring it up while they are young, though.

  3. I like your point of view..no fairy tale bs ...society really went hard on her..perfect example! bravo Aaron..when are we going to Magaluf? lol ; P

  4. Without smartassing, but I don't would consider this tourist girl a whore. The amount of money (or the equivalent) she takes for sucking 24 dicks, is pretty dam low.

    The average "homemaker and mother" takes a huge amount of money via marring up and divorcing for often basically zero sex at all. (Mind the word "average")
    The tourist girl is a slut, not a whore. And It may be true that way more often than not, that are that sexually open have mental issues and should be avoid as girlfriends, wifes etc.(or maybe even in general), I still feel more emphaty and respect for these girls (mind the word "more"), than for those whore in disguise. Altough the might often be found to be the very same person :(

    I even see prostitiutes in many regards in a more positive light than the divorce-whores.

    I don't wana play captain save a hoe/slut, don't get me wrong, but I guess there are more dangerous and destructive women out there than this tourist cook sucker or the porn starlet or the street hooker.

    And I get sick to the bone, if I hear the average jane bashing those types of women, who they hate for lowering the price for pussy.


  5. when are we going to find out her name so every man who googles her will know what a slut she is? also this "game" is so well-established in that town because she is not the 1st or only slut to be a willing part of it.

    1. Emily Gaythwaite Portadown Ireland

  6. @ PhantomZodak: Please! Stop this "slut shaming" nonsense. What she displayed was normal and healthy healthy female sexual behaviour. From that point of view there's nothing to blame her or anyone else. If you seem to have a problem with that, then this is your problem alone and you might want to widen your perspective on life a bit. The name of this Brit blinde is of no interest to anyone else for, since under the right circumstances she can - and most likely will be - a perfect "sweetheart" as well. Just imagine her being your mother... and if that leads to a stack overflow inside your mind, then deal with it yourself.

  7. There is a difference between having sex, out of sexual desire and attraction, and sucking dicks just for having free drink. I am quite non-judgmental nowdays towards girl's sexual desire, but this girl is just way over the top.

    Regarding promiscuity, if women have the gut to be career driven, have healthy drive to be significantly successful in life, and DO NOT want to depend on men for their financial security, then go ahead and explore their sexuality freely. Abandon also marriage as an institution.

    Otherwise, a promiscuous girl is a liability in a traditional marriage, because us men will bear the damage the divorce brought on, and so our kids.

  8. While I think it's a bit silly to look up that girl's name and start shaming here etc. I really can't consider that to be "normal" sexual behavior. Can you really mean that? I even wouldn't want to be any of those guys. Even if I would have been the first.

    And if she's you're mother, then I feel very sorry for the guy who knocked her up. Oh boy what an example is she going to be for her daughter who's growing up if she just sucked 24 cocks for a bottle of cava!!!

    I'm curious to hear what Sleazy has got to say on this, cause I don't find this to be normal at all and I don't consider it to be particurarily attractive either. And besides it's not as if women won't pay attention to a guy's sexual history when it comes to relationships.

    @Sleazy: do you remember one of the discussion we had about slut shaming on you're blog? You told me that you were going to do a post on it. I basically argued that women themselves also pay attention to a guy's sexual history when it comes to relationships and that therefore it wasn't hypocrite if you said you didn't like it when a girl had an excessive sexual past (for a relationship).

    1. Her behavior is most certainly not normal. What she exhibits is an extreme of unrestrained female sexuality. Morals were decreed to make society controllable. As you can imagine, having a large number of children born out of wedlock, and unstable marriages is bad for society, for a multitude of reasons. This might be worth getting into more detail some other day.

      Yes, girls pay attention to a guy's real or perceived sexual history. For any kind of short-term relationship, a vast amount of sexual experience gives you an advantage, while in relationships girls prefer some guys who are easily controllable and who can be pussy-whipped. That doesn't work so well with a guy who has been with a few dozen women.

      I made a note, and might expand on this in a future blog post. I'm drowning in work, but I do my best to fit in an hour of two for writing here or there.

  9. You sound like one of those internet white knight who read quite a bunch of stuffs from the PUA and the redpill bullshit. That's not even normal. There is a difference between having sex due to sexual desire and attraction vs sucking cocks for free drink and all that.

    I love to hear those white knights answer when I ask them: "Would you marry those girls down the road?". Of course if they say "Hell no" then their fucking faces are just the same as 99% of males in this world.

    1. Yes, with the behavior she displayed she does violate common societal norms of sexual control. Now, if I as a man can profit sexually from such female openness, why should I blame them for it?!
      I'd also like to repeat, that she most likely will be able to restrain herself for assuming the role of a faithful and respectable bride, should she want to profit from that role, as well. Which od course is the very reason that she will want to try to keep such escapades of hidden and secret, so as not to spoil their chances of securing a stable more controllable husband.
      Judging from the sexual fantasies of many women, such blatantly promiscuous behavior is a desire they harbor within their psyche – and sometimes in an (for whatever reason) conducive environment they might act (albeit partially) upon those primal impulses.
      The "reward" of a bottle of booze in this case functions just an outward incentive.

      I also don't see why a girl with more than average sexual experience shouldn't be a "good girlfriend" per se. It's always a matter of the individual preset of such a constellation and in such cases generalizations are a bit inappropriate, aren't they?

    2. For example take a look at the motherhood-celebrating instagram page of former U.S. porn star Britney Beth, who apparently just recently gave birth to a boy: http://instagram.com/britmac91

    3. There is a reason why "son of a whore" is an insult. I don't want to know what that boy will have to go through as he's growing up.

      Regarding your previous comment: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and I have a hard time picturing that woman being as faithful as one who has only had one or two guys before.

  10. Geert, your argument's about women's reward for male promiscuity is spot on. I am not even close those bad boy players. But a simple anecdotal example will illuminate your point. I used to have a good looking Italian girl, and for some strange reasons, that alone already earns me quite many eyes from chicks. Note that during this period of times I did not sleep with anyone besides her, yet I have girls eyeing on me, I even tapped one of her friends easily after she went back to Italy for good. If this is not the kind of reward you get, then what is it?

    I would say that it is a normal healthy male instinct to be repulsed by a girl who has slept with too many guys before she even hit 30. A normal PUA shill would say this is a big sign of the so-called Madonna/Whore complex. Yet a psychological complex is problem with your cognition. This is not. When all evidences point towards you that this chick is not gonna be a good girlfriend, or a good mother, then this conclusion is imperically derived, and is not borned out of some psychological complex.

  11. Marco, you haven't answered my question above. Will you GET MARRIED with this kind of girl and accept them as the mother of your children?

    If not, you are just like the rest of us. I don't complain if that girl sucks my dick. You don't complain either. Yet the difference is that I am honest that very promiscuous girls can hardly become a good candidate for long-termed girlfriend and wife material.

    Your link to Brithney Beth's is hardly a proof to your argument that highly promiscuous girls can enter monogamous relationship.

    Also, your claim that she could restrain herself for assuming the role of a faithful and respectable wife is just plain bullshit. Those girls restrain themselves because in times of need they want to reel in some real losers with money to marry them. They will sell you purity. After giving birth, they would cool down for a few years before filing a divorce in their poor husband's face and financially rape him.

    Besides, let take a note on this: A guy who has spent his early days studying and getting a good degree, a high income job. That guy is now around 30. These party girls after spending their times offering nothing to society, fucking all those dicks, and get tired to that lifestyle after being pumped and dumped, try to reel in that guy to become their cow to milk. If that guy is smart and has high self-esteem he must ask himself: "Why should I marry a chick who has been everyone else wives, I am in my prime now and I can date a bunch of girls to make up for my late sexual experience, why should I marry a party girl?"

    When a reformed party chick put up the "I can be a wife" in the sexual market, it's not that she suddenly becomes a "great wife", it's that she is "tired of having no future prospect and must now find a guy to take care of her sorry ass." That's how it is. Besides, a chick who party hard since she is 18 years old, got not much of a personality and no job, do you think she can be a good mother? Fucking absurd!

    And no we aren't talking about generalization, we are talking about statistics.

    1. Hey Isidia, yeah you're right, I hadn't answered your question yet. I just had to think about it for a little, because I have to admit that the very idea of marriage for me is alien territory, where I'd never likje to find myself in. Trying to picture myself realistically facing such a situation required some mind-gymnastics – but I have to concede that you guys are right and that I too would intuitively choose the less promiscuous girl.

      Now I have to add, that I don't like the underlying premise of this "bussine$$ tran$action" at all, i. e. female fertility in exchange for reliable material male security and from the male POV the comforting certainty that one's own "investment" is not endangered by female fickleness. I've always liked to see the exchange as a mutual and pure gift as much devoid of such a transactional underpinning as possible.

      But in the case of relationships and the project of offspring things play out differently and there is no denial of the "condition humaine" and its underlying mechanisms, as sad as this might be at times…

  12. "Probably every girl, no matter how promisuous she is, is someone else’s Virgin Mary. [...] They defend their inexcusable behaviour by claiming that they didn’t ask for any favours, or that they don’t want to “hurt his feelings” and tell him that they like getting showered with gifts, but would rather rub her va-jay-jay with Tabasco sauce than having sex with him."

    Brilliant! It should be emphasized that "probably every girl" displays this kind of behaviour. Meaning, that if she is literally miss Virgin Mary or say she has fucked two guys in her life so far, it won't protect you from being her emotional tampon. If a girl has any respect for you, she will end things for you. But it should be clear that one should see this coming and have enough self-respect for himself and end things and give one closure.

  13. this is exhibitionism at it's finest...

    most the guys were mr softy, it wasn't very sexual, it was all for show...

    yeah, not super sanitary, I wonder if womyn can get throat cancer from giving blowies the way men can for cunnilingus...

    I've seen womyn get gang banged and assume they enjoyed an entourage of penis and being the center of attention...

    This I don't really understand as it seems more a stunt than "good sex."

    anyways, so what kind of man whips it out in public for two or three licks???

    no, I wouldn't marry her but I ain't the marrying type...

    1. If you had a penis yourself, you would know that men normally don't walk around with a hard-on. Besides, she showed good technique, so I have little doubt that she managed to stiffen plenty of those cocks.

  14. Well, such sluts get glorified in our society: "M├Ądchen aus den Slums" von Olli Banjo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHPrNwgC7x8) / Juelz Ventura (http://www.pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Juelz_Ventura)


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