Monday, October 20, 2014

Are we living in a “sizeist and sexist” society?

I have the habit of looking up memes and catch phrases from time to time, to learn about their origin. Since references to the “thigh gap” have become a lot more frequent recently, I investigated that topic for a little while. While thigh gaps arguably always have existed, the actual term has become more widely spread only relatively recently, December 2012 to be exact, according to sources mentioned in the corresponding Wikipedia article.

If you skim that article, you’ll come across a section on criticism of that term, which is where things get more interesting. As it turned out, some feminist sociologist decried the thigh gap, quite certainly a symbol of beauty, as “sizeist and sexist”. But let’s think about this for a while! What do you consider more likely? That (a subset of) girls take care of themselves and try to look as good as they can because that’s what they see in ads, or that they do so because they see, in reality, that slimmer and better looking girls fuck hotter guys? I’d bet a lot more on the latter than the former hypothesis.

Girls who haven’t undergone a lot of brainwashing — you know, of the “inner beauty is what counts” kind — are fully aware that their looks will get them guys, and that their looks also determine how popular they are. Of course, one could now make a brouhaha and decry that (some) girls want to be popular and good-looking but then you would have to claim that human nature is sexist. But here is the kicker: biology is of course deeply sexist because otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Our hormones don't care about political correctness. Girls don't line up to fuck guys like Sean Stephenson out of pity, and guys don't willingly bang ugly chicks either. Oh, wait, when guys want to bang hot girls it's of course sexist!

Obviously, guys want to bang the hottest girls they have access to, and hot often means sone combination of the attributes young, slender, cute. Likewise, girls want to bang the most desirable guys that are available to them, and that boils down to looks and money. Now, one could claim that our culture is sexist by goading men into wanting to make money, so that they can attract girls. That dynamic certainly exists, and it most certainly keeps many men from “following their dreams”. Some even waste years of their life by going into winner-takes-all markets where the payoffs, in the case of success, will be gargantuan, but where also-rans will have a very hard time staying in the field at all. A case in point is the music industry. Professional sports is another example.

However, since men are seen as the disposable sex whose utility is defined by how much value women, and society, can extract from them, it is not a problem when men get depressed because they can’t reach the level of financial success they aspire to. Problems like male suicide and male workplace deaths are barely paid any attention in mainstream media. On the other hand, it’s apparently a huge problem that some fat chick might get frustrated and help herself to another piece of chocolate cake because she just can’t seem to achieve a thigh gap. Frankly, a thigh gap is much easier to achieve than accumulating a net worth of $1m dollars. Yet, strangely enough, the cultural dynamics behind that phenomenon are considered a much bigger problem. Funny how this works, isn’t it?


  1. lol, you sure do a great job of cutting through crap!

    When it comes to physical attributes, I also find that women tend to judge more harshly. But even then the reaction from "society" is very different. If I say that I wouldn't want to fuck that girl because of her weight, then I will get yelled at, but if she says that the guy is too short for her, people won't pay attention to it at all.

    Another one is where women with an enormous sexual past (I'm not talking about experimenting here). If you're a guy and you wouldn't want to enter a relationship with a girl like that, you're insecure or afraid of women who are being independent. But how do girls respond when they found out that a guy is a virgin?

    Frankly I just can't think of a reason as to why you shouldn't enter a relationship with a girl who's got an enormous sexual past. I just can't imagine a girl like that being wife material.

    But there are other similar cases as well. Let's say a guy wants to wait until he's going to enter a marriage. Let's he waits until he's 35 and marries a 26-27 year old. Boy,I can already imagine the responses, but would they be the same if a women dates an guy who's older then here?

    Women probably experience some of these things as well, just like we do, but I find it hard to deny the above.

    1. Of course the old hags try to shame you if you've got a young wife or girlfriend. I get a bit of that because on occasion women ask me out for coffee --- yes, the 30+ fraction. Most have enough social intelligence to not insist when you turn them down. One chick I bluntly told that my 19 year-old girlfriend probably wouldn't approve of that, and she got pretty upset over this, telling me I was "sexist" and "worse than a pedophile".

      Even worse, though, are those who put old and photoshopped pictures on dating sites. I went on two or three dates off online dating, and then stopped because it was such nonsense. One chick was actually upset after I pointed out that there was quite a discrepancy between her appearance in real life and her pictures online.

    2. In a female magazine they once had an article about "rubens women". Peter Paul Rubens was a painter who used to paint quite obese women.

      These women were then describing how they enjoyed being like that and how it should be mainstream.

      Frankly these women in the episode were just fat and while I enjoy buxom women or women with curves, I'm not a fan of fat women.

  2. Nice article, but I got the impression that the phenomena of the "thigh gap" is dimishing recently, at least in the so called pop culture. Just look at Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez (uggh, way too old now!) etc. or this brilliant meme: Nonetheless, I'm really more into slim girls like those described above, though.

    1. I thought this was just mainstream media bullshit, too. There is a difference between curvy and having a fat ass, but what do you expect when writers describe 50 year old women as "drop-dead gorgeous" or any such nonsense. I'd say that the average guy would prefer a slim girl.

    2. Yeah, I wonder what happend to all those "classic chicks" in the media. They certainly exist if you dare to open a fashion catalog, it doesn't have to be "couture", just a normal catalog like, say, P&C. I even know a girl personally that worked in the fashion industry for a while and she knows very well how to take care of herself. Probably the most beautiful girl I've met so far in my life. Overall, I like girls like that a lot and I think most guys do, actually:

    3. all three are too skinny for can you fuck the shit out of them it they're just bones and skin? All girls which are that skinny - and that i've met - all got some issue: I can't eat that, i'm allergic to that, i got back pain, neck pain,...

      To be honest, to fuck a lot you cant be too picky and i havent been so in the past. But if you ask me what girls i would prefer google "Fitness Women" - and no, they dont have to be 24/7 that lean

    4. Aren't 'fitness women' a very large part of the consumer base of beauty surgery? If so, what do you think does it say about the self-image of a woman who thinks she needs a pair of fake tits? Frankly, I don't see where the difference is: some women want to be really skinny, others want to be a bit more muscular, but they all do it to look more appealing to men.

  3. I like that you point out how this « sexist »society is another female misconception.
    Let me add one more: Female superiority in the form of qualities that they have and men don’t (so they say).
    Here is my favorite example: Multitasking (women can, men can’t). Utter BS, I can tell you. I have worked at a front desk in different hotels for 3 years and I can tell you that I can multitask, too.
    But women not only can multitask, but HAVE to. The average female is a highly distracted human being, needing her mind to be occupied all the time (probably a high percentage of the time searching for sources of validation…just my guess). There is a reason why most artists and scientists through history are men. I have yet to hear of a female equivalent of Stradivarius or other artists. (I have chosen on purpose the violinmaker since there has been no persecution of violinmakers throughout history as far as I know). Usually the female counter argument is then that them womenz were oppressed and couldn’t just do the same work men did. BS, complete BS. Galileo did not stop researching although he was threatened by the Catholic Church, didn’t he? My point is that men CAN multitask, but simply chose not to, since with every task you add, the quality of execution of every single task diminishes. (On a side note, the whole concept of multitasking is flawed, nobody does more than one thing at a time, people “interscale “ things, so that the observer thinks it is multitasking. Even in a kitchen one thing happens after another, it is just so well organized, despite the seeming chaos that it looks like simultaneous action).
    My female colleges were simply unable to do one single thing and one thing only. Always talking, chatting, texting and what not besides entering a reservation into the system or sth. else.
    It is true that in certain jobs as my further one you get distracted by phone calls and clients and I can tell you it has an effect on your brain. I work at a financial institution now and have big time trouble concentrating on one thing at a time. So I “understand” the female problem. What I do not tolerate though is this BS narrative of selling a weakness as a gender specific strength. The term misconception is very diplomatic in this case…

  4. Hell YEAH! :D

  5. women consider any man under 6' tall to be invisible, and yet they think we need to find fat women attractive.

    yet another example of female projection.

  6. Any sort of "body positivity" suddenly disappears when you come across a short man. There really isn't another group of American who receives more hate than the short male.

  7. Hey Aaron, a little bit off topic, but look what I found while (seemingly bored) driving on a bus here in Zürich.
    Female twisted BS at its best:

    "Auch Lena hat nicht das Gefühl, dass sie sich prostituiert. «Ich lerne die Männer zuerst online kennen und überlege mir, ob sie meinen Ansprüchen entsprechen.» Den Unterschied zur Prostitution sieht sie darin, dass sie längst nicht alle Männer akzeptieren müsse."

    The difference between prostitution and having a Sugardaddy is apparently that she (a girl using a website to meet older men who pay her for sex) can chose which guy to fuck for money...

    LOL... I thought that the definition of prostitution was to exchange sex for money. Period.
    (Damn... what about some cases of marriage then, oups... prostitution, too, right?)

    Even prostitutes can say "no". But even if they couldn't the core business remains the same. Man gives money, woman gives access to her vagina.

    Interesting how women twist around simple facts in order to keep their good image...

    (I am sorry that the article is not in English)

    1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Of course prostitutes don't fuck anybody who offers money. A related myth is that they don't kiss their johns.

      I liked the first comment to that article, which summed it up nicely:
      "Ist nur schöngeredete Prostitution. Wems gefällt, viel Spass !"

    2. Of course, if some guy would loudly proclaim that he is only interested in women because of sex, he'd be called every name in the book. On the other hand, everything is fine and dandy when women openly state that they exchange sex for money, and even get media backing that this wasn't some kind of prostitution.


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