Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mailbag: Dick Questions

I received quite a few questions, all in one comment, regarding the size of male and female sexual organs. There are probably a few who’ll find this interesting, so it’s well-warranted to make a separate post on this. Those questions originally appeared in a comment on Some critical Feedback to "Debunking", Part II.

Just a few questions about the BIG DICK issue:
1) Did women actually take a look at your crotch and could you notice a change in their attitude after it? (I assume you were wearing tight jeans in the clubs?)

Some have certainly noticed it. I remember one chick who took pictures of my crotch, which I only found out because she accidentally uploaded them to Facebook. There were a few others who I suspect to have taken pictures of the silhouette of my cock. In general, though, it seems to make them more likely to stick around. I’d say it’s similar to when you realize that the girl you’re  talking to has a much bigger rack than you at first assumed, because she’s not wearing a push-up bra.

2) Have you seen/heard of opposite examples: girls looking at a (pretty) mans crotch, but seeing that it was not that voluminous, getting turned off by it?

I have no idea. But I’ve been told that some women don’t go near Asian men because of their reputation of having small penises, which is obviously related to their height, since they’re often shorter than Westerners. Asian readers, please don’t be offended! I’m only relaying what girls have told me. One used the pejorative “puny pencil penises”, which I thought was kind of funny.

3) There is often this talk about to big is bad, because it is bad, but this is probably just BS, isn't it?
Would you say that the most beautiful and sexually competent women love big dick the most whereas the more plain and/or frigid girls prefer them smaller?

I don’t know. Most girls I’ve fucked found it painful when I went in deep, but it’s not as if they didn’t like it. It’s not as if I’m literally hung like a horse, though. I once had an Asian girl I really couldn’t enter, and that didn’t seem like the kind of pleasant pain.

4) Do you think the size and/or tightness of vaginas varies as much as the penis size with us men? And do different women therefore have different preferences? Or is it more like one sizes fits all?

Penises and vaginas come in different sizes. Just as taller guys tend to have bigger penises, so do taller women tend to have bigger pussies. Don't worry, though, your cock probably fits into any or almost any pussy you’ll ever encounter.

Could you observe different reactions from different body sized women?


5) Is it true that, once you enter a sexual relationship with a woman, her vagina will start tightening up or to loosen in order to better fit your dick?

It will certainly adopt to your cock. I don’t think it will tighten, though. It seems that the vagina tightens somewhat due to inactivity, which is why your girlfriend may feel tighter if you haven’t seen her for a few weeks (and she hasn’t fucked around behind your back). But maybe that’s psychological due to her being a bit more excited and a bit tense, because she hopes that you still like fucking her.

6) What is your take on penis pumps like the bath mate?

I think it’s bullshit.

7) Is the diameter (the thickness) more important then the length?

I’m not an expert on penises, but I would be very surprised if it wasn’t the case that longer penises were also thicker. So, the answer is that it’s better to have a long and thick cock than a short and thin one.

8) Do you think, I can sue mother nature/god/the universe for my shortcomings? ;)

Haha! If you’re too concerned about your cock size, get shorter girls. Where bigger men failed to enter, you’ll find that you’ll slip right in.

If you could take some time to comment on those questions, I would very much appreciate it. 
Take care!

No problem. I hope you’ve found my answers helpful.


  1. Great post...does act like a FAQ for this topic.

    I would say, that dick size (length or diameter) does not mean much when picking up a girl...yes girls can be impressed and glance at your "package", but that does not mean she will turn you down (if she was already available and attracted to you).

    But it can affect the sex, especially long term wise, for if you dont enjoy the sex you will get bored of retention of girls can be affected, especially if you dont have other things to other ie fame/money etc....But you can always make up for a small dick and keep women into you if you are good at foreplay, making her orgasm, and making sure that she enjoys the sex too.

    Should post on forum, under classic posts


    1. Hi Cani,

      Very important points you made here!

      They and Aarons answer to my eighths question, which was

      ‘If you’re too concerned about your cock size, get shorter girls. Where bigger men failed to enter, you’ll find that you’ll slip right in.’

      hopefully give the (perceived) ‘underachievers’ some peace of mind about this whole matter.

      ‘Should post on forum, under classic posts.’ Good idea. I agree.

      As (far too) often there is just too much bullshit floating around this topic, which is quite important especially to many young and rather inexperienced men. The more of them get to know what the real deal is, the better.


  2. "The toilet paper test is a favorite of mine, especially if I find that a guy has exaggerated his size. If he easily fits in the tube when he is hard, he has a skinny penis. If it doesn't fit, he is extra thick. If it just fits in, he is average. If it fits loosely, I like to check his length with it too. If the head doesn't poke out of the tube, he has a tiny penis as well as a skinny one. Like I said, I only do this to guys that tell me they are hung and then I find out later they were lying to me. Remember boys, honesty is the best policy in these matters. Most girls don't need you to be a porn star. If you have a lil' one, just spend more time on us before you do the deed. ;>" (

    1. If only women wouldn't talk such a lot of bullshit. This entire story is made up, because guys don't walk around telling girls they've got a huge cock. Instead, it's something girls say when they see it. Or do you think any girl fucks some guy based on his claim that he's got a big wiener?

  3. I'm having this issue as well, I can't cum when I'm having intercourse.I also have trouble feeling the sensations of a blowjob

    So here's what I'm doing right now:
    - abstinence: go some time without masturbation and you're natural sensitivity should return.
    - loose grip when masturbating: I think a lot of it stems from this. How tight is your grip? If you've had intercourse, you can also mimick the rythm of intercourse and generally keep a looser grip.

    I think that should do it

    This made me lol hard:

    So you 'work your way up' from fist to anus to pussy

    1. There is a good chance that the girls you are with are simply giving you shitty blow jobs.

    2. Yes that's true as well.

      I actually went to an escort today and she was good :D.

      But I remember a time when I lost my erection when I entered a vagina, so I don't think it's bad for me to abstain for a while :p

    3. Hi Geert,

      thanks for the feedback!

      I've thought of the same two solutions you mentioned above, too.

      Although they are not that appealing, they are probably worth to give them a try.

      However, I first want to try out to get used to pussy via seeing a few hookers in a relatively short period of time, as suggested by Aaron above.

      It might be the more expensive but also the more exciting solution, I hope ;)

      ‘This made me lol hard:

      So you 'work your way up' from fist to anus to pussy’

      I can see why. It’s almost a Karl-Pilkington-thing to say :D


  4. 1) Everyone is different, but after half a dozen sessions of love-making you should have gotten used to how pussy feels. If you're in a hurry, just pay some escorts to speed up the process.

    2) The problem is that girls need to trust you a lot more to engage in anal sex, so short of paying for escorts --- note that anal is normally a premium service that will cost you a pretty penny ---, it will simply not be a practical solution in your case. Of course I don't want to dissuade you from bringing a butt plug and a bottle of lube to your dates.

    3) I never asked any woman how she liked having sex, anal or otherwise, with guys with small cocks, so I can't help you in that regard. I got what you were hinting at, though, and it seems to be theoretically plausible.

  5. No questions left. The last mysteries unraveled ;)

    Your feedback will save me a lot of time and probably spare me quite a few rather awkward encounters.

    Thank you very much, Aaron!

    Take care!



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