Wednesday, December 10, 2014 PR fiasco, or: Do PUA companies really use actresses?

The other day I received an anonymous email with incriminating evidence regarding You may not know them if you're not familiar with the London PUA scene, though. I think they were once affiliated with Gambler's I have no idea how active they are, so let's just assume they are a medium-sized player in the PUA industry.

In the following, I'll first show a commercial PUA video as it appears on YouTube, establish a link between this video and, and, finally, present proof that an actress was hired. Sounds like fun? Good!

The video itself is not particularly interesting. In fact, it's quite lame. You see unnatural dialogue, and some slob presumably kissing that chick for a second or two. It's hardly romantic or realistic, but as we'll soon see, this is the least of the problems. Here, have a look for yourself:

The YouTube account is called "PickUpandDating". However, the link to is quite obvious if you follow the link in the description:

For more details on how to get started click the link now

This leads to: Here's the relevant part of the banner:

Further, the company mentioned in the footer is the same as on

The link between the video and is now firmly established. For extra credits, let's present the proof that an actress was used. As a teaser, here's an excerpt from her portfolio. Under "commercials" --- I appreciate her honesty --- she lists work for

Apparently that woman was so good she was booked twice. Her name is Francesca Cherruault. Her agency profile can be found here.

She mentions two videos, but I don't think anyone is interested going through all the commercials has put on YouTube.


  1. Oh well, they're at least learning to be better at business...

    - They've learned its cheaper to hire an actress than go do 500 sets to capture one exciting-enough-looking set for the camera.

    1. "Honi soit qui mal y pense." ;)

  2. Do we know they hired her, or did they hypnotize her into doing what they want?

  3. Interesting. All the marketing tricks are good to manipulate men.

    Another trick, look at their web site. Anyone who has a seduction site that has half-naked chicks on it markets to idiots.

  4. It's called an affiliate link you retard. Learn some basic marketing before you chat shit.

    This guy is obviously using his youtube video to promote the Day Game Blueprint to earn a COMMISSION per sale.

    The companies are not linked in any way.

    1. Look up how affiliate links work.

      Further, that actress lists on her profile. Do you think she's making this up?

  5. Even if she wasn't an actress I am not sure what the point of these videos is. I have gone into a club and made out with a girl within 5 minutes of meeting her. I don't get how that's incredible. And I also don't get why its great. So what if you make out with a girl you just met. Doesn't mean you will ever get into her pants. Or even see here again. Most of the girls I made out with early on I never met again. They refused to meet me. It was incredibly frustrating.

    THere is subtext in all this bullshit which is misleading. The subtext is, get her number....sleep with her or at least go on a date. Make out -> sleep with her. They never talk about the flaking, the frustration, the many blind alleys and all the rest of the bullshit women put you through. The truth is that making out with girls is trivial. Getting the numbers is trivial. Sleeping with them is a lot harder and getting them to see you on the regular is harder still.

    1. Btw, this issue of how to best manage sexual tension is dealt with in succint detail in CLUB GAME.

  6. I think most of PUA dudes film fake videos with actresses (or maybe deleting shots when they are rejected by real women).

    I recall Justin Wayne, this swindler was caught lying to females telling them he was doing audtions for MTV or something. Their videos are allegedly bogus. It is not credible that such black guy might be appealing to all those beautiful white women (Maybe could be plausible if he was Denzel Washington, a good looking afro american guy with money and status. But that is not his case.).

    Stay away from these PUA swindler men.

    1. I think most of PUA dudes film fake videos with actresses (or maybe deleting shots when they are rejected by real women).

      - For some of them it's not even a secret. RSD openly talks about how it takes them hours to get "a good set" on camera.

      But they rationalize it away with the same way they rationalize away the numbers game:


  7. That video is clearly fake, but you can't deny how real this one is:

    Valentino is a master pua with the ability to sense the "right" girl. Everything from the couple conveniently stopping in frame so the PUAs could catch up, the slick opener (you have freckles), the abnormally passive/quiet boyfriend and closing with rapport building scream authenticity.


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