Monday, December 29, 2014

Featured Reader Comment: Lifestyle Consequences

An anonymous reader left a comment on my article "Scared because you’re pushing 30?", which I want to share with all of you since it's a confirmation of the basic things I repeat over and over. Some of you have probably grown tired of me saying that you should take care of yourself first and foremost, and the women will follow.

This is such a great article. I'm 29 and as weird as it sounds, it seems like I've gotten "better with age". Again, I keep myself in shape, dress well, have social skills and a good job. I really blossomed more with women around 25.
The oldest woman I've hooked up with this year was 25. I find myself to be most attractive to women in the age range of 22-25 right now for some reason. I'm getting close to settling down but not 100% there yet. The way I see it, even if I were to get more serious with a woman around 31 or 32, I could still easily pull a hottie between the ages of 23ish/24ish to 30. It's amazing what a clean diet, regular exercise and good sleep will do to make you look much younger than you are. 

The "better with age" comment is interesting. I'd say that quite a few guys only start to get a handle on "that woman thing" in their mid-twenties. Before that, most are simply too concerned trying to fit in. Most of those are simply lost for the purpose of pickup, as they will settle down with the first "empowered single mother" they meet. Thus, they never realize their full potential.

I also strongly relate to the comment that the prospect of settling with an older woman is not very enticing when you can easily get younger ones. This is common sense, but sadly seen as politically incorrect. Think about it: if you're a 30 year old guy who has his life together, and your choice is between a 24 year old, and a 32 year old woman, the younger one is preferable. Note that I'm not talking about some feminist fantasy scenario where the 32 year old was highly attractive, oh-so mature and "independent". You normally pull woman from a similar level of attractiveness anyway. Consequently, the 32 year olds you get are presumably comparably attractive to the 24 year olds once you take age into account, meaning that the 32 year old was probably similarly attractive to the 24 year old when she was that age.

Your choice is therefore between two kinds of women. One will be attractive for about 8 more years than the other, will have had fewer sexual partners, less emotional baggage, and won't have baby rabies yet either. The choice is really not so difficult.


  1. It was actually I who left that comment Aaron. This site is amazing. As someone who has taken tons of action in "real life", I can totally relate to the observations regarding women and the mating process.

    The thing that's weird about me, is that I've actually looked basically the same for the last 8 years. When I was in my early twenties I got basically next to nothing for action. All the while, I was in good shape, had good style, good job and great social skills. I always thought I had to use some "over the top" line or a real "wild joke" to "create attraction". I was waiting for my spot to throw in that new joke I googled. Surprisingly enough, the moment I dropped the game and bullshit my results skyrocketed. Funny too cause looking back there were clearly some times when the girl had that look like, "Seriously, you fuck me right now. I'm game. Slide it in me" and I was more concerned about getting through my "set" in the proper sequence to trigger her "attraction switches"

    I'm actually working on a site right now to teach guys the good news. Hoping to have it up and running by end of January (learning Wordpress is a process for sure). I've had lots of experience with women in the last 4 to 5ish years and can share lots. The site is mainly focused on getting in shape, improving style/grooming with some dating advice too. (Let's just say a "guru" in the seduction community that was caught with an actress for a "kiss close" is getting a little jab by me :P I have a guy that's doing some artwork for some articles and this guy is not be sparred at all. Like Aaron said, if you found out your doctor wasn't really a doctor, would you still go to him? If he's faking videos like that, it's because he's NO GOOD with women)

    I have no idea who is Sleazy is, but I can tell by his writing/experiences/advice he is 100% LEGIT! That "badboy" stuff is utter bullshit as well. I can think of an instance recently when I met this cutie walking down the street. I grabbed her number and she was very eager to meet up. I met her for a drink at a bar close to my apartment. The verbal aspect of the interaction was so "unimpressive". It was just small talk, no corny lines or jokes and I was just being really nice. All the while, I was holding her hand and rubbing her legs under the table. She was more than eager to swing by for "another drink" and was 100% down. Don't buy into all the PUA bullshit guys:

    "Well if game doesn't work, how does that 300 lb guy that's unemployed, lives in his parents basement, lays on the couch eating Doritos all day and playing Call of Duty get all these hot women?"


  2. Nice Post Aaron. I feel like I'm in this guys shoes right now. The only difference is I am currently with a woman, who is in her 30's..older than me...and she is starting to piss me off...!

  3. I look the same as I did ten years ago! Unfortunately I looked like shit ten years ago. ;)

  4. I would add dressing well to that list.

    You do not want to emulate the torn t-shirts, flip flops, and baggy shorts the bros are wearing. And never ever wear a baseball hat.

  5. Phil, I wouldnt say never wear a baseball cap. I just realized that 12 times out of my last 14 lays I was wearing a baseball cap. Now I had been going out and styling my hair just as much or more than wearing a hat at the time. So as long as you get results I'd say do what works for you by field testing. I know I won't be putting the effort into primping my hair as much anymore! If you can go out and effortlessly act like a fucking MAN with some social skills you can get laid. I just had a cute girl tell me that she liked how rough my hands are and guys with soft hands weird her out. I use my hands to make a living and I dont use lotion or get manicures, my hands are man hands. I dont shave off my chest hair and look more effimate like i used to. Girls love chest hair, its fucking manly. Start doing shit that a man should do (look at men in old westerns, or a young paul newman) and girls will naturally gravitate toward you.

    -A Man

  6. No disrespect. But if you are 30+, I say it's time to put away the ball cap (unless you are balding).

    I do agree with the chest hair - guys need to stop shaving it! I had a girl( 25ish )this past weekend tell me she loved my chest hair.

  7. leave political correctness debates to politicians, we normal people have nothing to
    do with it.

    if the chick digs you and you dig her, it doesnt matter if she is older or younger then you
    even if she is 50 or 16 (though i doubt you will find 50 years oldd that often who is hot enough lol)

  8. Younger, hotter, tighter every day of the week. I'm 32 and its easier for me to get a 22 year old now than when I was 22. Its not that I'm as pretty as I used to be but all the other factors combined of confidence, style, muscularity, career and game blow my 22 year old self out of the water.


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