Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sample for Club Game now available

I just created a sample for Club Game that will hopefully whet your appetite. Enjoy!


  1. Can this book be purchased in a pdf or kindle format?

  2. A sample... why? Weren't my reviews saliva-inducing enough? *LOL*

  3. Hi Aaron,

    do you think a complete beginner (semi-virgin) could get some kind of benefit out of reading Club Game (considering the parts where you talk about fashion, female signals etc.) or is the risk of getting confused by content he is not (yet) able to handle to high?

    I allready ordered a copy and now I am wondering, if I could read it during the hollydays or if I should put it in my bookcase until I have progressed far enough, i.e. have gotten some lays from dance classes, Social Circle events, Meet Up activities and other "Chris-Commonsense-Approaches" ;)

    You gave me a lot of very useful info for free in the past, so maybe now it's only fair if I give you some money for info, that is (yet) of no use for me personally.* Karma and stuff, you know :D

    (*I'm not dissing CG; I in fact find it very honourable of you that you stated on several occasions that this is no book for complete starters, which most authors will only do at gunpoint, but I simply could not resist ordering it anyway ;)



    1. Thanks for the support, Brent! I very much appreciate it.

      You will certainly get something out of Club Game, but there are a few parts in the first half that I cover rather briefly, based on the assumption that the reader isn't a complete beginner. It may therefore be helpful, which I point out in Club Game as well, if you went through Minimal Game first.

      Please do give me some feedback on the book later.

    2. You're welcome, Aaron!

      Luckily I already read Minimal Game.

      I'm really looking forward to read Club Game, I can imagine to read it in one go :)

      I will definetly give you my feedback soon after I will have finished reading, maybe even still within this year.

      Merry Christmas!


  4. Hi - Do you plan pdf or kindle format at any point in future ?

  5. Congrats. Chris "Good Looking Loser" Deoudes also succeeded in a social club scene.

    The "Real Christian McQueen" was a club host, and exploited the prestige and social connections. Heck, Tucker Max first found success working at a Cancun resort during Spring Break. The common denominator was social connections in a scene of drunk, available women. As Chris explains, it did not involve cold approaching. These guys are all good-looking. Unfortunately, Chris made a fake in-field video about cold-approaching.


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