Saturday, November 8, 2014

RSD's "Julien Blanc" pisses off the Japanese

What do you do if you're a white guy and want to get laid in Japan? According to guys I know who went there, you basically just show up and girls will come up to you. This doesn't mean that you'll bang every girl you see, but merely that there is a sizeable subgroup of Japanese girls who like foreigners, gaijin.

Of course, why do the normal thing when you could as well piss everybody off? This is where RSD's "Julien Blanc" comes in. Real Social Dynamics recently released a video on Youtube with the title "White Male In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)".

The highlight comes at the end, where he pushes the boundaries of the socially acceptable, but not in a good way. If there is beauty in this method, I fail to see it. Just look at the discomfort in the body language of this woman:

RSD's Julien Blanc accosting a Japanese store clerk
You haven't had enough yet? Alright then, there's more. Here's a summary of his "method":
When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….
It's interesting to note that there has been significant backlash against this guy. Jennifer Li started a campaign on to petition Australian hotels, in which the "RSD Free Tour" was planned to take place, to cancle those events. Her petition has gained well over 30,000 supporters, and all three hotels cancelled those events. There even has been a response in national Australian media:
A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says Mr Blanc's visa has been revoked in the wake of his departure.
Mr Blanc, from US group Real Social Dynamics, gave a seminar in Melbourne on Thursday night which attracted criticism on social media and sparked a protest outside the venue. 
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay described his seduction tactics, which reportedly include choking women, as "deeply disturbing and offensive".
A summary of follow-up events can be found on

I really wonder who the target customer of RSD nowadays is. It seems that the PUA coaching well has long run dry, and now they are going for the least socially adapted and most gullible, similar to those Nigerian scammers. Good luck, guys!


  1. Those RSC guys are complete and utter weirdos. Since they don't perceive immediate negative feedback on their actions they act out like ADD-children.
    This started with this Tyler guy who stated he could look at girls in a funny way and "open" her that way. Guys on the dancefloor behaving like monkeys who literally pick up girls (i.e. pull them up) and spin them around??

    What's the next RSD scheme? Fart in her face and she will fellate you afterwards for that?

    Now in Julien's defense: I think everyone of us players has done something that might be considered as offensive (just think of the sleazy-esque clap on the ass to check if she's interested or just playing along) - but at least this was not completely stupid!


    1. About your last paragraph, a very important thing is context.
      You can't slap a girl in the ass in the office or in a very solemn event. It is out of context, and so, very socially awkward.
      Now, a contrario sensu, being extremely polite in a loud and hot nightclub won't get you anywhere.
      Context also helps in the way that we made a move with a girl. You can't caress the inner thigh of a girl in the middle of a park in at noon, or squeeze one of her breast in front of her friends. Hell, even that would be nonsensical if you are both alone. That's why is called 'escalation': you go step by step. Of course, as I said before, when the right circumstances are, you can escalate far more quickly (as Sleazy and others have shown us), but again, it is all about context.
      Greetings from Mexico.

    2. To add to that: I never slapped the ass of some random woman. If I slapped the ass of some woman, it is because it was situationally appropriate. If you don't have enough experience with picking up women, you should not even think of doing that.

  2. Honestly, what really bothers me is the visa revocation.

    1. Probably because he thinks that it proves how much political power feminazis have; he doesn't understand, like many MRTards, that the visa was revoked because it was a tourist visa and he was doing business.

    2. Being a complete idiot should never be followed by such consequenses. Look around you, spot the complete idiots: the majority, upwards. Wanna have them all deported?

      Does Sleazy think the stuff he has published to be doing in clubs (i.e. fast, unhibitted fisical escalation) would not be seen as illegal by the same cabal? Wake up - or say hello to your future handcuffs.

    3. Dear Anonymous,

      some have been in front of a divorce court and have learned the hard way that having a dick makes you the loosing party by default. Equality: none. Justice: a sham. Etc. Happening live here in front of you for Julien.

      As for the technicalities: do not believe for one second the Aussie immigration officials are unaware of such trespassing, it happens by the 100 of 1000's every year. But only few get summoned. Legal sniping.

    4. Come on, Julien is not "a guy escalating quickly" or even "being aggressively screening women", he's a complete retard who not only uses quasi-molester techniques but also teaches them to other guys, most of whom are completely clueless socially (or else they wouldn't go to an RSD bootcamp) and are gonna end up even more fucked up in their minds than before.

      I mean if Julien's "technique" is escalation, so is the "technique" of Japanese guys who take advantage of the fact that the metro is crowded to touch girls who don't want it (look up "chikandensha") or the "technique" of the old pervert who just whips out his dick in a public park and begins to masturbate in front of a random woman...

      And RSD are a brainwashing cult taking advantage of gullible men. They just want you to keep coming back for the next bootcamp or next DVD series they sell $500, while they make you even more socially awkward. Helping you ? It's not their problem. They're a disgrace, but also a danger to men. You'll never see them scam a woman.

      So I'm glad they "legal sniped" him, because he's actually deserving it. If you do shit like that, even for shock value, then you'd better watch out for any "technicality" people might legally exploit to kick you out.

    5. Dear Kama and A. Sleazy,

      you'll find plenty of worse behaviour under the search word "prankster + pickup", or just simply "prankster". Somehow nobody is going ballistic over VitalyZD ("can I lick Nutella off your butt?" + going for it), Simple Pickup et al. I wonder why.

      "And RSD are a brainwashing cult taking advantage of gullible men." 99% of all diet "methods" are too. Where are the visa revocations for diet gurus? Sports gurus? Motivational gurus? Lifestyle gurus? Policy gurus? Religious gurus? And so on and so forth, the list is sooooo long. By all means, RSD is some of the smallest fish in this particular pond.

      As for escalation/molesting: 99% of cases of a man kissing a woman for the first time can be legally construed as "inappropriate" whenever she feels like it. Like 3 minutes/hours/days/weeks/months later when she sees you with another girls. Her ever fleeting feelings are The Law. Welcome to the female legal order.

      In sum: you are cheering the wrong side.

      P.S.: and before I forget it: the whole PUA hatred thing (remember "" ?) as seen around here makes RSD look profoundly decent. Time for you guys to recalibrate.

      P.P.S.: isn't someone who has published 3 (in words: three) books about men getting to bed women (i.e. seduction, or in other words: pickup) somehow related to theses guys? And if still denying it, go ahead and write this sentence down - by hand - 100x times as a lesson: "I - AaronSleazy - am not really that different from these guys I so clearly enjoy seeing being taken apart by the fem-centric powers that are." You might not be aware of it, but they also are after you A. Sleazy.

    6. How many women have you kissed? I can assure you that it takes an incredible amount of incompetence to forcefully kiss a woman who doesn't want to be kissed. Seduction is not like steamrolling. Instead, you take one step at a time, and carefully take the verbal and nonverbal feedback you're getting into account.

      Further, the reason nobody bothers VitaliZD is that he clearly labels his antics as pranks. he doesn't offer seminars in which he tells guys for $3k a pop that they should rent a Ferrari and pretend they want to take a girl out on a date, only to tell them they're not really interested in dating gold diggers.

      I've seen a few prank videos where guys got knocked down or spat at, because others didn't find their pranks funny. What was your point again?

      Feel free to carefully read my books and tell me where I advocate forcing yourself onto women, or any of the other nonsense gurus advocate.

    7. Hi Aaron, I can see where he is coming from.

      To make things clear, there is of course a major difference between you and the RSD weirdos.

      You are 100% legit and the information you deal out is absolutely valuable and for the most part even for free! Those of your books that are not for free are sold for a very moderate and a fair price.

      The RSD guys on the other hand, fuck guys up mentally and charge ridiculously high prices for utter bullshit.

      But, two things

      1) I find the reaction of the mainstream media/society to this Julien guy waaaaay to massive. You could almost get the impression, he raped those women to death or something. And like the anon commentator said, those RSD clowns are by far not the biggest fish out there.

      But because there were damsels* in distress involved, the whole media jump on this fuckers like there is no bigger fish to fry and nothing more relevant to broadcast.
      (* Yes, I really felt sorry for this women. He had no right to to this to them.)

      2) You know how this feminist/mainstream media operate and how much they don't give a fuck about "details" such as the difference between a PUA and an Anti-PUA or an MRA.

      You made it clear numerous times to respect the woman's boundaries etc., but again those feminist imbeciles don't give a fuck about the truth.

      Don't get me wrong, I think these RSD clowns deserve mockery and (at least some amount of) the anger directed against them, but suddenly those SJWs, who claim to be against ableism, tear apart guys in public, because they are acting like Aspergers?

      Makes one wonder about double standards within the SJW movement.

      Where does the line go between a creep/weirdo and an Asperger guy?

      Where does the line go between a creep and a rapist?

      I don't think any good will come from the fact, that today mostly feminists and other PC crybabies are setting these narratives.

      It does not matter if you are a rapist/creep/mysogynist etc., it only matters, if feminists can successfully label you as one.

      Just think about these colleague consensual sex laws, about the talk that criticizing feminism should be illegal in the EU, about planned curfews for males, about Twitter supporting to detect "street haressers", about the consideration, to raise a special tax for male bachelors, about Shirtgate, about the traffic the 10 hours walking in NYC video etc.

      I understand and share your schadenfreude regarding those RSD clowns, but it's outweighted by my fear of the nasty things to come for us men within the next few years/decades.

      Anyway, did not want to put anybody's mood down.


    8. "And like the anon commentator said, those RSD clowns are by far not the biggest fish out there." should of course be "And like WAKE said, those RSD clowns are by far not the biggest fish out there." Sorry!

      Speaking of SJW/feminist double standards:

      Have you guys heard about this Lena-Dunham-Incident?

      See also Bar Bars Video:

      Funny how feminist open up sexually and become quite liberal once one of them faces rape allegations, isn't it?

      Please although check out the following links, to get an impression what kind of shit storm a male VIP would face now, had he written about such incidents in his bio.


    9. "but suddenly those SJWs, who claim to be against ableism, tear apart guys in public, because they are acting like Aspergers?"

      I've always found that to be one of their biggest contradictions. The same people talk about how important it is to have compassion for less-able people...

      But then the same people will shred to pieces, bully, harass and perhaps even make suicidal - any autistic/asperger guy. And we're not just talking aspergers/autism.

      Even a neurotypical, if he had introverted hobbies in highscool and college, he will be starting out later, and hence be akward.

      Apparently according to feminists you have two options - start flirting with girls at 15... or if you're late at the party just give up and kill yourself. Because a 24 year old being akward at flirting is creepy, so much so its like a mini-rape.

      And then there's fairness vs survival of the fittest. These are the same people who say that the idea of survival of the fittest is a bad thing in the economic market. They say it is cruel, people are not at a fault and largely not responsible for their lot in life. Like "hey who wakes up and decides to be poor"...

      But then they use the reverse logic in the mating sphere. They will bully that 24 year old and tell him to kill himself because its survival of the fittest. THEY WILL SAY YOU BEAR 100000000000000% responsibility for not being smooth/charming/charismatic with women.

      So if a guy makes little money, that's not his fault, it's society's fault. If a guy is awkward around women he is making all women's lives crap and it is 1000% his fault, dare he not study or mention societal factors.

    10. Once again you nailed it, Alek!


    11. The reactions to Julien Blanc's antics are due to the fact that he is being a surrogate for the more global problem of violence against women, and abuse. Many people feel strongly about these issues, and when you portray yourself as a living embodiment of the problem, all the rage directed to this issue becomes directed at you. It's not rational, but it gives people control and impact over something they hate. If I say publicly that pedophilia is cool, I'll get a lot of rage even though I am not creating pedophilia, nor am a pedophile: it happens that I will associate myself with the issue, and since you cannot really direct your age at pedophilia itself, you can attack me.

      So is it "fair" that Julien is prevented from speaking in some countries? Not if you consider that he does not create violence against women (since most RSDers who talk big are actually harmless dorks IRL), and that all the stuff he says is probably indeed for shock value. Yet, it does teach a lesson in Real World Social Dynamics:

      1/Blanc got legally sniped on his visa. Yes, other people abuse the system, but just because some get away with it does not mean the State should not and will not prosecute all those it actually learns about. Blanc wasn't sniped because of misogyny, he was sniped because he was dumb enough to try and call attention to himself while breaking the law. That's for Australia.

      2/For the other countries, bear in mind that you NEVER have an absolute right to enter any. It is the country's sovereign decision to let anyone in. I was once deported from Russia because I came to the country without reserving a place to stay, and they didn't like it. Any country can refuse a visa for any reason. I don't like that, but that's the way it goes. So once again, don't stupidly call attention on yourself.

      3/Some people have argued, and rightly so I think, that though Julien Blanc should not be prevented from speaking, he should face the actual consequences of what he did. I agree. Preventing somebody of speaking because you think he's going to say illegal or dangerous stuff is a slippery slope, however, in spite of what Blanc's supporters said, he actually did commit a crime. “Forcible indecency” or kyōsei waisetsu as it is known in Japan, is a serious crime that can get you up to ten years. It goes beyond sexual assault and is about personal space: touching people you don't know is actually a crime in quite a few Asian countries. That is the law.

      So basically, if you really are about the respect of the law, and not just whining about not being able to act like an idiot, you should consider that:

      -Public emotional reaction to Blanc is excessive, but not surprising. If you portray yourself as the living embodiment of something people hate, you will get hate. If I go on Youtube and brag about being unemployed and not having to work thanks to stupid taxpayers, because I get money from the State and cheat social security, I'll get a lot of hate for that, whether I am telling the truth or not. That's real social dynamics for you.

      -Visa revocation in Australia is completely justified. You abuse the visa system to avoid paying taxes, then call attention on yourself and your business in public -> you get deported.

      -Visa refusal in other countries is philosophically questionable, but justified by law.

      -Blanc should go back to Japan to go through criminal investigation. He is lucky shit did not hit the fan before he left, otherwise he could be in deep trouble.

      Getting denied entry is really the least problematic thing that could have happened to him once he managed to call attention to himself. So quit whining, MRtards.

    12. I'm not sure why people are complaining about "MRtards". Most MRAs I've met oppose PUAs for their anti-male attitudes. (PUAs claim to represent men, but it's all just a marketing ploy to sell their "services".)



  4. In the past year, RSD made me wish I still had a "Debunking PUAs" blog, because they've shared some of the most outrageously logically inconsistent crap that I can't imagine anyone over 50IQ falling for... Let me give you some example

    RSD Math vs Mathematics
    ***Or how RSD proves that game has nothing to do with getting laid**

    - In the videos released this year, first Tyler made a claim like "every year I've been in this, my game has doubled, some years though it quadrupled" (I'm paraphrasing, the point will remain valid though)

    - But then he admits that to this day he approaches 30-40 chicks to lay one

    - Ok, work with me on this... If you apply basic math, does this mean that 10 years ago he needed to approach 10,000 chicks to lay one!?!?!?!? But he claimed to be a guru back then? And even with his current 30, that can be accomplished with "minimal game", it's not exactly amazing.

    Ok, so maybe game isn't about success rate, maybe its some other rational metric?

    Perhaps when he says that it his game is "twice as good" he means that it takes him HALF AS MUCH TIME. That would make sense wouldn't it? Perhaps that's what it means?

    But sorry, no luck there either... 10 years ago he claimed 4-8 hours average investment, same investment he claims now, isn't it?

    SO WHAT IS THIS "game" thing that keeps "doubling" and "quadrupling"? There's only two explanations I have left...

    1) "Game" is the ability to suck money out of gullible kids through vague contradictory overcomplicated advice

    2) "Game" is the ability to get away with being an idiot and still get laid
    (maybe by game they mean that they are twice as annoying as they were last year, but still lay 1 in 30 chicks? Is this where julienne fits in?)

    3) (and this is the most charitable option I can come up with) "Game" is the ability to have fun with the process of going through 29 interaction that don't result in a lay...

    Perhaps 10 years ago he felt depressed with the 29 that went nowhere, whereas now he has 1000 times more fun? That is possible, at least in theory....

    Not being charitable, and being more realistic, I believe "game" is just purposefully vague crap to overcomplicate something simple and obfuscate it, so as to keep selling people products and hook them onto this field for 10 years (even though if you simplify, they can get 90% of the results in a year of clear-focused, simplified systems and methods).

    P.S - It's not just tyler, all of the instructors quote numbers like this. Jullienne had some epiphany in some video that "made his game at least 1000 times better". Most of the instructors have numbers like this...

    Part 2 in next comment...

    1. Should have edited before posting, unfortunately I never do that... Let me clarify the math

      If you take a value and double or quadruple it every year for 10 years, it amounts to being 10,000 times the original value...

      -> So if Tyler's game "doubles or quadruples every year....

      -> And he lays 1 in 30 chicks today

      -> Does that mean he only laid 1 in 30,000 chicks back in 2004 (when he was a guru teacher as well....)

      Obviously this "game" thing doesn't refer to actual lays... If anything, in the case of RSD its probably "how annoying can you be in the process of finding girl number 30, and how much fun can you have in the meantime..." (to be somewhat charitable)

      It can't be the hours (it didn't take them 80,000 hours per laid girl in 2004), and it's not the ratio.... So it must be HOW THEY FEEL.

      I'm guessing they feel 10,000 times more "awesome" and "narcisstic" in the process of annoying the other 29... Which explains the Julienne god complex in what he does to the 29 girls, while on the way to finding girl 30...

    2. Yeah PUA was never so much about fucking girls as much as about feeling good about yourself. It was mainly dudes who could only feel good about themselves if they got female attention, so they turned to PU for that. Since supposingly, following the PUA steps got you more female attention and made you more appealing to them, the mere fact of following these steps somehow became equivalent to actually getting this attention, since their faith in the process made them believe it would soon be the case.

      It's some sort of objective shift that many dudes seem unaware of, basically:
      -A makes me feel good, I want some
      -I am 100% sure that B leads inevitably to A
      -Therefore I feel good doing B

      I guess it has to do with the way our brain maps the world. Likewise, if an arachnophobe was made to be certain that there are spiders in every computer, he would probably start fearing computers as well.

      So eventually, guys start replacing their original objective by the mere fact of conforming to the values of their PU group, supposed to lead to their objective.

      However, they might snap out of it if they get enough evidence that what they are doing is not helping them. This is where vague concepts and framing of experiences come in handy.

      RSD is all about being this simili-frat douche that supposedly got all the chicks in college. However, since they define this archetype with vague concepts such as "state", "intent" which cannot be quantified, it can always be argued that you did not get the girl, it was because you weren't doing it enough. This way, counter-evidence is simply disregarded and framed as positive evidence: it did not work because I didn't do it well enough, thus the theory is valid. It is also probably the reason for RSD going crazier and crazier as time passes: since the concepts of what you have to do are so vague, you can never know if you are doing enough, and thus you will keep doing more and more, hence why RSD went from semi-retarded pranksters in the Game to full-blown sexual predators now.

      Because their concept of not caring about the outcome is so vague and they believe it will get them what they want, they feel good being more and more obnoxious. That's why they seem to like rejection and annoying people: their mind equate it with the actual reward they are after.

      I'm not sure you can fully come back from that. It's pretty twisted.

  5. Slurred Speech and how DUMB are RSD Fans to not connect the dots?

    Another thing I've noticed, and wonder how nobody else did... is the following...

    1) RSD speakers CONTINUALLY admit how long it takes them to get a "good set" on camera, and they actually TELL YOU OUTRIGHT it takes them 3-4-5 hours of going around with a camera to get 1-2 "good sets" for the camera

    (By good sets I think they mean the sets where instructor approaches girl and they make out in 7 seconds, or he says outrageously sexual stuff and she giggles or she obeys him when he asks her to kiss another girl etc...)...

    How do the RSD fans not connect the dots about how they're mislead? Like do they not realize that if you mass approach chicks for 3-4-5 hours, pure numbers game will result in 1-2 "crazy good sets" (if you just have the balls to ask/escalate on all sets?). Heck, I take a virgin, and he'll get those, if I ask him to approach 100 **drunks chicks** and ask them to make out with each other, at least a few will comply.

    There's always a super crazy/horny/you're-her-dream-type chick that will throw herself on you and let you do anything, and the ratio is pretty similar for you as it is for these RSD bozos.


    How does everyone of RSD's fans miss this!?!? (Almost) every single video they post of "crazy sets", the girls have SLURRED SPEECH! Do you not understand this!! Like literally, the girls stumble, can't form sentences, like almost black out drunk.

    Even back when I was a complete asocial inexperienced fat geek, if I saw black-out drunk girls coming out of clubs, I noticed they'd have almost 100% compliance and approachability. Literally, ask them if they will make out with each other, and they will. Ask them to kiss all of your friends, they will... (I personally never took one home for moral reasons, but you get the point). A girl stumbling her way and unable to form sentences is "RSD game"!?!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Alek! I skimmed some RSD videos the other day, and couldn't believe my eyes. There was one club that supposedly demonstrated Tyler's great game, and not only is the girl unable to form coherent sentences, she is almost unable to walk. One time she falls over forward, and Tyler catches her. As he later on walks somewhere else with him, he's primarily dragging her along.

  6. There is another video of him and his students with protesters yelling "walk of shame" as they are getting off of a boat. I wonder what he is going to do once he goes back to the real world. There is no way any decent employer is going to hire him after seeing those videos.

    1. Do you have a link to that video at hand?

      I find it interesting how the perception (and antics) of PUAs have changed over the years. The first generation of PUAs, like Mystery and Style, provided some novelty value. After this fad had run its course, mockery become more widespread. The defunct PUAHate forum is an example of such a venue of criticism, while Vince Kelvin is a good example of a PUA who found himself frequently ridiculed. Instead of reacting in a bemused manner, though, there seems to have been a stronger counter reaction recently. Think of that guy on the Ohio State campus, Sean Larson, who faced massive criticism from his immediate social environment. The latest in this evolution seems to be RSD's Julien Blanc, who not only got the ire of the Internet, but has to face opposition on a national (!) level, like in the instance of Australia revoking his visa and kicking him out. I'd say that hotels are cancelling RSD events is the smaller of their concerns, since there would always be some other venue to pick as an alternative. However, having a government official make a public statement --- that's quite something!



    1. Thanks!
      It can safely be assumed that RSD does not have working visas for their free tours, so more visa cancellations might come up. I bet they wish they had been flying more under the radar, but instead they thought that shock value would be what gives them attention.

  8. I couldn't believe that a guy with so much experience doing pickup would make such retarded mistakes in calibration. RSD guys have completely lost it. They now have no human empathy or calibration whatsoever. To film obnoxious groping of docile Japanese store clerks is beyond any form of social ineptitude and idiocy I've ever seen. And then to broadcast it? You might as well film yourself masturbating onto random girls and then send the video to the police. Idiot..

  9. Doesn't look too good for Tyler either

    1. Just skimmed that article and the videolinks provided along with it. Pffff… man, what a terrible and utter WASTE of life time, energy and dedication to engage oneself in all of this! One does wonder just what they might have achieved in any other more sensible field of activity had they turned their resources to it.

  10. Ha! Now even the German weekly SPIEGEL ONLINE is featuring our tragic hero *LOL*

    1. RSD really are on a roll! I don't quite get why the protesters are trying the more difficult "freedom of speech" or nebulous "violence against women" angle when instead they could revoke his visa based on his intended business activities. Tourist visas are trivial to get, but business visas aren't. In Australia he was kicked out based on his abuse of a tourist visa for commercial purposes.

    2. Probably because they want to feel like they won the moral battle. They want the sanction to be due to his behavior, because otherwise they think the system condones it. That's one issue with SJW, they are less about getting what they want and more about looking good.

    3. I think it's the typical female solipsistic reactive impulse that's mainly fueling those hysterical reactions – instead of taking the plain legal path as you correctly pointed out. Plus some obscure female politicians get an opportunity to make themselves herad, although nobody ever asked for their input at all.

      My first reaction to that article was different though: Now that the very morons of "Spiegel Online" have gotten wind about it – and who knows, whether the German tabloid press might also jump onto that bandwagon – it's in the public spotlight around here as well. The German PU community (lead mainly by nice weirdo Maximilian Pütz cashing in, has for most of the time flown just ever so slightly below public radar and if it did get proper media coverage, it was EITHER covered sensationally and superficially as part of lifestyle/gossip fare OR portrayed more in a "self-help" kinda way, you know, portraying men who are on a personal journey of bettering themselves and how they had finally found a woman to provide their existence with a sense of purpose. Something along those lines, but never really negatively, not even when the stupid public debate on "public sexism" ("causa Brüderle") used to be all the rage about a year ago (in which Pütz was even able to frame himself as a "men's right activist… with just a little help from stupid German NPR TV editors).
      It's gonna be interesting to observe, how that trend in reporting might change now and how they might react to it. Pütz has grown his business and does rely on comparatively favourable reporting and word-to-mouth propaganda. I've been watching all of this for quite some time and I'm really interested to see, how it's might be playing out over here…

  11. Talking about having a really good laugh: Forbes Magazine (!) is also chiming in on this "free speech issue" (ROTFL!!!!)

  12. I have to reconsider my opinion on the aforementioned article, because at the time of posting I honestly hadn't actually read it. The commentator does have a point here, it is in a way parttially a "free speech-issue". Julien Blanc's views may be rejected, but he is allowed to say and think as he likes and whoever wishes to listen to him ist allowed. If he actually does violate the criminal code of a country, he has to face the consequences. But there cannot be ostracism purely based on his opinions or convictions. And it is here, that the fervent female outrage is clearly wrong and shortsighted. Not everything which women feel goes against their female grain is necessarily to be silenced or decried, JUST BECAUSE it goes against their grain and angers their personal or collective notion of exceptionalism.

  13. Speaking of "sexually harrassing women"… a friend just sent me this link to a campagin from the German municipality of Worms, where they are running a campagin titled "respect boundaries!":

    The contrast between the male and the female posters is telling: three nice, friendly smiling and actually quite attractive men on one photo featuring the tag line "we are respectful towards women!", and four rather stern and unattractive looking soccer girls on the other one, saying "We want men to respect us!"

    A very special example of visual poetry is a poster with a referree in a yellow sports shirt, holding up his red card and threatening the viewer with "If you ever grope women, you are disqualified!"

    As was to be expected, the campaign was conceived by three, municipality-paid female rights activists to sport their view of things:
    Again: two women of the three look rather unattractive…

    And regarding Julien Blanc: the echo in German media has really grown out of proportion, there have even been several protests staged by left-wing feminist groups in those cities where upcoming RSD-seminars are supposed to take place… it's absurd:

  14. … wouldn't this be a good opportunity to slide some of those protesters & media people a pdf of "Debunking the Seduction Community?"

  15. In the biggest non-surprising surprise this year... one of RSD's instructors has left RSD. Surprise surprise, it is the most normal guy in the group... The one guy in the group who wasn't totally insane.

    Here's a copy in case the thread gets deleted...

    I read a comment from him saying, basically, he didn't like the direction RSD was heading in term of the mysoginistic/sexual assault style of game and that he didn't want to be apart of it anymore. Basically he didn't want to be represented in that way because he was with RSD.

  16. RSD Julien just appeared on CNN to apologize.

    Here is the link for anyone interested:

    This was a pretty lame apology if you ask me.He doesn't seem to be completely owning it and really saying he's sorry but at the same time he doesn't stand up for himself either.

    Pretty weak "intent".

  17. The interview is ambiguous for many reasons. Of course he doesn't intend to "apologize". And why should he? In his own view he is providing good service to socially awkward men and "pushing the envelope". His line of defence, that he's helping men gain confidence and provides "life coaching" of course is the latest self-repranding attempt of the dwingling PUA-companies.

    The inquisition-like behaviour of the host on the other hand is also a disgrace to an open an fair debate.

    This kind of condemning attitude is the very kind of energy of the "female collective" (or the "pussy cartel", als Mr. Alek Novy would call it), which harshly seeks to punish any men of women who trespass its strict rules or fail to at least openly affirm them. In a way comparable to the collective and hypocritical "5 minute-hatred" from 1984.

    In my larger peer group I as an observer have witnessed three similar outbreaks of collective public female group upheaval over certain men, who were so stupid as to try to weasle themselves into positions of power from which they could extract lots of uncommitted sex from women. Once they got busted by other females, those men were destroyed both publically but also legally. Even though some of those accusing women secretly told me that they actually felt sorry for the guy in question, that they actually found him attractive and could understand only too well, why many women had covertly played along with his sexual escapades, enjoyed his status, his charisma and his dominance over them. But they wouldn't stand in the way of collective female guilt-shaming.

    So I see the same quality of opposition at work in the Julien Blanc-case. But what's missing is the real and actual debate about the entire PUA-industry, i. e. a in-depth public discussion about "Debunking".

    1. What do you mean with "legally"? Was he married? Did he became a target of false rape allegations?

      This sounds as if sleeping around in a small social circle or "scene" isn't that of a good idea!

    2. It depends on the profession and the legal environment you're in. For instance, in Germany government officials are supposed to act in an "ethically exemplary way", which means that you'd arguably be out of a job if you were caught smoking weed, banging teenagers, or dressing like a punk.

  18. More interesting information concerning both RSD and Julien for anyone interested:

  19. It's actually kind of dad to see his life ruined like this. Everyone does dumb shit that they wish they could take back when they are young. Unfortunately for him, he recorded it, and made the world news. This guy will never get hired at any meaningful job.

    1. It is sad indeed. I think it's an extreme example of a somewhat common psychological phenomenon that you can often observe in games: it seems more plausible, in the short term, to follow though with a bad strategy than it is to abandon the plan and start over. In chess at the amateur level this is pretty common. Well, the best decision would be to give up and set up the pieces again, instead of "doubling down". Likewise, RSD apparently though that what they were doing was working in the short-term, so they pushed further, and now they got this massive backlash. The other day Julien Blanc's UK visa was withdrawn, for instance.

      A good illustration of the "doubling down" strategy of RSD is Tyler's recent statement that Julien's now infamous Japan video was "planned" to spark even more hostility, and that he was disappointed it didn't get two million views or something like that.

    2. Definitely not worth losing your career over. When he had his chance on CNN, he should have just apologized, admitted that he was wrong, and stopped trying to making excuses for it. Combine that with some kind of speaking out against his past behavior, he might have just had a chance to salvage his career and reputation. Five years from now, he is going to be kicking himself in the ass for this.

  20. I know Julien Blanc personally. The story is largely staged. Is there a thread in the forum to discuss it?


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