Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Broken Man

On a recent train ride I had the misfortune of seeing one of the most broken down men I’ve ever seen. First, a middle-aged woman who looked like a barrel sat down to the opposite of me. Moments later, a guy whom I presumed to be her husband appeared. He was wearing a backpack, a messenger bag over his shoulder, carrying a trolley in his left hand, and an oversized trunk in the other.

My best guess was that his stuff was in the backpack and messenger bag, while the other two pieces of luggage belonged to his wife who, for whatever reason, was carrying only a handbag. That handbag looked comically small, given her enormous volume. After her husband was done putting the two trunks in the overhead storage, he finally sat down, minutes after his wife had done so, who was already busy emptying a bottle of cola.
The guy was in pretty decent shape for his age, certainly much more attractive than his whale of a wife. His torment didn’t end here. On this train there were power plugs near the air conditioning over your head. Strangely enough, the woman handed her husband the charger, and was pointing a finger up, gesturing him to stand up and plug it in, so that she could charge her phone, and while away some time on Facebook. There is the absurd feminist statement that housewives are nothing but “slaves” when in reality many wives treat their husbands like cattle. In fact, I would not be surprised if she was more affectionate toward their pets than him.

That couple got off before me, and I witnessed the same in reverse. To make herself useful, the woman unplugged the charger herself, which was her entire contribution. Then she left the compartment, and was outside before her husband managed to get the trunks down from the overhead storage. She was proudly strutting ahead, while her mule of a husband was dragging her luggage. It was a sad sight. Don’t ever become that guy.


  1. Thank you for giving us this unpleasant but necessary reminder of how a gynocentric society can literally suck the life out of those men, who are not on guard and unaware of the many pitfalls.

    "The guy was in pretty decent shape for his age, certainly much more attractive than his whale of a wife. " This so sad and bitter! Poor bastard!

    The mayor problem is, that most people are not going to show compassion towards these poor and lost souls, but are in fact actively belittling their pain and ridiculing them.

    I only hope he is no victim of domestic violence (it would not surprise me, if that was the case), because if he was, he would be ill advised to hope for society to act in an empathetic manner towards him, let alone help him out of his misery.


  2. And when you challenge them to do something, they get mad.
    "Uhh there is a spider, I'm scared, get it away" said a female colleague to me at work. I go: "Take a tissue and do it yourself, why should I do it, I'm not bothered by a spider." (btw that thing was at best half a centimetre big). And she says: "Because you are the man".

    Really? Doing the nasty shit is my job? Get your ass up and get some work done instead of starring at your Facebook and WhatsApp.

    Of course I didn't do anything about the spider, neither did she, what makes me think that it was not about the little insect, but about her stupid little power games, that used to work in kindergarten. Bitch, please...

  3. In truth, this guy could get it worse. Really broken men are hardly visible, they hide. Typically their story includes a divorce, kids they can't see, a job they hate, stifling financial obligations, a TV, boredom and a total lack of energy to power their life out of the hole they have been - in most cases - pushed into.

    Some have it even worse and sit under a bridge and work on their personal "not sober for XX days" record - you'd be astonished how often a women is at the origin of the condition of such men. I live in an area of my town were the very end of the social net's infrastructure - both stately and private - is to be found: soup kitchen and the like. I hardly ever see a woman standing in line: the social net is far more generous and attentive to them and will not allow them to fall so far down as men.

    Gender equality my arse, male priviledge my arse.

  4. Would it be any better if the woman was stunningly beautiful?

    1. Probably not. One might make the argument that this would give him slightly less of a reason to leave her. Then again, we're talking about a seemingly emasculated man anyway.

  5. Sleazy,
    Dude at one point of my life I thought that was the way it worked,especially if the woman uses the frame of "Im the woman fragile and you are suppose to be the MAN".I was young and married luckily for me God gave me a second chance to find true enlightment. :)

    I think this concept went away when I got used to MLTRs girls get me to buy me things cook dinner and lead them to invest emotionally more on me than I would and me focusing on my own thing aside of seduction. Its thouse few men that can say that they aren't in a relationship "suffering"...Fuck that

    @Brent :quote """The guy was in pretty decent shape for his age, certainly much more attractive than his whale of a wife. " This so sad and bitter! Poor bastard! ""

    watch that movie Nebraska where the son of the lead character has mayor Low self esteem and his EX GF is this beached whale of mamoth.. and he has slight "oneitis"..
    luckily I wont spoil the whole movie so check it out. its more common than you think..guys dating fatties cause fatties do approach btw.

    @neutralrandomthoughts: I think you are overreacting dude, I dont know where you are but here in the US, being an a**hole at workplace doesnt help you. If its your FB or wife then its different story. Women are scared of spiders snakes and shi like that so I think you are making it a big fucking deal but thanks for

    1. Oh, one of the MLTR brigade. I thought you guys disappeared, together with your bullshit, after mASF went down.

      If a girl shrieks because she sees a mouse or a spider, laugh at her. They are using that kind of behavior only to control others around them. It's called 'damseling'.

  6. Hey Aaron
    Feminism stupidity at its best. You give them a way to avoid rape and they bitch about too much responsibility. Fucking unbelievable.
    Check it out:
    ” More importantly, do you know the definition of “prevent”? It is not synonymous with “avoid.”

    Lol... wtf.... avoiding is not preventing? Who the fuck took a shit in their feminist brains?

    There is more:

    “As a woman, I’m told not to go out alone at night, to watch my drink, to do all of these things. That way, rape isn’t just controlling me while I’m actually being assaulted — it controls me 24/7 because it limits my behavior. Solutions like these actually just recreate that. I don’t want to fucking test my drink when I’m at the bar. That’s not the world I want to live in.”

    Like, yeah, somebody forced you to buy that shit... It's just a fucking gimmick...


    neutrlarandomthoughts (as above)

    1. Yeah, screw personal responsibility! Feminists also chide others when they get told that, in order to minimize their chances of an assault, they should act in a way as not to invite unwanted attention. If you're a guy and walk into the shady part of town half drunk and with 100 dollar bills falling out of your pocket, you shouldn't be surprised if bad things happen to you, and we would rightly tell him that he's been a dumbass.

  7. That's interesting! The thing I found odd about GLL was that he shows the faces of girls in his videos. For this you'd have to have them sign a so-called 'model release form", otherwise you're violating their privacy rights.

    I didn't the entire video, but a few interactions seem incredibly odd, like that girl who highlights in a textbook. She turns the page, immediately highlights, turns the page again, and she's only highlighting on the right page. There is even a part where the wind moves the page she's on, but she doesn't bat an eyelid and just highlights on the part of the page underneath the wind just exposed.

  8. So goodlookingloser is on the shady side as well?

    The link is deleted so I couldn't watch the entire video.

  9. I was a bit relieved and then dismayed when I came across this gll blog. I always thought his style looked too easy. A lot of what he said makes sense , and seems true from my experience, so why he would want to spend money on a camera crew AND pay models is beyond me. Also the outright lying is also disturbing. I cam across this from a post on sedfast where gll admits to stealing $208 in leather jackets from the gap and getting credits by returning to other stores:

    "oh sorta true story-- when i was 17, we used to take leather jackets from GAP and sell them back to other GAPs for 208$ credit haha

    and I SWEAR TO GOD when I say this- I hope 50% of you guys are sorta unimpressed by this video, the whole point is--- pretty much everyone can do this once they squash most of their AA. there's more dynamic stuff that we do, mostly at night, but if you are taking number this [in my opinion] is pretty much all that needs to be done"

    Also on one of his videos on utube he is asked why he did not go into a Dillards in los angles, he says he was banned from going in there for having shoplifted. He also does a video where he tells how he gets out of speeding tickets by telling cops his mom works for the US MarshallService, and that a cop won't risk his career by arresting him. It's also disturbing since he says his mom got him out of scrapes, and she works in DC. He also mentions an example of wearing a US Marshal jacket which got him out of being searched at an airport. Since he was from DC, it only tells you how psychopathic people are in positions of power

    Another example stems from the defuct puahate board, I remember an instance where someone had posted the illegality of videoing people in California, and someone posted the actual legal documents for such. One poster who went by "Goodlookinglosersfather" was really laying into gll especially about filming in public. I remember gll responding to the post told the poster to IM him. The poster NEVER posted on puahate again. My guess he was either bribed or threatened with legal action. The fact that the daygame blog exposing gll was taken down so quick(and the corresponding daygame video) fits into the pattern of him ruthlessly stamping out people who"get on his nerves" Whats ironic is that many puas including ross Jeffries and gll made attempts at befriending the puahaters, and gll seemed to be the one that came the closest to being accepted.

    The question is why would he pay a camera crew AND models than? Ross Jeffries (who has used paid models but it was obvious in his case) had made a point that these guys were psychopaths who did it purely for quick money. neil straus mentions this in the game of the money made, and also what he made from his so called annihilation method that this self help arena was ripe with suckers

    What's really bad about this is that teaching methods that are counterproductive is fraud. On a couple of occasions I,used cocky and funny crap on woman who were into me and lost out on a lay . Of course Deangelo made a fortune on this nonsense. On the same token grabbing woman and trying to bang them in the bathroom could cause problems and implying just approaching woman and having a banal conversation getting a number and banging them that evening is counterproductive as well, guys will be on the wrong track and set themselves up for appointment


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