Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post: Introduction of Anthony Myers

As I have recently announced, Anthony Myers from MuscleClass.com will contribute to this blog. In this post, he tells you about his background and gives an overview of his knowledge. In subsequent posts, he'll give you practical advice on improving your health and fitness.

My name is Anthony Myers. I'm a formerly fat, asthmatic, socially awkward, wannabe professional gamer (Yes, seriously.) My former self would rather be alone than risk embarrassing myself by approaching a girl. Aaron has allowed me to be a guest posted on his website so I can share with you my story, and also teach you how I changed myself for the better.

My Story

I spent most of high school sitting in the corner of the classroom, quiet, with my head down. When the teacher called on me to answer a question in class, you could literally hear my voice tremble. I thought everybody in the classroom was looking at me and picking me a part. Looking back on it, they most-likely weren’t. They probably were more like me than I thought, they wanted class to end and to go home just a badly as I did.

In the movies high school is portrayed as the best years of your life. High school is a time when you’re supposed to be partying, going to football games, drinking, hanging out with your friends, and getting laid. That wasn’t true for me. I didn’t get invited to parties, the football team jumped my friend and I when we were walking to 7-11 to get slurpees, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to their games to cheer them on. Oh, and I definitely wasn’t getting laid.

The only “parties” I experienced in high school were LAN parties. If you know what those are, you’ve probably been in my shoes. If you don’t know what a LAN party is, prepare to laugh. A LAN (Local Area Network) party is where several guys gather up, usually in a basement, all connected to the internet so they can play PC games together. If you’ve ever seen the “World Of Warcraft” episode of Southpark it’s exactly like that. Just to save me from any embarrassment, no, we didn’t play “World Of Warcraft”, what do I look like, some kind of nerd? We played “Counter-Strike 1.6”.

I did have friends though, a group of guys from my old school that I could actually be myself around. When I was with them, the real ‘Anthony’ came out. I could make all of them laugh, they thought I was cool. In this puzzle of brothership I was a major piece. When I was with those 5 or 6 guys I was in my comfort zone. The problem is, those 5 or 6 guys weren’t always around, and if I wanted to be successful in making new friends, getting invited to parties in the future, heck, even getting a good job, excelling in my career, and especially meeting women… I would have to figure out how to let “The real Anthony out” more often.

My Inspiration to Change
The person that gave me my first taste of what an actual party was like is my cousin, Frank. He regularly hosts pool parties over the summer. To say beautiful girls attend Frank’s pool parties would be an understatement. The ‘worst’ looking girl that attended would blow the hottest girl at my high school out of the water. I’m not fond the PU communities rating scale, because what woman can be beautiful in so many different ways, and what you might think is a 7, another guy may think is a 10, but to paint a picture for you, these girls are the kind of girls that regularly get husbands in trouble with their wives for checking them out while shopping.

Although Frank is 7 years older than me, and constantly surrounded by beautiful women, he didn’t treat me like the loser I thought I was, because around him I was comfortable. The real Anthony came out. I was funny, smooth, and quick-witted around him and the other people that were close to me. So he let me come to his pool parties and even introduced me to his girlfriends as somebody he was proud to be related to. They were nice to me because I was his cousin, but I was nobody they would remember for long. They just knew me as the little creep who kept checking their asses out under water with Goggles.

When the pool parties ended and I lay in bed, I would always wonder how Frank could date such beautiful girls. Why, even if he had a girlfriend, other beautiful woman still wanted to be friends with him. I came to the conclusion that it was his body. Did I forget to mention, Frank is an Amateur body builder? Not only is Frank an Amateur bodybuilder, he’s also an extremely good-looking dude. I’m trying to put this in the most non-gay way possible, well… just look at him:

So, I came to the conclusion that looks do matter. There are some things you can’t easily change about your physical appearance, at least not without a lot of money and surgery. Your nose, jaw line, teeth, the way your facial hair grows in, etc. However, there is one thing that everyone can change for the better. Not only is it easier to improve than most people think, but improving it will result in a bigger increase of confidence, and more initial attraction from the opposite sex than anything else. What I’m talking about is your body.

Note: I say initial attraction because simply having a nice body isn’t going to get you laid or into a relationship. You’ve got to be able to approach a girl, hold up your end of a conversation, and have the balls to close the deal, and all of that other stuff Aaron teaches you how to do. However, if you go out enough, you’ll run into situations where you meet girls who are looking to have sex, and all you’ve got to do is NOT fuck it up.

The problem was that I was 5’9”, 195lb of pale chubbiness. I wasn’t going to be running into any of those situations, and if I did, I most likely would have fucked it up.

What I Did About It
I set out on a mission to learn everything I could about building an attractive body. I must have bought every book on bodybuilding, nutrition, and weight training ever written. I signed up to just about every fitness forum. If there’s a fitness website out there, I’ve been to it. I borrowed Frank’s old FLEX magazines. I even started researching Human Psychology and Evolution to understand why girls liked guys like him and not guys like me.

I went from 195lbs of fat, down to 155lbs of skinny, and back up to 195lbs. However, this time when I was tipping the scales at nearly 200lbs… it was muscle. The best part is, I’m no longer that easily forgotten, chubby cousin of Frank’s. I evened the playing field. He regularly introduces me to girlfriends of his, and if one of his girlfriends has a friend that needs to be entertained. I’m the first person he calls. It feels good to go from looking up to him to having his approval. There’s even times he’s looked at me picking up a girl and said “Dude, how the hell did you do that? That was awesome!”

What I Learned
Everybody is cool to somebody. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a socially awkward wannabe professional gamer like I was. Somebody out there thinks you’re cool. It could be your best friend, your neighbor, somebody in your class or even your mom. Somebody out there thinks you’re cool, and somebody out there is bragging about you. They are bragging about you because they see a side of you that you might sometimes be afraid to let out.

Bodybuilding helped me change myself for the better and it can do the same for you. As you start to see your body changing in the mirror, something happens. You start to really like what you see, and you come to the realization that other people probably like what they see too. This does a lot for your self-esteem and confidence. You finally start to feel comfortable in your own skin, and the “real you” comes out more often. The “you” that your best friend, neighbor, and Mom brag about.

What Women Think About a Nice Body
I have a mentor that owns several multi-million dollar businesses, has a beautiful wife and kids, and no matter where he goes, people (women and men) just seem to like him. Even before they know about his success in business, and that his wife is beautiful, people like him. He’s the center of attention in every room he walks into. He’s also tall and well-built. He is a Frank. I was embarrassed at first, but I thought if I was ever going to crack the code, I had to ask him what the hell he is doing differently that makes everybody like him so much.

Here’s an excerpt from our e-mail conversation: Women are still attracted to the primal man. It's a biological desire coded into their genetics. Example, in the wild kingdom the female gazelle seeks out the male gazelle with the biggest and straightest horns. The lioness seeks out the bigger lion with the fuller mane, and they ignore the gazelle with the broken horn, or the uneven horns, or the limping lion with the mangy mane... not for the sake of looks but for safety, survival, breeding... all the biological and genetically hard coded stuff that makes a woman want to be with a MAN... a knight.

A strong and fit body on a human is equivalent to a fuller mane on a lion, or straight horns on a gazelle. It a sign that you will be able to produce healthy off spring, that you will be able to provide and protect. She might not be dating or fucking you purely for your body or looks, but you can damn sure bet she likes what she sees when the clothes come off. You are a lion, embrace it.

It’s Easier Than You Think
Fortunately for you (and me) women’s expectations of men aren’t what the media and Hollywood would want you to believe. You don’t have to look like Gerard Butler, David Beckham, or even my cousin Frank. They simply ask that we aren’t fat or weak looking. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to being the most “initially attractive” guy in the club, bar, classroom, wherever it is you are. Think about it, most guys are lazy. They don’t care what they eat, they don’t work out, and they don’t really care too much about their body at all until it’s deteriorating before their eyes.

If you’ve ever stepped into a gym you might get intimidated because of all the big guys walking around. Here’s the thing, though. There are a lot of big guys in the gym, because that’s where they go to get big. When you go out to a club on the weekend, fit guys are the minority. Women are surrounded by limping lions with mangy manes and gazelles with bent or broken horns. You have very little competition!

I know some of you might laugh at my idea that looks and body matter. You might think that if you master “game” you can blow these “AMOGs” out of the water with some Anti-AMOG tactic you learned from some dating guru. Sure, you might be able to blow out some ‘AMOG’ who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. However, an “AMOG” who knows real game is your worst nightmare.

I’ve been called a Jersey Shore looking douchebag by more people than I care to admit, but have you ever watched Jersey Shore? It might not be the most educational thing on T.V but those guys are in shape and they get laid.
Whether you want to admit it or not, they ‘smoosh’ (Hah!) I’m not saying you should invest in steroids, Ed Hardy clothing, Rosaries, and vodka, but you should take care of your body.

I don’t like the way peacocking was interpreted in The Game. People lined up at the stores to buy leather pants, rocker boots, top hats, and all kinds of crazy looking clothes and accessories to attract attention in the club. Having a nice body and dressing well are a better version of pea cocking. They are attention grabbers, and although I’ve never tried wearing a trench coat, leather pants and goggles to a club. I have a hunch that the attention a nice body brings is a lot more positive and will go a lot further. What you do once you have a woman’s attention is up to you, but that’s why you guys have Aaron!

How You Can Get Started
Hopefully by now I’ve been able to turn you guys into believers, that having a nice body, while not 100% necessary for getting laid or getting into a relationship, will dramatically boost your results given you know what to do with it. If you liked what I had to say, Aaron is going to let me do a mini-series on “Minimal Game Of Bodybuilding.” The concept isn’t to turn you into a 200lb bodybuilder, but to get you out of the ‘Average looking guy’ category, which, if you haven’t realized by now, is a lot easier than it sounds. I’ll reveal things like muscle groups that woman find attractive (hint: it’s not just abs), the best exercises for getting those muscle groups to show in the minimal amount of time, and how to get into shape even if you don’t have a gym membership or equipment.

Anthony Myers


  1. Hi Anthony, I like your writing. For the last year I was lazy with my body and now I want to get back in shape again. I find the story of your cousin Frank very inspirational and I know people like athletic bodies.

    Could you also share some good exercises for people who are always traveling, so you can perform the exercises without any instruments (like dumbbells)?

    I appreciate it, looking forward to the next post.

  2. Awesome, I'm glad you liked it.

    I travel a bit for work so I know what it's like to not have access to all the fancy equipment. I am writing an entire post on that, but to get you started...

    Pull-ups are probably the best bodyweight exercise ever. If you can only do 1, that's fine. Do 1 and then rest, 1 again, again, and again until you are able to hit 10. Take a break and repeat for another 10. Eventually you'll be able to do 2 in a row, 3 in a row, etc. It all starts with 1 pull-up though. So if you can find something to hang on to, start doing them. Usually hotels have some sort of exercise room. Most of them have limited equipment, and the equipment they do have is terrible. However, you should be able to find a spot to do pull-ups. This will work wonders for building a wide, V shaped upper body.

    Dips. There are two variations of dips. These http://i.imgur.com/4wkHN.jpg and these http://i.imgur.com/Vue24.jpg

    The first ones are better in my opinion. However, chances are you're not going to be able to find a place to do them in a hotel. If that's the case, do the second variation - http://i.imgur.com/Vue24.jpg if they were good enough for Arnold, they are good enough for you and I ;)

    They will help add mass to your arms, specifically your triceps. Girls love arms, and your triceps account for nearly ~75% of your total arm mass, so working them out will make a huge difference.

    I hope that gets you started, stay tuned for the next post.

    thanks again for the kind words Don.

  3. Keep in mind there is only so much you can do with your body. I'm 140lb. Solid muscle, bu 140lb. That's just how much weight my frame can handle. If you look at my squat, bench, etc relative to my weight its great, but I will never looked as ripped as that picture of yours.

  4. How tall are you, Anonymous?

    Unless you're 5'5", I'm willing to bet you could still add a significant amount of muscle to your frame.

    Here's a great post about natural muscle-gaining potential. While everybody is different, it's a good estimate


  5. Hi Anthony,

    Here Don Draper again.. Thanks for your response.
    I will try to find a way to do pullups. I'm moving next week to a new student building and hope to find a gym there to do pullups, since I don't have things in my home to pull up right now. A few more questions :

    - You can use a bed or regular bench to do dips right?

    - What about pushups? Do you recommend those to build up condition (lungs), chest muscle, bicep-tricep muscle.

    - And what about situps?

    - And what about squads?

    I was thinking of starting with A : jogging twice a week for a long time to work on my lung condition (astma too here..) and B : do body exercises (total body workout : pushups, situps, squads, pullups, dips) like 4 times a week for like 30 minutes.

    Do you think that's a good start to get my body prepared to muscle up?

    Kind regards, Don

  6. Mr Myers is a little overoptimistic about the impact physique & appearance has on women. :-)

    Don't get me wrong : Working out is time well spent. I do it myself for almost two years now.

    Unfortunately, the chicks that do (strongly or subtly) respond to physical appearance when they see it, aren't particularly worthwhile. In more than one sense of the word.

    To girls who have their stuff well together, a hot guy is simply that : a hot guy. Big deal.

  7. Paalcopronst,
    that's a rather trollish comment. There is a big difference between working out and looking like Arnold. On the other hand, if you think that you'll do better being either skinny or fat, then why do you work out yourself? Physical appearances matter, and if you think that a woman who reacts to that is not "worthwhile", then they all are.

  8. euuuuuhm...

    Let's just say that arguing about girls with Mr Sleazy is like arguing about guitars with Mr Clapton. Not a wise thing to do.
    So I pass the opportunity, if I may. :-)

  9. That's a fantastic statement, by the way. :)

  10. What is the ethnicity of that good-looking guy pictured? Is he Mediterranean/North African? I am asking because I know an Egyptian person with the exact same facial features as that guy.

    As for working out, does your facial structure change in response to actually working out? (Not "Working out" which is going to the gym only a couple of days a week and not changing).

  11. SharilK,

    He's half italian, half middle eastern.

    Working out does help improve your facial structure, too. Decreasing body fat will make your jawline more prominent and give you a more mature look.

    I'll be sending the next post to Aaron shortly. Stay tuned! :)

  12. Also, Paalcopronst,

    I tried to make it clear that having a nice body and being good looking alone aren't going to get you laid or into a relationship, they definitely help and do matter.

    It's can be quite a shocking realization, because a lot of the pick up gurus preach that "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!"... You've gotta remember that they are marketers first and PUA second. Some of them are just marketers first and second. They are selling a dream.

    Sure, looks won't get you laid, but they help. Compare it to a job interview. You could be the most qualified applicant for a job, but if you show up to a fortune 500 company in a pair of cargo shorts and busted up shoes it probably won't matter. Good looks will get your foot in the door so they can find out about your qualifications.

    Personally, if I were to put myself in a beautiful women's shoes (or heels), especially a high quality, worthwhile woman. I would know that I'm beautiful, and I'd want a man who at least puts some effort into his appearance as well.

    When I first came to this realization, I was kind of bummed out. I thought to myself "Fuck, I didn't win the genetic lottery, I'm just an average looking guy" but I soon realized that men have it easy, we can upgrade from a 5 to a 8 in a matter of hours with some basic grooming and well fitting clothes.

  13. @ Mr Myers :

    Yes, I should've done a better job interpreting the message of your original post.

    My penny already dropped in the meantime, by the way.

    I come to this place to learn. Given where I come from (restrictive, uptight social & family background), it can be a pretty challenging resource for personal growth. :-)
    It's funny how Mr Sleazy's extreme views and teachings happen to fit my mental development process, while being as alien as can be to the environment in which I had to grow up.

    And accidents de parcours, like what I wrote previously, occasionally happen in such circumstances. :-)


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