Friday, December 23, 2011

Upcoming Guest Poster: Anthony Myers from

After my Reddit Q&A, Anthony Myers from Muscle Class contacted me. He liked my position on "game," and I found his view on working out very reasonable. Since he was looking to broaden his exposure, and I got the impression that you guys will learn a lot from him as well, it seemed a good idea to bring him on board as a guest poster.

You will very soon be able to read his introduction. This will be followed by a concise series of posts on effective fitness routines. The working title for this is "The Minimal Game of Working Out." Obviously, it doesn't make much sense to devote a large bulk of one's spare time to either fitness or picking up girls, so if you like my no-nonsense approach to pulling girls, you'll surely find Anthony's guide helpful to. Afterwards, Anthony will post on health and fitness topics, regularly with a connection to "game."

Look forward to it!


  1. working out 3 to 5 days a week? doesnt seem very minimal


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