Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reddit.com Q&A Afterthoughts

Despite my expectations of having to battle hordes of guru fanboys and people who were otherwise deluded, like proponents of "indirect game," it turned out that after having thoroughly rebuffed two guys, the others remained in the woodwork.

The range of questions was indeed interesting, covering more than you'd expect. Starting from factors that generally improve your level of success with women and discussing particulars of effective approaches, people went on to pick my brain on topics such as sexual tension, Zen meditation, and how the contemporary social climate in Western societies makes men systematically emasculates men.

If you haven't checked out the Q&A thread with me on Reddit, then please go ahead and do so. You'll surely get a lot out of it!


  1. You mentioned not being impressed by a day game PUA in London. Was it Sasha PUA? I think I saw him linked on this site once but not any more. He definitely didn't look like he was getting laid from day game IMO, with his attire and his clownish approach. Krauser at least has some proof that he has gotten laid.

  2. The issue with street game in general is just that the odds are so ridiculously low, so even if you get laid, you waste an absolutely bizarre amount of time, which makes me question this modus operandi in general. In London it just doesn't really work, and I know of "PUAs" who were mistaken for pickpockets, and a few actually got arrested. They were of course let go later on, but I can perfectly understand when somebody thinks it's very odd that there's one guy standing on the corner, obviously not selling anything, and approaching girl after girl.

  3. I feel day game in general has very low reward to effort ratio. Street game is just downright pathetic in this regard. I was initially sold on the idea that not every chick goes to bars/clubs but everyone definitely has to, say, do grocery shopping. Very quickly, after getting my first 10-15 numbers (and all of them flaked), I realized that it is a complete waste of time. You have zero control over the variables involved.

    The police thing you described has happened to a couple of lair dudes I know as well. They were approaching girl after girl in a mall, and some girl called security!

    I now feel day game works okay, if say you are genuinely out doing something and see a cute girl, well no problem giving it a shot. But other than that, I feel day game serves no purpose other than your buddies telling you - "you got made game brah"

  4. By the way, on a slightly different topic, this just came to my mind and I would really like to hear your opinion on it.

    The issue is the one of reward to effort ratio. A lot of people get dismayed by hearing about these PUA gurus, pulling so many chicks, about how you should have an abundance mentality regarding women, blah blah blah. Something which these guys are not so explicit about is the amount of time they spend focusing on this, and thus their actual reward to effort ratio.

    IMO, if some dude is in mid 30s and has been going out, say, 3 nights or more every week for the past 10 years, and then even if he has slept with 30-40 women, it just sounds fucked up on so many levels. First, its a pathetic reward to effort ratio. Second, the reason why one would want to do this for say 10 years, is completely not clear to me. We are not even having a chat about whether these numbers are even real, and the quality of chicks in question.

    Anyway, my question is, what do you think are some of the key things which a guy can do to improve his effort to reward ratio? Also, what do you see are some of most common mistakes which guys make that make this ratio crap?

  5. Amen to that! Some people like to ridicule club game because it can be so unpredictable, but if you find your niche, you can indeed be ridiculously successful. Over the course of a few hours you can not only get head in the bathroom, hang out with some buddies, pull a (possibly different) girl home, even collect a few numbers if this is what floats your boat, you also get to listen to music you like.

    On the other hand, I don't see what's so amazing about roaming the streets and actually view it as downright pathetic. After all, you have no good reason to do it (see the pickpockets problem).

    In my experience, the only kind of day game that works is if you attend a small campus university because girls (and guys, too) just won't view you as a stranger. This is especially true if you manage to be more well known than the average dude because, say, you are involved with three student societies, the newspaper, or the radio. Thus, the campus becomes your wider social circle.

  6. I'll address you other questions in a separate blog post, probably in a day or two. Now I've got a train to catch.

  7. Good AMA, too bad I missed it. From your previous writings you gave out a somewhat arrogant aura, but you really seem to be quite a laid back, down-to-earth guy.

    I laughed at the guy bringing up the bible as though an ancient book had any relevance to how 21st century people should behave. While it's a cultural heritage of the West it shouldn't have any more relevance to our lives than Shakespeare's plays or Harry Potter.

    BTW I already bought Minimal Game, I'll read it in the next few days.

  8. Hey Gilles,

    I'm sure people generally view me as a laid back guy. On the other hand, I prefer a more aggressive style in discussions as you'd otherwise only encourage people spreading bullshit and incoherent thought.

    Thanks for buying Minimal Game! Please let me know how you like it.

  9. Johnny,

    the article on the Reward to Effort Ratio is up:


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