Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Minute Tips for New Year's Eve

Many of you probably can't resist the urge to go out tonight, and indeed, new year's eve is quite possibly the easiest day to get laid in the entire year (the few days before Valentine's Day are normally very good, too, but those girls are often hell-bent to have a "boyfriend" for Valentine's so that they don't feel sorry about themselves. In the US, Halloween is also great, but it's less so in Europe.) 

Probably a lot of you are going to go out tonight, and if you want to maximize your chances to get laid, then follow these quick tips:

- Show up early. On New Year's Eve clubs are generally extremely busy, and you surely don't want to spend two hours waiting in the queue. Be there at 10 p.m. at the latest, and if your friends think it's too early, then ask them whether they want to get laid or not.

- Don't drink, or at least restrain yourself. Pretty much everybody else is going to get wasted. There will be so many opportunities for you that you should be on top of things all the time. You surely don't want all those girls walking off to some other guy just because you couldn't find the keys to your car (not that you should drink and drive anyway).

- Strike early. The further the night goes on, the more depressing it usually gets. In your typical club or bar on New Year's Eve, you can regularly see people falling asleep on a sofa or on the counter. Sadly, this also happens in more exclusive venues. Thus, try to seal the deal by 1 a.m. at the latest. If she seems interested, then try to leave with her right away. She'll probably never be as willing as on this night during the entire year. Also, you'll notice that the atmosphere can quickly go downhill afterwards. On NYE, club nights are normally not particularly great (because everyone wants to go out), and they all degenerate into sausage fests.

- Forget about phone numbers. New Year's Eve is a typical "doesn't count" day, so forget about collecting numbers and meeting her during the week. She'll probably have a really hard time remembering you when you call her the next day anyway.

- Play high risk, high reward. Shortly before the countdown to midnight starts, have a look around and try to find the hot girls. As soon as it's midnight, they'll all do their "happy new year!" act, squeal and hug their friends. It's all chaotic, so just walk up, open your arms for a hug and say "happy new year!", and then make out with her. See if you can segue this into getting her away from her friends and leaving with her. Don't push it too hard if there is resistance. Instead, walk off to the next girl. Those five to ten minutes are the easiest five to ten minutes of the entire year to get laid. Really.

- Capitalize on your Opportunities! On New Year's Eve, many girls desperately want to get laid, and many will be very outgoing. Remember, it "doesn't count", and they can get away with getting really drunk because all their friends are doing it, too. If a girl comes up to you to wish you a happy new year (she's probably playing the same gambit as the one I previously mentioned), decide very quickly whether you want to have sex with her or not. If so, hug her, and try to kiss her. This often leads to a wild makeout. Break the makeout after a few second and say to the girl, "Let's go!", and leave with her. Yes, it can really happen that quickly! Her friends most likely forget about cockblocking as well, and may say things like, "Have fun with him, sweetie!", or "Good job!", or they may clap, high five her, or give her thumbs up. (Caveat: Trying to leave before midnight is a very bad idea, but once it's past 0:00 a.m., it's fine.)

New Years Eve can be quite ridiculous, so make it count!

Happy new year! I hope that you are all going to have a lot of sex in 2012.


  1. Hi Aaron, I am the same anonymous poster that asked about the release date of your club game book, and I would just like to say that this post got me laid on new years eve and I thoroughly enjoyed both Minimal Game and Confessions of A Modern Seducer. Even though I purchased both on speculation, I eagerly await the your release on club game.

  2. Damn, I didn't do this because I was at a (lame) houseparty last night. Can't wait for the next new year's eve though. Or maybe I should go to this hip bar were they celebrate newyear every night and see if it works there as well. Thanks for the blog Sleazy, I also wish you a good year and humongous amounts of good sex.

  3. The biggest tip of all is forgetting about # closing.SNL's is key for NYE.

  4. Anonymous,
    It's good to hear that you got laid. Well done! If you've got a spare minute, I'd really appreciate if you wrote reviews of my books on Amazon. :)

    The book on club game is high on my list of priorities, and I hope I'll be able to release it in 2012.

    that bar sounds fabulous! At the very least, it indicates that people won't take themselves too seriously, which is a definite advantage compared to your regular stiff crowd.
    House parties can be very good, btw. It depends a lot on the crowd, though.

  5. so is place like Nathan phillip square a good place to find someone to get laid


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