Monday, November 5, 2012

Roosh Spends Two Weeks In Canada, Can't Get Laid

Mace, a member of my forum, compiled statements of Roosh's current failed sex-trip to Canada. He dug up the quotes, I am merely reproducing them here.

Roosh in Montreal:
The pressure of these flag missions is getting high. If I get the flag it's no big deal, because I'm supposed to. But if I don't, then that's a pretty big failure. I will admit that the pressure does drive me. My first month in Croatia there was no pressure since I knew I was staying long. 

Still trucking along. Day game is much easier in cafes than the street. Night is okay. The ratios aren't bad, but huge social circles are killing me. 
I don't know... I think I've lived in EE for too long to enjoy this city. It feels like Sweden to me (but with thinner girls). Being an American really isn't a DHV, so my labor is quite high. 
[Note: In Sweden you have to make an effort to spot overweight girls. This reminds me of the vitriol he spewed about Denmark. Just because Roosh doesn't get laid doesn't mean that the women aren't hot. However, it means that Roosh will invariably speak badly of a those countries.]
I'm also not used to the heavy intoxication level. Lots of girls can't keep it together, so the social circle babysits them. I was doing okay with a French girl last night, but she abruptly left to go puke. I pretended I didn't know her. 

She had a cute face but was really heavy. She was the biggest girl in the bar.
There are a lot of good looking girls though. It's mostly a matter of access. Lots of mixed set groups. 

Well I'm pretty aggressive/fast with my game so I doubt that's the problem. My sample size is also small (one weekend) so I don't want to make any grand conclusions. It just wasn't as easy off the plane as the US or Scandinavia.
I can't say being American helped. They see the French culture as superior, so I felt it was more a hurdle (that I easily overcame) than a benefit.
I'm liking Canada overall, but it's very expensive. I feel I'm not getting much value for what I'm spending. 
Roosh in Toronto:

Tonight was a massacre. 
Quality was lowest of all three nights, but it was most crowded. I got cockblocked on 80% of my approaches. I semi-suited up tonight. Still almost no eye contact. 5's are very thirsty. They smile and want to talk. They half-approach you. The occasional 7 is open. You have to find her. If you do 5-10 approaches a night on 7s you'll find one that is down until you get cockblocked.
 Are you guys getting ONS's in Toronto? I don't see it. The social groupings are tough to crack. Most girls are overweight. I don't believe it sucks this bad for a city this big. The type of bars I went to should have open girls who want to fuck. But girls are doing their thing and then they all hop in cabs. They seem to be more excited about eating after the bar than getting with dudes. Montreal girls are hotter AND nicer AND easier to escalate with. Compared to Toronto it's poosy paradise. I came here with an open mind, I swear, but it's pretty bad.

Another thing I noticed that if you utter one lame joke or say something that can be construed as sexist, the girl is disgusted and walks away. You need 100% perfect game, no mistakes. In the US I could get away with a lot more than in Toronto. It's almost like Scandinavia. Last night I said "I like feminine women" and the girl (a 6) got offended and went back to her huge group (at least six people). 
At one point in the night I was standing in a packed bar and thought, "This is just pointless." Now I know what the PUAs I saw at Madison was approaching like monkeys. That seems to be what you got to do here.

It's 11:25. I've been ready to go out the past 30 minutes but I'm having trouble making it to the door. A man can only take so much abuse in one weekend.

I can say that girls in Montreal were slightly more impressed that I was American than girls in Toronto. In Toronto they were more antagonistic about it, asking me about the presidential election. Two girls asked me who I was voting for, and before I could answer they said something to the effect of, "If you say ROmney, I'm walking away."
Mace finally asks, "So a guy whose dedicated all his adult life to picking up women can't get laid in 2 weeks in Canada. How bad is Roosh's game?"

Roosh not only has bizarre ideas about game. If he's doing better in poorer countries, it's only because he's seen as the "rich American", while in all well-off countries, the women don't seem to take him seriously at all. This then leads to Roosh bashing those countries. I wonder whether he'll write "Don't Bang Canada", just because he himself can't get laid there.

Assanova chimed in with the remark, "I think it has less to do with game, and more to do with the absurd standards of North American women. It is outright brutal for any guy that isn't at least an 8. I think it's time for the gurus to finally admit that game means absolutely nothing if your looks aren't top notch."

Indeed, the looks department holds Roosh back, in addition to his unawareness of differences in subcultures. To him, it's either mainstream or "hipster", and any finer distinction he seems to be completely oblivious to. Of course, this doesn't make him popular with the ladies either.


  1. I semi-agree with Roosh. Toronto women are terrible, the epitome of terrible Western women. I wouldn't bother with them. Theyre not anywhere near as hard to bang as he makes them out to be though. Also there is NO excuse for having difficulty in Montreal. Montreal is notoriously easy, even the hot chicks. Also, the notion that Sweden has ugly or average chicks is insane.

  2. Where Roosh got the idea for his haircut:

  3. You have to wonder at this point if his heart is even in it. He makes a post like the following every other month these days:

    I would like to say that he in an untenable position, but I honestly think he could seriously go to another ten countries, fail completely, write ten books titled "don't bang Canada/Serbia/Belarus/Hondurus/San Marino etc." and his fans would STILL support him. If he succeeds, he presents an ideal to aspire to. If he fails, he is relatable.

    He has no other option but to continue, however. Like you said, he no chance of connecting to subcultures, because of his life devoted to game and nothing else. His idiot followers continue to encourage this pursuit of game over any other accomplishment, further encouraging this man-without-a-country purgatory existence. Just look at this reader comment from his new website, where Roosh encourages people to start distinguishing themselves via accomplishments at a young age (actual good advice):

    "I don’t agree with what the man said because it’s got nothing to do with age whatsoever. I know plenty 40+ year olds who are hitting it up with 20 year olds consistently. Not because of their accomplishments but because of their masculinity and congruency.

    Accomplishments mean nothing. At the end of the day, you could have achieved everything yet if you lack Game, nothing matters."

    You see that? NOTHING matters other than the sham that is game. There a grand irony to this statement and the whole "matrix" analogy that the red pill PUAs like to use: having actual accomplishments delineates you from others and opens up new worlds/subcultures. On the other hand, going after women isn't a distinguishing personality trait, it's a basic need for most. I've made this point dozens of times before, but these guys aren't iconoclasts, they are drones with no real worthwhile purpose other than a devotion to acting within a completely constrictive definition of "masculinity" that is impossible to attain.

  4. There is almost good advice in that article by Roosh, but he messes it up by missing the meta-picture. The guy who writes a book in his teens or differentiates himself young can only do it because he's thinking beyond instant gratification of impressing pussy today. He's getting successful young either because he's incredibly driven or because he's passionate about what he's doing. So guys who reach 30 or 40 and now want success because they can't think of any other ways to impress women are missing the valuable lesson of the young success story: DON'T DO IT JUST TO IMPRESS RANDOM PUSSY YOU'LL MEET TOMORROW.

  5. I almost have a strange admiration for Roosh's continued willingness to stick to his guns and be honest. You would think after all the mocking he'd start lying about his success but he doesn't seem to.

  6. Hahaha, I am from Toronto, and while I agree that Toronto might be tough at times, Montreal is not at all. French girls are usually DTF, and Montreal is the easiest place to get laid in Canada. Also, half of Montreal is English speaking so the whole cultural difference spiel is bullshit.


  7. Roosh hasn't dedicated his adult life to picking up women but rather to writing about it. If you're handsome and charismatic and women flock to you, how you're gonna market your products to the angry office monkeys? You need your clients to identify with you in some way, to identify with your frustrations and failures.

    1. Well, there was a clear shift in his style over time. If you read early Roosh in DC, he portrayed himself as a titan who not only got laid, but steamrolled other dudes were already getting laid. Maybe the arrival of Roissy turned him more moderate.

      Nonetheless, the change in style to a more honest one has given him a new audience and basically killed his old one via the closure of all the manosphere blogs (two more bit the dust today). The open cognitive dissonance was probably too much to bear for blogs like U of Man, Alpha Persona, Gmac and Fly Fresh & Young.

    2. Fly Fresh & Young is actually a pretty cool dude, and unlike the other manosphere bloggers, he actually got laid. In addition, I thought he was an entertaining writer with some interesting insights.

      In the grand scheme of things, though, I am quite surprised that we've seen four of the biggest manosphere blogs shutting down within a few short weeks. Also recall that the manosphere news aggregator "In Mala Fide" by Ferdinand Bardamu had closed down a few months ago.

    3. Yeah, I never really read Fly Fresh & Young, but I ended up assuming the worst because he was on everyone's blogrolls. There's some guys in the sphere' who I don't have much problem with, though, like Virgil Kent, even though I don't share much in common with the dude philosophically.

      With the mass shutdowns, I'm beginning to wonder if there was a widespread outing threat in the wake of the DC thing.

    4. Speaking of Fly Fresh and Young, he actually wrote a pretty good guest post on Bronan the Barbarian's site. It was basically clowning the types of bitter manosphere commenters you see dominating these blogs: angry about American women, thinking that all girls are sluts that ride the "cock carousel" etc.

      So I tried to leave a comment on Bronan's blog praising the post, but also pointing out that the types of people Fly Fresh is criticizing are basically Roosh and Roissy and their commenters. I wasn't disrespectful, just looking for a back-and-forth. Bronan proceeding to kill my comment in moderation and IP ban me.

    5. "With the mass shutdowns, I'm beginning to wonder if there was a widespread outing threat in the wake of the DC thing."
      Could be. The weird thing is that all these blogs have been completely shut down. Walking away from it, sure, I understand that - but not destroying years of work in one fell swoop. Sure, if you're renting server space - but I seem to recall that a lot of these sites were hosted for free by Blogspot or Wordpress.

  8. Maybe I was too late to the party, but I never got anything out of the "Manosphere" except pathetic denial and decline, and I always lost a ton of respect for anyone who links to those guys.

    Roosh may be a drain on society, but at least has some good stories and puts it all out there. Guys like Roissy and G Manifesto are so patently full of shit they're hardly worth deconstructing.

  9. Sometimes I wonder if Roosh is just very smart advertising. He has a large customer base (angry conservative beta males), and his bang x series of books allows for any number of future books. The way he bangs his head against a brick wall for 10 years just seems weird. Is it really possible that someone can learn so little and still grossly misunderstand women and have no social skills after spending such an incredible amount of time on the subject?

    To me it seems that only can happen if he has borderline retarded with serious mental problems, or just knows his audience and very carefully keeps his material inane and straight out counter productive because that is what they keep buying. It's one of the two.

    One Lesson

    1. "The way he bangs his head against a brick wall for 10 years just seems weird"

      when he revealed his real identity he destroyed all of his oppoturnities to make a living has a microbiologist. He is going to die with game because he has no other choice, the game his the only way he can make money

      right now he has two blogs, two twitters and a forum that is all publicity for pleople buy the bang series. i can image that all this take him like 2-5 hours of his day and he wouldnt do it if he could make money money from another way

    2. It seems as if his audience is now in full transition. No more uber-alpha followers anymore, as evidenced by the closing of two more manosphere blogs today:

      Roosh's new audience just seems like a bunch of guys who need geographical excuses for their failures. It reminds me of great tweet I saw regarding Roissy and HBD: The Roissyite guys who believe in HBD are basically a support group. "Yes, we're losers, but we have higher mean IQs than those thug minorities!" Roosh is doing something similar with geography. If you can't get laid, it's Toronto's fault. Or it's DC's fault. Or it's Riga's fault. Or it's all of Argentina, Columbia, or Scandanavia's fault. Or you need to calibrate your game by region and even then it still probably won't work because women suck, maaaaaaaan and it's not ever your fault.

      Regardless, all of rest of these guys are gonna start lifestyle blogs and it's going to be boring and pointless. At least with Maxim/FHM, I can get 12 tips to survive a Jaguar encounter next to a review of the latest Thin Lizzy box set.

    3. They are dropping like flies! I Just read on the Black Pill blog that two more manosphere blogs went down:

      Neckbeard Chronicles:


    4. Virgil Kent has also shut down:

      Err...RIP Manosphere?

    5. Virgil Kent shut down a while ago and transitioned into a group (wait for it) lifestyle blog. So I don't know if that counts as a true shutdown, especially since his contributions to the new site are still game articles.

    6. Maybe the blogs are shutting down because, the men that write them have some better way to spend their time. Maybe they are actually getting laid. They are not making money from the blogs so maybe they have a way to spend their time making some money now. Or maybe it's just like writing a book. They said everything they had to say, so end it and move on.

    7. Brian,

      maybe you should read up on "Occam's Razor" instead of making wild assumptions.

    8. I see the manosphere guys are in defense mode. Roosh has a post up echoing the same points as Brian:

      If you guys really want to convince us that these blogs have closed down due to "boredom" or getting laid too much, then maybe you should get a time machine and go back and warn Mentu not to close University of Man down right after we exposed the DC meetup. Mentu was basically the hotest ascending blog in the manosphere, I doubt he decided to just close U of Man because he ran out of things to say. In addition, Mentu and those other manosphere guys read my post; shit, they even tweeted about it. Roosh also wrote a defensive post on Return of Kings trying to backtrack and claim people DID get laid at the meet-up. Fuck man, I had my own blog up for ONE HOUR and Roosh managed to read it in that timeframe. You guys are playing defense now, period

      Frankly, I don't really care why those other blogs went down, I was just going after U of Man. But if all these other blogs want to shut down in his wake, more power to them.

    9. Another sign that the manosphere shutdowns have been getting to him is he recently wrote a shaming post called American Men are the Best Slaves and this was one of the reasons why, according to him:

      He’s scared to write anything online because one of his massas might get mad and blacklist him.

      Seems like he's taking shots at the people who shut down their blogs, calling them cowards.

    10. from the post

      "When it rain, it pours, and what we’re seeing now is a natural withdrawal of hobbyist bloggers. Those who are committed to the topic matter will remain. There is no organized attack on the manosphere that I know of"

      "There is no organized attack on the manosphere that I know of"

      Roosh is being really manipulative here. The best thing he can do is to ignore Shackleford and Aaron Sleazy attacks beacuse he nkows that he would lose in a debate with them.

      "what we’re seeing now is a natural withdrawal of hobbyist bloggers"

      it cant be a coincidence that just after the post "Uber-alpha manosphere writers meet up in DC, fail to get laid", 4 manosphere blogs shut down with one them being U man

    11. More defense from the manosphere regarding the closings:

      It's amazing how these guys end up posting on the exact same topics at the same time. The manosphere is like a giant Borg cube ship.

      You'll notice from the comments in the article above, however, that some people are complaining that the manosphere lacks intellectual and cultural depth in terms of the array of topics that are on the table. Guess what? By holding up Roosh, Roissy, and Jack Donovan (white nationalist) as your heroes, you get the topics you deserve. These guys have always been anti-intellectual and anti-culture/arts, because these things are for jews or "beta" weaklings in their minds. Their ideal male is the thuggish uber-man, and even when Roosh does his book reviews, everything is done through the frame of who is acting "alpha" within the text.

      All their of posturing also ignores the fact that during the height of their alpha fame, both Roosh and Roissy tried and failed to become musicians.

    12. I didn't know about the musical aspirations of both Roosh and Roissy. Frankly, I'm quite surprised that they dabbled in such "gay shit". What kind of music were they playing? Roosh especially seems like a guy with a shockingly limited horizon, so I have a hard time seeing him on stage.

    13. Roosh tried to dabble in piano for a while and gave up. You are right that he wasn't suited for it at all; he frequently calls bands "beta," so I think the whole musical foray was just a crass way to raise his "DHV" powers, until he found out that playing music requires passion and dedication.

      Roissy knows music a little more, but as with anything associated with him, it's all part of a big status whoring plan. He has talked about playing guitar, but from between-the-lines reading I can tell that he got in the game too late and probably is to old to join most bands with any kind of momentum. Of course, you can still play in a band in your 40s, but people look for past experience at that point, so you'd have to probably start you own project, which requires a lot of initial work for no immediate reward. we all know that doesn't jibe with Roissy's lifestyle.

      As a guy who plays in bands, I get a lot of personal enjoyment reading about them flailing around trying to play music. Tough shit; music generally isn't for late bloomers. You have to catch the bug early.

    14. An interesting part of that Danger and Play piece Shackleford linked to:

      If a guy fell in love, how is he going to keep up a game blog? It’s pretty obvious that Roissy (the original R and not the current proprietors) feel deeply in love with a woman. That’s why his blog shifted to race-baiting and paleocon topics. Then he handed the blog over to some young guys.

      It blows my mind how dumb these guys are. Roissy created the fiction that he was farming out posts to a bunch of "interns" around the time his real identity was outed. This was done to reclaim some of his anonymity, by pretending he wasn't the sole writer anymore and allowing him the plausible deniability for any blog post that might get him in trouble later. The writing is exactly the same: embarrassing mixed metaphors, grandiose overwritten language, poor logic, bad studies, fallacies galore. Yet these guys totally buy his lie about not writing the blog anymore. It just shows how uncritical and sheeplike they are. Even worse is the guy blaming the "new writers" for Roissy's "new" focus on racism and paleocon conspiracies. Like Shackleford said in the past, he's always been about those things.

    15. Yeah, it's really bizarre how people buy into the farm writing theory despite the same exact style. My guess is that these guys just now realized they've been duped all along, but want to rationalize this failure by blaming it on the "new" Heartiste writers, because the new generation of anti-racist manosphere readers and writers (what's left of them) will have trouble going back to old Roissy posts to confirm that he's always been racist. That, or they've always been aware of the racism, but there was no opposition to Roissy back in the day, and him and his followers would reign hell on you if you went at him. I imagine a lot of these guys bit their tongues all along just to follow the game advice, until it became acceptable to make fun of Roissy post-outing. Even then, these guys are still afraid, because they won't attack Roissy directly.

    16. Here's another sucker:

      Roissy/Chateau/Heartiste is not a single blogger. The site has several contributers, but the founder is almost certainly still there and running the show. The contributers have all mastered the Chateau ‘house style.’

      Yes, the blog now gives writers a quick crash course in how to master the "house style." Hilarious.

    17. I am amazed how incredibly stupid some people are. Just thinking about the economics of the scenario is enough to see that it's all bullshit. So, Roissy has now withdrawn and is paying some guys to write articles on his non-commercial blog? And they all happen to write like Roissy? If he doesn't pay his "contributors", then they apparently do all their work for free and without recognition. Wow, Roissy really must live in a parallel universe.

    18. If he doesn't pay his "contributors", then they apparently do all their work for free and without recognition.

      You never know Sleazy. They get the chance to put "wrote for a racist, pseudoscientific, mental masturbating game blog" on their resumes. Who wouldn't jump at that chance?

  10. Roosh with 10 years of experience and 10 books writen in the subject of game go to a country and does internet game, day game and night game, literally chasing pussy 24/7 and gets 0 laids in colombia, 0 laids the first month in croatia and 0 laids in canada. Well maybe it isnt roosh fault, maybe ALL those women are broken

  11. Now Roosh has gone to London, spent a few days there, barely approached anyone, and has concluded that it "sucks":

    There you go: after a mere few days, Roosh has concluded that this world metropolis has "nothing you can't experience anywhere else." He also complains that it's too expensive, indicating that whatever passive income he makes from his books is not enough to sustain him in some of the world's major cities.

    Nevertheless, this latest development goes along with what I predicted: Roosh is now the traveling excuse fairy. Can't get laid in your city? Never fear, Roosh is swinging by to absolve you of all responsibility for your life. What amazes me is this guy is supposed to be writing travel guides, but now he is barely even trying. He's been giving half-assed efforts trying to get laid in the past three cities he's been to, but he also doesn't engage the culture on any other level, as we've established that he's not particularly bright or intellectually curious. Why would anyone look to this dude for travel advice? If he keeps dismissing whole cities and countries, he's gonna find himself a permanent Eastern European expat.

    1. London is actually quite cheap these days because the British currency has lost quite a bit of its value. Roosh is certainly barking up the wrong tree. However, maybe he wants to appeal to half-cultured people who merely regurgitate what they read or hear elsewhere, and surely everyone has heard about how "expensive" London is.

      Roosh is in a very tough position, and a Western metropolis like London only reveals this. On the one hand, he is too old and unaware of various trends to connect with the young party-crowd. On the other, the more mature "professional" crowd simply won't take him seriously. In a poor third-world country, his "I'm an American" spiel may have limited appeal, but even in poor countries he's not doing so well (cf. Colombia).

    2. Yeah, age is certainly going to be interesting social experiment with Roosh and "game." These guys always preach that you can live this lifestyle well into your 40s and even 50s. Yet, Roosh's engine is sputtering already at age 33. If he looks foolish for having no professional history or outside engagements at this age, god help him when he hits 40. I have a sneaking suspicion he might end up going the "old guy in Thailand" route.

    3. Aaron, I think London can indeed be expensive for someone if they're coming from a part of the US with a low cost of living. If I remember, you are in another part of Europe, right? Your currency may not be doing as badly against the GBP as the USD is. Add in the fact that Roosh is from DC, where the cost of living is lower than another part of the US like NY and that can maybe explain his "sticker shock?"

    4. Here is a basic test to see if a "manosphere" blogger is almost certainly full of shit (This is very heuristical in nature but tends to work extremely well in practice):

      Just see how frequently does a blogger use words of the following nature - alpha, beta, tribe, elders, red pill, caveman, masculinity and the like. Essentially words which don't mean anything but sound really big.

      As an example - just came across this article on some manosphere blog

      I quote the last paragraph - "The manosphere as we know it is dying, and that’s okay, for out of it’s ashes will rise a more powerful, more influential, more substantial entity – a different manifestation, and inspired by the elders, remixed by the young and possibly unidentifiable by the likes of us… it’s either change with the times or be left behind, and the times my friends, are changing."

      Another one I came across -

      "We wear suits and drink scotch. We take ourselves seriously. We come from a variety of career backgrounds: Public policy, real estate, law enforcement, foreign service, and academia. We are ambitious. We are hustlers. We discuss, openly and with as little ego as possible, our various plans to take over the world. .... After the meeting, we go out on the town and cause shenanigans."

      Now lets see a different article from within self help for comparison - this time from someone who has actually done serious stuff in life and is only then giving out advice.

      The above comes from a guy called Marc Andreesen. I will let you guys google for who this guy is

    5. Man, I could say a billion things about that Freedom Twenty Five post, but I will focus on one: the lionization of this "Way of Men" book by Jack Donovan. Donovan is a white nationalist sympathizer, so it's natural that his prescribed lifestyle is anti-intellectual, anti-cultural, anti-society and based around a will to violence. Roosh was the first one to promote this book, so of course all of his followers jumped on board and proclaimed it the best thing ever.

      Promotion of this book creates a suffocating approach for how a man should live, so it's no surprise that all of these new "lifestyle" blogs are focused on only primal activities: lifting weights/fighting, eating, and getting laid. Oh yeah, I forgot about wearing a suit...Way to differentiate yourself.

      All of these manosphere blogs now complain about the invasion of a commentariat that is obsessed with the evils of western women, the "cock carousel," and race issues. Well, by holding up Roissy and Jack Donovan as your idols, you invite these commenters in. You can't just ignore the race baiting and anti-societal rants from Roissy and take the "good bits" about female psychology as an excuse to promote him and leave him on your blogroll. The Soviet Union built an amazing subway network under Stalin's watch. Pablo Escobar passionately fought poverty in Columbia. It doesn't mean you can approach their legacy like an a la carte menu.

      People ask why I give Virgil Kent a pass. Part of it is because he actually had the balls to attack Roissy directly and denounce him, despite being a former friend.

    6. One big problem with the manosphere isn't just that it has a big focus on "will to violence" as you say, but that it also criticizes it. For example Roissy and Jack Donovan will glorify stupid "alpha" thugs. Roissy even had a post saying how his sycophants should study and emulate sociopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. Yet in their race rants, they criticize minorities for being low IQ, prone to violence, uncivilized, and low on cooperation. It's part of what makes Roissy so insane. He's anti-culture, anti-society when it suits him, yet he is pro-white and anti-minority because minorities aren't cultured or socialized enough to white society in his view. They're simultaneously for and against so many things that they're utterly incoherent as a movement.

      I don't know much about Jack Donovan, but I do remember he wrote a post somewhere according to Black Pill where he said if a man has problems, he should commit suicide rather than ask another human being for help or emotional support. That speaks volumes.

      As far as Virgil Kent, I like the guy overall, and he gets props for denouncing Roissy. It's still shameful it took him like 5 yeas to notice the guy was insanely racist though!

    7. Where did VK deounce Roissy?

    8. Good point; I forgot to mention the high white IQ vs. thug contradiction underlying the Roissysphere. Of course, I understand that Roissy's token response to this is that you should imitate thug behavior because society isn't worth being bought into, as it's no longer catered to the beta white male. According to Roissy, when America was dominated by white ethnics and white anglo-saxons in the early-to-mid 20th century, there was more societal cooperation among the these two factions, and therefore that's how society should be structured today. Unfortunately, journalistic accounts of this time period do not confirm Roissy's hypothesis: violence between white ethnics and anglo-saxons was rampant. Take a look at this article from 1952 published by the Harvard Crimson about tensions in the town of New Haven, where Yale is located: Here is a telling quote:

      "Several factors produce this situation--a more hostile and tense situation than exists in Cambridge. Foremost is the sharply contrasting racial makeup of the University and the city, which has given rise to countless "incidents." New Haven is 40 percent Italian, 25 percent Irish, and ten percent Anglo-Saxon. At Yale, the proportion is almost exactly reversed."

      Interesting that the Irish and Italian were delineated as separate races at this time.

    9. One funny thing from the Freedom25 post is that guy in the comments, Ryu. I've seen him before and he's so over the top with White Nationalism that I wonder if he's actually trolling them.

      This comment is comedy gold:

      He goes around and turns every topic, no matter what it's actually about, into an excuse to bring up race war. I look forward to his comments in a warped way due to their unintentional comedy value.

    10. VK denounced Roissy on Twitter, right after the elections when Obama won and Roissy had a racist meltdown.

  12. The irony is that roosh has become the ultimate pussy chaser. all his life revolves around getting pussy, he goes to foreign countries only to get flags and noches and when he isnt chassing pussy he writes and blog about it. he has put women on such high pedestal that he changed who he was and what he do only to fuck them. he defines alpha by "doing what you want and not caring about what others think" and then he goes and do the complete opposite


  14. Dear lord, that's the most tragic thing I've read in a long long time. Somebody talks about a woman of 27 having only 10 % of her sexual value left, and therefore it's effectively fraudulent for her to marry someone at that age! These guys are out of their minds. Never mind the sheer misogyny, all they seem to be interested in is their own selfish and immature needs, while disregarding the wealth of emotional benefits that come from natural interaction with mature and emotionally healthy women .

    1. That's quite a statement! Frankly, the Roosh crowd seems to think that they want to have all society has to offer (money, travel, women etc.), yet don't put in any work to get there. instead, they look for magical shortcuts like "game" and fantasize about third-world countries. Seriously, what does a guy bring to the table who thinks that "game" is the great equalizer? It's probably little to none.

      Further, this macho posturing is highly immature. Those dudes seem to do everything to get laid, and keep at it despite their poor success rate. Yet, they pound their chest and demonstrate towards each other how incredibly alpha they are. It may make you lose faith in humanity.

    2. The idea that girls suddenly become unattractive between the ages of 25-30 is one of the more insane things parroted by the Roosh-sphere. Again, they are painting a broad brush. Some girls don't age well, but some age perfectly fine right up to 35. Others look too much like children in the 18-20 range and don't truly fill out until later. It's typical goalpost moving by the manosphere: "You get laid, but I get better and younger quality so you're still a beta!" Of course, where does Roosh even get the right to weigh in on this at the moment? He hasn't been laid in like 4 months despite making it his full time job. Here is his astoundingly dumb recent post comparing women and bread:

      Deep down, I believe the age obsession is Roosh projecting his own fears. As we've mentioned before, most guys his age are settling down with particular girls and moving to the next phase of their lives. These girls are probably in the 25-35 age range. He's got to promote the idea that he has a better life then all of these guys, so he deifies girls aged 18-24 despite not having success with them. Roosh should understand that it's ok to be single at his age, as long you are not living out an insane delusion...oh, nevermind.

  15. The biggest problem with his forum now is that they are building up some plan that will likely end up as a tragedy. They are planning this Siberia "Poosy-slaying" trip, bragging that they will go to some "shithole town in siberia" to bang every woman. Even claiming arrogantly that women will have sex with them just because they have an iPhone (stuff like this, the worst offender is this guy by the "Vorkuta" nickname and that other "chochemonger"). What they don't know is that many people in Russia are catching word of Roosh, and on many places we would be a watched man already. Even worse, I know a few VDV who got word of the "pickup trip" and will not tolerate that kind of people, in clubs in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk, and you know how Russians are. I warned the guy who is helping them, some Russian dude who is pipelining girls through VKontakte, but it seems they are too arrogant to consider putting a break to it.
    Best I could have done to save them from themselves is starting a research process with a friend in Samara who might know how to block Mr Daryush Valizadeh from ever getting a visa to go to Russia.

  16. i wanted to see what you were talking about so i googled and found this:

    please don't discourage that. i'd love to see it happen. some of those posts are so delusional.

    1. Thanks for posting the link. I had made a note to google that later.

      I really have to stack up on popcorn because this thread is already blowing my mind. I think we're looking at contenders for a Darwin Award. This trip is going to be a disaster. Frankly, I find it absolutely amazing to what length desperate men go to get laid, and how willingly they buy into pipe dreams.

    2. Part of me thinks they have to be trying to troll the anti-manosphere crowd with a fake thread. I just can't believe that's real. But 11 pages would be a lot of work just to troll us. It's so funny, I think I may actually read all 11 pages.

    3. Sometimes, I stumble upon a thread, or someone sends me a link, where I wonder the same. The other day I found a thread where a dude was complaining about never getting a ONS and wondering what he was doing wrong, citing all kinds of possible "game" related reasons. Then several dudes chime in, telling him to "escalate harder" and whatnot. Yet, not a single one wants to address the big elephant in the room and ask him about his looks. For a second or two I thought this thread was fake because it was such a textbook example of absurd PUA thinking.

    4. If they go to Yekateringburg and some other towns nearby, it will seriously be a tragedy. The uralmasha gruppirovka owns the clubs and runs them, and they wont care about dumping a bunch of misplaced dorks. In other towns, so many foreign guys playing sex tourism will also alert the local organized crime. I lived in Vladivostok, and the people are some of The nicest, but only if you mind the culture, i assure you this will NOT end well.

    5. They're counting on the "White God" factor. I think these dudes watch entirely too much Eastern European pron.

    6. That's a very big "if". If anything, then Roosh and his followers have demonstrated that they are highly insensitive towards other cultures, or even just people with a different view on life.

      I'll keep an eye on the thread on the Roosh forum. I think it'll keep entertaining me for well over a year.

    7. I so pray the trip happens. My fear is that the manosphere will implode before then and Roosh's forum closes and we never find out what happens.

    8. Alright, then I won't stop it from happening, but don't blame me from poisoning the waters so that if they ever do, they will have it worse.

      PD , Roosh now hates Poland. If this clown gets to Hungary, I swear I'll put him in dire trouble. Also, he would get destroyed by the girls, they hate sex tourists and people who take no clue of the language and the culture.

    9. I think most of the people on that thread are just talking shit will back out at the last second. There are four or five who I think are so hardcore delusional, however, that not only do I think you won't be able to stop them from coming, but I bet if you tried it would just make them want to come more. They'll think "lolz check it out we're so alpha that the locals are scared of us lolz they know we're gonna fuck all their wimminz! now i really can't wait!"

      Also, that's amazing that Roosh now hates Poland. So not too long ago he went and considered it "poosy paradise." Now he goes back and it's not the same.

      Maybe his next book will be "Don't Bang Poland After All."

    10. So, when Roosh went to Poland the first time, he got his "flag" and was all happy. But when he returns, he is more in line with his recent results and doesn't get laid. As a consequence, the country sucks. Awesome.

      I wonder what will appen once Roosh has gone through all countries without getting any more flags? His age is already working against him, and he has proven time and again that he couldn't care less about the local culture. Final destination: His mother's basement.

    11. At this point, Roosh's failures are practically expected and it's getting to be more fun reading his delusional commenters. Here are two recent gems:

      Commenter "Brandon" on Roosh's lack of happiness video regarding Poland:

      "What you’re saying in the video may have some merit to it, but I think you’re the kind of person with an insatiable desire to conquer or accomplish something and move on to the next task. Being back to where ever it is you are is old news now."

      Uhh, he was just in Montreal, Toronto, and London and gave up after a few weeks in each city with no success.

      -Commenter "chesirecat" responding to an angry Lithuanian who (rightly) states that Roosh will end up a 40 year old with no life:

      "Then he’ll will have fucked another 300 women…what will you have accomplished?"

      Uhh, he hasn't gotten any in the past four months in five different cities and four different countries. I wouldn't be putting money on him reaching 300 if he lived three additional lives.

      Seriously, how insanely deluded are his followers to write things like this when the evidence is RIGHT THERE that Roosh has had a dismal success rate despite "game" being his fulltime job. I know Aaron has touched upon the point that sycophants convince themselves to believe in the lie despite all contrary evidence, but it doesn't reduce the urge to want to reach across the internet to slap the shit out of these guys.

    12. Frankly, it's quite amazing how much time and money Roosh spends on NOT getting laid. What the fuck is it he's doing anyway? He travels to foreign countries just to get shot down by the locals, over and over and over again. This is nothing worth writing books about. Instead of being the desperate guy who hits on any chick in the club, before eventually going home empty-handed, Roosh is the desperate guy who goes abroad (!) for the same experience. Yet, instead of taking a cab home, he books a flight. He could have that kind of "lifestyle" much more cheaply at home. Seriously, Roosh, why does it matter to you where (!) you don't get laid!?

    13. This is one of the biggest conflicts I have about Roosh vs. Roissy. Roosh is honest almost to a fault, even after so many people have started pointing out his strings of failures. But I don't know if that's an indication of some form of bravery or a sign of how he's even more messed up than we thought, but it's almost admirable in a weird way. To contrast, Roissy is blatantly full of shit, and he obviously feels the need to maintain this invincible, master manipulator, super alpha character. He can never admit any ignorance or weakness.

      Roosh, given that he's doing this for money, plus his real name and face are attached to his stories, would definitely be the one you'd expect to lie and posture more for fans.Yet he's incredibly honest. Is it because of bravery or because he's too clueless to realize that he's making himself look awful and should consider lying? Roissy at least seems to either be willing to lie to protect his image or is so self-deluded at this point he actually believes he is his image.

      Roissy perceives and describes his reality in a deluded way, so you can see why he and his followers reach delusional conclusions. Roosh surprisingly perceives and describes his reality in a much more objective, honest way, yet he and his followers still reach delusional conclusions nonetheless. Which is worse?

    14. Aaron, what is more incredible to me isn't that the man is traveling to so many cities and only getting laid an average amount. It's the opportunity cost of all the striking out that boggles my mind. Given that he's not only not getting laid but also isn't improving his game much, think of all the things he could have done with his time in those countries instead. He could have explored so much and created a life of travel that few ever dreamed of. The amount of enriching culture he could have seen and absorbed is incredible. Instead he has interchangeable memories in all these countries of sitting in cafes, sitting in bars, and chasing girls in street at 5 AM.

    15. Grizzly,

      It's an interesting question regarding who is worse. Personally, I feel like Roissy's whole philosophy and pumped-up persona is so vile that it turns off sensible people. In the early days of his blog, there was actually a relatively well-adjusted cable of commenters who were simply interested in Roissy's brand of "game". They all disappeared in about a year a half (around the same time I stopped reading in fact). That tells me that Roissy isn't really that bad, because all he attracts are kooks and losers. I doubt that the Weekly Standard will be calling him again anytime soon.

      I don't know if Roosh is "worse" per se, but I definitely feel he's gotten a free pass for too long until recently. I criticize him despite his honesty because he is shockingly close-minded (as Sleazy has pointed out) about the world. There are tons of American cities with dozens of subcultures that will have cute, approachable girls. All Roosh has done is sampled the douchebag bar scene in DC (and occasionally Baltimore and NYC) and made sweeping conclusions about the culture of the entire country. He'll never see all the other subcultures because he has neither the curiosity nor skills to get there. By doing this, he gives a free pass to all the "9 to 5 betas" who simply go to work and then home and watch TV. Roosh blames Western society and women for their failures, but should we really lament the fate of these guys? There's a whole world to explore within your proximity, and if you have no desire or interest in doing it other than going out on weekends to pick-up clubs and bars, I am not going to cry tears over you not having a hot, warm vagina served up to you.

      In the end, Roosh targets these guys and says "it's not your fault, it's America's fault, just go to some underdeveloped country."

    16. Great analysis. Here's something else he does to cover his bases: I notice that every "underdeveloped" country he goes to and praises, he always does a follow up post later on warning how he noticed "creeping Americanism" growing in its women. At the end of a trip to a South American country he notices women getting fatter. Smartphone usage sharply on the rise in Poland after he leaves. News stories about feminism growing in Brazil. This way his readers can have their cake and eat it too. Believe that America is screwed and underdeveloped country game is the answer. But if they do go to the countries Roosh went to and fail the same as they did in the US, Roosh provided them with an excuse for that too: "Oh, it must be that rising American feminist influence Roosh warned us was coming here." The message is, your failures in the US are the fault of American women, so go abroad. But if you fail there too, don't worry, it's still the fault of American women.

    17. One decade from now, feminists will praise Roosh for spreading their cause all over the world, and corporate leaders from China, Japan, and the US will hail him. Just imagine that: one single guy is able, within the span of a few short weeks, to rapidly accelerate social change. Apple and Samsung are selling more phones in third-world countries, all thanks to him, and Brazil, where feminism didn't even seem to have a foothold, will surely soon declare a national holiday in honor of Valerie Solanas. On the other hand, Roosh makes life worse for men all over the world because wherever he goes, feminism spreads. This is of course a genius move since the frustrated men will all flock to his forum as a result.

      Frankly, I am quite amused by the implications of Roosh's posts.

    18. The implied narrative I was getting from Roosh's posts is that he's searching for "pussy paradise" but that damn American feminism and consumerism keeps spreading and no matter where he goes, it's right behind him. It's not specifically following him, it's just that no matter where he goes, it gets ruined by the inevitable arrival of feminism and consumerism.

      He's a tragic figure trying to "go native" and escape the life he's left behind, only to have the life he left behind pop up and intrude on his new paradise, forcing him to retreat further. He's Rousseau, Eastern Europe and South America are the "natural men" (ridiculous, I know, but that's his mindset), and the "civilized man" is an unstoppable soft power invasion force intellectually and culturally colonizing these previously unsullied paradises, and it's all he can do just to stay one step ahead of this force.

    19. Also, what's smart about this silly narrative is that it covers his ass with his gullible readers. if they go to a country Roosh went to and get laid, they can say "Wow, Roosh was right! I got laid!" and if it doesn't work out, they can say "Wow, Roosh was right! This place did end up getting ruined by feminism after he left!" and he wins either way. Sure it's silly to not see through this, but remember this is the same crowd naive enough to think Roissy retired and now hires a writing group.

    20. Yeah, Roosh is all about covering his ass and contradicting himself. Just the other day, he had a post criticizing some British author for complaining about American women, calling him an average beta who simply couldn't compete in NYC:

      I see Roosh has a sense of humor about this, but to me, this is merely a deflection from the contradiction of his core philosophy: is it the American "beta"'s fault for not trying to be more competitive, or the American woman's fault for having tough standards? He seems to want to have it both ways.

  17. Great example Aaron.

    I kind of want you to make a post mocking the trip, but at the same time I'm afraid if you do it may shock and shame them to their senses and we won't see the trainwreck happen. Then again, these guys are so lost and delusional, maybe it will make them so angry and defensive that they'll commit to the trip harder out of spite and a desire to make us eat our words!

    It's amazing how many of them are planning to learn Russian and do a ton of research and work, but with absolutely zero intellectual curiosity involved, only to get "notches."

  18. So, Return of Kings has mostly been a flop, but today, Roosh has finally found a golden ticket to high page views and discussion: Roissy-esque race-baiting:

    This goes along with what I've said repeatedly: once you take away HBD racial science and evo psyche studies, the whole manosphere movement has no legs. These guys will never be able to run away from Roissy.

  19. I don't think you guys understand the Manosphere at all.

    First off, most of us don't have a lot to do with the PUA culture anymore. If your life is dedicated to pussy, you pretty much suck.

    What do you have to say about Jack Donovan? One of my favorites, and he's bloody homosexual.

    Bill Powell and myself have been spending a lot of time helping young men with their career paths and general lifestyle

    The Manosphere is not dead, nor is it dying. We are evolving. We grow, we learn from the mistakes of ourselves and others. Why waste time learning how to get laid as a loser when you could be eating right, working out, learning a new language, and reading all the classic literary works?

    I proudly declare myself as being a part of the Manosphere. We exist for a reason. Young men who have been spoon-fed lies need us.

    You should check back in and understand the reality of what you are insulting.

    -Dr. Illusion

    1. Hey man,

      I'm not familiar with Jack Donovan, but I've been told he's a supporter of "white nationalists".

      What exactly does the "manosphere" have to offer? I know plenty of people who eat healthy food, are in shape, and are well-educated, and who couldn't care less about manosphere topics. However, there are also plenty of losers who follow the manosophere who are just average Joes who enjoy virtual chest pounding, and once they realize that real life doesn't life up to their fantasies, people quickly shut down their blogs and disappear.

      What "lies" are you referring to? On the one hand, you write that you help other men with their career paths, but on the other it seems to elude you that the typical career path, or the "American Dream" in general is just made up nonsense to placate the masses. Among some circles, this is a rather unpopular thought, but if you disagree, then think about how many people really "work their way up" in an hierarchy.

      I just skimmed your blog. Man, you really do have a knack for unintentional humor. In one post you write that you say to a woman that "she would probably never find a man", and then you make a follow-up post in which you complain about a lack of etiquette in modern society. Maybe you need to swallow some more red pills, buddy.

    2. Jack Donovan is like the new superstar of the manosphere and I see him mentioned everywhere. Not only is he a white nationalist, but he's a homosexual who hates "faggots." Yes you read that right.

      Read more about him here:

      He seems to be a gay guy who is way overcompensating for being gay by encouraging over the top masculinity and homophobia against more feminine gays. I first heard about him when he wrote a story about how for a real man, it's better to commit suicide than to reach out to others and ask for emotional support and help, which only wusses do.

      I googled Bill Powell's blog, and he links to racist HBD and white nationalist sites. So he seems to be another covert white nationalist.

    3. That AVfM article is pretty great take down of the Donovan philosophy. Donovan clearly leads to a lifestyle dead end too, as evidenced by the lack of original ideas coming from Dr. Illusion and his manosphere ilk: lifting weights, eating right, reading? What is so special or subversive about this lifestyle? This is basic stuff everyone can and should do, but you guys laughably high-five each other over having a gym membership and knowing how to prepare salmon. Congratulations.

      I guarantee I have a lifestyle map that is better than this if you happen to like music: bass guitarists are always in demand because every guy and their mother wants to be a lead guitar player. Spend an hour a day learning bass. Then audition for an existing band. Ergo: you will play fun shows, your dating pool will expand, you'll gain popularity/friends in your own city instead of having to run to some third world country, and no one will care about how "alpha" you are because they'll like you for playing music. This only took me four sentences. Yes; you will still have time to go to the gym.

      Am I a manosphere expert now?

    4. The "red pill" experience seems to boil down to the great insights:

      - you can actually, really, read books (like, really, bro!)
      - it's possible to pick up a pair of dumbbells and exercise
      - there is more to cuisine than fast food
      - human history didn't start with one's birth
      - the TV has an off button

      Put this together and you'll end up with enlightenment by manosphere standards. Seriously, what's the matter with those people?

    5. I would add:

      - spend all day looking for studies and news articles you can creatively interpret into convincing you of the inherent innate inferiority of all nonwhites and all women, then thump your chest as you blog about it.

    6. One big problem of typical manosphere bloggers is that they have seemingly no interest in critically engaging with anything. Instead, they act like little children who want the world to be a certain way, and they have no problem cherry-picking their "evidence" or just making something up. It's intellectual dishonesty at its finest.

    7. Speaking of that here's a prime example:


  20. Seems like Illusion, who commented on this thread, has made his own response to this post over at his own blog. Apparently we have a "lack of understanding":

  21. Interesting concept for a blog. I'm a regular commenter and reader of Heartiste's and Roosh's but I think you have some good points. I enjoy their philosphising about human nature, one-sided as it is, because I think some of it is insightful.

    But I'm getting tired of the posts which say "You'll never pick up women if you (fill in the blank)." The "blank" here can be anything from being a liberal arts major to being a certain race or height. My own experiences tell me this is dead wrong, unless I'm a total exception, which I don't think is the case. I did better my freshman year of college than Roosh seems to have done in a long time and I had zero game. What I did have was an agreeable, fun personality, something no one seems to think counts anymore.

    All that said, I do think they've raised awareness of certain "memes" in our society that men took for granted and never thought to question (the unfairness of feminism in schools and family courts, etc.). The question is: will constantly being aware of injustices help you or just make you bitter? Going around with a chip on your shoulder doesn't do anyone any good, and I wonder if these blogs aren't engendering a certain resentment in men, thereby being counterproductive.

    It's almost like with race: sure there's racism, but if you go around expecting the worst from people and being angry at them because of that, they'll being angry right back, thereby confirming your feelings of "racism." IMO pickup artists are causing this to happen to men who behave angrily with women, always expecting the worst, and not realizing they're bringing out the worst in people.

    - Anon

  22. Roosh no begins to openly court white nationalist readers:


  23. I know I'm late to this conversation, but what exactly makes a bar count as a "douchebag bar"? And are they attractive to people because they tend to attract nice-looking women (who would make "great lays"), but many of whom unfortunately have empty minds?

    I suppose one of the central assumptions of the "Red Pill" is that women control "too much" of when a relationship or encounter becomes sexual, so the best "revenge" is to manipulate women into sex and leave them behind once you get sex out of them, no matter how either of you might feel (witness the common PUA refrain to "f*** ten other women" as a cure to "oneitis" or "revenge for being dumped"). Are you planning on making any posts addressing this central assumption?

    1. "Douchebag bars" are loud mainstream bars who play Top 40 music and attract an uncouth audience.

      What kind of revenge is it when a "gamer" dedicates his life to getting pussy, like Roosh, and gets laid once in a blue moon, like Roosh? Those people only make a mockery out of themselves.

    2. "Top 40" music, huh? Does that mean a bar that plays Front Line Assembly and Alexei Zakharov for the dancers is better for getting to know people than one that plays Nelly, Carly Rae Jensen and Deadmau5?

      Do "douchebag bars" then make for common targets for PUAs because they tend to attract "level 10" women? I personally doubt that the next Bar Refaeli, or Kate Upton, or Heidi Klum, or what-have-you regularly hang out at those places, but they must be common targets for a reason.

      The central assumption remains that because women can "get sex anytime they want" and "love to reject men," PUA techniques "even the playing field" so that men can once again "charm the pants" off women whenever they want. Even if field results don't bear this out, doesn't the resentment borne out of this assumption help to raise the revenues of PUA gurus everywhere?

    3. Do "douche bag bars" really attract women of the highest caliber? Just like you, I find this doubtful. I never was into women who like glittery crap and have little taste in anything, and that's the kind of woman you find in places that don't dare to distinguish themselves. I think the reason those bars and clubs are popular in some circles is because basically anyone gets in. Getting past the door man at a hip indie rock club isn't quite so easy.

      I do think that some men harbor resentments and think it's the women's fault that they are rejected. Instead of working on themselves, though, they think they can "trick" women. Ross Jeffries' marketing seems to be geared almost exclusively at the rejected guy with power fantasies, by the way.


    Writer of this blog shares many similarities than Aaron Sleazy.. But he thinks Roosh was right about Toronto being lousy for men.

    Toronto Men Unite blogger was going to be PUA.. But found it is all too much work and doesn't make sense.

    It's basically only numbers game. But he thinks men shouldn't play the numbers game neither and only approach women while you are doing the things you would normally do too. Playing numbers game makes you needy and attached to PUA mindset that makes you force to approach and approach.

    He never takes phone numbers or call girls.. It's all up to girl to initiate contact and it's only to have casual sex. But he prefers to escalate quickly and advice same day lays.

    Better skills didn't improve results and there was still a lot of work.. Conclusion was just be yourself and don't worry about getting girls or not.

    No entertaining, no routines, not using money to show off to girls, having real standards what you want from girls, starting conversation about situation or just "How it's going", not talking too much, just basic normal fun topics.

    Things he might disagree with most is that older women are generally better choices and he prefers them.. Also not believing in 9's and 10's and thinking girls who are better looking just are normal girls who putted more effort in their outfit and make ups.. When they wake up and no make up there.. All are pretty average.

    Eliminating needy habits, avoiding bossy manly woMAN, quick escalation, being honest, not manipulating, just focus on girls who make the effort.. No effort on "maybe" or "no" category of girls.

    So maybe Toronto really sucks?

    1. According to the Canadians I met in London, Toronto doesn't suck at all. In fact, they told me quite the opposite.

    2. "Places with the worst women tend to inspire PUA movements, since it's just one extreme trying to cope with another.

      If you want to know which are the good countries to visit for women, just find out where the PUA bootcamps are commonly held, and then don't go there."

      That is one comment of John (from Toronto Men Unite) from post where some virgin couldn't get laid in Germany after picking up girls day after day for 1.5 years.

      "So we are dealing with a world wide delima now." Other one is writing,

      "If you are the type of manipulative alpha salesman pusher who looks always the best and has a great ambition to fuck any good looking, but most likely shallow character, then pickup is something for you in the long run."

      "If you change your behaviour for a longer term, you will lose the girls, because you are not wooing them anymore."

      "Final Note: If you really have a strong urge to have sex with a hot girl, but no one is available, go to a prostitute or jerk off to porn. Problem solved."

      "And always remember, that every man with some spare cash can have sex with a hot prostitute. If you do not have the money, jerk off to free porn on the internet."

      Greetings from germany

      That is their thought about getting laid in Germany. It can be safely assumed that Toronto is no more difficult than any other city. Just blamed being lousy place by manosphere Roosh V fans.

  25. His honesty is why people love him. You know you can trust a guy when he openly admit that he didnt score..He has sold books in the millions..his new book, Why you shouldnt use a smiley face (or something) is #1 at amazon among travelguides..and there's no indication it will stop here. How many books did you losers sell ? thought so, now shh..

    1. There is no way Roosh has sold "books in the millions". A low five-figure sum seems much more plausible. Also, getting the number 1 in a sub-section isn't indicative of a best-seller either. Lastly, commercial success, if it's that what you want to call Roosh's niche success, isn't a measure of quality, but it takes a modicum of intellectual maturity to figure this out.

    2. He has obviously earned enough to be independent and travel the world. He has no job so year, he makes money through his books.
      You guys are just jealous because he is no free from western skanks and can roam the world, plowing through pussy paradises..All the while you bums are stuck with the fat, angry, feminist Ameriskanks.
      I can understand your jealousy, but you should try to show more class.
      Nothing you do or say touches the man anyway and he just laff when he read what you fools write. HA HA HA HA HA HA !..ha.

  26. He could get laid if he wanted but was repulsed and left it alone. I could get laid a lot in Toronto myself but I went steady instead, because the women are a Frankenstein (pieces of shit) version of the worst of the worst American and even "Fucking British" women. I only live that kind of hypergamous lifestyle in the US, Europe and Asia.
    NEVER IN ILL-BRED, BANAL AND CLASSLESS ANGLO CANADA. Quebec is really good. I wish they could somehow keep a 1 country 2 system arrangement similar to what Hong Kong has with China, so that fucking Canada brand of Anglo Culture doesn't metastasize into it's culture thus decaying an other wise fantastic place for all people from all walks, gay, straight etc.


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