Monday, October 10, 2011

Jeez..... BradP's "Updated Phone Game Procedures"

My next book is coming along nicely. Since the text ins currently in the hands of my editor, I thought I'd continue with bashing BradP. But don't worry, you will learn plenty from this post even if you couldn't care less about this character.

In his recent newsletter, BradP gave his opinion on the current state of text game. So, check this out:

IMO the current best move is this-
Have a 20-45 minute text conversation, texting back and forth every 30 seconds or so. Along the way you'll send and receive dozens of texts. It's the new way to get to know each other. Then at the end you go for the day 2.
BradP, you are kidding, right? I really hope you do.

Listen, if she is willing to text with you for "20-45 minutes", then you probably don't know what a green light. Your first text should have been, "Hey, wanna meet up tonight at X?" anyway. What "guru" BradP recommends is a colossal waste of time, and what is worse is that by prolonging the text conversation like this, you are nothing but increasing your chances to lose the girl's interest. So, what do you think of "guru" advice of that caliber? (Maybe he's misleading you on purpose, hoping that after your "text game" doesn't work out, you fork out two grand for a "boot camp".)

Not only will the girl wonder why you are such a fucking pussy and don't dare to just ask her to meet up. Also, the need to write dozens of not completely dull text messages might make girls uncomfortable. In fact, it probably makes you feel uncomfortable too, and there are only so many innuendoes you can come up with before you risk repeating yourself. In fact, many girls are so insecure that they feel being put on the spot after receiving a "witty" text message. But Jane Dull just wants to meet up with you and fuck. Yet, with your barrage of text messages, you only end up confusing her.

Lastly, texting a lot sends out a rather bad signal: namely that you have nothing else to do. And this is indeed true. My phone is on mute basically all day, and I hardly ever check it, because I've got a lot on my plate. Once you leave college behind, this will be the norm for you as well because your job and commuting will occupy most of your time. Then you will think twice if you text some random broad for an hour or just read a chapter in a book you find interesting.

More from BradP:
Also, phone game seems to be DEAD, and the 30 minute text marathon is IN!!
Have you run a marathon yet, BradP?
But there are exceptions. I sat on the phone with a chick for 90 minutes last night. But I had done about 6-7 texts with her during the day.
Oh, really? What about telling her to come over instead?

What was most startling, though, was that there is some truth in the misinformation he provides in his summary:

Also, I think a lot of it is coming down to the following factors- 
1- whether you made a strong impression and got enough attraction when you met her 
2- whether she has a bunch of other dudes already in her rotation 
If you didnt have attraction and she's dating 5 dudes, no technique will work. If she's currently got an opening, and you hit it out of the park on the initial approach, anything will work.
Points of interest are:

1) You don't "get attraction". Either you are attractive to her or not. I know that companies like Love Systems tell otherwise ("you can generate attraction"), but they would be out of business if they dropped the bullshit.

2) In the second statement, BradP insinuates that all girls are sluts and fuck ten guys in parallel. This is not quite true either.

3) I wonder whether BradP thinks his potential customers are complete idiots. In the end, he states that "anything will work" if she is available and finds you attractive. But why on earth would you then waste your time with half an hour of text messages!? It just doesn't make any sense at all.

Rumor has it that BradP wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the pack at college, and what I read of him only confirms this. He's certainly especially weak when it comes to logical thinking.

Captain Picard agrees too, by the way:

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