Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Manosphere Invasion of Russia (Part I)

Russia is seemingly invincible. In 1812, Napoleon tried to invade Russia. He suffered a great defeat. In 1941, the Nazis undertook "Operation Barbarossa", the largest military operation in history. The Germans never recovered from their losses, and it was a prime cause for losing WWII. Of course, after WWII was over, the cold war began. Eventually, the Berlin Wall came down, the USSR lost some of its territory. Yet, Russia is still strong, and growing stronger.

However, the fate of Russia may turn this autumn. Napoleon has failed. Hitler was defeated. But as it turned out, the USA aren't quite done yet. As it so happened, Roosh V's goons have been plotting an invasion of Russia and intend to right many wrongs. They have been denied pussy in their home country, so they are now going to the Russian hinterlands and take what is rightfully theirs.

In a perfect exemplification of the Mighty Whity trope Roosh V forum member Vorkuta calls his brothers to rise up. His first post perfectly sets the tone for the train wreck that is unfolding over 22 pages of forum posts:
I think we have all at times imagined moving to a shit hole in deepest Russia,somewhere way off the beaten track and spend a few months using our white god factor to the max to bang a stream of hot local women. Well,time is ticking and so that dream can either remain just that,a dream or it can be put into action and followed through on. Of course nothing is stopping any of us going solo and renting an apartment in some random town and seeing if pussy paradises still exist. However I think it would be a lot more fun to do it with a few like minded RVF members. These cities are not getting easier,they will become more difficult and with Russia hosting the World Cup in 2018 etc. the place is going to change. Let's get in whilst being foreign still means something.

Not a man of modesty, he lays out his vision:
So the plan would be simple: we choose a city somewhere in Russia,somewhere off the track,and rent a plush apartment in the centre of town and then spend a month or two or three in an alcohol and Viagra induced debauched daze where we work our way through the town's and nearby town's women. It would not be for lightweights,no guys looking for 'relationships',just constant conquest seeking adventures in random dodgy night clubs,suburban apartments and university dormitories. 

At this point, the protagonist would normally wake up, take a shower and have breakfast, but, no, this wasn't a dream. Instead, it was going to become reality:
The idea as I would envision it would be to have say three or four guys as the
main advance party who rent an apartment and are based in it for a month or two and then other members with less time can come out to visit for a weekend/week or so to experience the delights.
I think that as a team we would be unstoppable and encourage each other to push the boundaries of what is possible as opposed to when you're alone and sometimes can't be assed going out. We would kill it out there,or maybe just get killed. Either way,adventure is guaranteed. This is once in a lifetime stuff,something to tell your Russian grandchildren about. 
Please note the military language.

This is the kind of post you would read, laugh, and move on with your life. However, Roosh V's forum is located in an alternative reality. Within hours, other men awoke from their slumber and wanted to join "Vorkuta" on his mission. Pledges to learn Russian are made, and promising cities singled out. Early contenders were Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, and Novosibirsk. The more women the better, it seems. But of course it would be off the beaten path because otherwise "being foreign" won't mean a thing.

I had a hard time believing those guys are actually serious. One dude chimed in:

I like the idea but think it's OK to have LTR guys in on it and here's why:
Players will benefit from having Betas like me around, because then the womens' fantasy of LTR will help make them more willing to ONS.

You have to stand in awe of this high level of critical thinking.

Of course, the idea of the pussy paradise is popular among those guys:
Asian Russia is the last untapped well of pristine beautiful women. But like anything great, it would be difficult for the lone wolf traveler to pull off.
It would be the first time RVF members would go together to a Cortes headed with his men to Mexico.

So, you think they're hiding 5,000 young beautiful Russian girls there who aren't allowed to interact with any men, just with members of Roosh V's forum once they finally show up? Don't worry, dude, if you don't get laid in Russia, you just have to convert to some other religion and, with some luck and ambition on your part, you'll be rewarded with 72 virgins after your death. 72 virgins, dude!

Of course, the bible of bullshitting, Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Work Week, is familiar to those guys as well:
We are all responsible for the community except the above have been voted in who provide oversight. We pool our money and come up with various ideas for passive and extra income . Then from there we slay poon
Just imagine that! Move to Krasnoyarsk, shack up with legendary Roosh V forum members, fuck every woman in town, and make millions off Google Ad Words. This sounds like a dream.

Objections were quickly discarded:
Some of you guys are overly fuckin paranoid. All this is gonna be is a small group of guys living together who party a lot. Not different from a frat house or any of those tools on RSDN who live together trying to reinvest a new project hollywood. All the discussed cities have over a million people so being recognized too often shouldn't be an issue."
As the thread went on, there were some surprising revelations. One guy who claimed to have learnt some Russian wrote:
This thread is getting me so excited. I learned the Russian Alphabet and numbers a month ago, it's time to start puting in some time.
Of course, if you are a white foreigner and know the alphabet, then nothing will go wrong. He can already ask all the willing young girls for their age and if they're older than 18, quickly send them away. I've got to say that I admire that dude's efficiency. Always keep your eyes on the ball! Always.

He followed up with:
Russian is a tough language. In a month I will be in Phuket, and I want to use my crappy russian to show the Russian tourists how I appreciate their culture and sth haha. So that is my current motivation as Thailand is one of the main tourist destinations for Russians
This is symptomatic for Roosh and his followers. They have an incredibly limited horizon. Instead of subcultures, Roosh just sees "hipsters", and any kind of culture can be quickly ignored. But, hey, he's got a cock, she's got a pussy, so let's just get it on, right! Right?

As I dug deeper into this thread, I realized that my parallels to some military operations in the past weren't far-fetched. Just look at this descendent of Karl von Clausewitz:
I think you guys should rent apartments in different sections of town. Having twelve foreigners in one complex is going to look suspicious, and drop your exotic factor. Start in your original apartment, and slay pussy in that area for a month. Then switch apartments with another member and work on that side of town. 
Take notes where you were pulling, and pass them off to the next guy during the move. You guys can cover more ground this way, get involved in more social circles, and bring the other members in accordingly.
Set this up right and you guys can help each other get laid without a lot of effort.
Just like Hitler, though, the leader of the pack, Vorkuta, is severely deluded. Not only does he imagine a bunch of random losers from the Internet "cleaning up the town". No, even on their train ride to whatever city deep in Russia they are going to, they'll be going at it:
I see an inevitable 'RVF Trans-Siberian Fuckfest' happening. Seven days of debauched train travel from Moscow to Vladivostok.
Russian trains are well set up for game: all compartments are mixed sex so you end up sharing long journeys with women. In the day time passengers stand in the coridoors chatting and gazing out the window so you just have to walk the length of the train and you get talking to people. Trains have restaurant cars serving alcohol so you can insta-date to the restaurant car. Every carriage has a Provodnitsa who looks after you,stokes the samovar etc. Sometimes you can be lucky and get a hot one - she has her own private bedroom. Even if you only end up sharing with a babushka in your compartment,by tbe time you've shared your drink and food with her for a couple days you'll have bonded to the point where she will want to introduce you to her granddaughter when you reach your destination. Fuck planes,trains are the way to go in the FSU.
Sure, that's totally what it's going to be like.

Support only grew as the thread got longer:
Anyone got any data on how much this would cost? This sounds like a fucking solid idea
Yes, it's so fucking solid that you need a deluded "leader" who tells you how incredibly convinced he is:
I know people are saying Novosibirsk but my hunch is that loads of foreigners have been before for study or tourism etc. I think we need a large town that isn't on the Trans-Siberian. What about Syktyvkar or Kirov? Bratsk or Barnaul? Maybe the best option is a place in the Urals from where we can hit different towns on the weekends. Personally speaking I don't need cinemas and nice restaurants or museums. I just want a run down shit hole where we will be the only ticket in town. I want us to walk into a club and the place falls silent as everyone turns to stare at the foreigners. From there we will go to work. This is 100% possible to find,I'm convinced of it.

On one side, you have people who have completely lost touch with reality, on the other, some people tried to point out some potential problems:
Everything generally takes twice as long as you think it will and will be half as successful as you think.
That doesn't mean to be pessimistic, but adjust your parameters and plan better so you actually achieve what you want.
Right now the elephant in the room is visas. We need to find out a successful, repeatable visa application procedure. I might be wrong but I think the new visa rules for Americans may not require registration in Russia, a good thing.

What followed? Of course:
you are pessimistic. Go execute your DHVs while I'm pulling the chick from under your nose.
What happened next? Pictures of pretty plain looking chicks in some night club in Volgograd were posted, and the guys got really, really excited.

Stay tuned for part II.


  1. "I think we have all at times imagined moving to a shit hole in deepest Russia,somewhere way off the beaten track and spend a few months using our white god factor to the max ..."

    White god factor? Russia is full of white people. What morons these low IQ Manospherians are!

  2. Hahahaha best article for a while Aaron! Thanks for going through the hassle of reading their forum so that we can marvel at this fine piece of white-male retardation. I hope they actually go through with the idea; I'd love to see how the Russian guys, internationally known for their love of self-entitled Westerners, would treat these idiots when they try to "lord da clubz".

  3. Russia's a tough country, and these remote siberian destinations will be all the tougher still. Russian men are deeply macho, and won't take kindly to a bunch of pasty white dweebs descending on the town to 'slay poosy' (dear god!). Additionally, Russian women won't impress as easily as these guys think. It's not outside the bounds of possibility that a serious ass kicking looms on the horizon for these guys.

    1. I've heard the same about Russians. Further, the few Russians I've met abroad were certainly some pretty tough motherfuckers, and not just because they could drink anyone under the table. However, what does some real world evidence count against the "fucking solid" plan of the Roosh V crew? Should this trip really happen, then it would show that mental masturbation can have some nasty real world consequences.

    2. I'm praying this thread doesn't shock them to their sense and deter them. I so want this to happen. In fact, I hope this thread and the mockery in it does the opposite and spurs them to commit harder to making this happen. However I fear most of this is just talk. The thread is already slowing down and I think the point of it may have just been the fantasizing. Still, if this was to happen oh how I'd love it.

      Has Roosh weighed in yet?

    3. Agreed, they will man the fuck up the hard way. I saw some drunk Russian guys boxing their friends with their raw fists just for the lol. (solid boxing skills btw).

      Russia is a country of real men and real women, most westerners could not handle it.

    4. I'm praying this thread doesn't shock them to their sense and deter them. I so want this to happen. In fact, I hope this thread and the mockery in it does the opposite and spurs them to commit harder to making this happen.

      Me too. This has the potential to be last year's Great Manosphere Meetup of Doom in DC times a thousand. Even more blogs will be deleted. There will probably even be a few suicides as a result of this (or at least some cases of things that get ruled suicides by corrupt Russian police). None of them will be getting any STDs, but I'm sure they will come back with some rare diseases.

      Regardless, no one is going to get laid on this trip unless the manospherians get arrested and thrown in a Russian jail where they get ass raped.

  4. Furthermore, Russian women tend to test a lot, and not in the "I pretend to test, but it's not actually serious" way that Western women test. You think Western girls are tough? Just wait till you meet a Russian one.

    Seriously, we shoudl offer a camera to follow them.

  5. Local Ukrainian men are cracking down on foreign sex tourists because the legal authorities aren't doing anything. If these PUA wannabes go to Ukraine, they will get a most hospitable welcome.

    Welcome to Ukraine!

    1. I get the strong feeling that Ukrainian vigilante groups have a far superior game plan and organization when it comes to their mission that these pathetic Rooshite knuckleheads.

      Also here is the thing about Russia, I travelled to Moscow and St Petersburg. Yes Russian women are attractive but they are not as easy as you think. Full disclosure- I didnt get laid but it was because I barely tried( I travelled with a mixed group and it was hard to get away with that sort of thing). However with a couple of guys did occasionally venture out to night clubs where I got come hither stares from quite a few pretty chicks(relatively hard to find an ugly girl in these two large cities) but here is the problem: hardly any of them speak of English.If you dont know Russian you are at a severe disadvantage.There are many who do know French and German for whatever reason.I got around with my broken French.

      Russians as a people are very hospitable but are initally are quite sullen,curt and suspicious at first. Women are no exception. However they do appreciate a gentleman: You have to be well dressed, well groomed and present an acceptable appearance to go anywhere with them.
      On the first date, flowers and chocolates are a must as they are old school.
      Just keep your cock under control ,show genuine romantic interest(shouldnt be hard for normal people which of course excludes PUA weirdos) and she will reciprocate accordingly.
      As mentioned before, Russian language helps.

      The above advice is from very reliable sources. Even if it werent, sounds like common sense doesnt it?

      I fully expect Roissy/Roosh types to declare me a AFC beta/omega dweeb who would be better off giving a girl skittles or some such.

      I wish those individuals best of luck.

  6. It seems like that thread has died down and this one has built up in its place. A member of the Roosh forum has already flown down to Moscow and spent a month there and discussed it on the message board all month long.

    I did a quick skim, seems like for his month there he got laid twice and seems very excited. Not just that, but the responses of the other guys is excitement and a desire to go down there too. One month, two girls, everyone is impressed. I have to reread to make sure I didn't get that wrong.

    1. Come on give the man some credit, getting laid is Moscow isn't that easy. The level of talent is unbelievable but poor English skills, very expensive city, gold diggers and dangerous cockblocking (a punch in the face is pretty efficient cockblocking skill).
      Nothing to get too excited about but nothing to despise as well.

    2. That's the exact point: it's not that easy! These guys keep going on about how American women suck and are ugly, and how they need a "poosy paradise" where vagina is just there for the taking. Then they travel some place where they need to take a long flight, grind day and night for a month trying to get laid, spend a lot of money, cram a language, and have nothing to show for it except banging two girls who weren't even that hot from what I can see. He could have just stayed home and done that for way less money.

      If the point of going was to enjoy the culture and broaden horizons and satisfy intellectual curiosity, I'd say who cares if he just banged two girls. In this case though the trip was all about getting laid, so it really seems like a poor return on investment and a waste of a great opportunity to really learn a lot. So it failed as a pussy-paradise trip and as a cultural experience as well.

  7. Commenter Julie over at wrote;

    “So the plan would be simple: we choose a city somewhere in Russia,somewhere off the track,and rent a plush apartment in the centre of town and then spend a month or two or three in an alcohol and Viagra induced debauched daze where we work our way through the town’s and nearby town’s women. It would not be for lightweights,no guys looking for ‘relationships’,just constant conquest seeking adventures in random dodgy night clubs,suburban apartments and university dormitories. “

    “rent a plush apartment”

    — A basement reeking of urine, semen and spilled cheap beer, maybe a couple beanbag chairs. Be prepared to hump on filthy sheets stained with another bro’s dried up DNA deposit!

    “alcohol and Viagra induced debauched daze “

    — Oops, add vomit stains and odors to that plush apartment!

    “we work our way through the town’s and nearby town’s women”

    — We pool our money together and see if we can find a poor brokedown hooker or two willing to service a group of trashy DudeBros.

    “just constant conquest seeking adventures”

    — Getting picked up by Russian police and detained, getting beat up by local Russian dudes drunk out of their skulls, and picking up various STDs.

    1. Let me guess, what you describe about this hypothetical "pussy-slaying apartment" is similar to how the mythical "Project Hollywood" PUA lair went? I've been having trouble finding out information on just how that mythical place turned out.

    2. LOL, thats probably what would transpire. With regard to the Russian police- the Hispanic and black Rooshites(if any) should be aware.THe Pakistani guy we were with got 'randomly' stopped and frisked -unfortunately for him he didnt have his passport or a photcopy on him and wasnt released until he emptied his wallet of 500$. And that cop apparently was one of the 'good ones'

      Going into the Russian hinterlands is a bad bad bad idea. You are basically leaving 'Europe' ie Moscow and St Petersburg and venturing into 'Asia' which is lawless and brutal even by Putin standards.

      Didnt any of these idiots watch the movie Hostel? Sure its torture porn and has hot chicks with nice tits but the entire point of the movie was a compelling one.The antagonists just represented a push back against the exploitation and degradation of their women for purposes of sex tourism and human trafficking.

      Speaking of movies -somewhat OT. Do any of these losers quoting Tyler Durden even realize that neither the author Chuck Palahunik,nor the director David Fincer actually approved of the entire enterprise of Fight Club? All you had to do was listen to the directors's commentaries. Sure they were sympathetic to the sterile corporate work environment, the materialism and were cognizant to the emasculation of the humble drone but their point was how one can easily use such points in order to create a nihilistic terrorist outfit.

      I have no illusions as to what is wrong with modern society but when people like Roissy boast about being "by the poolside" when the forces of civilzation are being torn down bit by bit I feel nothing but contempt and revulsion for such amoral and childish libertines.

  8. These are the kind of guys that get eaten by the first tribe of cannibals they run into, lol.

  9. "I have no illusions as to what is wrong with modern society but when people like Roissy boast about being "by the poolside" when the forces of civilzation are being torn down bit by bit I feel nothing but contempt and revulsion for such amoral and childish libertines."

    They won't be poolside because they don't have enough money.

    They envision themselves as hastening the decline by indulging in debauchery but can't do that either because debauchery requires women and they don't have them either.

    Nope! These guys won't be poolside nor will they be corrupting my or your daughters.
    They will be doing exactly what they are doing right now, "banging" away on keyboards from the moms' basements, for the rest of their sorry ass lives.

    1. I can imagine their response being that they dont need money to bang our daughters because their game is so tight LOL. Delusions galore!
      I think a big problem with Roosh is that he is a very odd looking fellow.The hair and beard definitely don't help. Some men like Brad Pitt and even guys with unconvential looks Gerard Depardieu(in younger days) can pull it off and in the latter case displays a wild majesty in doing so.
      But those are rare cases. Roosh just looks a vagrant when hairy and just creepy when cut and shaven.

      All said and done, Im told that Im a guy who possesses a feminine intuition which is often accurate(and this helps me a great deal with women). So I can intuit that dudes like Aaron Sleazy and Assanova/Real Made Men are the real thing because all their advice and experiences ring true and is based on sound,grounded common sense and unvarnished nonPC truths with no short cuts(much like real life).

      It occurs to me that this game stuff appeals to these guys because many of them are nerds and geeks. If you think about it, nerds are known for their programming abilities. And programming is nothing more than implementing algorithms in whatever programming language your prefer be it c,c++,java,python,perl,small talk or what have you.

      And these game strategies greatly resemble algorithms of some sort

      Step 1: Cold approach
      Step 2: DHV
      Step 3: Neg
      Step 25: Breakfast in bed

      Of course women react to this as viscerally as do to a course in digital logic at your college that is not to say not very well.

      Real life which consists of people is dynamic,irrational and routinely demolishes the best laid plans.The best leaders are those understand this be they politicians,businessmen ,generals or coaches.
      This is the real reason why there is no rich economist as Ross Perot put ,why there is no surefire formula for beating the stock market, why nation building doesnt work and why a planned economy and society ends in famine and genocide.People cannot be moved around as if pieces on a board by a rigid plan.
      This is what these guys never understand.

  10. The easiest women in the world are American / from western countries and most english speaking territories.

    The further you go east, the more feminine the women are, but also the more traditional = no quick sex.
    And as a commenter noted, young people from the west in general, have a pretty dim understanding of the world. The intellect of russian women is quite amazing to be honest, and they have no problem seing throught your bullshit. I spent 7 months in ukraine and I have met girls in their early twenties who are micro biologist, lawyers, fluent in french, mandarin, etc.

    Compare this to your average american woman who never even went to the country side, and you can easily understand how "PUAs" are getting eaten alive in east-europe.

    I went to this part of the globe not for easy pussy, but for real and feminine women that can actually make you feel better as a man.


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