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The Biggest Dating Mistake Women Make

I've written a lot about dating from a male perspective, but there are a few phenomena in female behavior that deserve some attention, too. Let's start with what might be the biggest dating mistake women make. No, this is not some kind of hyperbole, this stuff really wrecks women's lives. So, what might that be? Well, read on!

Especially better-looking women are used to having many suitors. There is always some "creep" who wants to help them with this and that, and sometimes it's quite convenient to have a couple of losers on call. For an anecdote, I'd like to tell you about some chick I used to hang out with in Berlin (one of those who pretended that they were interested in my personality but only pined after my cock). She told me she was about to move the following weekend, so I immediately told her that I'm busy --- because I'm not going to waste an afternoon carrying boxes full of trinkets around for some chick I barely know. She then said that she wasn't even going to ask whether I would help her but just wanted to let me know that she won't be free then. As it turned out, she had two or three guys who where all too eager to help her.

To some of you this strategy surely sounds familiar: being the little errand boy for some woman you're interested in and hoping that this will somehow lead to some kind of tangible reward like, I don't know, blow jobs for helping them move. Not even porn has plots that stupid, though. This is the loser strategy of dating. Those guys unintentionally make the girl feel oh-so desired and believe that they are plenty of men out there to chose from.

Life isn't always fair, though, so the guys she really fancies always seem to avoid her. Maybe that's because they'd rather bang some hotter chick. You can already see that this leads to a big problem. Not wanting to settle for any of the losers that are interested in her she hopes that by divine intervention some prince will show up and sweep her off her feet. A variation of this theme are easy girls who fuck around when they are younger and think that there is no end to this. I guess it's easy to feel like that if you're 20 and all you have to do is wait until a guy that meets your criteria hits on you.

Fast forward a few years, and those girls will realize that they suddenly are "like totally" close to 30. Either they didn't have much experience with guys, or too much but neglected their personality. What happens then is a state of panic. Knowing that their eggs will soon dry up, they try to cling on to any guy they meet. If you're an inexperienced 20 year-old and wonder what it takes to get a girlfriend or for a girl to move in with you, here's your answer: either fall in love head over heels with a girl your age, or meet a woman who is around 30. She may be crazy enough to want you move in after one night, or trick you into impregnating her.

If you think I'm making this up, I suggest you open your eyes. It's quite common for girls to "accidentally" get pregnant because they conveniently forgot to take the pill, or simply lie to you and say that they are on the pill when they aren't. The laws are designed to protect the woman, so it doesn't matter that she deceived you. You're on the hook for two decades of child support, and helping her to fulfill her dream of being a mother and finally having a purpose in life. The socially more acceptable variant of this is that the girl is seeing some guy and in order to solidify the relationship she happens gets pregnant. I've seen this happen with people I know quite a bit.

But let's pay some attention to the girls that don't manage to get a guy through whatever means. Let's say she is now 27 and has either been single or "single" and seen a few guys here and there. She's now older and realizes that there aren't so many guys coming on to her anymore, and that she's starting to feel out of place when she's going out. The hot guys who don't want to settle down just moved on to younger versions of her, and there isn't much she can do about it --- and many of her friends are starting to get married and/or having kids. This is reason enough for her to panic.

What is she supposed to do then? Not having thought ahead when she was younger, she never realized that guys probably won't marry her after just a week or two. It may take a good two to three years, at least according to eHarmony:
Currently I co-run a longitudinal study of marriage and family development, started in 2008 and ongoing, and the answers couples gave me about their engagement ranged from several months to several years.  On average, the couples in my study decided to marry 2.8 years after they first showed romantic interest (many couples knew each other before they dated, but that isn’t counted).  
Well, it takes about three years in the case that the guy actually wants to settle down and marry. Say, Jane is 29 and desperate to find a guy. It's her lucky day, and she meets Prince Charming the very next day. She can now expect to be married when she's 32. However, let's be a bit more realistic and assume that the guy she met has options. Maybe he met Jane who is 29, but he also knows Jill who is 22. Just based on her age alone, Jane will have a hard time to compete with Jill. Consequently, the guy dumps her, and might end up marrying Jill three years later.

Jane is single again and will have to learn that her time will just tick away. The older she gets the harder it will be for her to get a decent guy. In the end she may just have to settle for some dude she barely feels attracted to. Her biological clock it ticking, after all. This happens all the time, but it's probably not what she had in mind. She'll also find it difficult to have children, just like Western women in general who were indoctrinated by feminist ideologies instead of paying attention in biology. This might deserve another post, but many women seem to be oblivious of the fact that female fertility peaks in the early 20s.

The upshot is that time is a precious commodity for women. She will need a few years to just find a guy she likes enough to contemplate marriage, and finding someone to settle down with isn't all that easy either. It takes time to figure out whether you want to live with someone. If a girl is smart about it she'll start looking for a suitable guy in her early 20s, if not sooner. If she's not, she risks getting into a very uncomfortable position as she gets older. If things don't work out, she may become yet another 40 year old cat lady.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Aaron

    -Right off the bat I assume most "unplanned pregnancies" in long term relationships or "Ooops" pregnancies are deliberate.

    Do you think she "forgot" to take the pill?

    You can usually tell by asking your GF to get an abortion. You will find a "My body, my choice, it's just a growth" feminist turn into a Bible bashing anti-abortionist in the space of 10 seconds

    Where the f*ck is the male pill?

    -As I see it "traditionally" women would start looking for a husband while she was young. Rather than "oppression" this was actually playing to women's strengths.

    Feminists tell women to reject this idea vehemently, unfortunately teaching this delusion is very cruel to all but the most beautiful women, say top 20%.

    -While a woman is under 26-27 she still has youth and beauty on her side and men her own age are also more concerned with sex and less experienced, she has much more sexual power. Men tend to gain prowess or confidence from their real world achievements (which PUAs try to fake) they also become less prone to being manipulated for sex as they get older, so it's harder for a woman to have power over a man as she gets older, as he is usually more experienced and hence more self assured as a person.

    - Women confuse men who want to have sex with them, with actual marriage options. Women are told that being single at 30 is liberating, however being single at 30 is a serious problem for a woman. Any serious man, who wanted to marry/have children with her would want to know her for at least 2-3 years. Knowing this you can see why these types of relationships have many "oops" pregnancies, she really can't risk him leaving at that age.

    -Women who eventually settle for their man because of their age, panic, biological clock tend to grow resentful once she has children. They are stuck with someone they didn't really want, I'm sure this is a factor in the high divorce rates, divorces over 60% of the time initiated by women for no fault.

    -Another problem is that women panic as they get older because they don't get approached or solicited so much by men they up to their standards i.e. 6ft, attractive, professional. etc. I live in London, and I find that even women who are 35, professional, even lawyers, doctors, CEOs, despite being ignored - Will not try to make the first move - NEVER, they won't consider demoting themselves from the "prize" position, rather they would go to expensive bars in the city, drink, get ignored by the men they want, and go home in a blind rage and blog about how sexism still exists because women become "invisible" after 30.

    -Even in this day and age other than spilling a drink on a man or stepping on his shoe "accidentally" a woman won't do anything unless she is very drunk. Fellow friends give the same advice "get out there" i.e. try to get noticed/male attention, new haircut, clothes shoes but still "let him do ALL the work, you may be 35 and him a 30yr old millionaire, but YOU are the prize" When you are getting older and you have to hope a man noticed (i.e. infantalised helplessness syndrome)

    - The fact that even ugly/fat/beer guzzling HR queens are 32-33 are holding out for a 6ft, athletic price charming shoes how deluded some are, or that there are lots of desperate men in their social circle - at this point I'm trying to figure out which it is.


    1. Oh, I'm certain that pretty much all allegedly accidental pregnancies were planned by the woman. The thing is, you don't need to just forget the pill once. It's not that easy to get pregnant and most couples need many tries over a period of months. This means that if your girl accidentally got pregnant and told you that she "forgot" to take the pill she probably hasn't been taking it for a substantial amount of time.

  2. For some reason, Western guys don't consider women in their late 20s and early 30s old, especially if the guys is himself that age. In the West a hot 30 year old has almost as much selling power as a hot 22 year old. I know it's weird, but that's the truth. In Asia and maybe some Latin American countries it's very, very different. There a woman past 25 really is practically past her selling date. But not in Western Europe or America.

    I used to think this was a product of feminism and a modern thing, but I read a lot of literature from the 19th and early 20th century and it's extremely common for the central woman who is lusted after to be 30 or over, often even by younger men. It always struck me as incredibly strange as I myself am over 30 but have no interest in a woman that age but that's how it is in America and Europe.

    So the idea that a 27 year old girl has less selling power than a 20 year old in the West is ludicrous, and the fact is even most 30 year olds have about the same power, if she's hot.

    The real reason a hot older woman might want to settle down is simply because she is getting tired of the game, that's all. And at that point, no matter how many guys she banged up till then, she has just as good a chance of finding a great quality guy as she did when she was 20.

    The cutoff point for women MIGHT be 35, but I personally know women older than that who nabbed high earning successful guys seemingly not worse in looks and cool factor than the guys they were with when younger, so go figure.

    1. You're a woman, right?

      Let me ask you one thing: Imagine you're a 29 year old guy who has women lusting after him. You're tiring of the game and consider settling down. You just so happened that you've met three women in the last two weeks, and you decided to give one a chance. The women are Alice, who is an empowered secretary, but also happens to be, um 35. But she's in reasonable shape for her age. The next is Betty. She's a bit less empowered because she knows many Alices who are in their mid-thirties and still single. Betty is 29. Now, you also happened to have met Cindy. She's currently in college, but she has the vague idea that there is life after college that won't be quite as fun. Therefore she'd like to be in a more serious relationship. Oh, Cindy is 21.

      So, seriously, which one would you chose? Assume they are all attractive and fun to be around, so no bullshit like "eeeh, Cindy is surely an airhead, and Alice like totally mature and confident".

      Sister, you really life in a fantasy world. There is no chance in hell that a guy who knows about his market value would ever settle for a woman his age or older.

    2. "No chance in hell" is a bit of an exaggeration. Yet, those cases are rare exceptions and therefore should be ignored. Lastly, you should take literature that appeals to female narcissism at face value. Of course the main protagonist is past her shelf life, has not money, yet still has plenty of young, handsome, rich suitors coming after her. The same nonsense plot gets used over and over, with some variations here and there. A more recent example is "Shades of Grey" (no, I haven't read it).

    3. There is some truth to this since there is so much pro-feminist indoctrination in the west that even men will choose more "age-appropriate" women because they've been told, over and over again until they start to believe it, that it's "creepy/weird/gross" to date younger women. Most guys think their biology is wrong.

    4. Aaron, don't you find it tedious to call everyone who disagrees with you a woman? You do that a lot. It's like a Pavlovian reflex. There is really no reason to be so touchy, it shows insecurity.

      Can't you fathom that a man can have an intellectual conscience that makes him challenge statements about women that are gratifying to the male ego but nevertheless untrue? It's like you think that no man could possibly betray the "team" - you simply cannot fathom that someone can have an intellectual conscience stronger than a sense of belonging to a "team". That says more about you than you perhaps realize. I would cut the silly name calling out, if I were you, and grow up a bit, but you probably won't take my advice. Anyways.

      Being an over 30 male I would take the 21 yo in a heartbeat. But it just so happens to be the case that most Western men, or at least a very large chunk of them, don't think like me, and apparently this is a feature of the West that goes back a bit. The literature I am talking about is classic literature, not chic lit.

      I don't know why this should be, but it is. I also see a disproportionate number of good looking athletic Western guys with high mate value with fat, even obese chics, something you never see in Asia or Latin America, and Western men who travel to Asia for easy sex have a reputation for getting with the ugliest women by choice. I've witnessed this first hand, Western guys having options with pretty women choosing the fugly ones. Granted, this is a special sub-set of Western men, but I think it's clear that male sexual preferences in the Wet present certain unique features that are not found in other parts of the world, features that disturb me and that puzzle me, and that I don't share, but then I am a first generation immigrant from Eastern Europe.

      But there's no point pretending.

    5. You argue like a woman, plain and simple. Heck, now you're apparently a man and say yourself that you'd rather take a young girl. Yet, there are now other hot guys that take women who look like dogs as their girlfriend. Here's the thing though: in general (!) men prefer younger partners. Exceptions don't disprove the rule.

      Your pop-psychology argument is amusing, but this doesn't fly. I called you a woman because I never saw a men saying that men prefer older woman. You realize you used a phrase like "extremely common". Thus, I called you out on your bullshit. I know the shtick, though. If you're a guy with a nice sports car, you've got a small cock, and if you take a woman that is years younger you're insecure about your age. Seriously, where does all this nonsense come from?

      Lastly, what we consider "high literature" today was written for entertainment back then. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens were the equivalent of pop trash, but don't tell this to humanities professors who are allergic to facts. Do you want to know what was seen as high literature in the 18th and 19th century? Roman and Greek classics, preferably in the original. Even translations were considered trash too. Of course this statement now shows that I'm insecure about my education, right?

    6. I replied to this but it didn't get posted, Aaron.

    7. Yes, "Kev", your reply didn't get posted. How perceptive of you. This happened because instead of addressing my points you just did what is called, in the field of shady rhetorics, "moving the goalposts", and I've got no interest in playing that game since I find it to be a waste of time. If you now want to reply, "What are you afraid of, Aaron, don't you want your readers to form their own opinion" or some bullshit like that, then I can already tell you that you'll be wasting your time. This nonsense won't get approved either.

      To give you an example: if I write "The sky is blue", and you respond, "The sky is red", then I may take some time to explain why the sky really is blue. However, at that point my patience is at an end. If you then write, "Oh, let's forget about the sky. Look, the water is orange!", then I just have to ignore you. Yes, of course, mainstream media have an "equal time for nutjobs" policy, and in humanities seminars at college people are allowed to say the most absurd things without the lecturer interfering, but those are intellectually toxic milieus I'm just not interested in. I won't spend my time on people with dishonest motives, or who lack the mental capability to understand that their reasoning is flawed.

  3. I think "Kev" is conflating the experience and options of a small percentage of women with the vast majority. Kev is talking about "hot" women, this would be around 1/20. Sorry but most people let alone most women are not "hot" they are average.

    Sure some very attractive chick will have many options even when she is 30 but you are talking about a small minority. The VAST majority of average women are going to have it much harder at 30, we are talking about general behaviour and problems.

    If what Kev is saying is true why do women over 30 lie about their age? Why is it considered rude to ask a woman her age past 25? Why does this phenomenon even exist? I haven't met a single woman who turned 30 and was not worried by this - because they do not approach so they have no "control" over which men they meet, if they don't approach (98% of western women do not) they have to wait and hope.

  4. This is how I see it and this is originally posted by Assanova at Real Made Men when that blog was up two years ago. The date of this article is November 3rd, 2011.

    "Women around the country are celebrating feminism. They all think that they’ve won the war of the sexes. Women appear to be winning, while the men appear to be losing. However, ultimately, it is the women who are losing.

    Why would I say that? I say it because older men are actively educating younger men on the fallacies of women. We have an entire community dedicated to teaching men about the dangers of marriage, the free paycheck(s) that women get in divorce, how men get screwed in the court system and child custody battles, how women only have their own self-interests in mind, etc. And we have more and more men speaking-up about their own very bad experiences with women.

    However, when you look at the other side of the sexes, older women don’t appear to be educating the up and coming generation about men that make terrible fathers, men that constantly cheat, men that have no intention of committing, etc. All you have are women educating women about how to get the guy that is the most alpha, handsomest, richest, etc. All of this with a rose colored tent.

    What older women are doing, is what men use to do when we encouraged younger men to get the hottest girl they could find, without looking at the potential negatives. Older women are completely turning a blind eye to how certain groups of men are screwing over women. When Kim Kardashian screws over a guy, we say “Hey, told you so. Avoid women like her at all costs.” to younger men. But when Brad Pitt screws over his wife, older women cheer him on, and encourage younger women to go after men like him. At best, you might get a “He’s such a player. Tee, hee.”.

    Why aren’t older women saying to younger women “My husband gave me an STD, and he cheats on me all of the time.”, “I have a kid by a deadbeat dad and I’m struggling to pay bills.”, “My boyfriend beat the crap out of me.”, “I am a single mother and I have no time to myself.”, “My demands were too high, and I waited too long to find a man. Now, none of the decent ones want me.”, and then educating the naive by drilling it in and saying “That guy or lifestyle sounds good now, I’ve been there, and trust me, you will pay for it in the long run.”? More experienced women aren’t educating the naive. And it is for that reason why women are losing, and the men are winning."

    So with that Aaron is spot on in his viewpoint of the biggest mistake that women make in the dating market. I'm 24 and just left the US military and I look forward to being an older man out there in the dating market. Women on the other hand that are my age if they have not secured a man starting now they will be in trouble in the next five to ten years. Good article Aaron!

    1. Thanks for posting this! I think I'll have to make a separate post about how men teach other men, and how women mess up each others life. I've witnessed some really bizarre mother/daughter dynamics, and I'll share them on this blog soon.

    2. I would love to read this one!

  5. Great post. The flipside of the situation you describe is that the biggest mistake men could make is settling down TOO SOON. Unlike women, a guy's market value will generally increase with age, which begs the question why a guy would ever want to comform to the still rather widespread custom of settling in his mid-20s or early 30s with a woman more or less the same age.

    1. Excellent point! For guys, 30 can indeed be the new 20, and if you've got options, just use them. Personally, I think that guys should only start considering a relationship if they want to have children. Especially from this angle, the thought of taking an older woman is nothing but bizarre. She has had her chance, and it was her choice to blow it.

    2. That's true. A very good friend of mine became a father recently at age 37. He had gotten tired of chasing skirt and decided it would be nice to start a family. His girlfriend is 24 and (still) very good-looking. I patted him on the back last time I saw him and called him a genious. He smiled knowingly...

  6. So, Aaron, your tip to women is: Search for a husband early on and search actively. See I summed it up in one sentence quite nicely. You're welcome. :) My point in this paragraph is: You're bunching a lot in one article and some pretty important shit too:
    - accidental pregnancies (Yes, you have to "forget" more than one of the pills of your labeled (!) birth control to get pregnant.)
    - deliberate harm to the social contract done by women (more on that one see paragraph below)
    You shouldn't waste all that in one article. Just my 2 cents.

    AS: "To some of you this strategy surely sounds familiar: being the little errand boy for some woman you're interested in and hoping that this will somehow lead to some kind of tangible reward like, I don't know, blow jobs for helping them move."
    Forget about blowjobs don't expect anything in return. Most likely you'll get jack shit in return. If the man moves, say a week later, count on it: she'll be busy.
    Women harm the unspoken contract to return a favor almost constantly by the "power" of their pussies, which they will twist in their minds to the power of their "great" personalities.

    1. There is one talk I heard on TED which was very good - it was by a girl called Meg Jay titled something like "Why 30 is not the new 20". Her point was exactly along these lines - 20s are your time to make a lot of big decision. Each of these take a lot of time so you want to lay the foundation as early on as possible.

  7. Hi Sleazy!
    What about men who do not have much life success after 30. Not all men will be like George Clooney, only a minority does.

    1. Thanks for the question. I made a note, and hope that I'll soon find the time to answer it on the blog.

  8. Sleazy, the point you are making is observed in a very interesting way here in India due to the whole "arranged marriage" thing. When a girl is in her late teens and early twenties, she is bombarded with attention with a fair number of attractive guys - tall, rich, good looking. However, most of these guys have zero intentions of marrying her.

    This however has a very bad effect on a girl psyche about the kind of guy she "should" get. If she does not manage to find a guy for the long term by this point, her parents would start introducing her to various guys with the express purpose of marriage.

    Almost all these guys fall way below the usual level of attractive guys that hit on her in her early 20s. However, this is a lot more "logical" approach which reflects her real value in the marriage market in a much better fashion. Needless to say, most women are terribly disappointed!

    I have more than a few female friends in this situation, and the problem just keeps getting worse for them as time passes by for the reasons you outlined.

    What is worse is that a lot of women, even in their late 20s and early 30s that I know have still not let go of their knight in shining armor kind of dreams, and that they might marry their own version of "Mr. Big". A lot of women seem to want the sex appeal of the guys of her early 20s, along with the stability factor that they might want in a guy who they want to get married to.

    Some women are indeed lucky to find the happy balance in their late 20s, but most are not

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Johnny! What I've experienced here in the West is that sometimes the mothers push their daughters really hard to advance a casual relationship. This might be some bizarre stuff like the mother wanting to get to know you and inviting you for dinner when all you did was bang her daughter a couple of times. Of course they tell their parents that you're their current "boyfriend". Presumably the mothers have seen too many "boyfriends" come and go, and now, finally, a guy that isn't a complete loser showed up, and they try to help her daughter to reel you in.

      Some mothers tell their daughters not to waste their time or are more expressive by painting horror scenarios like "if you don't find someone soon you'll be left over" (certainly the stuff of nightmares among young girls in conservative areas in Germany). They may also suggest to their daughters to consider this or that guy. In more conservative environments, it's also very common that parents arrange "dates", and if not dates, then at least opportunities for you to meet someone else's daughter, which they thought might be a good match. Then there is an activity like two families having dinner in some restaurant on the country side, and afterwards your parents and the parents of the girl disappear for a while, like taking a walk together, while you and the girl should stay back and "have dessert" or something like that. This can be quite awkward, but at the very least you'll practice the art of small talk. I haven't witnessed stronger forms of parental attempts at matchmaking, but I'm sure they still exist in higher social strata. What you describe is common among the European aristocracy, for instance.

  9. Guys, the best and most astute description of all of the pitfalls and "secrets" of male & female interaction, about why we've actually always lived in a matriarchy with some useful idiots being allowed to ACT as macho men, but being prohibited from actually being free & independent men, was written by - believe it or not - a really great and intelligent woman, by Esther Vilar and her three groundbreaking books are: "The Manipulated Man", "The Polygamous Sex: A Man's Right to Two Women" and "The End of Manipulation". They are as true today as they were in the middle of the 70ties.

    That said, Aaron, you're spot on with your analysis once again.

    1. Thanks for mentioning those books! I only knew about "The Manipulated Man", a book every guy should read, but didn't know about the others.

  10. The thing is, what is a woman supposed to do if she wants to focus on her career/education for a bit? (yes, I am a man) Or if they just never want to get married, for whatever reason.

    Also, how am I supposed to get laid outside of a relationship if every woman does what you suggest, lol.

    1. There is plenty of time for her to get a degree. However, if she prioritizes her "career" over getting a family, she'll have to pay the price for it. Of course, they don't have to get married. Women tend to want to have a partner, though. If this wasn't the case, then we wouldn't see any of those "Why you should date women in their 30s" articles.

  11. Yeah, the three books belong together. "The Polygamous Sex" is less polemic, but even the more insightful, because she dissects (among other aspects) what the different flavors of "love" actually are, which is nothing short of "Heureka!"-eyeopening. And in "The End of Manipulation" she proposes a new societal model for the organization of labor, which would promote actual equality and enable real relationships between men and women based on actual mutual love. During the times of Willy Brandt those concepts were regarded highly inspirational, but none of them were in any way transformed into concrete politics, of course… And since we both speak German: they are conveniently available in a dtv-single volume edition for the ridiculous amount of € 11,90:

    PS: Thanks for initiating my current personal Schopenhauer-phase, by recommending some essays of his to me. I'm really getting hooked on his crack…

    1. Thanks for letting me know about that edition. I'll try getting a hold of it.

      Regarding Schopenhauer, I can recommend the 5 volume set of complete works that is published by Suhrkamp. I think it's the only one that is easily available. Last time I checked, the so-called "Zurich edition" (Züricher Ausgabe) was out of print. You occasionally find it offered by hoarders for inflated prices, though. If you don't intend to quote for academic papers, you'll do fine with the Suhrkamp edition.

  12. Here is the link for "The Polygamous Sex", a heavy corpus indeed:,Esther/PolygamousSex3.html

  13. Why has "Kev" never answeres! Too afraid to admit that he/she was wrong?

    1. His responses weren't approved by the blog owner, as mentioned above.

    2. He never replied to my responses anyway, but instead made some new claims that were rather unrelated to the previous discussion. Had he been interested in an honest discussion, he would have tried to defend his original position instead.

  14. hi aaron,

    a good articel so far. but can you describe what men can do proacrively to avoid such pitfalls?

    what should men nowadays do to get along in this area? do you have an agenda?


  15. Hi,

    my follow-up article, which will focus on the situation of men is almost done. Stay tuned!

  16. Wow, i could relate too this.. well well its a advantage for some men and disadvantage too. just by knowing that some (most) women are ego (is it the wrong way to think like that?) you can se things before it happens. if you could reply Aaron i appreciate : )

  17. So Aaron.

    This thread is a bit old, maybe I'll post it in a newer post, but:

    What do you think about the Gerard Piqué and Shakira's fling?

    She is exactly 10 years older than him. Why would a guy like him choose a woman like so older? He can have any girl he wants and doesn't need Shakira's money because he is rich himself.

    1. I've never heard of Gerard Pique and had to look him up, but I know who Shakira is. In short, I can see why a professional football player would want to pursue a well-off high-status woman instead of some random chick who might want to trick him into pregnancy or marriage and take off with a good chunk of his assets some years later.

  18. Wow, this article opened my eyes in so many ways. Girlfriend I met in 2011, spent all her 20s partying hard, now age 31 and still out at the bar, dancing, smoking, drinking and dating married men (I didn't know this when I met her.) We met and on our second date, she jumped my bones and I enjoyed it immensely. We started dating heavy.

    Every month that went by, she would say "I think I'm pregnant" which I soon learned translated to "I wish I was pregnant." She had no life other than her minimum wage job, going out and watching television - oh, yes, and the topic of her nails and her hair was a BIG one for conversation.

    She was beautiful and great in bed, though, and I put up with her jealousy, her almost-total illiteracy, her mess of a family.

    Until it was enough. Now she is 33 and what is she doing tonight, as I see on Facebook? At a bar, drinking, smoking cigarettes outside the venue, and...hoping some guy will hit on her, marry her, make her pregnant, happily ever after.

    Dream on, honey...


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