Sunday, February 7, 2016

Roosh is not as big a loser as the Daily Mail claims

I never thought that I would publicly defend Roosh, but this post will amount to at least a partial defense of him. What happened was that the Daily Mail recently posted a scathing article in which Roosh was ridiculed and depicted as a loser. Some people sent me gleeful emails pointing me to the Daily Mail article Not so cool now! Pro-rape pick-up artist pictured in a sweat-stained T-shirt at the door of his mother's home (where he lives in the BASEMENT!). Just look at it:

This article is nothing but a hatchet job, though. Let's just get one thing out of the way first: I don't know about Roosh's statements about legalizing rape. If he indeed wrote that it should be legal to rape women on private property, he may want to get his head checked. I do know that he wrote that he raped several women. Whether this is true is another story. It's quite possible that he only makes such statements in order to appeal to his sexually frustrated audience, and to gain notoriety.
Let's have a brief look at the roughly ten years of Roosh the Internet has witnessed: he quit a corporate job, and has been cashing in on selling pickup guides to gullible men. Had he just written a few books, this would not necessarily make him stand out. However, he most likely realized early on that he won't be able to plausibly and profitably write about pickup in his 50s, so he branched out and started covering other topics, such as the state of the Western world, feminism, and anything else disenfranchised and sexually frustrated men may want to use as an excuse for their perceived failures. From what I gather, he is a typical case of the blind leading the blind. He can barely get laid in the West, or anywhere else, really, but somehow managed to find the admiration of guys who get laid even less. This is no easy feat.

Roosh made a risky gamble. Having a decent corporate job was not good enough. On the other hand, sustaining yourself as an author is not particularly easy. Thus, he chose to use notoriety as a means for getting attention. After all, you are not going to get much traction if you tell the world that you can't get laid in 2/3 of the countries you visit, and in the rare instance where you do manage to get a "flag" you end up writing a book praising that country. His bet was that he would get a lot of attention by making crass statements about women and Western society in general. This certainly gets some attention. Heck, he has been on national TV. Guys who don't like to hear that looks, money, status (and location) is what gets you laid end up thinking that Roosh understands their plight. There are millions of such guys around.

On the other hand, some parts of the Internet may not look too kindly upon a guy who makes highly questionable statements online, and promotes clearly misogynist views on his sites. As a highlight, look up posts like "5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder". You  wonder what kind of people Roosh associates with. That article has over 3000 comments, and was picked up by several big online brands. What could be bad about notoriety, then? As it turned out, Roosh has taken it too far. Apparently he is getting death threats nowadays. Having beer thrown in his face, which got mentioned by sites like Vice or the Huffington Post, was comparably minor in comparison. We can safely establish that the online persona Roosh has primarily been spread through notoriety, and proudly wore the label of being the world's most infamous misogynist.

You may not like what Roosh is doing, but you should not believe the depiction of the Daily Mail that he is a broke loser who lives in his mother's basement --- even if he really is living in his mother's basement at the moment. His books have been sustaining him for years. His marketing strategy certainly is dubious, but, in economic terms he is hardly a loser. It's not as if he is living off food stamps or trying to make ends meet as a barista. My best guess is that Roosh has enough money to live very comfortably in an Eastern European country. He most certainly also has enough to comfortably sustain himself in any Western country. Besides, it's not as if he is keen on knocking up some broad and be her life-long meal ticket. Thus, for his level of ambition he has most certainly done very well for himself: he has no financial worries, does not have to bother with a day job, and can spend his time more or less as he sees fit. He has furthermore achieved a rather unusual level of personal freedom. I would wager money that he makes a lot more than than anybody below executive level at the Daily Mail, and most if not all feminists who bitch against him online.

But what about the backlash from the public? Well, that's the negative aspect of his notoriety. Roosh quite clearly painted himself into a corner. With his public exposure, and his writings, there is very little chance that he will ever make it back into corporate America. This fact is key for understanding his behavior. Quite frankly, I am reasonably certain that it eventually dawned on him that there is no way back, so instead of doing damage control, and trying to return to a more mainstream career, which is something he apparently decided against, he doubled down again, and again, and again. Quite possibly he enjoyed increased revenues through book sales that came from increased media exposure. Yet, this golden goose laid a couple of foul eggs as well. It is quite remarkable that there are nowadays posters warning the public that he is a sexual predator:

How is that for having a bad reputation?

This leads to the question how Roosh will ever get out of the mess he is in? Frankly, I don't think he really wants to. He will lay down for a while, and once the death threat subside, he will put up another self-congratulatory post up in which he describes how he raped another "dumb bitch" in some third world country, and his audience will eat it up. You may not like what he is doing, but, in financial terms, he is certainly not a loser.


  1. Where did he say he raped someone? I've read his site for a few years and that's news to me.

    As for income he's said that it is similar to if he had stayed working full time with his biochem degree and worked up, so about 65-85K. I think some years he clears 100K. When he rents he gets regular places which in Eastern Europe are 500-800/mo.

    While it's not huge money it is huge freedom and everything is a trade off in life. It is very good earnings for not doing a lot.

    I agree with the rest of your analysis. Roosh is provocative and this escalation is natural in a way and necessary. Roosh might be rattled temporarily by death threats but he's fairly emotionally flat, perhaps a bit dead inside, which he has been open about on his blog, so he won't be fazed for long.

    Now that's done with the slut parade it's natural to scale up to politics.

    Which is really why all this heat came down on him.

    It's not the pro-rape satire piece or a bit of clickbait marketing articles. The media used that as an excuse to attack without consequence to them.

    Politics with attendant organization in the real world actually matter. It's rare and difficult to engage in. Few do it and even fewer get even as far as he has. This isn't some minor scribbled together political agenda. It's a moderately solid platform and could gain traction.

    No matter how minor the start, real-world meetings around the world for men with traditional views are potentially a threat to the media manipulators agenda. He's a nationalist, would support Germany for Germans for example, and his other related views are anti-establishment. He's bound to rattle the cage of our modern unfree society.

    It's good theatre if nothing else. People should realize the agenda of the media and who the owners are to get deeper insight.

    1. I dimly recall at least one instance where he described that he had forced himself upon a girl. I may be wrong, so let's just call him an "alleged rapist". It's not as if it makes much of a difference for the argument.

    2. I seem to recall people talking about his 'bang iceland' book containing a rape.

      I'm still trying to read bang myself. But damn... I'm just not masochistic enough. (he says he has a 1 in 3 success rate from cold approach).

    3. Don't look at what he says,looks what he does. One of the biggest give always of a man without game is moving to poorer countries. Always has been.

      With regards to his income-what do you expect him to say?That he makes 500$ a month?Surely not.His "books" are absolute vomit and don't really sell that well. Do a simple math and you will see that he will hardly reach over 1000-1500 a month, together with advertising on his sites.

      Also a Bsc in microbiology will only land you a simple paper moving office job or a lab techician at best.Cerainly not 65k a year.

  2. I certainly understand the mixed impulse to defend this guy. At my work it's easy to see a newspaper stand, and the very front page of one about 4-5 days back was this guys face. Under his face was: "Hateful and Violent", and they were talking/bragging about how he was "not welcome in Vancouver". I'm far from a fan of Roosh, but violent? Is it really true that he or his followers are violent? I've certainly avoided his website and "community", but that's definitely not the impression I've gotten. The people libeling Roosh are just as hateful as Roosh, and considering the physical attacks he's been subjected to, considerably more violent.

  3. The above comment is mine. I switched to Google Chrome and it reset my commenting.

    BTW, much faster than Mozilla.

  4. hahaha, every time you speak his name, you make him richer, ironically....

    now, uh, if the "rapes" were really happening in Cologne, don't you think he'd be there where the Frauliens can't resist Arab men instead of Maryland, USof-fuckinA. That's the biggest indictment to me that it is just a bunch of racist Europeans crying wolf/false flag operation instead of something real.

    1. Maybe lay down the weed for a while. Your comment is a complete non-sequitur. Just for the sake of argument, let's assume Roosh is beyond doubt a pro-rape advocate. Do you think this gives him the ability to travel back in time and teleport himself to Cologne, so that he could join the Arab crowd of harassers?


  6. "Maybe lay down the weed for a while. Your comment is a complete non-sequitur. Just for the sake of argument, let's assume Roosh is beyond doubt a pro-rape advocate. Do you think this gives him the ability to travel back in time and teleport himself to Cologne, so that he could join the Arab crowd of harassers?"

    Sleazy, you no get my low class 'murican humor?

    I could unpack it but that would "kill" the joke...

    Anyways the punchline is essentially there is no virtue in standing up for someone who wouldn't stand up for you and would likely go out of their way to hurt you in real life.

    Is Rooshiepoops a raypist (tm)? Your fellow M(h)RA Dean Esmay is convinced Yessir-e-bob. I would ask if his stories are fiction or not. I think it's even been stated here that his stories are likely made up or based on encounters with prostitutes.

    So that leads me to my next bad joke (which nicely ties in to your drug reference and dig at my less than stellar character.)

    Let's say I am arrested because of the draconian drug laws in my backwards nation. My cell mate is none other than Roosh V. Hearing about his insatiable sexual appetite and preferring to remain a virgin to anal rape, I pre-emptively and brutally beat him. Does this make me A) a hom-0-phobe -or- B) an Islam-0-phobe?

    Inquiring minds want to know....

    (There is, of course answer C that I am a pragmatic risk taker and beating him up and spending a few days in solitary will only enhance my reputation and make my stay safer, but this doesn't fit in the ideological fire walls of ault-reichers, feminists and other "know it all's of the internets.") --and I've already killed the humor here so WTF???

    1. Jesus christ man. Stay off the weed/peyote whatever.

      Did you just type out an rape/revenge fantasy involving roosh here?

      Dude you are acting fucking weird.

  7. The post where he spoke about allegedly legalizing rape is this

    he has since added a disclaimer calling it "satire". everyone draw you own conclusions.

    also, a well balanced article by a journalist disliking Roosh while defending his right to free speech at the same time. I think it is worth a read


  8. It is truly mind-boggling how dim-witted these leftist are. Don't they realize that they are essentially helping Roosh achieve world-wide notoriety?! The traffic to his websites was falling drastically all the way through 2015, almost halving, but now it shot up right in the stratosphere and Roosh gets even more viewers thanks to those feminist idiots, who pretty much gave him free PR.

    This meet-up would essentially be nothing more than a couple of average (or below average) men drinking beer and discussing how feminism sucks, if SJW would have just ignored it. But now it is all over the news and Roosh's book sales are going to skyrocket. I hate to admit it, but Roosh pretty much checkmated these idiots in their own game and it barely took any effort.

    1. I wonder, did his traffic drop after his re-branding to the useless neomasculinity thing?

      And yes, he is going to make quite some money out of this. First time I saw his name pop up in my pc/leftist group of friends.

  9. I agree that all the meet-up would have been is a bunch of average/below average men chugging some brews and bitching about feminism and "cucks." Not actually causing any harm to anyone.

    I think the "feminists," or "SJW"'s have taken it a bit far with the death threats. I don't seem to like feminism too much the more I hear of it. On the other hand, I don't like Roosh either. Although the feminists are getting out of control, I'm quite sure Roosh claimed that he'd like to sexually assault one last summer on Twitter, so he's equally as immature.

    Even though I can't stand Roosh, I don't consider him to be a "huckster" or a con man. I bet he makes pretty good money, but it doesn't look like he monetizes as well he could on his sites. You have to think the average ROK follower is pretty dumb. Some of them would probably buy dogshit if they felt it would help "keep them in state," "hold their frame," or "be more alpha." Roosh could really be draining these guys bank accounts if he wanted to.

  10. Is it just me or did this thing really expose Roosh all over the web, at least? Suddenly I'm seeing articles about him in places I never expected them. If Aaron is right about Roosh's intentions then Roosh has scored big this time.

  11. Can't everybody see that you are HELPING HIM MAKE MONEY with all that noise about "pro-rape" ??????
    He is a publicity-seeker. The more audience, more he can charge in lectures and meetings.

    1. Although a bit extreme, Roosh is part of the "anti-feminist" movement and someone actually looking to change things.

      So I don't see anything bad in giving him publicity.

    2. Actually looking to change? Yeah, just like rok is a self improvement blog. (im being sarcastic).

      He is the fucking gawker of the manosphere. Just as bad as them.

      And he is making shit worse, as now you if you are anti-feminsm and sound a bit like a rok reader, you get labelled as one.

      The feminism movement never threw out the crazies, because they were on the 'good side of the fight'. And now you plan to make the same mistake as them.

      Anti-feminism is not the same as being anti gay, pro censorship, pro traditional values, and all the other stuff roosh is constantly shouting about.

    3. Actually anon (as above).February 19, 2016 at 9:38 AM

      If you want a social movement to fail miserable. (That means, let them stick to the sidelines, never really influencing society at large in a real meaningful way). Let all crazy people in. Allow the 'the end justifies the means' people to take over your social movement.

      When the infighting starts, the social movement will cull itself over and over again.

    4. The fact I don't like feminism is not because of the crazy SJW. It's because I don't like the core "values" of feminism. Couldn't care less if it's
      - some fat frustrated SJW or
      - some hot dominant 30-woman looking for her knight in shining armor
      that promotes feminism.

  12. Roosh is kind of a nut, but the mass publicity and attempts to ban him are just silly. If he wants to come to Vancouver, and have a meeting with a bunch of other guys who cannot get laid, so they can all complain about it, who cares?
    A lot of people are not smart enough to realize that the right to free speech may involve people saying things you may not want to hear.

    1. Just like that same amount of people are not smart enough to realize he just thrives on all the us vs them free publicity.

      Just wait, he will be a hero for the neomasculinity, anti feminism, anti whatever they are against crowd.


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