Monday, April 4, 2016

Beauty vs The Glow of Youth

Before the MGTOW movement gained a significant foothold online, most men tended to speak in an obsequious manner about women. In fact, it used to be a more or less uncontested view in the mainstream that even aged women had "dignity" and still looked beautiful --- in stark contrast to reality, which has girls mature faster than boys, and women age at a dramatically accelerated pace, compared to men.
It's one thing to look at pictures of an actress at age 20, and at age 30 or 35, where she is still quite good-looking. Pictures of famous people are frequently manipulated and thus a poor representation of reality. Also, you don't know how much plastic surgery they have had. Enhanced noses, lips, and tits are only easy to identify if the modifications tended towards the garish. It can be safely assumed that financially well-off women age much more gracefully since they can always pay their favorite beauty surgeon a visit.

This brings me to the opposite, regular women. Probably every boy who attended a co-ed high school may recall that a reasonable percentage of girls was certainly not ugly. My recollection, which transferred to university studies as well, is that a random sample of women in those age groups contains a much greater percentage of attractive women than the post-university crowd. Sure, if you look at women well in their 30s, this is not a great surprise. However, even if you focus on women who are roughly in the 25 to 30 age bracket, it makes you wonder what all the good-looking teenage girls evolved into.

In fact, this was an observation recently shared by a friend of mine, who dryly commented that there are basically three categories of women: unattractive ones, attractive ones, and a third one: those who are attractive as long as they are young. This struck me as a rather sarcastic statement, but as I thought some more about it, it struck me as a rather deep insight. Think about it: if a person has physically attractive features, say a dominant chin for men, or high cheekbones for women, then those features, assuming proper nutrition, will still be noticeable in individuals in their 30s and 40s. In fact, any genuinely attractive woman in her 30s will have such clear beauty attributes.

Indeed, you sometimes see regular women in their 30s or 40s who are still very good looking. Of course, they are no longer 20, but they are nonetheless attractive. At the other end of the spectrum, you have ugly kids who grow into ugly adults. Yet, the third category is more interesting: look at a group of random teenagers --- objectively, not as sexual objects --- and it becomes obvious. Many boys have "boyish good looks", which will dissipate. Likewise, the not-ugly-not-beautiful girls have the glow of youth, which they will lose --- and won't be able to replicate with a bronzer in her mid-20s, let alone 30s. Thus, you end up with such a lot of rather unremarkably looking women, once their youth has worn off.

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  1. I'm 26 and I was thinking the very same thing a few days ago. The facial features of girls start to become more noticable and more sharp after they hit 25. And you can't do anything, but come to the conclusion that men are as beautiful as women (in terms of distribution of aeshetics). It's only youth that gives women the edge and the opportunity to be picky.

  2. Didn't our hero SCHOPENHAUER write about this extensively in his Pararga & Paralipomena? ("Ueber die Weiber").

    To directly quote the master in English:

    "With girls, nature has had in view what is called in a dramatic sense a “striking effect,” for she endows them for a few years with a richness of beauty and a fulness of charm at the expense of the rest of their lives; so that they may during these years ensnare the fantasy of a man to such a degree as to make him rush into taking the honourable care of them, in some kind of form, for a lifetime – a step which would not seem sufficiently justified if he only considered the matter. Accordingly, Nature has furnished woman, as she has the rest of her creatures, with the weapons and implements necessary for the protection of her existence and for just the length of time that they will be of service to her; so that Nature has proceeded here with her usual economy. Just as the female ant after coition loses her wings, which then become superfluous, nay, dangerous for breeding purposes, so for the most part does a woman lose her beauty after giving birth to one or two children; and probably for the same reasons."

    Q.E.D. ;)

    1. I know. In fact, I was tempted to include a Schopenhauer reference. However, he speaks of women in general, which is certainly not true. I think there is another passage in that Schopenhauer text where he speaks of the unfortunate situation of women who neither have beauty nor wealth, so presumably he was only thinking of good-looking girls in your quotation.

  3. Just to add: with regard to today's open criticism of men towards women – it seems to me that this is a core feature of the problems of current trends of so-called "equality" between ♂ & ♀, in that women got license to (and used to) openly and harshly criticize men, of course sometimes rightfully and sometimes unfairly. But they still haven't got accustomed to equal kind of criticism from the male side in return. Thus men are expected to accept almost any criticism no matter how harsh it may be, whereas women must still continuously be pampered and treated with kid gloves – even if is were unjustified. No wonder many men secretly cannot take women seriously nowadays…

  4. A phenomenon I have noticed is when dating both Western and Asian girls, is that the latter somehow appears much younger than the former, perhaps due to lifestyle choice. East and Southeast Asian girls somehow appears younger than Western girls.

    Here in the US, it's not abnormal to think a girl in her 23 as being 35 years old, at least in the eyes of an East Asian guy.

    1. The perception is not much different for a Western guy. There are plenty of women who look 25 who are in fact barely 18 (and 14 year olds who look like 18). It's quite ridiculous how poor the lifestyle choices of some women are. Due to a fast metabolism they may think nothing of living off fast food, recreational drugs and cock, but their bodies age very quickly. Some basically degrade right in front of you. This is of course an exaggeration, but I have met women who went from being solid 8s to complete trash over the course of about two years in their early to mid-20s.

    2. I'd say with the generally higher appearance of "youthfullness" about Asian girls, genetics is also a major thing to factor in , as well as with Asian guys (occasionally to the detriment & frustration of the latters).

      E. g. at a karate seminar the previous month I met a Japanese girl, who had effectively grown up in Australia and had been rather "commonwealthed" in many ways. Ok, she's been living a healthy lifestyle with regular sports, good nutrition, doesn't smoke and sports only a very limited intake of alcohol, but I also know enough Caucasian women with a similar lifestyle... point is: she looked & behaved incredibly energized, youthful, "fresh" and fun (albeit at times a bit too capricious and slightly spoiled). I'd have estimated her age at about between 25 and 30 at max. Eventually I had to hide my shocked surprise behind somewhat of a smile when she told me, that her actual age was 42 (in full words: "forty-two years old").
      Even if you take her intense karate-background (san-dan = 3. Dan) out oftheequation or compare such a woman to a Caucasian woman of comparable age & sports practice, on average it would be almost impossible for most Western women to project the same natural sense of youthfulness. I'd say with most Asian their healthy & vital appearance is also very much caused by their genes.

  5. The trend I notice is young women devote a lot of time to their looks. Then, once they land a guy, they stop doing maintenance. If you take care of yourself, you can probably at least stay average for quite a while. This seems to be common for both sexes.

  6. "Some basically degrade right in front of you. This is of course an exaggeration"
    That's an exaggeration? I have heard way more outrageous stuffs.

  7. Great to see this article. Me and all my friends started noticing and commenting on this a while back. We assumed its a local thing.

    But yeah a lot of girls we knew to be "tens" when they were 17 to 21, suddenly, out of nowhere, overnight morphed into 4s at age 23. Like they lose all their feminine features, its like they're different people.

    And this isn't just girls our generation. This isn't me commenting on girls who were 19 when I was 19. Through my social circles I am friends with females of all ages. So for example there are girls i've known since they were 16 (and I was 25), and watched them grow, get older right in front of me. They turn into beautiful women by 19, and then by 23 they turn into an old lady. It's like wtf!?

    It seems nature is unkind to most females...

    a related category of girls is the "only attractive if super skinny" category

    The girls with the best genetics look hot even when not-super-skinny. Talking from real-world experience where I know a skinny chick, and she's hot.. she gains a little bit of weight, and she's still hot.

    And then there are other girls, you meet her when she's skinny, she's super hot. She gains even a little bit of weight, and all of a sudden she looks like a troll.

  8. This article is so accurate even though it's definitely considered "politically incorrect" by most :P Funny enough, I was actually thinking something along the same lines of this not too long ago. I came across a picture of a girl on Facebook that I went on a few dates with a couple years ago and she went from being easily an "8" at age 23 to a "5" at best now at the age of 25. Now, to be somewhat fair, it could have just been a bad pic but she aged horribly in a matter of just 2 years from the looks of things. She doesn't appear to have gained any weight but she looks like she could pass for a 30 year old now.

  9. Right now, in my early 20's, I'd actually say that the girls are
    hotter now than back in high school. Some girls have aged poorly
    (hell, some girls peaked in grade 10 and were already way less hot in
    grade 12), and some girls have stayed the same, and some girls have
    gotten way hotter. In particular, I recently ran into this one formerly cute, but not very hot girl, who apparently turned into a goddamn smokeshow sometime in the past few years. Alternatively, this one girl I had an enourmous crush on in high school is totally unnoticeable anymore. It's like her face got kinda longer or something. Hard to say.

    For some of the older guys here, is it predictable? I don't think it's too hard to believe that Rachel McAdams is going to age better than Miley Cyrus, but is that really true? Alek seems to suggest that it's hard to predict, like some girls just get their hotness stolen away from them one year, but there has to be some patterns here.

    1. The pattern is that it will happen to about 90% of the hotties you know right now. About 90% of them will no longer be hot in 2-4 years. They'll uglify right in front of your eyes.

  10. This is a phenomenon I personally find really sad. I met this friend recently who is currently about 29/30. I had hooked up with her a few years back, and she was so hot! It almost feels like she aged 10 years in the last 3-4. When I met her recently, I was almost thinking, what the hell just happened to her, or maybe I was deluded in my thinking a few years back?

    Another girl I met recently from my high school days - back then, she was one of the most attractive girls in the town, and really popular. Now while she is still attractive and good looking, but at 29, she seems to have long lost the "stunning" looks, which would make every guy turn heads and gawk at her.

    I personally find this a bit sad, especially considering how much girls are judged on their attractiveness .

    1. Hard to say if it's "sad" insofar a lady exploited her looks in her prime (i.e. used Betas by hanging a carrot stick in the faint hope of a hookup or a committed relationship). In this case, I can "get" why some betas feel some measure of "aha" comfort (albeit a bit unhealthy) when a girl hits the "wall".

      In my experience, at least in a major urban centre, ladies can still look hot even if past 25 years old. Think eating right (i.e. not a lot, lol), living right (yoga, refrain from smokes, etc.) and buying nice clothes (heels, makeup, etc). BUT I'm sure those same ladies are not as hot as their pre-25 self. Hard to say because when I see such post-25 ladies, I don't have their pre-25 comparator!

      Rational Male discusses the different "SMVs". Feminists would like us to believe that women "peak" at 35-ish.

      Nice that both Johnny and Sleazy are still posting! Keep it up!!

  11. In this case, wouldn't it be wiser to marry a girl when she is 25, because if she is still good-looking at this age, she will probably still be in the future ?

    I noticed this phenomenon as well. Former hotties becoming average girls with age or with only a little bit of fat. I think that's why I prefer slightly chubby (I said slightly) girls, because if they are still hot with a little bit of fat, things cannot go worse.


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