Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Real and Pretend Age of Women in Online Dating

Part of my Tinder research was about the age claims women make. To give more of a hint: I recently received a manuscript on a guide on how to effectively meet women on Tinder, which someone wanted to get feedback on. One of the statements in that text was that women tend to manipulate their age in two ways:

- some younger women may increase their age in order to appeal to older guys
- quite a few older women may decrease their age in order to deceive potential suitors

I thought there was some truth to both, even though my initial reaction was that this is not the whole truth. The first statement was particularly interesting. In all honesty, I am shocked how careless some of the women are with regards to privacy. Some write so much that you can easily identify them online. Some have even have their full name in their profile, because they were so smart to use their real name as part of their Instagram account. So, I did some research, and was able to confirm that there are indeed some women who bump their age up by two or three years. I guess if you are an 18 year old girl and have a thing for older guys, it may make sense to increase your age slightly. This is not at all a new phenomenon, though. I occasionally met women in real life who later on confessed that they were younger than they first claimed, "but I did it because I didn't want to be too young for you". Those of you in your late 20s or 30s picking up girls with daddy issues may have made similar experiences.

That being said, whenever you suspect that a young woman may have increased her age, it is much more likely that you are simply looking at older pictures. Jenny may be 25 in real life, but on her Tinder pictures she is still 20. This is a very common phenomenon, and it gets downright ridiculous. After modifying the filter for the age range in Tinder from a healthy 18 - 25 to 25 - 35, I saw the most absurd things, like women who were clearly in their 30s claiming they were 25. Some may just have been partying too hard for too long, though. All of this is nothing compared to women in their 40s claiming they are in their late 20s. Again, Google is your friend, because of those women some also write so much that you can easily track them down online. Since they are older, they often have LinkedIn accounts, so even if you don't have their date of birth, you only need to add up their professional experience, until you arrive at the conclusion that it was highly unlikely that she started university at 10.

Women have been lying about their age probably since time immemorial. Yet, thanks to technological advances, truth may only be a few clicks away.

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  1. Any time a girl lies to me about her age (saying she's older than she is), I take it as a compliment. She's trying to be more compatible with me. It's like lying about liking the same kind of music I like.

  2. If I would still intend to approach some, any pretended age would be meaningless to me! Here's why: A prentended age can't fake physics. I'm not very picky if it comes to rating looks but still wouldn't date any girl that's obese or looking — let me invent this term — "stone washed" (don't want to label it "used", you know) :-D So, If a girl pretends to be 25 and I wouldn't realize she is in her 30es -> no problem, cause I'd still be with her if everything else fits. A girl simply can't fool me in terms of an SMV because it is the only facet of her that decides on whether I will keep or loose my interest.


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