Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Open Thread: August 2016

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'. 
In short, if you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.


  1. Hi Aaron

    You once linked a study about the average IQ on the African continent being a mere 85.
    Here is more to that: Muslim Inbreeding numbers are extremely high (some 50%+):

    "“The Arab world translates about 330 books annually, one fifth of the number that Greece translates. The cumulative total of translated books since the Caliph Maa’moun’s [sic] time (the ninth century) is about 100,000, almost the average that Spain translates in one year.” (Eugene Rogan ”Arab Books and human development”. Index of Censorship, vol. 33, issue 2 April 2004, p. 152-157). “70 percent of the Turkish citizens never read books.”(APA, 23 February 2009 “)."

    So all the failed integration in the past and the future integration are well explainable. These people are just dumb.

    1. That's a great quote! Inbreeding seems to be a major cause for the severely lacking IQs of the millions of Muslim "alphas" that are now a permanent fixture of the European underclass. Assuming a standard deviation of 15, which is common in IQ tests, then only 2 % of Muslims have an IQ of 115 or higher. With such people you are not going to make any progress in engineering or medicine. Quite frankly, such people are essentially useless in a modern industrialized society.

    2. I'd be careful. I know it's tempting to accept "facts" supporting one's own views quickly. As for the book quote, I tried to get hold of the primary source by Eugene Road (who seems a credible scientist), but, unfortunately, didn't manage.

      However, some food for thought on this inbreeding article, which I did not particularly like:
      - The article is published on a news blog with a very clear mission: campaigning against Islam. And in a quite cheap way in my opinion. This doesn't need to make the facts untrue, but extreme views make me wary
      - While skimming through the primary sources in the article I got more suspicious. They are for my taste too often a) not supporting the "facts", i.e., misquoted; b) really old; c) from weird niche journals with questionable credibility; d) from newspapers that at least partly also do not seem credible to me. It does not mean that this article is complete BS, but it is probably an exaggeration

      And before I get called a leftist troll: I am clearly against bringing 2m uneducated, largely male Arabs into Germany and am the biggest critic on this process amongst people I know; I am disgusted by Merkel and since a number years very upset about her politics; and I am not living in Germany anymore and do not intend to move back anytime soon if ever. I just try to humble myself and maintain a critical perspective on my own views as well, knowing that they are likely limited - even though this does not come naturally to me (I guess this correlates with one's intellect). That includes other topics like women as well btw. I do think that large parts of women are idiots or at the very least unsuitable for a relationship, but that is just a matter of compatibility (and most guys are idiots as well btw).

      I have been reading this blog for around 4 years. Its unconventional views have been very valuable to me, and I still love it for the intellectual competence of Aaron and many of the commenters. But I am getting quite concerned about my own resentful reaction after reading many of the more recent posts and am considering to stop reading altogether.

    3. Rindermann's study "African cognitive ability", which I previously mentioned, is highly renowned. Rogan's paper appeared in the journal Arab Studies Quarterly, which, according to the description on Wikipedia, was created to provide a "platform for academic research to counter anti-Arab propaganda veiled by academic jargon." Thus, I really don't know what you are blabbing on about. I found that paper online in seconds. It is listed on JSTOR, and if you are affiliated to an academic institution, you should have access to it.

      Furthermore, do you seriously want to argue that non-mainstream positions are not credible because they don't appear in mainstream venues? Do you know what circular reasoning is? (For the intellectually inclined, Thomas Kuhn extensively studied progress in the hard sciences and found that even there progress comes from the fringe as the establishment is too busy staking out their claims. Look up Einstein's history, or, for a somewhat more recent example, read up on Akerlof's 'The Market for Lemons", which took him four years to publish, and which eventually led to the award of a Nobel prize in econ (technically, this is not a Nobel prize).

      Of course, if you need to protect your ego, you are welcome to spend your time reading other people's work online.

    4. @ Blue:
      I'm not here to convince you, but since you say you don't live in Germany anymore, I assume you have spent some time there. Did you go to school there? I did, in a Gymnasium in Bavaria. The school was full of muslims (having Eastern European origins I could kind of melt with them, they all considered us as "Kanacken" anyway). And I can tell you that I know not one of them who did not struggle with school, always on the brink of having to re-do a school year. Some of them even went to extra courses (Nachhilfe), and for sure, I had the academic support from home, so I was kind of lucky in that respect as the Bavarian Gymnasium is the most difficult one to obtain an Abitur from, as you surely know. So, yes, school was not easy there.
      Sure, I'm not a scientist, and yes I don't like the muslim culture as I have witnessed it during my school years, but even from a distanced perspective now after a couple of years and after having lived in France for four years (many Muslims there...) I can say this: In my opinion, they are not capable of the same logical thinking as are Western Europeans. And no, I don't want to go full Adolf Hitler and start a race discussion, but there must be a reason why the IQ in Muslim countries is lower than in non Muslim countries.

      And for further reference, esp. on how wealth, IQ and corruption are connected, please take a look at this:

      I find it good that you challenge the sources, but I think you can draw your own conclusions from facts and from comparing two maps.

      Some things are just not nice to acknowledge, but looking facts in the eye is better I think.
      And I believe, that we can all agree that inbreeding causes problems.

    5. You didn't get the "memo" that most whites will and do contribute relatively little to medicine and engineering.

      This basic fact is curiously lost among the commentariat here.

    6. You are an idiot. Of course most whites do not significantly contribute to scientific and technological progress. However, a small white elite is responsible for most of the progress in the world. On the other hand, Islam is essentially an utterly unproductive and parasitic culture.

    7. Thanks for all replies. Gonna ignore the great comment by trolling Anonymous above

      - As for intelligence in races
      -- I did read the African cognitive ability study and do not dispute it. It is no surprise to me that races are different in intellect and that Africans might be least intelligent and Asians the most (if I remember correctly)
      -- I also would not be surprised now if Arabs came second and if inbreeding did quite some harm. I always thought it was mainly a demographic problem (i.e., worker Turks coming to Germany, smart Turks staying in Turkey) and that muslims are genetically close to Europeans. It seemed outrageous to me that the inbreeding problem could be of such magnitude. However, maybe I have to change my view here
      -- Just a quick note on the math you did: If around half of the muslim population are inbred with on average 15 IQ points less than the IQ 100 average, the 2% only apply to half of the muslim population as well. That gives us 9% total with an IQ >115 if I am not mistaken (16% for the non-inbred half of the muslim population). Still dramatic as compared to 16% average I admit, but not as disastrous as 2%
      - As for the article itself:
      -- I do not dispute Rogan's credibility. I was just not sure if it is misquoted. I did obviously manage to google the paper, but do not have access since I finished university a few years back
      -- After double-checking some primary sources on my laptop (the most important table of the most important source on overall consanguinity numbers did not show properly on my phone, so I thought it was misquoted), the article itself is probably way less of an exaggeration than I thought. We can argue forth and back about some of the quoting and the overall credibility of the website, but just the consanguinity numbers are a disaster for the muslim population. And after googling a bit more, I have to assume the source is correct
      - General comments
      -- I am aware of mainstream BS, circular reasoning, and how new phenomena are always difficult to accept for the establishment. Thanks for pointing it out, though
      -- My general sentiment persits that I am missing constructive posts alongside "How to find good girls" or maybe "How to meditate" or "Where should you emigrate to". This blog is still a great read for critical thinking, but I feel it has become quite destructive. Of course I can go read somewhere else, and maybe I will and you do not need to care. But good blogs are hard to find and I would rather read more constructive posts here

      - Thanks for taking the time to answer!
      - I lived in Germany the first 22 years of my life roughly. I did not have too many Arab / Turk immigrants, although I live in an area with a number of Turks. More Eastern Europeans in my primary school and, maybe not so weirdly, no Turks and one Arab at my Gymnasium
      - As I said above, I thought it was largely a demographic problem of immigrants, but it seems that genetic reasons play a big role. Thanks for the other sources as well. Keep up the good comments

    8. Blue,
      I published plenty of constructive advice in the roughly 10 years I've been writing online. The problem of how to find a good mate will be discussed at length in an upcoming book on relationships. You'll find a few quite detailed posts on meditation on my forum, but this is now behind an application procedure and a minor pay wall in order to get rid of idiots and spammers. I am also close to finishing a book on meditation. The question of emigration for productive members of society is one I may discuss at length, but most likely under a different pseudonym.

    9. Aaron Sleazy,

      The reality is more like a small Asian and Jewish elite are responsible for the vast bulk of innovations in those fields. Japan, Israel and China produce much of the world's patents and academic output, of which "Whites" make up a declining share every year.

      It's not 1905 anymore lol.

    10. So Jews are not white? These days Jews are not even that prominent anymore. In universities with a strictly meritocratic admissions process like Caltech they don't get admitted in significant numbers. The reason is that the high-performing Jews didn't have many offspring, while orthodox Jews who tend to not do well academically have a lot of children.

      Either way, progress is predominantly due to a light-skinned elite of light-skinned peoples:

      Anyway, you are simply moving the goal post. Your initial statement was the equivalent of horse shit (of course Joe the Plumber isn't going to be responsible for scientific breakthroughs!), and your most recent comment isn't much better. Recall that the context of the discussion was that Islam is an unproductive culture, so if you want to dispute this, you better bring some arguments. However, keep in mind that it's no longer the year 800, lol.

    11. So you admit that only a minority or whites (who are disproportionately jew) have ever "contributed" to medicine and engineering. Yet you and your commentators pretend that in order for muslims and blacks to come into western countries, they must be engineering geniuses?

      I don't understand how you have even the audacity to make such a goofy argument.

      I agree Islam is a ridiculous religion, but unless you live in a fascist police state or Singapore, I don't see why decent, law-abiding people should not be allowed to immigrate to the west. Your sweeping generalizations notwithstanding.

    12. I can't believe how stupid you are. Qualified people are welcome basically everywhere, precisely because they will be able to make a contribution to society. This is true even if you are not a Noble laureate.

      The problem with Muslim immigrants is that they disproportionally make no contribution to society. Their presence constitutes an enormous cost in the order of billions of Euros per year in Germany alone. The typical Muslim is, unfortunately, of a low IQ, has a poor work ethic, and, in general, is unfit for the labor market. For instance, it is estimated that 2/3 of the "refugees" coming to Germany are essentially illiterate:
      Here is an even more damning statement: Only 10 to 15 % of "refugees" will be able to enter the German labor market.

      Now, dear leftist moron, please explain to me why any country should saddle itself with a horde of useless people? It's really not the case that there aren't already enough members of the indigenous indiginous who are unable to find work.

    13. Anonymous,

      I see your $100k for a liberal arts degree were well spent. To assist you with your education, I'd like to suggest that progress can be interpreted more widely as "make a positive contribution to". Now, in our highly advanced Western societies, as well as the highly advanced Asian countries, you need to either have a proper STEM education or have properly learnt a trade to contribute to society. Of course, we also have an army of people employed in bullshit jobs (read the essay by David Graeber!), but for those you normally need to speak the language of your host country very well.

      Thus, both real jobs (sciences/trades) and bullshit jobs (politics/PR/HR) are not accessible to someone who doesn't even have a proper grasp of his mother tongue.

    14. Aaron Sleazy,

      How do you define a "contribution to society" and what would you equate a "society" with? Individuals? A coral bush? An ant colony? I'm genuinely interested in your answer.

      Your problem is Europe is a welfare state. It's a self-inflicted problem Europe itself created (I'm a libertarian, not a leftist). You can only blame your own policies. If they were required to pay their own way (like most of America) you wouldn't be worrying about them being a drain on state resources or worry about taking care of them. Blame your yourselves first.

      I don't disagree about the over-supply of refugees in Europe. My problem is the goofy logic on this blog sometimes and your (white) mistaken commenters who partake in it. I'm mostly calling out the BS.

      You are clearly an intelligent guy (which is more generous a statement than I can expect from you) and you have a lot decent insights on some topics. Some are great even. But the "racial essentialism" is quite an annoying recurrence.

      If you want only smart immigrants just say that. Drop the race BS. Claiming all blacks are genetically predisposed to be violent criminals or muslims useless parasites are statements that are in themselves, useless. They are logically untrue.

    15. A workable definition of "contribution to society" is "net fiscal contribution", but even this has flaws because the influx of even qualified immigrants may lead to a shortage of housing (e.g. London, Berlin), increased competition on the labor market and thus depressed wages (e.g. Bay Area due to HB-1 visas).

      Yes, open borders and a welfare state are incompatible concepts. The welfare state cannot accommodate a large number of parasitic "refugees".

      I don't think I ever made the statement that all blacks are X or that all muslims are Y. You don't need to study a lot of proof-based mathematics to realize that this isn't a tenable position in an argument.

    16. Careful, Aaron! He'll now get back at you and smugly state that of course all blacks are humans. Ah, the life of a leftist idiot!

      Anon, this is not about race. The recent discussion was clearly pointing out that unskilled immigrants are the problem. Skilled ones are normally welcome, even though you would also run into problems if suddenly five million Chinese engineers wanted to come to Europe.

    17. Cuckster,

      A "real job" is any legit job that pays the bills. Is a rockstar or athlete worth $100 mil+ not a "real job" according to you?

      As noted above, "contribution to society" is a nebulous concept. I sure as hell don't consider some guy on the internet named "cuckster" any kind of expert on it.

    18. Dude,

      do we have two million highly paid athletes and rockstars from the MEA region flooding into Europe? A highly paid athlete most certainly makes a net fiscal contribution to society. What is nebulous about that? Oh, I think I get it now: you are one of those leftist fuck ups who fantasize about "cultural enrichment" due to an army of dark-skinned welfare leeches.

    19. Cultural enrichment now? I thought you were too intelligent to jump to cheap, ready-made conclusions.

      I see you failed to get my overall point. If "cuckster" can admit there are more "real jobs" out there than just basic research guy, plumber and software cubicle engineer, then I'll let up. Deal? Lol.

    20. I provided a link detailing a statement from a relevant German governmental department according to which only 10 to 15 % of "refugees" will be able to join the German labor market. Conversely, this means that 85 to 90 % will not. If you are not part of the labor market, you will not make a net fiscal contribution. Please let me know what of this statement you don't understand.

  2. Aaron

    One more thing:

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on gun control. Places with strict gun laws like Washington / NYC have a higher gun related violence than e.g. Vermont, where laws are fairly relaxed. Or even in Europe where (I was surprised) in Czech Republic it is fairly easy to carry concealed:
    Interestingly, gun ownership is going up, but homocide victim numbers are going down there.

    So what's it? Do you really think, that "an armed society is a friendly society"? A counter example would be Australia, where laws are very strict, and also gun related violence is low. Same with UK, gun control is strong, but gun related violence is quite high.
    It can't just be: "Well, arm them all, and since everybody knows that he could get shot by anybody, it'll be fine"

    (Shall we start comparing Muslim percentage Czech Republic & Australia vs UK or France?.... Oh wait.....)

    What do you think?

    1. Gun violence in Australia was already low before the strict gun laws iirc. (Somebody shared a picture on facebook saying there had been no 'mass shootings' after banning guns. Not only was that not true, mass shootings were also rare as fuck before the ban).

      So my guess is it is some sort of very complex interplay between gun laws, national values, gun proliferation (having strict/broad gun laws doesn't mean that there are a no/a lot of guns around. Just says if they are legal or not), personal dispositions towards violence, class struggles, racism, etc.

    2. Muslims and blacks are presumably most likely to have a loose trigger finger.

    3. I think gun control should not be all or nothing, but selective, like in Switzerland:

      There are some more countries that I'd like to see on this list, but it's a start...

      I mean, if you look at statistics it confirms what Aaron stated about blacks:

      Now imagine you make laws that allow guns for white people and ban them for blacks and muslims, because, well statistics show, that this is no good for society.

      I can already hear the leftists cry "dats raysiss".

      Drunk people driving cars make more accidents, so we pass according laws, blacks and muslims with guns are bad for a society's security, why not pass according laws?

      It will never stop being puzzled about the ignorance of hard data by these socialist "Gutmenschen"...

  3. Hey Aaron, this is possibly a stupid question, but I wanted to ask. What are your thoughts on women with tattoos being relationship material?

    Several guys, at least in America, think that women with ink are automatically out of the running for anything long-term, or say that if she only has a couple that are small or trendy, it's fine. I'm usually quite fond of girls with tattoos (as long as they're well done), but I don't have as much experience as you do, so I thought I'd get your perspective.

    Do you think tattooed women are unfit to marry or keep as a longterm girlfriend?

    1. It's a bad sign. Tattoos are part of a bigger theme, which I'll cover in my next blog post.

    2. I would love to read your opinion on women who are relationship/marriage material. I've seen recently a lot of couples getting divorced and its absolutely wrecking men both mentally and financially. Btw., those divorced women are even surprised how much money they get now as alimentation and think they deserved it for being married x years.

      Right now getting married is like jumping out of a plane with a parachute that opens only two times out of three (published statistic of 2015 in Germany showed that 35% of marriages get divorced in the first 25yrs).

      Why are there marriages that last a lifetime (my parents, grandparents...have only married once and never divorced) and what are signs in a women she is able and willing to be married for ever?

    3. I'll cover this in a book, but please don't think I'll reveal "one weird trick" to find the perfect wife. Just like by books on pickup, my relationship advice will be down to earth and sobering.

      In general, guys should work hard to limit negative consequences of a divorce. It's not unlike, for instance, planning the security system of a building. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best.

  4. Hi Aaron, Do you have any idea why the so many bloggers in the manosphere have such a hard on for Donald Trump? I just don't get it. They talk about him like he is the messiah.

    1. Well, the alternative is corrupt and dishonest Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Given the choice between a pathological liar with strong criminal tendencies and a successful businessman, it's not difficult to see why the latter is more appealing. Oh, and before some leftist moron jumps in and whines about Trump not wanting to publish his tax returns: I'm quite certain he makes a lot more than Hillary and any lefty who lives off handouts, either in the form of welfare at the low end or government jobs at the high end.

    2. Well, Aaron, now the main line of attack for the anti-Trump people isn't the tax returns, but him responding to criticism from the father of a muslim US soldier (who happens to apparently have some interests with the Clinton Crime Family and muslim immigration) or him cracking jokes about disrupting crying babies and war condecorations. That's just for the week of course, next week the smear campaign by the mainstream media will surely focus on something else.

      All I say, as a Latin American outsider who doesn't have a flying fuck to give with this election(except for some relatives who are US citizens): if the mainstream media is so dramatically opposed to someone, you should go for that someone. MSM is not to be trusted in most of the world these days.

    3. People who whine about the tax returns obviously know nothing about taxes, let alone what "under audit" means. Trump owns over 500 companies and most likely files in every US jurisdiction where reporting income is required. What the average Facebook idiot doesn't realize (because chances are he will never have such scrutiny with taxing authorities in his lifetime) is that under audit means they are subject to change. A lot of major companies go through the same thing and they spend a long time disputing with the IRS what certain income/expense items should be calculated as, whether NOL or capital loss carry forward needs to be adjusted, etc.

    4. Trump went bankrupt 8 times and is a successful businessman? Not a Clinton fan, but Trump seems like a pathological narcissist.

    5. Going bankrupt is pretty normal in startups. Lot of people fail 10 times and then make it big.

      They even tell you this in some business schools. (Or courses).

      So 8 of his projects failed. How many of your projects have failed? Are you trying enough? Failing fast enough? Etc. Never found the bankruptcy thing that odd myself.

    6. It's the overall result that counts. Who cares if you go bust 50 times if you come out with a few billion on top at the end? Or would you say that a guy who does not get anywhere with three girls a night, but bangs the fourth one sucks with women? ;P

    7. That's like saying a guy who's gotten 100 lays is unsuccessful with women, because he got 300 rejections in the process. Success without failure only exists in the movies. Only in a james bond movie does he get a string of lays with no rejections, false starts, time wasters and burns and crashes in between.

      Massive success without a string of failures only exists in movies and freak occurrences like cosmic luck (for example facebook). For every one Facebook, there are 10000 other business success stories where the process involved dozens or hundreds of false starts, failures etc.

      See the news story the other day about the AliBaba founder and how many rejections and failures he had before becoming what he is today.

  5. Are women attracted to men who know how to fight? Have you ever been in one?

    1. Some are. Some women will even try to get you into a fight, for instance by heavily flirting with other guys in front of you. Needless to say, such women are best avoided.

      No, I have never been in a serious fight.

    2. Among the subset of women attracted to the bodybuilder/MMA types, you will find a fair number that will try to provoke fights.

    3. Hey there, I don't think it is too much about the fighting but rather about the power position. Working as a bouncer I rarely get physical even if I have all the reasons to do so many times during a shift. Most of my work mates just start throwing punches when it gets hectic.

      Girls who witness that kind of situation sometimes come to me to say how relaxed I acted instead putting the aggressor to sleep I talked them down.

      Also, when I'm out with a girl and someone calls her a bitch whore whatever I just walk away. Most girls would be fine with it but some might expect to fight for their honor or some kind of crap. However, I have a friend who punched someone in the face in a similar situation a few years ago. The agressor is now a vegetable and my mate has to pay for him for the rest of his life. Not my kind of thing even if women are attracted to guys that fight.

      Also, I train a lot in the field of value tudo and also used to enter MMA fights on an amateur level when I was younger. Girls I have been with those times didn't care about my intensive training or showing up at the events as they couldn't even look at it. So generally speaking, no they are not attracted about the fighting itself but rather about being with someone who could protect them.

      Cheers, Bo

  6. Aaron
    There are some people who think, that at some point Germans will boil over and will snap and that there will be an enormous backlash against muslim immigrants. I personally believe that the nation is too pussified (and btw who are these "Germans" anyway, it's all one big mix nowadays, myself included).

    What are your thoughts?

    1. There are two possibilities. Either the West will collapse, or there will be a massive backlash against Muslims. It wouldn't be the first in history. Either way, the Muslims will lose.

      I think we will see a backlash against political correctness/feminism. It is starting already. Some countries may even renounce their commitment to the Geneva Refugee Convention (which has long been interpreted in a way far different from its original intention anyway).

    2. Thanks.
      1. Could you please develop your thoughts on both scenarios? (Especially why in both scenarios you think Muslims will lose)
      2. Time wise, what's your estimate as to WHEN the turnaround is going to be?
      3. What role do you see Russia play in the future of Europe?

      Your input is highly appreciated.

    3. 1. This may be a future blog post, but in essence it's like this: a) the West wages war against Muslim countries and mostly eradicates them. b) Muslims invade the West and bring it down; thus, they turn the West into another Muslim shit hole that is as corrupt and unstable as their original countries.
      2. The West does not act as a unified bloc. However, we see the beginnings of large-scale protest. Think of Le Pen in France, Wilders in the Netherlands, AfD in Germany, Switzerland prohibiting building new mosques, several former Eastern European countries refusing to take in Muslim "refugees" etc. On the other hand, London has a Muslim mayor with ties to radical Islam, the US has a president that would rather swallow a rusty knife than utter the words "terror" and "Islam" in the same sentence, muslim terror is becoming commonplace in several European countries and so on.
      3) That's not so easy to extrapolate based on current events. It seems that Russia's military would be strong enough to subjugate Europe. We may see some wars, maybe even a big one. I could also imagine that the more educated among Westerners will want to seek exile in Russia, and other countries in the East. The canary in the coal mine was Edward Snowden who was unable to get asylum in Western countries but was eventually granted asylum in Russia. There may be more to come. (Note that this is how asylum status was originally intended: protecting important individuals like journalist, scientists and so on, and not the absolute dregs of society.)

    4. Now this is a most interesting thought experiment! The breaking point as I see it might be a future confrontation of Daesh & Co. wit the state of Israel, which is already beginning to develop on the Sinai peninsula. The reason for this is that of all "Western" state Israel is the only state whose society & military forces have continously won all major wars & other military conflicts, since each time they were forced to fight for their collective survival. (Of course this has taken its mental & psychlogical toll on Israeli society about which I don't need to write right now.)

      So there we have it: on the one hand one state who has proven that he knows how to effectively react to such threats on almost all possible levels on the spectrum.
      And on the other hand the other Western states, themselves being part of the U.S. empire, which hasn't been able to really win a single genuine war since 1945. I mean, just apart from any highly subjective aspects of morality" or the BELLUM IUSTUM-argument, e.g. take a look the Korean War (cease fire), the Vietnam war (defeat), the bombing of Ex-Yugoslavia (albeit for shady reasons, still not a Western "victory"), the Iraq war against Saddam Hussein (Petraeus was able to finally turn it around, but then Obama ultimately screwed it, and then they ousted Petreaus with the Paula Broadwell affair...). The list could go on even longer, of course.

      The point I'm tryin' to make here is: Western societies & military apparently have lost the ability to actually WIN wars. To really subjugate your enemy/opponent and then either force him to become your vassal & have him work for your own goal (i. e. fully break his military & mental resistance) OR to completely destroy him (like the Roman republic did with Carthago around 230 B.C.). It's one thing to start a war, but it's rven more important to actually win it, win it decisively and win it quickly (~> Sun Tzu! ;)

      And to contextualize this with Germany, where I'm currently abiding: defenswise the German society is a basket case. The military is (apart from a small, select circle of Special Forces and elite & patriotic officers) technically non-functional. If U. S. forces weren't still stationed here, Germany would be a free lunch for, say, Russia to get overrun by.

      And on top of it all there's a genuine lack of fighting spirit and masculine qualities in the general German population which makes everything even worse.

    5. Aaron,
      Thanks for your reply.
      On point 1) I think that b) is more likely to happen in which case it's bye-bye Central Europe and hello Eastern Europe/Russia/Asia.
      Which one out of a) or b) do you think is more likely?
      2) I fully agree that protesting forces are rising, but I also think that a) it is too late for them to act before muslims breed the sh*t out of each other, b) whatever backlash is, it will have to be violent and there is not enough "legal" force behind it (e.g. France, along side with other EU members has dramatically reduced police force over the last years) and mostly c) somebody will have to vote for the LePens, AfDs and other so called right wing parties. BUT: We have too many social state cry-babies and leftists (especially the millenials) who will not vote for them and Nazi-shame the opposition. And even IF theses parties get a majority, then it is still a very slow bureaucratic process to install whatever laws to in whatever way get rid of the muslim problem (please no comparisons to the "End-solution" 70+ years ago...)
      Then again, the Eastern Block seems to stand in a more unified way behind e.g. Orban. Poland seems to have a similar movement, but I'm not up to date.

      3)Why do you state that "It seems that Russia's military would be strong enough to subjugate Europe."?

      Do you think that Russia has an interest to do so?
      Personally I do not. I have read of several ideas that actually it is in USA's best interest for Russia and Germany to not be "best friends" since this would create a too serious counterforce for them. Hence all the wars in the past (but, honestly it goes a bit far into conspiracy theory territory here for my taste, but who knows...)

      Anyway, to me it seems that Russia will intervene on European aka German soil if they don't get a handle on islamic terror. Why? Same reason they intervened in Syria:

      "If the bear starts playing in your neighbour's garden, it will come playing in yours, too" (Bulgarian proverb).

      One thing I know is that when the Russians come, the show is over for anyone threatening them.

    6. Lucretius:

      What's your point with Israel? Would you mean that we have to learn from them on how to deal with terror (i.e. metallic detectors at shopping mall entries, etc.)? Should Central Europe support Israel more?
      I do not understand exactly what you are pointing to.

      "And to contextualize this with Germany, where I'm currently abiding: defenswise the German society is a basket case. The military is (apart from a small, select circle of Special Forces and elite & patriotic officers) technically non-functional."

      --> Absolutely agree.

      "If U. S. forces weren't still stationed here, Germany would be a free lunch for, say, Russia to get overrun by. "

      --> Same question as to Aaron: Why would Russia overrun Germany?

      "And on top of it all there's a genuine lack of fighting spirit and masculine qualities in the general German population which makes everything even worse."

      --> True, I see it in myself, too.
      But why is that? Is it all the achievement of Feminism, helicopter mothers and a social nanny state? Do you see any counter-forces?


    7. I guess the aura of of invincibility of Russian military has infiltrated this blog too. Really sad. It's kind of like in the those garbage Heartiste website and Roosh v Forum, where fat losers like Matt Forney and his dumb disciples think that Putin barely needs to sneeze and the entire Europe will bow to him or something.

      140 million Russia with it's mediocre economy will not be able to "subjugate Europe". I doubt they could barely go beyond Ukraine, even if they strained all of their rapidly diminishing resources. Just look at their army for crying out loud. They barely managed to subdue a rebel region of Checnnya after almost a DECADE of war. Chechnya was a small Muslim republic with a population of ONE million. Yes, one million. As of now they are barely holding the parts of Eastern Ukraine the size of Belgium, are under constant Ukrainian bombardments and yet I hear and hear this ridiculous notion than Russia can just start it's massive tank "armada" and steamroll the entire 700 million continent in a blink of an eye or something equally absurd. It is simply logistically impossible in our modern day and age for any military, except US or maybe China. Poland alone will be an enormous obstacle. Even many western European countries will put up at least SOME fight. I am not even mentioning the nuclear apocalypse and World War III.

      So, stop daydreaming and hoping the "noble" Russian army will save you from the migrants or Muslim terrorists. That's just ridiculous.

    8. Look at what the Russian army has achieved in Syria! They easily put the US effort to shame. Furthermore, Germany is incredibly weak. Its army has become a joke. In fact, as a direct consequence of harebrained gender politics in the army, morale is low. In addition, the German army has a very hard time recruiting competent men.
      Here are two German sources on that topic:

      I don't see Russia invading Germany any time soon. In addition, I don't think Russia would want to "save" Germany from muslim hordes. Instead, all they have to do is sit back and watch a few more years until Germany has been weakened beyond reproach by large scale immigration. One demonstration of power while Germany is teetering on the brink of collapse would be all it takes for surrender.

    9. I am sorry I just fail to see what they have "achieved" in Syria. Yes government forces have taken Palmira and are now approaching Aleppo. However, one should ask how much of that is thanks to Assad's forces gaining ground and yes, even some of the western sorties. Don't buy the Russian propaganda, where it's always the Russian airplanes bombing Islamists.

      In short, using Syria as a some kind of proof of the "greatness" of Russian military is just baffling. Oh, they have defeated Kalashnikov-armed Islamists who have no aviation and barely any tanks. That's not the same as storming Europe.

      Also, yeah, I guess, German army is just a shadow of its former self and is not the strongest. Yet, even if just 1% of the population fights or resists that's an enormous force due to the sheer size of Germany.

    10. Back in the 90s I was in the military and had access to "Secret" publications. The general consensus in the literature was that the Russians would have one hell of time invading Denmark, let alone the bulk of NATO. I recall the army even purchased a T 72 tank as Russia was desperate for foreign exchange at the time. It did not impress anyone. I was impressed with the Kalashnikov rifle, mostly because of the amount of abuse it could take. Later, I also got to know a number of foreign students who had been conscripts in Russian army, and their anecdotes were quite eye opening. I think the Russian army gets some good press, but the reality is a lot more modest.

    11. @ Clarke: that's about what I've been told by many of my Russian male friends as well. I would say, the Russians are very strong and tenacious when needing to actually defend their own country/territory, but overall, they're not at par with NATO forces, not in technology and neither in morale d'corps. This of course applies to "standard" military warfare.

      @ Aaron: how effective the Russian engagement to Syria actually has been seems to be somewhat hard to gauge objectively. There's so much disinfo and biased reporting wherever I'm looking for clarity.
      After the dust has settled, in years we might know more about what's actually been taking place over there, what the roles of the U.S. coalition, of Daesh, of the Syrian government and of the Russian army really were.
      Then there's also covert operations by special ops of several countries, which might have an impact about the situation on the ground, and about which we might never learn anything.

  7. Hey, Aaron what do you think about this "routine": "http://wallstreetplayboys.com/a-dance-venue-one-night-stand/"

    1. I just skimmed it. He believes that his words got him laid. Amateur. Instead, he should have described relative socio-economic status, looks, and perceived sexual availability.

  8. Aaron, you have to check this out: https://medium.com/xx-in-sv/when-men-want-to-talk-shop-a1995b708eaa. Even the headline made me smile: "When Men Want to Talk Shop". Who talks like this?

    1. Skimmed it. This was either fabricated or that woman is thick as a brick because, obviously, a one-on-one business meeting at a bar in the evening is not about business.

  9. I've been reading Schopenhauer after seeing him recommended here and elsewhere. I find his points on women quite valid except for one thing -- polygamy.

    He says polygamy is the natural human condition and should be legalized but regulated.

    I am sorry but I beg to differ. This is exactly what Islam did and it doesn't work well for them. It creates a lot of excess males who can't find mates and end up causing social unrest unless they are used in the army. I can't find any official sources but a Lebanese friend told me it is very common in Syria and Iraq. In Nigeria even the Christians do it. I wager that this is a significant factor in the conflicts in those regions as well as the migration crisis.

    Bataille, who is a lot more lucid than other "postmodernists", actually talks about this. He compares the case of Tibet vs Islam. Tibet has a very harsh climate and couldn't support a very high population in pre-industrial times (that might change now), its social system was adapted very well to living within its means to ensure the population is roughly static -- it had polyandry, where a few brothers would marry a common wife, some aristocrats would have polygamy, but it was limited, and a good proportion of the population was monastic, which ensured a static population.

    Islam on the other hand, was designed to conquer, sink into decadence, then as the excess male population bred up and social unrest rose, unleash itself in a burst of conquest again. This is the case from Muhammad's time down to the Ottoman Empire.

    If prostitution is the price to pay for monogamous marriages, I think it's a small price to pay compared to the alternative. Women who go into prostitution are more likely to be "sluts" who enjoy sex anyway. Overall I think monogamy, which was more due to Roman laws than Christianity, had a eugenic effect for European populations.

    Polygamy and Islam seem to have very dysgenic effects in a short period of time. Just an amateur example but look at IQ scores: http://www.photius.com/rankings/national_iq_scores_country_ranks.html

    Mongolia was historically Buddhist since Chinggis Khan although their relatives, the Turkic tribes converted to Islam. Compare their IQs, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan rank far below Mongolia now, after a few centuries separation.

    1. I don't have my Schopenhauer books at hand right now. If I recall correctly, he suggests sharing women, i.e. polyandry. Fertile women were supposed to please multiple men, and from the age of 40 onwards, women should be taken care of by society, if they didn't produce any children.

  10. Whats you opinion on Sam Harris?

    1. Didn't I answer that question on last month's Open Thread already?

  11. "I just skimmed it. He believes that his words got him laid. Amateur. Instead, he should have described relative socio-economic status, looks, and perceived sexual availability."

    So much stupidity in there to count. The scenario sounds unrealistic anyway.

  12. Do you think it would be a mistake to never have kids, even as a financially secure male? I'd personally love to have kids, but the horror stories of failed marriages ruining the kid's upbringing and such is a big mental roadblock.

    I saw that you will be publishing a book on relationships so I will be purchasing that, but wanted to ask this in the meantime.

    1. Finances don't really play a role when it comes to kids. If you are part of the underclass, the government happily supports your offspring, and if you're well-off, then you can easily afford kids anyway. Heck, there are people who literally live off government support for the many children they have. In Europe we have scum coming in with three wives and 20 children:

      That wasn't really what you were asking, though. In general, if you marry a woman in the West, daddy government hands her a loaded gun which she can use at will. If you have kids with her, then daddy government hands her another gun, someone to pull the trigger for her, and someone that tells her that she'll be better off if she got rid of you. Thus, I perfectly understand your concerns. Personally, I do not at all think that not having children is a mistake. If it's any help, all the men I admire were either childless or had children who didn't amount to much in life. Many even had a strong disdain for women. I'll have more to say on that topic some other time, and presumably with much less caustic words.

    2. Perhaps you could do a trial run as a "big brother", see what it's like to be father figure to a kid.

      Of course, if you were a chick, you'd hear all sort of "it is your entitlement to have kids, you are naturally a mama"... if only more women (especially ghetto women who get knocked up frequently and become a scourge for taxpayers) would think thrice about getting pregnant...

    3. Aside from Schopenhauer, who else would you consider essential to learn from Aaron?

    4. Study Schopenhauer properly and then ask me again. There is no point in amassing a library of books, digital or otherwise, only for the sake of collecting them.

  13. This might sound like an insecure question,but is 5'9 ft considered short for a man in the dating scene? (I wish I could grow taller,but I'm 20 and its very possible that I might not anymore)

    Also,what are your thoughts on this website/workout routine?:

    A simple but effective workout? maybe it sounds too good to be true,so I wanted to ask your thoughts. (this website also pointed out that losing weight is a matter of controlling your calorie intake,and I think you guys agree with that)

    1. You're slightly on the short side. You are also insecure about your height. Accept it and move on.

      That workout routine looks good. For an even simpler routine, check out Stronglifts 5 x 5. I'm the wrong guy to ask if you want to bulk up, but if you only want to get nicely toned (was enough to get me laid like a motherfucker), swimming for 1 h, or Ashtanga Yoga 1 h ~ 3 x a week is perfectly sufficient. Of course, you also need to eat healthily.

    2. 5'9 is slightly on the shorter side but it's not bad so don't worry about it. Besides, find chicks who are 5' to 5'6 and you're more than fine.

      As you work on your body, you can also work on a simple fix via fashion. For business shirts, try and get vertical stripes (stripes give a visual illusion of looking leaner and taller).

    3. You didn't mention your country.

      Most of the girls I have been with were 165cm max.

      There is no problem.

  14. I read and post occasionally on reddit's red pill sub. There is some good content, but there is also the standard manosphere crap. One fellow spoke out against PUA's and people just stomped on him, which kind of reminds me of your own clashes with PUA adherents over the years. Several posters went on about various examples, and I suggested their successes might be due to something other than "game" and I got called a "game denialist" which is apparently a thing. One poster talked about the wonders of learning game through doing hundreds of approaches, and did not like it when I said success might be attributed to the law of large numbers. Another poster named some PUA as his example that I had never heard of. I googled him and the second hit was how he was caught hiring models for his day game videos. Honestly, the whole "game" idea really comes across as like religious faith, and facts and reasoning are not welcome.

  15. Further to Aaron's post about moving to Germany...is this article correct about decline in tourism there? I wonder how Oktoberfest will do...


    1. I have little doubt about it. After the muslim axe attack in Wurzburg, Hong Kong issued a travel warning, by the way.

      Somewhere else I recently read that Heidelberg, a well-known German student town and popular tourist destination hasn't been having a great time attracting visitors from abroad. Here is one source:

      You'll probably easily find additional reports online.

  16. "This might sound like an insecure question,but is 5'9 ft considered short for a man in the dating scene? (I wish I could grow taller,but I'm 20 and its very possible that I might not anymore)"

    5'9 is average in the US (not tall or not short), tall in Vietnam. So that depends on your location.

    Wear insoles, if you can increase your height to 6' that will be great!

  17. "was enough to get me laid like a motherfucker"

    Ohhh, it's rare to see Sleazy uses big words there. Haha!

  18. Interestingly enough this article was published in a column called Beta Male. As this blog talks about relationships in the digital age more frequently you might find the phenomenon of 'Benching' interesting. While the described behavior wasn't new to me the term itself was.


  19. Hey Aaron, I have the strong suspicion that you are behind Black Pigeon Speaks. Themes, syntax, use of vocabulary and accent all point in that direction IMHO. Not that it matters if or if it is not true. I just wanted to get that out of my system.

    BPS, talks a lot about stuff I agree with. Some of the videos are against my world view entirely. Assuming that you are not the YouTube persona: What do you think is the account trying to accomplish? What is the grand scheme of the channel. It touches such a variety of topics that I cannot pin down how it all ties together.

  20. It's not Aaron.

    This is Black Pigeon Speaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCtY1o48yuA
    This is the actual guy, Felix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIV8Yiu7A7w

    You hear a guitar riff at the beginning of the BPS video. That same riff plays in the second video 30 seconds in.

    I found this information in like 5 minutes. How are you that uncritical and unable to find this same information?

    Not to mention, on accent you think this guy is Sleazy? Sleazy is German and this guy's voice has zero hint of a German accent. If you can't figure that one out, I can only imagine what else you have been duped into believing.

    If you're going to consume the news and listen to various viewpoints (participate politics), you must have critical reasoning skills or you will be taken for a ride. Both Black Pigeon Speaks' followers and the people that support Merkel need to learn that fact, the same way Democrats and Republicans do.

    Note: I'm not saying this to be hurtful to you, I'm not saying Black Pigeon Speaks is 100% wrong, and before anyone accuses me of this, I am not a leftist or far right person.

    All I am saying is that you need to be more mindful as a whole unless you want to be taken for a ride like everyone at RSD or Roosh's website. Don't be a moron, choose to be increasingly critical.

    1. Thank you very much for that answer. You’re absolutely right, I am not very well educated nor do I know how to think critically (no sarcasm I mean it). Yes, I also did fall for the PUA scam many years ago and spent quite a bit of money in the hopes of becoming a player. This is the reason I tend to fall for all kinds of crap. And it makes me worry about my future. Thinking critically is such an elementary skill. For example, my GMAT score is only mediocre at best and as a result, I wasn’t able to get into a good grad school.

      I try to learn as much as possible in order to better my skills. I won’t ever reach a level as most people who frequent this blog, though. To be perfectly honest, I still don’t get how you found the video(s). Is it a basic illiteracy in media usage? It sounds trivial to you, but how was your 5 minute process of finding the second video?
      Would you be so kind to tell me what I can do to learn how to assess information critically? In a recent blog Aaron mentions that a big part is ‘having an above average level of general intelligence’. Something I definitely lack. So is this end of the story Am I screwed?

      Just went through basic logic courses online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL6HMPOYlVs&list=PLS8vfA_ckeuZ9UjAHhA1q-ROZGuE_h21V

      What are sources for learning how to read and interpret research papers (online/books)?
      I really want to improve my ability to think for myself. There are so many things posted on this blog alone for the past month I want to evaluate on my own. For example:
      What is the evidence for and against a correlation (causation) between race and IQ (or base intelligence) in humans?
      Studies found an association between race and IQ. Even cleaning questions for cultural bias have not been successful to change the data. Others argue that race is a social construct and that race does not exist. Next, the Flynn effect as a gradual rise in IQ over time (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect). Others question the very definition of IQ/ intelligence. Finally, I read stuff like this http://bit.ly/2b5jFMh and I am totally lost. Then someone throws in Neil DeGrasse Tyson (This guy always comes up. I swear :)).

      Thanks again for your reply! I really appreciate it.

      BTW, I don't think it is outraged to not have a stark German accent for an LSE educated grad who spent a significant amout of time outside of Germany. I know a lot of people who lost their accent quite fast after living abroad. I was thinking canadian accent first due to the pronunciation of the word 'about'.

    2. This will be two parts, got a bit long to get to everything.

      Part 1:

      It’s ok. People fall for things all the time, even the smart ones. It happens. The goal is to do better and be tricked less. Know that even smart people fell for the PUA scam amongst other things like giving into societal pressure to marry the wrong woman, following bodybuilder advice given by guys on steroids, etc. Happens all the time. I know a well-off young engineer who just bought a new house with his 30 year old girlfriend who used to have a cocaine habit. This guy has already been divorced before this. Some guys never learn, but you don’t have to be him if you really don’t want to be:)

      You’re already doing better than a majority of people by questioning things, but even more so by being able to listen to someone telling you that you are wrong. The typical attitude these days is to avoid naysayers to protect one’s ego, but you’re choosing to remain open. Being able to listen to people who say you are wrong while being able to question whether or not they have a point is important, even if they end up being wrong.

      I didn’t uncover BPS identity myself, someone else had already done so. A simple Google search brought me to a blog post identifying him which was posted on Reddit, although that Redditor’s comment has been removed. Funny enough, after my comment was posted here, the blog post has also been deleted: http://anne-mariefrankie.blogspot.com/2016/05/black-pigeon-speaks-is-bloke-called.html

      Maybe they got spooked or something. If I turn up dead you know who did it haha. If you wanted to, you could copy that URL address and put it in Google web cache to view the post and see the process of finding his identity (legally): http://cachedview.com/ I already knew the process of using archiver sites, but I figured someone else had done the work by now for that Youtuber. And to answer your question, it is just a basic knowledge of media literacy/technology literacy. Search engines have really leveled the playing field for the common folk, it’s just a matter of learning the tools that are out there. Delving into basic Internet privacy facts and procedures could be a good starting point:)

      My basic critical thinking process for life goes something like this: 1. Who is the person talking, and why are they talking? What is their goal? 2. How does me listening benefit them? 3. Following the presented information, does it hold up to scrutiny? Find ways to disprove it. 4. Try it out, see how it works for you.

      For example, let’s take Scooby Werkstatt, the bodybuilder, since his site is posted on the side of this blog:

      1. He’s trying to teach fitness, doesn’t seem to be really selling something. Scooby is also 6’3 and 238 lbs (Wait for it….)

      2. Me listening to him doesn’t really benefit him, most of his advice is free. So even if he is scamming me, he’s not going to get my money.

      3. Does his information hold up to scrutiny? Some parts, no. Chest flies, as he recommends, put too much stress on the shoulder joints while putting less stress on the pecs than bench press or pushups. Also, Scooby is on steroids, which means his advice is more likely to be ineffective since steroids are very effective even without good training methods. Scooby is 6’3 and Arnold is 6’2, and Scooby weighs 238 lbs with low body fat while Arnold weighed 235 lbs in his prime. Arnold has admitted to steroid use, and since Scooby is much older, it doesn’t take a genius to realize he is juicing.

    3. Part 2:

      As far as your comments on IQ, I’m still questioning things and have not reached concrete conclusions. Socio-economic factors matter a lot with IQ scores, and IQ scores themselves don’t necessarily mean that person is too bright for a myriad of other reasons, not to say there isn’t a correlation. Here is the “smartest man in the world”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Langan

      He believes that you can prove the existence of God and the afterlife with mathematics. Now who is more intelligent, him or a guy working in robotics at Boston Dynamics? Here’s some more info if you are interested: http://www.thephysicsforum.com/trash-can/121-ctmu-b-s-brilliant.html

      Of course, there’s always the chance Langan lied about his IQ, the same way Scooby lies about his natural status.

      As a note, I’d also worry less about the genetic links between race and IQ, because if you are not a scientist in any related fields to that, you’re likely to come across more pseudoscience and faulty points than actual evidence, and are more likely to draw incorrect conclusions due to not actively doing the science and research, just relying on papers already published. Nothing worse than an amateur posing as an expert, which describes the internet. Even I’m not a fucking genius, I just have basic skills that get me through the bullshit.

      My post is too long but hopefully I’ve provided an adequate response. To your final point, it's unlikely a German who studied in England would have what is very close to an American accent, not that an American accent is that difficult. Just what would be the point in switching to an American accent?

      There is a bit of an odd color to BPS voice, but from watching his other channel you learn he is from Vancouver. Also interesting is that this guy frequents Japan and Thailand a lot, something he has in common with Red Pill crazies. Based on the videos from his Youtube channel where he (or maybe it’s the woman from his channel or the other Swedish guy?) records women/prostitutes in Thailand, it may be safe to assume he participates in the sex tourism there, since those videos seem out of place next to his other videos that come across like an actual travel channel.

      A lot of guys who lack sexual success gravitate towards Japanese culture and frequent Thailand, something to consider when listening to BPS.

      If you asked for my personal thoughts, I find everything related to BPS very odd. For one, his travel channel looks like it’s trying to be professional, but then records the asses of prostitutes in Thailand and then makes disrespectful/weird and unprofessional comments in their videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3z8niVxLF8

      Also his tone regarding homosexuality in his Vancouver video comes across sharp and a bit disdainful. Unless that’s just me thinking so. Combine that with his frequent visits to Thailand and Japan and his BPS channel, I start to see he has a lot in common with Red Pill guys, whether one thinks his videos make good points or not.

    4. Just a few remarks:

      1) The original question was whether I have German accent. Given that I have enjoyed an international education, it is not at all unlikely that I don't, so your original claim is simply unjustified. No matter whether I have a German accent or not, the person you are replying to made a much more coherent argument in that regard than you.

      2) IQs of over 190 are BS. Typical IQ tests top out at 160. Very early IQ tests were relative measures and theoretically unbounded as they were based on the value of a fraction (mental age/biological age). Note that those IQ tests were designed to diagnose mental retardation, not to measure genius-like intelligence. A similar case is Marilyn vos Savant who claims to have an IQ of over 220, which is similarly based on tests administered when the field of psychometrics was in its infancy.

      3) You are very biased. I find it much more likely to assume that BPS is independently wealthy and therefore is able to travel a lot, or maybe he simply prioritizes travel. Who cares if he fucks some broads abroad? Does this in any way change whether the statements in his videos are true or false? Since it doesn't, why do you feel compelled to make such a statement? (Note that I identify myself as a "red piller", yet I am reasonably certain that I've fucked a lot more women than you or any pussy-whipped mangina who claims that red pill/MGTOW guys are closet homosexuals or just don't get laid.)

    5. 4) IQ tests are culture-neutral. Of course, the argument of the left is that symbolic manipulation, which is something white men and Asians seem to do a lot better than, for instance, dindus and women, is somehow discriminatory. The problem is that people who criticize IQ tests assume that there are no inherent differences between races and sexes, meaning that if we have 15 % dindus in a given population, something has to be wrong with our IQ tests if there aren't also 15 % dindus in the IQ 130+ region. (This is an example of the logical fallacy commonly referred to as 'petitio principii'.)

    6. "...assume that there are no inherent differences between races and sexes..."


      Aaron, or anybody else:
      Can you please give me a definition of racism?

      Could it be, that deep down we know, that we get along better with our own type of species?

      Could it be, that, well, some races are... errr... DUMBER than others? That some are smarter than others?

      Could it be, that under the same treatment (same school/education for example), different races yield different results?

      Could it be that racism is just the fear of too much foreign elements introduced in our close environment (read: hordes of arabs and africans mixed with white central Europeans)?

      Is it possible that the whole thing about "This is racist!" is just another shaming scheme, similar to the way women shame men for their natural desires?

      Please share your thoughts

    7. Is it odd that because the first time I saw a vid of Black Pigeon showing the shopped image of this: http://theindependent.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/RefugeesWelcomeElbonita_13-682x1024.jpg

      I now have trouble believing a lot what he says?

    8. As far as cross-cultural comparison is concerned I think IQ tests merit some criticism. Take Raven matrices for example. Aren't Westerners much more exposed to organizing information in rows and columns? Wouldn't some African tribesman find such way of thinking unfamiliar?

      That said the situation regarding gender comparison within same culture is outright ridiculous. Authors look for test items in which men score much better than women and then take them out under pretext that such items are gender biased. Then they proceed to apply filtered IQ tests and claim that there are no significant difference in intelligence between men and women!

      My favorite claim is that women are more academically successful than men. They have better grades and are more likely to get higher education. Yet the fact that women are underrepresented in subjects requiring more than rote memorization is conveniently ignored.

    9. Anon,
      who claims that this pictures has been photoshopped? Note that it is a very popular strategy among the left to claim that clear evidence has been fabricated. Heck, according to them science and mathematics themselves are only fabrications. Why this should automatically lead you to categorically dismiss Black Pigeon Speaks is beyond me, though.

    10. Other anon,
      that a culture does not organize information is arguably proof that they are in general less intelligent than others.

    11. Neutralrandomthoughts,

      yes, crying racism/sexism/nazi is more likely than not an admission on behalf of the speaker that they lack the facility to construct an argument. One of the principles in (philosophy of) science is that extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof. In that light, the claim that the races are equal is extraordinary and flies in the face of everyday experience which clearly shows that there are differences between the races. White guys can't jump, blacks don't do well academically, Asians have very good numerical skills (of course not all of them but merely statistically speaking). Thus, anyone who makes this claim would need to present extraordinary proof instead of just opinion.

    12. "who claims that this pictures has been photoshopped?"

      Compare: http://theindependent.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/RefugeesWelcomeElbonita_13-682x1024.jpg with http://cdn.redalertpolitics.com/files/2016/01/racists-rapists.jpg

      The second one is the photoshopped one. (obviously).

    13. It doesn't really matter, though. You may have noticed that Europe is suffering from a rape epidemic, so the manipulated image merely highlighted the stupidity of the slogan-bearer even more.

  21. Ah, female hypergamy on full display:


    Basically, it talks about having more women athletes and putting more funding for women sports...hence women winning all Olympic medals. Lost in the narrative is that these Canadian women are...competing against - wait for it - OTHER WOMEN!

    Sounds similar to education system...having a system that favours women leads to more women graduates...of course, the joke is on them when there's an education bubble.

  22. 1. The original question was not whether you had a German accent, that was mine, so it’s the second question. He stated that based on BPS accent, amongst other things, he thought he was you. Rereading my post though, I agree with you that my argument was laid out poorly.

    Back to the part about accents though. He presented this information about you:

    A. you spent time out of Germany and spent your studies in London.
    B. you spent a large amount of time outside Germany, but didn’t specify where.

    Even with this information, how, out of all the accents, would someone draw the conclusion that you now have one similar to Black Pigeon, which the OP even stated sounded Canadian? It’s not as if the OP ever stated how long he thought you lived in Canada for or been to North America for, and it's not as if traveling around increases your chances of having a Canadian/North American accent of all things.

    Knowing that you were born in Germany and have studied in London, as well as traveled extensively, how would somebody reasonably draw the conclusion that you would speak with a Canadian accent? Makes no sense, there's not enough information there for that conclusion. It's not that it's unlikely, it's why would he draw that conclusion as the strongest one. Maybe the other indicators to him painted a better picture. But how it would be reasonable to assume that you would have an accent from Canada/North America of all places from any of the information that was presented here or originally?

  23. 3. Did I say he was poor? Why are you bringing up his wealth? I never mentioned anything about how he was paying for traveling, or why. Try to stay on topic. I just said that it's odd for a channel to try to come across as professional while making unprofessional comments in their videos. Why put all the work in to come across professional and then behave like that? It was just a question. If it's for personal travel and he just wants the videos to sound professional, fine, nothing noteworthy about it then. But hey if you’re interested in why he's traveling, he posted this company’s logo on one of his videos, which pays people to make travel videos: https://www.tripfilms.com/aboutCompany

    How much that has to do with it, I don't know, but no one was talking about that anyways. Also, I agree, who cares if he fucks some girls abroad? I just stated that so far he has some things in common with the Red Pillers. Something worth taking into account when listening to him, since Red Pillers have a habit of distorting facts (Roosh anyone?) to justify their positions the same way ISIS has a habit of committing acts of terror. Knowing that a group has something in common, suddenly puts you on the lookout for their dishonesty/crimes doesn't it Aaron? Hell, same logic applies to your post about tattoos.

    As far as how the author’s personal decisions change his points, wasn’t it you that said on your forum regarding Freedom Twenty-Five by Frost: “I did make the mistake of reading the book without taking the man behind it into account.”

    Plus, I didn’t say the man himself changes whether or not his points are right or wrong. Homeless people can make true statements, that’s not the point. If some PUA guy parrots the dating advice that you have laid out there, even though he has never had his dick wet, wouldn’t it be reasonable to question that person? Hell, Scooby gives good advice, doesn’t mean you’ll be as big as him without steroids. Knowing information about the person making the statements is better than not knowing it.

    Then again questioning individuals in Germany isn't really a thing is it. Letting massive amounts of refugees into the country, or how about allowing a certain genocide to happen?

    And where did I say he, or anyone, was a closet-homosexual? Where did you pull that one out of? I just stated he comes across like he’s not too fond of homosexuals, which is an odd sign. Doesn’t mean don’t listen to him or that he’s wrong. You really jump to conclusions don’t you?

    All I said was it’s information to consider while listening to his points, and that being so uncritical/resourceful to the point that you think Aaron is BPS when the information of BPS identity is easily accessible is not a good thing. That should go for everyone, including me. That's how people end up getting tricked by the PUAs, the self-help gurus, etc.

    And why did you feel compelled to note how much pussy you’ve sunk your dick into again? It's not like anyone here said otherwise. So what was your point?

    1. I just skimmed your post. I currently don't have the time to reply in detail. It seems you're attempting to derail the discussion and try to drag me into an argument. I can't be bothered right now. If my possibly harsh responses pushed one of your buttons --- just let it go. It's not personal.

      About Black Pigeon Speaks and his "company": the site you linked to is a video portal. You can apply for assignments which will hardly be sufficient to live off. I can only reiterate that I think it's not unlikely that BPS is independently wealthy. (Yes, even if you have money you can still do things for fun, even if they don't pay well. Travel 'vlogging' certainly isn't a career.)

  24. Hi Anon, I can't express how thankful I am for your long replies. It is definitely not taken for granted that you took the time to respond to a random guy online. I wish I could pick your brain for many more topics where I am lost.

    As for reversing your search - After I read your first comment I tried to find the connection of the person and BPS and noticed an deleted post on reddit. The Wayback machine did not come to my mind, though. I am wondering why the person who first 'uncoverd' BPS took it down. And I am also wondering why Aaron chose to approve the reply containing those informations.

    The fitness example is very interesting. I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable in the area of personal fitness, bodybuilding, and strength training. Here, it's way easier to dissect information for the truth value. Distinguishing between bro science and actual evidence. Most of this knowledge I gathered in this area are from guys like Martin Berkhan, Meno Henselmanns, Alan Aragon, Lyle McDonald, Mark Rippetoe and the like. The points you made are 'obvious' to me. It boils down to the depth of knowledge you have in the respected field I guess.

    However, as most people with a job, maybe one or two hobbies, and mediocre general knowledge base at best the question remains how I can think critically about all the information I take in on a daily basis.

    How do you guys do it? For example, do you double check every statement made by Hillary and Donald to make sure you stay on top of the race for the POTUS? How do you decide whether CNN, Fox News, or the latest article on Breitbart is closest to the truth (just to stay with the example)? I guess one needs to read up on every detail - For instance specifics of a certain trade agreement that has been mentioned in the latest speech.

    Thanks for your reply. I would also like to thank you for keeping this blog open for people who clearly oppose you and you do not agree with. This is definitely not the norm with all the censorship that is going on nowadays. Please, keep continuing to do so. One last question before I shut up. I am not sure if you have found the time to watch all the BPS videos. But if you did - Which are the main points you DISAGREE with? Not considering topics like micro dosing and urban spraw.


  25. General books to get into critical thinking:
    A Manuel for Creating Atheists – Talks about religion but the process laid out is applicable to all areas of life.

    Understanding math in order to think critically:
    Profiness-How you are fooled by numbers
    A Mathematician reads the Newspaper – For understanding the importance of math in everyday information.
    Math doesn’t suck – Very basic math if you are rusty. It’s written for middle school if I remember correctly. But I (re)learned a lot from it.

    Logic basics
    Logically Fallacious – 300 logic fallacies. The book also teaches logic 101. You could also check the Wikipedia list.
    Changingminds.org – Very basic logic (http://changingminds.org/disciplines/argument/syllogisms/syllogisms.htm)

    Bayes Theorem
    Wikipedia List for Cognitive Biases (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases)
    Wikipedia Entries for – Dogmatism and Ambiguity tolerance–intolerance

  26. Hey Aaron, as others I'm really looking forward to your upcoming book on relationships where you probably already planned to address the following topic:

    In your post regarding woman & tattoos you touched upon the issue how certain woman are not suitable for a serious long-term relationship (especially for starting a family).

    But if you eventually found a woman you like and who is suitable (mentally healthy, stable etc.) - How do you cope with sexual attraction towards each other fading away to a more or lesser extent over the years since this seems to be a common dynamic even in healthy/loving relationships?

    Along these lines, how do you feel about open relationships to meet the need for occasional sexual variety assuming that one can keep love and sex separate?

    Looking forward to your comments.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have the time to address those issues in detail in a comment. But thanks for your feedback.

    2. If you have emotional connection, you don't lose sexual interest. I know it sounds blue pill, but if you find a girl whose personality and attachment style is compatible to yours you will mostly be satisfied by her body.

      Meanwhile, I have been with a lot of hot girls and totally lost sexual interest after 3-4 times simply because we were absolutely not compatible in the long-term.

      And you cannot really separate love and sex. People that are able to do that have actual mental issues about attachment. They think attaching to someone is for the "weak" and "losers". Actually they are afraid of being hurt and developped defense mechanisms. Also, they are statistically more depressed than other people. (Btw, I never ever met a slut that was mentally healthy... And if you look at people that practice polyamory, well, get ready to puke... See her : http://slatestarcodex.com/2014/08/20/ozys-anti-heartiste-faq/ Mental illnesses everywhere. Note that I'm not talking about the article but the "thing" that wrote the article.) Bonding is important for mental sanity.

      I think if you really want to fuck other girls while having a caring girlfriend/wife, you should talk with her about you fucking prostitutes. I think this is a good way not to harm her. Also, porn is still good. If you have a caring gf, you don't really need other bodies, just the fantasies.

      NB : I am talking about a loving gf who you are deeply bonded to. I am not talking about a golddigger that is only with you for money or other abusive relationships.

  27. Hello Aaron, I'm not sure if it fits in this section of your blog. If not, never mind.I read all of your books. They have been great. Thank you for your fantastic work! The way you write just cuts to the chase. Differentiating between myth and reality. I have recently finished a book that reminded me of your clarity in writing. The title is 'Meditations on Violence' by Rory Miller. The subtitle could be 'debunking the martial arts community'. As some of your readers and commenters are into martial arts I thought I recommend it.

    1. This sounds like a very interesting book. Thanks for the recommendation!

      I'm happy that you've found my work helpful. If you have a few minutes to spare, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

    2. Ah,Rory Miller. One of the most reliable guys out there when it comes to the subject of self-defense/violence. Unfortunately,there are too many martial arts schools today that are complete frauds.(They are often called McDojo's. Bullshido is another terminology)

      Even the truly legitimate martial arts schools that truly does teach physically effective techniques often lack knowledge about how violence really happens and the consequences that you have to deal with. There is a lot more to self-defense than just being able to kick somebody's ass,for example:
      (You can check out his other topics on that website. I may not agree with everything he says,but there is so much good information to be learned there)

      I often say that Marc Macyoung is the Aaron Sleazy of the self-defense/martial arts community. Then again,maybe equating Marc with Alek Novy might be more appropriate considering the amount of controversy(and even hate)he has garnered from the mainstream martial arts community(most of whom do not have much experience with violence,if at all. I speak as someone who has had quite a bit of experience myself in the past. Having a guy and his friends looking for you after you kicked his ass yesterday is NOT a fun experience)

    3. @ anonm thanks for pointing out this book! I'll definitely take a look at it. There would be a lot to comment on this very issue, but I'm short on time so I'll spare you my dribble.

  28. Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni is banned in Germany because the girls in the game have big boobs !!

    I can't believe this.

    Totalitarian feminism has won.

    1. Video game censorship has a long tradition in Germany, but it used to be restricted to blood, gore, and Nazis. Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni is probably pretty fun. I played the very first Senran Kagura (by the same creator) on the Nintendo 3DS, which was a lot better than the reviews in the pussy-whipped gaming press would led you to believe.

      In Sweden games don't get banned, by the way. Instead, distributors self censor and refuse to sell you certain games. There was an anime fighting game (Arcana MAX, if I recall correctly) that was barred from distribution because some uptight feminazis claimed that because those anime girls were in their early teens (!) this game objectifies children. I watched some game play videos and saw absolutely nothing sexually explicit or objectifying. It's not some kind of hentai or eroge, after all.

  29. Hey Aaron,what's your opinion about helping out beta family members? (or beta friends,at least the ones who you are close to)

    In an earlier conversation with Isidia,I mentioned a good-looking(albeit skinny,but workable)cousin of mine who is currently in a relationship with a fat chick that bosses him around. In the past,me along with other concerned family members have tried our best to inform him that he has the potential to do better and it would be in his best interest to do so(both long term and short term). Unfortunately,he never listened to us. his rationalization is that he believes that relationships take work and that you have to persevere through the bad times to get to the good ones(he has admitted to me his frustration-to-happiness ratio. 80%-20%. not good at all)

    I told him that this isn't a fucking Hollywood movie and if God forbid he's foolish enough to start a family with her/have children,he is effectively flushing his life down the toilet. (he hasn't yet,but he just might soon...)
    In response,he told me that he would fix her attitude soon enough(hasn't happened yet though,as far as I can tell)

    I lent him my copy of minimal game and other materials as a last resort before we parted ways again(he lives in Japan now). I hate to say this,but I have feeling he's probably not going read them(or if he does,he won't change anything). In my personal experience,people past a certain age rarely ever change unless something extremely traumatic happens to them. All of my cousin's past girlfriends were fatties. As far as I can remember,while not all of them treated him like shit,he was often taken for granted. and I believe there were even 2 cases where the GF dumped him for another man. (I'm willing to bet most of them were cheating on him behind his back,however.)
    To be honest,I would have left him alone if his girls were at least treating him well,but that's clearly not the case. This guy used to be one of my best friends(we've parted ways for the most part now,but I still care about him to an extent)and to see him stubbornly continue his foolish path is a painful sight. is he a lost cause?

    1. Wish him good luck. By the time he realizes how fucked up his situation is it may very well be too late to make a complete U turn. He will not be able to "fix her attitude". On the contrary, it will only get worse.

  30. G'Day Aaron, would you advise against investing in the German stock market given the current developments? With the objective of getting out of the German (possibly EU) market in ten years from now at the latest. Are you invested?

    In short: Will shit hit the fan in the next decade?

    1. Shit has hit the fan already, in case you haven't been paying attention. The EU is in its death throes.

    2. Ok,ok I understand that the situation is bad. But what are solutions to get out of this mess for the individual citizen in Europe. Especially for the majority of people that has no university education in a high demand industry and won't get a visa somewhere else. What are real-live solutions for the average person in Europe? What steps should one take today?

  31. Hello Aaron,I believe you've said before that you've never been in a serious fight. Could I ask how you managed to avoid having to deal with jealous boyfriends? I assume that as a former womanizer,you've slept with plenty of married women or girls in relationships. after all,hot women in relationships probably outnumber single hot women in a given area. (or is my assumption wrong?)

    While I'm honestly not a fan of "stealing a girl from her boyfriend" (Mostly because I believe that cheaters are untrustworthy and likely to end up cheating on you too in the future. the exception is if a girl in an abusive relationship,or do you think they too are not relationship material?) but I personally have no issue with having a secret fuckbuddy arrangement with them(or just a fling/one-night stand).
    However,this behavior exposes you to the danger of being physically attacked by jealous boyfriends/spouses. How did you manage to subvert this danger?

  32. fuck i am lazy as fuck, and this guy saying people dont change after certain age, is probably true too, as i tend to stick to certain habits,
    my SES is lower class.
    and my main concern now days is to avoid expending effort in stuff i dont give a shit about, which seems like almost everything.
    also seems to have some genetic deficits.
    just getting shit of my head.
    also i lack critical thinking , mainly because i am like,
    well fuck it "no need to bother".
    when i was unemployed i was lazy too, but then i had much lower stress and more energy overall. now days i am depressed that i need to work,but gotta pay the bills.
    and i dont try things out because i am like "how can i trust this shit?
    it will probably wont work so better not bother anyway".


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