Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Amidst all the excitement surrounding the release of Minimal Game, I found the time to contribute an article to Chase Amante's blog to read my article "How to Truly Get Intimate with a Girl." This piece is especially useful if you are hung up on the idea of "really getting to know a girl" before daring to turn the interaction sexual.

Here's an excerpt:
I advocate a method of seduction that operates on the premise of having sex with the girl as early as possible. What this means depends of course a lot on your inclinations and circumstances. In any case, though, it should not take you three dates and six weeks until you finally make a move. 
This position flies in the face of mainstream dating advice, and also within the seduction community I have been vigorously attacked for it. While the former group thinks it’s a sign of moral decay to want to have sex with a girl quickly, although girls also want it badly, the latter seems to share this opinion as well. While there is the typical boasting and ill-intended advice to get over a girl by “GFTOW” — I’ll let you google that acronym for yourself, but you should also know that this concept is nothing but a fantasy for “PUAs” —, suddenly there is a regression to the morals of our grandparents once a guy realizes that he actually really, really just wants to have a girlfriend.


  1. Aaron would you say that women have a similar view? That they quickly sleep with the guy(s) they want to become intimate with?

    Look forward to reading your new book btw; should be arriving in a few days.


  2. Blake,

    the article is more about the problem that plenty of guys could be sleeping with the girl they are going on dates with already, because she is more than willing already. Yet, they don't do it because of some bizarre hang-ups and ideas about how a relationship should unfold.

    Please let me know how you like Minimal Game!


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