Friday, November 11, 2011

Illuminatus reviews Sleazy Stories

Illuminatus, webmaster of Personal Power Meditation, recently reviewed my first book, Sleazy Stories, which contains some of the highlights from my career as a seducer. Here's an excerpt from his thorough and entertaining review:
Sleazy Stories is a first-person narrative of Sleazy’s time in London during his university placement at the London School of Economics. Its style is very dry and observational, providing a matter-of-fact account of events rather than the sensationalism found in other Seduction Community-related works such as The Game. The writing style therefore reminds me very much of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and, like that book, paints the picture of an impartial observer moving within and trying to make sense of a foreign world. 
That is where the similarities end however, as I don’t remember George Orwell getting any blowjobs from 16-year-olds in nightclub toilets. For we must remember that, however stoic in his story writing, Sleazy’s single-minded focus is shagging birds, and in the book this becomes a lens through which he begins to view all of life’s events. The result of matter-of-fact observation combined with the single goal of shagging women can only be described as what romance novels would look like if they were written for men: porn, in other words.
You can read Illuminatus' full review of Sleazy Stories on his forum.

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