Saturday, June 1, 2013

Do you find most women attractive?

In the discussion following Do women really hold all sexual power? an anonymous reader made the following statement:

Most men find most women somehow attractive (not my case, but so I hear).

I questioned this statement, and so did others. However, it is a position plenty of women and men seem to hold. Women think that men would fuck anything that walks and while the guys I personally know all have personal standards, they might still think that others are less discerning. However, it seems to be much closer to the truth that unattractive guys, as well as guys who don't know about their market value, might stick with a relatively plain looking woman. I do hope, though, that they find at least some attraction for them.

Please note that this myth is also used to justify this inane talk about male sexuality being worthless, which was at the core of the article I linked to above.

My suspicion was that this was more of a mass media myth than reality, so I consulted out the prime authority on that topic, TV Tropes. Look what I found:

Anything That Moves 
If they can have sex with it, they will. This character has nonexistent or remarkably low standards within the borders of their species and orientation's NORMAL sexual interest pool. They can be hetero, gay, or bi. This trope doesn't mean they're willing to lay children, animals, or inanimate objects; it means that things like age, personality and attractiveness restrict them much less than the average person. Such a character may get around a lot, but not necessarily; sometimes, it just that their standards are low.
I couldn't help but think of people like Vince Kelvin or Jeffy from RSD when I read the last sentence. What follows on TV Tropes is a list with hundreds of examples from all kinds of media. Please also note the phrase, "less than the average person". I would assume that it is exceedingly rare for a guy to try to have sex with anything that has a hole with it.

Would you do any girl? Please comment below.


  1. I knew exactly one man who would've fucked anything, except for the obvious things like grannys, grossly overweight girls etc..
    In a sense even he had standards. Albeit very low one.

    Do I have to mention, he was no price at all?

  2. Any girl? Not even close. I have standards. Flexible, of course, but standards.

    "Most men find most women somehow attractive"

    What a bunch of croc. When I walk down the street there's only a small fraction of women I find attractive. Anyone visibly >35 and fat is automatically invisible. Factor in personal preferences, and it's 7-10% tops.

    I have a friend who's a virgin, for example. I know for a fact (I was there!) that he could have banged a couple of fatties and a couple of frumpy ones. He always refused because "I'm not that desperate, if I cannot pull something more decent I'll just pay or watch porn."

    And he's not even in that bad a shape. So much for "fuck anything that moves."

    1. 35?????
      That's young, dude.
      "Standards" is just vile, woman-hating way of explaining away your lack of male virility.
      Grow up you pathetic LOSER, and grow yourself a penis. Like a man.


  3. Of course I wouldn't.

    And I do not think that there are many guys out there like this. But I did see (twice) that guys who are getting no action fall in love with a women, just because she's giving them attention - despite the women having nothing going for her looks or character wise. Of course they vehemently deny or even believe themselves that she has something going for her! At least temporarily. Oh, and in case one of them reads this because I recommended this website: keep cool, nobody on here knows who you are.

    However, at least in the local lair there was an opposite, but at least as unhealthy trend. The 'no pretty women around' crap. I call it that way because sometimes they claimed there was not one pretty women in the whole club. I think the whole 'getting a 9 or 10 is as easy, but just different from getting a 7' crap that some gurus have spread massively influenced the opinions. And not in a good way. I'm happy to have left the crap behind, because fucking cute, albeit not stunning, girls is definitely not something to miss out upon!

  4. When I was younger and had been deeply involved with the game/PUA, I would do nearly every girl that gave me a clear sign of interest; be it a fatty, unattractive or considerably older. It was more of a conquest and proving my ability to do her than to really want her. But if I look back from a current situation, this was a typical scarcity mentality issue and lack of self-respect.

    Seeing myself now (after leaving PUA circles), I don't even approach a girl if I think she's not worth my time. On a date, I am now the one literally shit-testing her and checking out what she will bring to the table, not vice versa. The quality of girls I date nowadays is incomparably higher than before, just the quantity is therefore much lower. Do I care about it? Nope, not even a slightest bit. Would I switch back to my 'golden' PUA years? Never. My own value forbids me to think of these kind of nonsense.

  5. The fact is women are more selective than men when it comes to chosing sexual partners. Even if you think your standards are high, the average woman's are higher.

    1. Let's say you go to a night club where there are 500 girls. You find ten attractive, and hit on three. Of those three, you take one home. Question: Did 497 guys hit on that girl before she met you and took you home?

    2. Aaron, "Sam Vincente" is just another PUA commenting here in the hope of getting some traffic to his blog. No point discussing with dishonest people.

  6. Interesting post Sleazy, this kinda relates to my previous posts.

    The generation of men today are the ones growing up looking at porn from a very early age. This leads to the environment where men go to bars and clubs wanting to get laid AT ALL feel validated as men, rather than get with women they are actually attracted to.

    There's also another thing that comes into play here: How many OPTIONS do you have?

    Most attractive women certainly have high standards (not necessarily aesthetically)...because everybody wants a piece of them.

    As for me, I'm not insecure enough to have a need to get laid by a different woman every 3 days. Women are not to be taken so seriously.

    The fact is when YOU have standards and stick to them, the standard of girls you bang goes up. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, but you get my drift.

  7. The "pussy's good even when it's bad" myth also comes into play. I don't remember who said it, but I can recall the saying "An ugly face doesn't matter when you're pushing it into the bed," which refers to how a one-night stand with an ugly woman doesn't matter. A gentler variation might be "All women have the same color when the candle is out" from the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf.

    I personally have held the opinion that a one-night stand without a strong mutual attraction leaves you with less than what you had when you went in. Essentially you're using each other as a masturbatory aid, because of the lack of a strong connection. Or in Roosh's terms, not much different from a "hate fuck." You haven't accomplished anything lasting, and now have a dubious mark on your reputation (that a woman could, according to the MRAs, screech about as "nonconsensual" even if it wasn't, or spread filthy rumours). In the words of Ursula K. LeGuin in the novel The Left Hand of Darkness, its like "meeting as animals" rather than a fully-fledged human connection.

    What about those who claim that the media with all its pictures of above-average women has greatly skewed what's considered attractive for men? It's true that the vast majority of women don't look like Kate Upton or Kate Moss, but is it then men's fault that they don't find average women very attractive? I wonder if actual scientific studies have been performed as to whether or not lifetime exposure to model-type women actually skews what's considered attractive to men.

  8. So I'm the one who made the original comment. :D

    Just to be clear, I do not have this view, however, I see many guys operating under this mindset. Also, as I gained more experience with girls, I became astonished at how LOW most womens criteria actually are, regardless of what they actually claim to be their standards. Anyone with the same impression?

    1. Hmm.... Some girls realize that the knight on the white horse won't come to save her, so they take the best they can get, and often that's not very much. I do hold the opinion that the average man is better off than the average woman, to a significant degree because there is much more pressure on women to be beautiful (while only very few are). On the other hand, male beauty comes in many facets.

    2. Well, men might feel less pressure to be good-looking, but they are not really any better off, because at the end of the day there are roughly equal numbers of men and women, so an average man is still probably going to end up with an average woman. And an average woman is nothing to write home about.

    3. Let me rephrase my previous statement and say that looks play less of a role for a guy since there are other areas where you can prove yourself, which will in turn make you more desirable. On the other hand, as a guy you focus much more on a woman's looks. You wouldn't care much if she, say, did well in her job, or wrote poetry. That being said, I don't want to say that the dating market isn't competitive. It certainly is.

  9. Every morning I board a commuting train: plenty of schoolgirls, students, no grannies, an average age way under that of the general population. I estimate I desire about 10% of the women ("could you imagine fucking her with no/little work involved?").

    1. That's quite a good observation - I do see it that way too. Interestingly and statistically speaking, any man can only get a maximum of 10% of the females he desires anyway (Alek "Mr.Vitriol" Novy and Chris from GLL have both pointed this out in great detail). And there is strong evidence to support that with us men, once we get past that trance we are put in by society of the "general allure of women" and see the world for what it is, it's just the same.

      I think that most men, due to a lack of self-respect and buying into social conventions and media bombardement, entertain the hidden desire to be able to somewhat "fuck every girl in the world", not realizing that this would actually be a perfect recipe for some sort of personal UBER-hell… ;) … and also a gigantic waste of time, energy and male focus.

      With regard to this I do remember years ago I stumbled upon some kind of "CI"-video of a PUA named "Sexual Chocolate", which happened to be dubbed with rapper Lil Wayne's song "I wish I could fuck every girl". It made me smile back then as it does now, but nowadays for entirely different reasons:

  10. Hell no, I've always been particularly picky. I'll admit that my standards have changed over the years, but the one time slept with a chubby girl with a flat ass I wanted to puke. Never again will I be so desparate, I've found that celibacy isn't so bad and actually has quite a few perks.

  11. Well, two weeks ago I was standing in a bus near to most beautiful, heavy chested girl I saw in my life. She was eyefucking me. I was like "damn, I need to talk to her", and then she turned around showing basicaly no ass, that looked like extension of a her flat back. That was looking so weird I almost instantly say "fuck, not that!". So there you go about fucking anything.

  12. I won't even fuck girls I am very attracted to physically because I don't like them. I feel like...why bother? For me the great thing about male female relationships is the whole package. You meet, fall in love, fuck, go for walks, hang out etc. The sex alone is boring and shitty half the time. So if some attractive girl who I don't like is going to fuck me its totally useless. Sex just isn't that great unless your really comfortable with the person.

    Its like this with a girl at work. She is into me. Hot. But I know she is a bitch and I don't want her. At best all I would like to do is kiss her breasts and occasionally molest her. But not at the cost of having to be with her and definitely not if i have to spend time with her.

    On the other hand there is a less sexually hot (smaller breasts...more delicate features) but very pretty girl who I am totally into. She is nice, friendly...for me the whole package. I'd much rather be with her.

    Often the sex is just not worth the bother.

    And I don't view myself as an oddity. I have observed what men do. Many guys I know who are pursuing a number of women won't even have sex with them. They will often let the girl give them a single blow job and then get rid of them. I have heard of Muslim guys who womanize and they never penetrate! Just blow jobs. They have probably talked to hundreds of women. Maybe gotten blow jobs from something in order of double digits. We are talking about a lot of substandard sex just for female validation.

    Its pathetic.

  13. ONly attractive men and women say that looks are not all that important.Rarely will you find a man or woman who truly is unattractive or homely ever tell you that looks are not that important.

  14. As a 20+ year old, African American female virgin I can assure you too that most men will not fuck anything.

    But some men say that most men will fuck anything.

    So.....Im confused.

    Anyways who cares. When I lose weight I'll have men all over me and then I get to chose. Not the other way around.

    Oh wait....I don't like men (except for friends and sex :-) ).

  15. A lot of guys on here imagining they are alpha males? You will get older and you will not get to be so fussy, seriously. I've known so many young men who were exactly like this then their testosterone starts dropping and estrogen starts rising in their early 40's (andropause) and they become completely different, kinder. Not sure why young men are so hateful toward women.....

    1. You're a woman, right? Let me tell you that I met plenty of men who, as they got older, simply stopped bothering about having a relationship with women. Going through a divorce, or suffering through a bad marriage is something most men like to endure at most one time. Also, due to the message how horrible plenty of women are is staring to spread, more and more men abstain from relationships altogether. Besides, what's so great about hooking up with a woman in their menopause? Maybe you should put your romance novels down, because older women simply become invisible, from a sexual perspective, after a certain age.

    2. Cause it's that retarded gender war bullshit. Humans want to be better than the other. They don't realise that both men and women are just a bunch of stupid fucking apes. Women just look better. That's pretty much it . When they do long arguments about why men or why women suck ( coming from the opposite gender) what I here is WHOOO HOO AAAAAAAH AAAAH ! Banana.

  16. I'd like to start off by saying that studies have suggested that it's women, not men, who have the unrealistic expectations. It was a study conducted on online dating site, as to who gets the most replies, men or women. They were able to discern the top ten men and women and supposed that these would get the most amount of replies. There were hundreds of participants both male and female which they divided equally. The results showed some very interesting trends. On a scale of one to ten, men judged most of the women around the five and above mark, the majority being five, six and seven. With women on the other hand, they found that the majority of men were judged around the three mark. This suggests that men judge most women as average looking, whereas women judge most men as below average looking. However, in a strange turn of events, women are willing to date men that they think are below average looking, so go figure. But this also suggests that women put extra emphasis on men that are considered attractive, meaning that because they are attractive, they are considered even more attractive because of the majority of below average men.
    Me personally, I find a large amount of women attractive because I aways seem to be able to find something sex about them, the way she walks, her hair, her lip shape, her eyes, the nape of her neck. The way I look at it, I live in a much richer world than most because it contains more beauty than the average. That doesn't mean that I would sleep with anything, I make that decision based on the quality of sex I assume I would get. Even though a women can be beautiful, you can tell by her personality if she would be good in bed or not.


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