Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reader Submission: Beckster PUA Residential Scam

A reader asked me to post the following review of a residential he did with Beckster PUA in London. I think it's a good example how ruthlessly PUAs take advantage of vulnerable men, and furthermore highlights their shady business practice. It must be shame, paired with insecurity, that keeps the victims of PUAs from getting legal counsel.

Beckster charges £4000 for his residential fraud. Beckster knew I was depressed and told me him and his instructors would help me get results. Instead the course made things so much worst and I regret doing the course everyday and now suffer from ptsd plus increased depression after dealing with this fraudster who has financially and emotionally ruined me. Before I started these are some of the things beckster said ‘we are and honest honourable company’, ‘I will teach you how to get threesomes’. What a lie that turned out to be as there was nothing honourable about him and didn't teach me anything of the sort about getting threesomes. Beckster said that his instructors were all booked and he will personally teach me for most of the residential. He also lied saying height and looks don’t matter to women. I was so stupid at the time that I believed him. He also bad mouthed other people such as kingy, Richard la ruina, kezia noble saying that they stole his methods and said they were shit.

Beckster claims that he teaches he teaches to combine routines and talking natural. This is nothing further from the truth. All him and his crew of instructors do, is give you routines that are already on the net and tells you to go up and use them and ‘then somehow your mind will figure out what to say’ according to beckster. My mind didn’t figure out anything to say, nor did his routines work on the 100s of women I approached.

Beckster also gave me instructors that were approach coaches that were not trained at all. Few of them were doing their first residential and were not experienced. He lied to me from the beginning saying that his instructors had amazing game. His instructors were consistently rejected and had no success which brought down my confidence aswell.

One of his instructors called JJ told me that the money would have been better spent on going to the redlight district and getting prostitutes. He then actually told the truth and said that he fails 99% of time and that videos he has up are those 1 in 100 times that it goes well. beckster told him it’s bad for marketing to show 99 failures. He also said that only a very small percentage of students succeed on the course and they were good looking guys. It was becoming clear that game and beckster were a fraud. He even talked about looks being important and a good looking guy can say anything and get away with it. This was later confirmed to me when I was shown okcupid experiments with male models cleaning up. This totally redpilled me about women being attracted to only the top tier men. JJ was only telling me this cause beckster was making him work for free while promising to pay him later but beckster never did.

Beckster also lied to me and told me I shouldn’t worry and that he would teach me for most of the residential. That was another lie because he only taught me for 4 hours out of 75 fucking hours. He actually tried to get more money out of me saying that £8500 course he offers will give me more hours with him. Before the course I had asked him if all he would teach me was routines and he said no he goes way beyond that. What a total liar he turned out to be. Also in his 4 hours he didn’t approach anyone and told me it was my job to do so. On occasions he wasn't even looking when I did approach. His routines didn't work no matter how many women I tried them on. He also said that wingirls would be on the course to give me preselection. This was again a lie as they did not show up at all through the whole course.

The worst thing was that his instructors said that beckster didn’t pay them. So they didn’t show up at least 5 different occasions. He even sent me away during the middle of the course. On 2 occasions his instructor joe said he was on the way, made me wait for several hours and then in the end he didn’t show up. I complained to beckster about this but he didn’t give a fuck and stopped replying to me. When I did eventually meet joe he said beckster didn’t pay him and beckster told him just to fill in for him as beckster couldn’t be bothered to show up. He also said beckster is scared of failing and doesn’t approach women in front of him. Joe was constantly getting rejected trying to ‘game’ and told me I shouldn’t worry about it and that its a numbers game. He also got drunk and tried to get me drunk to numb the pain of constant rejections. Joe even got slapped once while he walked up to 2 women.

Beckster also said he takes his students out to high end nightclubs in london. This I nothing further from the truth because his instructors took me to places like tiger tiger were wanabe puas hang out and other shitty low end places. These places have women that have no class about them at all.

I had to call beckster several times just to get a hold of him a week later because his instructors weren’t showing up. He lied that he would refund me something. So then I had asked when I could come round to collect the cash. He over several months told me to come round him house many times and then at the last minute he would give me an excuse as to why he can’t pay me. This happened on many occasions and it was so frustrating and depressed me. Then beckster after several month of saying he was gona pay me back said he won’t pay me and wanted me to finish the days of. I felt so helpless and depressed and there was nothing I could do. He then claimed his new instructors were awesome too. Which was another lie.

So I met rizwan and Martinez to finish the days off after months of being lied to by beckster. They basically told me to just go up to girls and say ‘hi I had to meet you’. This went really badly with all the girls I approached and got rejected. Rizwan and Martinez are apparently master nlp practitioners. They wanted me to use my imagination and surrounded by beautiful women (no joke this is apparently nlp). Riswan was very rude to me aswell after I corrected him on how long we had left. Riswan didn’t even approach and kept showing me hot models on his phone but he said they were his friends (probably friendzoned him). I don’t get why rizwan would show me girls that have friendzoned him but it’s pretty stupid of him to do so.

Rizwan and Martinez just wanted to get the days done with because beckster didn’t pay them either.  After the course riswan said that I should continue approaching. Also beckster said he gives aftercare before starting the course. I asked riswan and he said its only if they chose to give it then they want to which was a complete lie cause beckster said he would give after care regardless. I then tried calling and they ignored me so then I emailed them and they were giving excuses as to why they won’t do it.

In conclusion I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable and stupid that I fell for this scam. Beckster turned out deceptive and fraudulent liar. He is a timewaster and he will ruin you emotionally, financially and give you nothing but the worst residential possible. Everyone should avoid this fraudster at all cost.

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  1. Sounds like a good business to be in. Becksters making a killing on guys who think getting shot down by females gives them PTSD. He's got guys working for him for free. Just about everyone seems to believe whatever stupid ass shit comes out of his mouth. His true game is how persuasive he is, and everyone around him just follows along. I think his, and most PUA's, con-man game is way more powerful than his advertised pickup game. These days, I don't blame Beckster and other PUAs for being lying assholes and getting away with it, I blame push-overs for swallowing their loads and continuing to perpetuate their advertising for them, for free.

    1. Yeah, they really seem to have their way in "gameing" their customers. How aweful.

    2. I really don't get comments like this Topher.

      Ok, if people keep falling for these scames after being shown tons of times what a scam it is, then yes, they probably deserve to be ridiculed. But with the guy in the story, he was in a very desperate position to start with.

      Wasn't there a time when you believed these guys as well? Even sleazy taught Mystery was cool once.

    3. There was definitely a time in my youth that I believed some of the stuff despite a lack of evidence. I never put a dime into the companies. This fucking moron put £4000 on a single session, and if JJ hadn't said anything, probably would have dropped another £8500. He's probably also paid for more than the bootcamp. If there are really marks out there this easy for a con, you may see my face on TopPUAGuruEverEverEver.com where I'll spout bullshit and dance in front of a camera like a monkey with paid models to prove nothing, but that idiots will instantly believe and throw money at. God he's stupid. It's all making me so angry and sweaty that all I can see is the color red right now.

    4. Topher is like the new PUA recruits who shit all day on AFCs in order to distance themselves from something they hate about themselves. Leave him be.

    5. Men willing to shill such large $um$ just for the alleged prospect/hope of "getting better with women" just shows a) how utterly desperate some men must feel about themselves and their yearning in this regard and b) the strength of the raw biological impulse pulling men towards the female body.

  2. WOW
    this sounds extreme, at every step he gets cheated.
    nothing get delivered and u get lied in the face
    , that is immediately apparent is a lie.
    JJ sounded more NORMAL.
    talk to JJ and he covers all the course in a 5 sentences.
    all approaches fails unless u land on the one that gets wet.
    the fails thrown out of selection.
    should have really spend the money on red district.

  3. This beckster tard and his lackeys are a bunch of classy mofos!

    "One of his instructors called JJ told me that the money would have been better spent on going to the redlight district and getting prostitutes. He then actually told the truth and said that he fails 99% of time and that videos he has up are those 1 in 100 times that it goes well. beckster told him it’s bad for marketing to show 99 failures. He also said that only a very small percentage of students succeed on the course and they were good looking guys."

    And still he keeps working for this cunt?!?! WTF!!!

    I wish the reader, who submited this text, well! Poor guy!
    I hope you find some amount of solace in knowing that your review may prevent that others fall prey to this con artist!


  4. Kind of reminds me of your comment in Minimal Game where you state that for some people therapy would be a better first step than trying to learn pickup.

    Beckster sounds like a psychopath, and selling pickup makes sense because you are selling a completely fraudulent, intangible product to people who are desperate and vulnerable. It is exactly the same as spending money on psychics or faith healers.

  5. So Brit PUAs are using "zero hour contracts" for their "approach coaches" as well? Ludicrous! No wonder such shitty arrangements do backfire eventually. Let's see whether Miliband is gonna abolish those higly immoral laws...

    1. You can wonder why working class people vote right wing anyways.

      But then again, Tony Blair was only Thatcher light, so I really hope Miliband won't be like that.

  6. Wingmen Unite - Beckser and Mystery in Toronto ! (Yes, he can't even write his own name!)


    See what another son of Toronto has to say about Mystery:

    "It is estimated in the PUA community that Mystery had sex with 200-300 women and he approached maybe 10,000-30,000 women or "sets" of women (as PUAs commonly call groups of women). But interestingly, you can get the same success rate with just fool's mate lays, something he looks down on."

    Taken from: http://lifestylejourney.blogspot.de/2011/03/damaging-community-concepts.html

    For a guy that tall and goodlooking this is nothig but pathetic!


    1. If such failing men were actively encouraged by society or even the women who'd reject them to improve their outward appearance into something actually more attractive, they'd at least have a much better shot.
      In the end that where the blame (or the kudos) must lie…

      Instead those guys are all too often just being told the massive lie that "everything's fine with you, you'll finally meet your perfect girl who's gonna like you purely for who you are, just keep on searching!"

      Women should rather tell them: work out, eat well, dress well, get out of your head, get a life, think for yourself.

      @ Brent: I doubt, whether mystery is THAT sexually attractive. Just take away his "peacocking" glitter and what remains is a gawkish beanpole whom women more often than not regard as a pushover:


    2. @ Brent: regd. the Beckster/Mystery-video…
      My first thought when I saw Becksters head was "hairloss" ;)

    3. Mystery really arrived at the good time in this shit show. He was never good to begin with, 1% success rate is not good, it's average at best, you'll do just as well just going in and saying whatever the hell pops through your mind. He just was the first to address that insecurity with pseudo-science.

    4. And it aint got any better. Krauser had a 2.5% close rate in one year. No better then chance. Yet he figures that his book on the process is worth a hundred bucks. The biggest thing the PUA's have to offer to guys like the above to get over the rejection pain, and keep your line in the water. PUA is really just a numbers game if you are not a natural/good looking guy.

  7. Too bad prostitution has such a bag stigma and is illegal in a lot of countries. It seems like a lot of these stories come from guys who are in the bottom 10%. Guys who are really short, socially awkward, and ugly are better off just banging hookers than trying pick up. Let's say they do get a girl, it'd probably be a ham-planet with an abrasive personality who walks all over him.

    1. in my country legal prostitutes are called escorts. lol.

      also even if they are illegal you could still go to them without fail.

    2. My take on this is that prostitution will never cease to exist, because heterosexual men as a whole find more women sexually attractive, than hetero women find men.
      And since women regard unattractive men wanting to fuck them as sexual frauds (comparable to counterfit money), they will always want compensation for the lack of male genetic value, as long as they can pull off this arrangement.

      So there is a substantial lack of "attraction sex" on the heterosexual male side. Many men have no idea what real female sexual openness and deference towards a man they're utterly crazy about feels and looks like. So in a way they won't even know what they've been missing and how poorly they're being treated by believing the BIG LIE/cognitive dissonance that no sexual hierarchy exists = that women can actually love men who are not sexually attractive to the same extent as men who are.

      Only if women chose men as partners predominantly for their value as lovers, this dynamic might slightly change. But for this many men would need to become much more physically attractive and the potential amount of men to max out their looks is genetically limited as well.

    3. so if the average men find X percentage of women arousing to fuck
      women find on average less then x percentage of men arousing to fuck

      are you sure about this marco? this
      also add the fact of ambitious signals and you get a recipe for a disaster,
      and all the lying.

    4. I'd say – and most marriages or porn sites support this claim – that men in general find a much larger variety of women sexually attractive in general than women do in men.
      Just take the porn example: on your generic porntube site there are several subcategories of women to choose from, many of which mutually exclude each other, e.g. "teens"/grannies, big tits/small tits, babe/bookworm, submissive/domination and so forth. This means that the male sexual interest is much more varied and I can tell from my own experience that I do not find one special fixed physical type of women or style of women more attractive than others. Certainly the girls I've seen so far were widely different, I from those women/girls who made me really MASSIVELY horny I cannot extrapolate one definite feature as well. The change of female beauty standards over the centuries also contributes to this assumption.
      Whereas the model for male sexual attractiveness and beauty has always more or less been the same through many cultures and centuries: the warrior idiom, just take any Graeco-Roman statue, like one of my favourites, the princeps Augustus:


      All basic features of the male rolemodel are there. The naked version of this would be Michaleangelo's David. If you allow for a certain range of variations within this blueprint, you basically have, what women through all ages have always found sexually most attractive in men, and I'm talking about pure sexual attraction here.
      So there have been times, when women of less slender proportions were considered attractive at certain levels of society (e.g. at the courts of the Baroque era), but NEVER EVER has a small, overweight, facially scarred man with a squeaky voice and thinning hair ever been the positiv object of female sexual desire.

      So men are not necessarily always desiring the hottest women they can get, and if they get a girl who is "ok", but not super hot and they like her sexually, they will still like her and find her more or less as hot and as arousing as one of the "perfect 10" clichee girls. They will see something in her that does legitimately arouse them.

      Women on the other hand – and I really believe this to be biologically wired inside of them – only get masisvely aroused when they can get or can get themselves "to be chosen" by the hottest guy they can get. They are sexual climbers in this regard and a woman can actually have sex with a guy who is "hotter", than she is. The guy probably won't stay with her but that's another story… The sex phantasies of women, love stories and any comparable fiction does not revolve around "normal", "nice", "average" males. Of course here the "big fish/little pond"-dynamic does apply as well, but even in comic books it is Superman, who is the hero and object of the girl's desire, and not the lame Louis Lane.

      For women raw sexual attraction as sex is the basis for romantic love, which means, that women can only really "love" men whom they are truly sexually attracted to. Other flaws these men might exhibit the women will graciously overlook or willingly rationalize them away.

    5. On the other hand, women will "associate", "befriend", "like" and "cooperate" with "nice", "normal", "decent" guys and of course even form relationships and marriages with them, but all of this is not "romantic love" and they will simply not "love" such men in the same unabashedly raw way, which they reverse for the handsome, raunchy rascals (or guys who for them resemble that image).

      So in a way nowadays we do have a very difficult situation in Western societies: we have rampant feminism, which de-masculizes the average male from a very early age and pressures him to conform to that idology which transforms most men into pussies – a role which doesn't turn women's vaginas wet at all and a role those men themselves don't really wanna play (but they're afraid to object). And on the other hand we have "strong", "modern", "independent" women (or women, who are told that they embody all those attributes), who grow up with the firm belief, that they are special (purely because they are women) and that they deserve something special, namely only the best kind of dick. Even Plain Jane are told this and since it pampers their ego, they will not want to subject themselves to shitte, decent, normal guys – at first. Which makes it impossible for most men, to even partially fulfill this expectation. And which makes women subconciously fight even nastier amoung themselves for the few sexually hot available men/studs/winners/etc.

      The positive philosophy in this – my opinion only – is, that female "romantic love" (i.e. fuelled by sexual attraction) cannot be bought. Some time ago I used to believe, that women are naturally whores and parasites, but I surely don't share this sentiment anymore. But what women will do in order to get an edge in life, is: make those men, who don't fit their threshold of male beauty, compensate for their lack of male behavioural and physical hotness, if they as girls whish to sexually bond with those men.

      I can observe this weird dynamic myself when I having sex with ridicolously hot callgirls during my trips to Berlin. 10 years ago by all standards I was less sexually attractive than I am today and with whores would get standard treatment for my money. Today with such girls most of the times I do get lots of unpaid freebies or overtime, because – even though they are doing their work for $$$ – they do enjoy the time with me and my body. Picking up similar girls of such extremely high physical beauty in regular clubs without making all external factors work to my best advantage still subjects me to a substantial level of uncertainty but by paying an "entrance fee" (for girls like these working as prostitutes) I am "in". After "having been granted access" I am given freebies, unpaid overtime, wet pussies without lube, free anal etc., cuz the girls very often seem to enjoy their time with me, i. e. those extras I usually don't have to pay. And I don't play the role of a "returning customer" (I even tell them), so they cannot "bribe me" with extras to become a regular of theirs.

      I'd say "female lying" is only due to the fact that it would be disastrous for women to openly admit that a female "love hierarchy" actually does exist, that women cannot truly love a man who to them isn't physically attractive. That women can gain greater benefits from maintaining & selling the illusion of love, than just selling pussy…

    6. Mind you, I’m not saying (and I don't believe this either), that women a priori enjoy the "his $$$ for access to her pussy"-barter. It does make them feel like a prostitute, and I’m sure they'd do anything to derationalize those feelings. I'd say they'd rather have the free and romantic "sex for sex"-exchange with men, whom they don't need put into the provider category. But unfortunately there are a) not enough hot men around and b) their standards might rise to absurd heights, which almost no man could hope to satisfy.

      Another sound reason why many men (!) like to believe in those lies might that most men are scared shitless by the very idea that looks matter greatly to women and that women CANNOT made to love physically unattractive men. They’d rather believe that women as „truly loving creatures“, as „saints and angels“ exhibited the same „fair, democratic“ approach to sexual attraction as many men do, because this would ultimately force men to question if the „love“ the women in their previous RLs had on the surface level professed for them was ever genuine at all, that in their case women might have been putting up a disingenuous charade, even when acting „lovey-dovey" and how poorly those men have been treated sexually by women.

      Women (your 10s but your Jane Does as well) can profit from obedient, but sexually unattractive men financially and even emotionally, but NOT sexually.

      Assanova once posted a facetious diagram of this skewerd dynamic of all women really only sexually desiring the – in absolute terms – hottest guys available:


    7. just taking a backwards perspective, i saw very few girls that gave me steel
      level erection at first sight, and a feeling "i am in love in first sight"
      one them reacted to me extremely positive with clear signals.
      this was when i was still brain washed and it was a first time i experienced
      clear signals with iron erection.
      i didnt make a MOVE! this was the only woman i regret not taking a move on.
      and i didnt make moves on a lot of women who liked me.

      but the point is i expreinced this combination of iron erection and love first sight feeling 3 times in my life , all were when i was still somewhat brainwashed.0

      also when jacking off to porn i exprienced this too i found my self not
      caring alot of negative stuff about the woman
      and still have the feeling, so this reaction is present in men as well.
      just we are willing to sleep with less then this and women dont.

      i wish i would experience this more. IRON ERECTION AT FIRST SIGHT.

    8. @Marco: Although I agree with you in a general sense and really appreatiate the refreshing bluntness of your contributions, I think that you might be awefulizing the whole thing a bit. (Maybe just wishful thinking on my part.)

      May I qoute Master Sleazy (taken from Club Game): "Normally, you're not the guy of her dreams, but pretty acceptable. She might go for you if nothing better comes along. This doesn't sound flattering, but it's the reality of picking up girls."

      So even "studs" like him experience this kind of -lets say- semi-humiliation. (This suprised me very much, to be honest.)

      To solace all the desperate average looking readers of this blog (including myself =P) let me further quote Alek Novy:

      "I think the problem with "looks matter" is that most guys mishear it as:

      You have to be a born superhandsome chiseled male model to get laid, or otherwice accept having an ugly girlfriend you have to get by begging for months

      It might be more constructive to say "You have to be her type to attract her". Because that's what it's really about. It's about dispelling the notion that you can "create attraction".

      And also what "looks matters" means is that your most fit, in shape version will be more attractive than an out-of-shape version of you... But that's unfortunately not how guys read it.

      They read it as "so you're saying I have to be Brad Pitt to get laid at all" -> which is why they get so defensive."

      (Take from http://aaronsleazy.blogspot.de/2014/12/guy-tries-to-speak-some-sense-gets.html)

      I think the further your looks are away from those of Michaleangelo's David, the less females will consider you their type, BUT if you maximize your looks, make use of sexual stereotyping, market yourself in an efficient way, practise picking up signals from approachable/attracted chicks and (important!) capitatlize on arising opportunities (as Aaron talks about in CG), you should do somewhat fine with the ladies (even in terms of non-transactional/casual sex) even if you're no David.

      This of course does not mean I did not wish to be born as a David type of guy ;)

      By the way: If I get you right from your previous comments, you pretty much must be this type of guy. Is this correct? Would you say, that you where (soemhow) unattractive 10 years ago mainly because of your lifestyle choises and now that you took care of them and worked on your fundamentals you expeirence all the pleasures of beeing a guy with (almost) top notch genetics?


    9. @Marco (again):

      I think I might be guilty of confalting things here.

      In the comment section of your guest post you wrote:

      "What we're talking about is the deceptive narrative of "romantic love", which is propagated by Western culture. The influence of this lie on heterosexual relations is strong, it is shared by so many people conciously and subconciously, not the least because it is comforting, but it excludes most men from finding genuine female affection (should they wish for it)."

      I completly agree with this, so sorry for the confusion on my part!

      "I think the point we're trying to make is that people in general can only "improve" the cards they're were dealt to a certain extent. Of course maxing out one's own potential over time will definitely effect real gains and should most certainly fulfill the individual sexual needs of most men."


      Especially the "should most certainly fulfill the individual sexual needs of most men"-part is why I do not care too much about the "it excludes most men from finding genuine female affection"-part.

      As long as I can get enjoyable, somewhat passionate sex in the form of ONSs and flings with let's say 3-5 cutties a year without too much effort and without whining and dineing, waiting (too long) for it and all the other bullcrap, I will be fine.

      For the reasons you stated I gave up the dream of being loved for who I am yadya yada a few years ago.

      The mere thought of moving together with a girl (let alone getting engaged or even married) nowadays seems so fucking surreal for me. I think I will be better of alone, since -like Aaron often pointetd out- having a girlfriend/wife will not turn you into a happier person as you already are, but will probably leave you more miserable in the long term.

      I did not have a crush on a girl since 2010 and before that I had a crush on a girl in 2007. Before that I had a crush on a girl 2003. (Before that I remeber may 3 crushes during my childhood.)

      My 2007 crush already was kind of half assed. I was thinking something along the lines of "I'm probably in love with x because she resently saw me on the street on my way to our physical education lessons and she picked me up in her car and drove me to the gym, a two minuete ride. She looks cute, but why am I in love now? I hardly know her and hardly spoke to her in all those years. Anyways I should finish school before getting in some emotional romantic stress."

      My 2010 crush was an even bigger joke. I basically just sat it out.
      I did in fact wish and daydream for/of a girl I would love to spend the rest of my live together for all my life until 2012, but appart from my Miss 2003 I never thought I had found her. After she had turned me down I started to somehow see the triviality of love and that a man might not find something to truly love when women are concerned, but I kind of sufferd most of my twennties because of my involuntary celibacy and feeling inferior and that I was missing out great sex.

      The only things I desire from females nowadays are sex, physical contact (cuddleing etc.) and -yes, of course- ego stroking.

      This all is not to say, I am definetly save and might not fall prey one day to a girl, whose looks and personality I really like and who fucks me the right way. May Zeus watch over me, when this day comes, so I might not end as one of this emasculated, humiliated, cuckhold and permanentlly sexually frustrated hubbies! ;)


    10. Hey Brent, I am aware of me painting an overly bleak image here ("overawefulization"), simply for the sake of discussion. ;)

      A "love hierarchy" does exist of course, but as you rightly pointed out (and by quoting that gem from CLUB GAME), the system is not entirely rigged against us and not all women are scheming creatures. A good guy at hand is much better of an experience, than an imagined superhero supported by a dildo. ;)

      As for myself, facially I'm attractive, a bit taller than average, I am trained (doing sports almost every day), reasonably muscular and my BF %-age at 9%, which works quite well for me and I can maintain that state throughout the year. Nowadays I occasionally get compliments from distant acquaintances or strangers for my body or overall appearance, so this for me is the clearest indicator, that I have changed compared to 10 years ago.
      My genetics are certainly not "top" in the sense that it is not easy for myself to gain muscle, I've always had very soft hair (which makes styling it very difficult) and in the distant past I suffered from severe facial acne (shitty genetics, anyone? ;), which was a major psychological and physiological factor as far as chix & PPL in general were concerned. I became VERY sensitive to my food intake and for years I desperately tried out every possible "alternative" treatment I could find, but to no permanent avail. Eventually I subjected myself to a 2 year long conservative treatment, which thankfully did the job. Once my skin had become "clear", I felt like an entirely new person, and that was just one positive aspect. But I'm still very receptive to bad food in general, if I indulge too much in it my skin still reacts, although not as severely - and I can control it. The positive benefit of this is, that I learned the hard way how to live and eat healthier and treat my body right. So I definitely overall improved my attractiveness, and it did have a massive impact on my sexual success as well, but ONLY coupled with the right mindset I got from Sleazy & Novy. Women never ever seduced themselves for me (which means that for this to happen I'd need to be even "more attractive" and/or much, much wealthier ;) so without a clear and efficient road map and the will to risk some adventurous behaviour improved outward appearance alone isn't worth that much. But it definitely makes things easier. What made me objectively less attractive thus was a combination of looks/health indicators/sportive masculine presence combined with being clueless about men & women. Some years ago I also changed my job situation, to shield myself from unnecessary stress and get more out of my head.

    11. And I still find it somewhat sad, when I cross paths with girls I come to REALLY REALLY like (happens rarely), and they feel flattered by my honest & quick actions, but just don't find me sexy themselves and that there is nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately this will never change. ;) 10 years ago such experiences devastated me each time, today I know the underlying mechanics behind it and on top of that I luckily can always compare such experiences to the unabashed, quick kind of intense sex I had with chix who thought at that time & place that I WAS the shit. And who thought that I must have sex with girls "left and right", which isn't the case either.

      I do know a guy who has, though. He tries to capitalize on almost EVERY occasion which presents itself to him and more often than not gets his dick into those young(er) girls. But: he's very indiscriminate and most of those chix are rather mediocre looking and often a bit boring, so I never envied him. Quite to the contrary, I find those broads ought to pay HIM some dough for providing such readily availabe sexual services to their ordinary pussies! Instead they're getting it all for free... He also isn't that much involved in any meaningful intellectual activity (no offence, just stating it), so there's much more spare time on his behalf.

      I'm currently single and that has been the predominant state for myself back then and now, even though now I have a varied sex life. I'm used to being on my own and do enjoy it, I was never fond of getting into the hassle of "a relationship", but that's just me. Also, for women I'm a bit difficult to control, I know too much about them and their secret, I make for a good conversational partner though, but they cannot emotionally manipulate me that easily. And my own reference experiences make it much easier to judge the behaviour of women according to a more objective scale, which IS a blessing. I also absolutely love fucking young prostitutes of ridicolous beauty, I just can't help it and those sexual experience for me also put interactions with "real life" girls more into perspective. It makes me even more relaxed.

      I wouldn't recommend my way of doing things to anyone and since many of my friends are in relationships or start to have families of their own, I wish the best for each of them and if I can support them in their endeavours, then I'm glad to do so. But I just like and enjoy uncomfortable truths far too much. ;) (I'm also a HUGE admirer of Leon Trozki. And I enjoy watching those "porn castings" by Pierre Woodman, because in all of their absurdity they tell so much about human nature ;)

      Usually I keep all of this "sleazy" stuff for myself, but sometimes guys see me doing shit, then approach me and ask me how I could do this or that I was so bold.. what ensues from this then are cool and occasionally deep philosophical discussions, which I particularly like. I do think this stuff should be taught to guys in schools, maybe in some underground courses... But for practical solutions to their problems with chix I refer those guys over to Sleazy anyway. ;)

  8. @Marco: Thanks for coming back at my questions/comments in such a detailed way! A very intresting read!

    It's heartening to read about a latebloomer, who really managed to "finally get this area of life handled" not by going to supa-dupa-killa-3000$-bootcamps etc., but through improving a few key factors for sucess, making smart/wise lifetslye decisions and last not least by making the decision to open his eyes and see the world for what it is and not for what he wants it to be. The latter not only takes intelligence, but also character strenght and courage.

    I know quite a few guys smart enough to see the truth, but lacking the willpower and courage to really face it in all it's unpleasent uglyness.

    I wish I knew at least one guy like you in real life. I just can't talk about stuff like this offline, since all of my freinds are at least somewhat pussywhiped and (willingly) in denial :(



    1. this i can relate, i dont have such figures as marco or sleazy as well,
      but nor does the rest of the 99% of the population . :)

      so you are in a good company (not really)

  9. @ Brent: ahem, unfortunately I did attend a Mystery Method/LoveSystems 3000$ "bootcamp" (with "Sinn" & "Future"!) and even a "breakthrough comfort course" in NYC. ;) Ok, that was back in 2005, but I did fall for it at that time, and the emotional afterglow from such events was quite a nice thing to experience (albeit quite pricey *LOL*). Of course, sex-wise it didn't make any difference, back then. At least I wasn't one of the weirdest guys I came to know in those "lairs".

    @ Sleazy: I recently had quite a heated debate, when I happened to run into a bunch of folks, who were staunchy fans of some German "pua"-guru. They asked me to write them some of my objections and I decided to write a little blog purely dedicated to German-speaking charlatans, since they've condistenty been secretly ere staunchy fans of some German "pua"-guru. They asked me to write them some of my objections and I decided to write a little blog purely dedicated to German-speaking charlatans, since they've consistenty been annoying me secretly.

    It's in German only and I'll be taking a quick & facetious look at people like Maximilian Pütz, Michel Vincent, Björn Leimbach and theit ilk etc.
    The address of the blog is:



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