Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wife turns into Whale, Pressures Husband into Taking Viagra

Mitchel just posted one of the most ludicrous examples of female entitlement: it's the common story of a woman who managed to maintain her weight for as long as she didn't have a ring on her finger, but fattened up faster than you could say, "no, I don't want fries with that" afterwards. We're not talking about a few kilos --- which is bad enough --- but about a whopping 45 pounds in two years! Apparently she started consuming about 50 % more calories as soon as she got married.

But, hey, she was "miserable' when she was slim, and now she has joined the church of HAES (Healthy At Every Size), a fat apologists' movement. That sure is a fancy way of saying that you're a slob who lacks discipline and self-respect.

Well, sadly her husband can't get hard for her anymore. I think that 'erectile dysfunction' (= not being able to get hard for ugly chicks) is nature's way to maintain the relative health of our collective gene pool. If you're a morbidly obese woman, though, you verbally abuse your husband and pressure him into taking boner pills. On top, they're going to attend counselling sessions. I'd love to see that: some spineless chump being shamed by his wife and the counsellor for not wanting to fuck some gross pile of flesh, and that loser having to pay for all that.

Note the absolutely wonderful conclusion: no, no, of course she should not change at all. She, Miss Fat-Entitled-Whale-Princess, deserves someone better and should leave her husband for someone more suitable. There surely must be a young, handsome, 6 foot tall, millionaire playboy out there who can think of nothing better than dipping his 7 inch dick into an exemplar of the worst the current generation of women has to offer. Another glorious day for women's liberation!

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  1. 65 pounds is actually 30 kilograms... That's a lot to gain in just 2 years.

    I actually had a stressful period (business failing etc, long story) where I had to suddenly drop all exercise (I was doing a ton to keep a lean weight), plus had to drop my usual dieting (I actually have to "diet" in order to maintain a lean weight).

    I think i went through like 9 months of binging day and night, with zero activity (down from 4-5 hours of training a day)... And I still only gained 10 kilograms. (and no, I'm not genetically gifted, I was obese all of my childhood and teens, being lean is like a second dayjob for me)... yet I only gained 10 kilograms in almost a year of completely letting go of any control...

    To gain 30 kilograms in 2 years is quite a feat... You'd literally have to binge non-stop for 2 years...

    1. Alek, don't you mean training 4-5 hours a week?

      The response of the women in that article is typical for women. I just can't believe how badly some women respond to something they would have to change.

      A female friend of mine told me that she didn't like it when her boyfriend started gaining a lot of weight. Well, it's the same thing with the guy in the above article. We also arn't talking about a few pounds here, but a whopping 34 kg!

      I see this attitude with a lot of people "you should accept me the way I am", but that's just loser talk. If you want to remain attractive for you're partner, you have to put in some work.

    2. "Alek, don't you mean training 4-5 hours a week?"

      I didn't say "weight-training. I only weight-train 150 minutes a week.

      - I did mean to say 4-5 hours of exercise a day though.

      - I do about 1-3 hours of training every day (not "weigh-training"), but actual training for a competitive discipline I'm involved in.

      - And then 1-3 hours of light cardio to increase caloric deficit without increasing appetite.

      So on average I end up with 4-5 hours of light-to-moderate exercise every day. It's about the equivalent of 4-5 hours of speed-walking.

      It's the only way I've found to work for me to lose weight and remain lean year round without starvation...

      And fortunately it's multi-tasking (it's not 5 hours spent on weightloss/maintenance)... those 5 hours are being spent on something else, they just happen to double a caloric-deficit creator... works great for me.

      (I use the hours of light cardio to educate myself, listening to and watching courses)... So that way I get to add exercise without "losing time" on it.

    3. @Alek: May I ask if you count calories or do you just eat until you're no longer hungry?

      In the comment section of this post

      you mentioned "Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think" by Brian Wansink.

      I got the book resently and I only read the first third so far, but it's very intressting. So thanks for the hint!

      But I'm not sure if his "method" can get you to a say 10% body fat level or if it just stops you from beeing obese and chubby. (Which is of course great nonetheless!)

      I have to do a lot of research on this topic, because I picked up so many information on dieting etc. during the years. Like that for everyone there is a certain percentage of bodyfat that is pefect for him and determined genetically and it might be quite high in some cases etc.

      I just don't know if this is feel good BS or solid science.

      Either way, I think getting a 10% body fat level (I'm now at 20%) might be quite some undertaking, especially if you lack the time to work out as hard and long as you have to.

      On the other hand, I don't like girls to be too slim, so maybe I might be able to pull a bit more "curved" girls on a regular basis without having a 10% body fat level ;)

      I've heard that a 12% body fat level is the level women deem most attractive in a man.

      I found this via google:

      But I have to admid, unfortunatlly I have 0 clue about statistics etc., so I don't know if the sample size of 29 females leads to serious results or what else might be doubious about the mentioned study.


    4. Exercise isn't necessary to lose weight. For some people its worse since it increases hunger and they overeat. Your mileage may vary. 4-5 hours of light walking certainly does increase hunger in most people - Alek may be an exception. Any calorie expenditure increases hunger in most people- there is nothing magical about light cardio or walking.

      Alek's regimen sounds brutal - while I admire his dedication to being lean, 99% of people can be at 15% body fat with nothing even close to that - in fact, without any exercise at all. Most Japanese men are at about that and they don't exercise.

      Learning how to eat "just right" not too little so that you're starving and not enough to get fat is a skill and an art based on intuition and your body. Its not easy and all the calorie-precision top down "scientific" approaches don't help, but looking at how people in thin countries eat and listening to your hunger can teach you a lot. It can't be forced but it can be managed.

    5. Your mileage may vary. 4-5 hours of light walking certainly does increase hunger in most people

      I'm pretty sure I'm not an exception.

      I'm going off of my head here, but I remember that the VERY PEOPLE who shone light on the "exercise is counterproductive for weightloss as it increases hunger" --- THOSE SAME people said that light cardio/walking is an exception.

      I used to waste years on intensive cardio as a weightloss method, until a bunch of fitness gurus started talking about how "actually, exercise is counterproductive since it increase hunger equally as much as the calories spent.... unless its light"

      Alek's regimen sounds brutal - while I admire his dedication to being lean

      Actually, as I said, THIS IS NOT A "weight loss regimen", and most of it is not done for the "purpose of being lean".

      It just happens to double as one. I'm competing in a discipline because I want to win competitions, it just happens to double as a caloric deficit booster.

      If I wasn't involved in this competitive discipline, no way would I do spend 5 hours a day just to be leaner, I think I'd settle for being 15% instead.

      , 99% of people can be at 15% body fat with nothing even close to that

      Including me. I however prefer being 8-10%, which I've found impossible without either:

      a) feeling starved/deprived all day
      b) tons of light exercise

      Which again, most of it is NOT done for the purpose of weightloss. I do most of these hours for the purpose of TRAINING for a competitive discipline I'm involved in. It just happens to double as a caloric-deficit-booster. It's a bonus to what I do, not the main point.

      No way would I spend 5 hours of each day just doing something with no benefit other than weightloss/maintaining leanness.

    6. @Alek: May I ask if you count calories or do you just eat until you're no longer hungry?

      I didn't mention the eating part since I was responding about exercise. But yes, that too is another thing I stubbornly struggled with for years, until accepting there is no other way.

      I wasted years trying to optimize/craft/experiment with non-budgetting methods, and the best I could get was 15% bodyfat.

      But I'm not sure if his "method" can get you to a say 10% body fat level or if it just stops you from beeing obese and chubby. (Which is of course great nonetheless!)

      Exactly... Maybe there are people on the planet who can get from 20-25% down to 10% with a non-budgetting method (just by changing eating habits)... but I've never met one. And I spent many years stubbornly trying to do it, never got past 15% with a non-budgeting method.

      I'm guessing guys who are "naturally 15%" are the ones who can get lean by changing their dietary habits. A guy who's naturally at 15% despite most of his diet being junk-food and sodas... If he cuts out sodas, increases protein and removes processed foods, he can get to 10% without budgetting and counting calories.

      Most "naturally chubby" guys just end up compensating by eating more of the new healthier diets. (this is a generalization), but if a 20% guy cleans up his diet, he just ends up eating more (quantity wise) of the new less-caloric food.

      The more "dietey" the food, the harder it is to eat large quantities of it though. And the more "tricks" you apply to "naturally eating less", the more you get, but there's a treshold, a limit to how much you can get without budgetting (for most guys).

      I've heard that a 12% body fat level is the level women deem most attractive in a man.

      Perhaps lack of muscle mass is a confounding element. A guy with no weight-training looks horrible at 10%. I think a valid study would be comparing weight-trained guys only, and seeing which bodyfat level is preffered.

      From studies on body-ratios though where muscularity was studies, women do prefer a ratio that can ONLY be achieved while being very lean and muscular.

    7. Alek's regimen sounds brutal -

      Again, there's nothing "brutal" about it. I am not "forcing myself to do boring shit for 5 hours just to be leaner". I am simply

      a) Competing in a discipline that I am passionate about.

      If I won the lottary, I'd still compete, in fact I'd spend 90% of my earnings on hiring top-notch coaches to train even more. It's literally the only fulfilling thing I've found in my life.

      I would be doing it **anyway** (even if it didn't happen to spend additional calories). There's nothing "brutal" about passion and enjoying life.

      b) Getting education in several fields

      I would be watching/listening those courses/lectures anyway... The only difference is that I'm not **sitting in a chair** while watching the lecture, I do walking while watching it.

      I am not watching 2 hours of education a day (be it programming or business skills or whatever) in order to be leaner. I just choose not to sit in a fucking chair while watching. There's nothing about brutal about not-sitting-on-your ass. We spent most of history not sitting on chairs.

    8. Thanks to the anon and Alek for the feedback! Very intresting!

      "If I wasn't involved in this competitive discipline, no way would I do spend 5 hours a day just to be leaner, I think I'd settle for being 15% instead."

      I think I will settle for 15%, since the effort to go from 15% to 12% or even 10% probably won't be worth the diffrence for me.

      Like always I appreatiate your detailed comments, Alek, and have to admire your project management skills so to speak ;)


    9. Alek, what do you compete in? I'm very curious. You say its the only fulfilling thing you've found in your life and that piques my interest. I'm looking for something to compete in but haven't decided on anything yet.

      I actually agree that 6-10 percent body fat requires some kind of extreme physical regimen to be maintained for any length of time. Doing it just through food involves too much suffering in my experience. Even hunger gatherers don't seem to have such lean physiques - they seem to hover around 12-15 percent body fat. Old pictures of the Zulus from the 1800s show many kind of chubby men and some fat men, although granted they were more pastoralists than hunter gatherers. I've never been too impressed with hunter gatherer physiques I've seen. They're way better than most modern men but far from the magnificent warrior ideal.

      While a 6-10 percent body fat for men might be more attractive to women than 12-15, its not by much. It's a case of diminishing returns. Once you reach 15% body fat you're probably at around the 90th percentile in terms of attractiveness. Going to 12 might put you at 95, and below that at 100.

      Is 10% more attractiveness worth worrying about really? Not for me. Plus if you live in a cold climate you're wearing jackets for half the year, and unless you're wearing super tight t shirts in the summer no one is going to notice your under 10% body fat until the clothes go off (and who wears super tight t shirts?)

      15% body fat is achievable for most men through good eating habits alone fairly easily and without much sacrifice. 12% requires more discipline but is within relatively easy reach for most men. Below that it gets hard, and there is little point if its just for aesthetics.

    10. Some days I walk around 4-5 hours a day (for work) and I notice I'm always hungrier and need to eat more those days.

    11. Don't get too caught up over the body fat percentages thrown around on the internet. I find that claims of 8-10% bodyfat are more like 12-14%. What ultimately counts is the mirror progress. I was at ~13%bf (measured by cheap calipers) and my upper abs were visible and my lower ones shown through while flexing. I know genetics play a role, but if aesthetics are your goal, you don't have to be as thin as the internet will have you believe.

      I wish I took pictures! I have a similar story to Alek in that my new business failed, I drank almost every day to excess (8+ beers), and made poor dietary choices. I rapidly put on 25lbs and I would float around there because I would go back into health/exercise mode and lose 5lbs and then revert back into alcohol/shitty food and put the weight back on.

      I don't know if it's me, but I find the act of weight loss pretty easy adhering to a fairly simple diet. The sobriety issues are what tend to throw me off.

  2. I understand "Happy At Every Size", but healthy? It takes a certain kind of blindness to medical journals and mental backflips when looking into the mirror to say you are healthy at any size.

    This is why I tell fat women they should date serious bodybuilders. Those guys normally have low self esteem and love lifting heavy weights. Just the thought alone of lifting weights would give them the erection they need to plow a whale ogre.

    1. "I understand "Happy At Every Size", but healthy?"

      I don't even really belive a fat person can be truly happy (generally speaking.)

      Just think of all the heavy breathing, the aking of your joints, feeling weak, feeling exhausted etc.

      Not to mention your low self esteem, the often hostile way people react towards you, your lack of potential (sex) mates (especially if you're an obese male), beeing seen as a walking joke etc.

      "This is why I tell fat women they should date serious bodybuilders...."

      LOL :D


  3. hahaha.
    wouldnt it be better if she leaves him in an attempt to find someone better?
    he would get ride of her without needing to "man up" and end his suffering
    and break it up himself.
    65 poinds that is rather high, 28 killos is no joke even if she was 45 killos
    getting to over 70 is disgusting.

  4. Typical hypocrisy! If he suddenly quit his job and expected her to support them both, would that be acceptable as something "she signed on for,?" but it's okay for a woman to become a fat, lazy slob, and it's "the man's problem!" Total bullshit, and any man with half a spine would tell her to lose the fat, or lose him!

  5. … talking about the "comedie humaine"!! *LOL*

    By the way, one of the reasons I do enjoy going to those high-school-reunions, is, to see many of the prom queen cuties of yesteryear having turned into something less shiny and losing their perky curves. It's a drag that many women lose their tasty appearance so quickly, especially when they turn 30 and do not (or cannot) maintain a healthy lifestyle. But maybe that is nature's poetic justice of punishing girl for mostly being the parasites of man that they are…

    (Just to balance this: the sad thing about those high-school-reunions is that some of the guys – after downing a bit of beverage – will talk to you about the dreams of their youth, which they weren't able pursue because they now had/have to slave away for a system that treats them as expendable cogs and favors the interests of women. It is sad to see those desperate and unhappy men, who realize that divorce isn't an option because it would cost them their money and their children. But they are certain, they can make up for all this lost time once they reach retirement. Fuck yeah.)

  6. Btw. I a close friend of mine is a guy in precisely this situation. A then somewhat cute girl he managed to fuck when at university and ended up with as GF now after 10 years has turned into Jabba the Hutt's sister. Apparently there is no remedy to this situation and he's making up his mind into breaking up with her. Problem for him is, that since she knows that she cannot tie him to her sexually anymore, she's been obediently doing all the household services for him, like cooking, laundry, organization & bookkeeping. But these he doesn't want to lose, it's so convenient. Now he's been satisfying himself sexually over the years with many younger (but not really HOTT, IMHO) girls on the side, his GF knows this to be the case, but "doesn't want to know or talk about" anything. It's an absurd double-bind charade going on. At least he's got enough active self-respect to not have his libido quenched.

  7. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a girl about a month ago. I was asked by a girl if another girl would look better if she dropped 20 lbs. Without hesitation I replied, "Oh yeah, for sure." I took a blasting for being so "shallow."

  8. ROFL laughing about this comment in relation to this article,

    "Gaining 65 pounds is not necessarily killing yourself or horrifying. It’s just the body type she is most comfortable having. I don’t think it’s fair to condemn that women for choosing to gain weight. That’s her choice and there is nothing wrong with making that choice."

    Easy for this guy to say. He's not the one married to her!

    1. " I don’t think it’s fair to condemn that women for choosing to gain weight. That’s her choice and there is nothing wrong with making that choice."

      I don't necessarily disagree with this. Women can make any choices they want. They can be as fat as they want to be. It just doesn't mean men have to like it.
      The problem is women don't just want nobody to "judge" them on their choices. They want everybody to validate and praise them for their choices. No matter what those choices are.

    2. Chicks judge the hell out of each other already… even when they're already hitting the wall and past that stage, they have that inborn drive to always make the best deal for their pussies. Of course this includes checking out, whether other skans might be making an even better deal than they are and cat-calling the others for it.

  9. Hey, women can make ANY choice they want.

    When does it become too much with the weight gain though? As far as I'm concerned, you can only say, "Yeah, you go, girl" for so long. Encouraging women to "balloon" up and have SEVERAL helpings of dessert so they can "feel good" can be quite dangerous too. This woman's cholesterol must be through the roof, not to mention, she's at VERY high risk for diabetes too.

    To be brutally honest, I find it annoying as hell when very overweight women complain there's no "good men" out there. This also applies to men too though. I've heard guys say there's no "good women" out there, all the while, they're SUPER overweight and a sloppy mess.

    1. I wonder if these same people will feed anything to and endanger their loud fat dumbass children?

    2. @ Mitchel: You're certainly correct in pointing out those fallacies of perception with both men and women. At least for men – if they wish to go that way – there's the possibility of getting wealthy and thereby attracting females. Women more or less only have their appearance and secondly their character/personality.
      What I find noteworthy though (and Aaron pointed this out in a previous post), is that it is so much easier for overweight chicks and dudes to lose weight down to a reasonable level and guaranteed (!) to work over a period of time, than it is for a guy to become rich. The latter is much harder and much more risky. In fact, for women to maintain a sexy shape (i.e. 20% bodyfat), they just need to train 3-4 times a week and not eat like a dinosaur, and – given average genetics – they gonna be fine. For men to get down to a shape considered masculine or warrior-like (10% BF and below), this requires much more work and combining musclegrowth with getting ripped takes even more patience & dedication (e.g. with nutrition). So women don't have it that hard at all – that's why making fun of their complaints in this regard is even more justified and plain fun *LOL

    3. "What I find noteworthy though..."

      Spot on, Marco!

      That is why I get so pissed whenever some girl talks shit like "men have it so easy" and "if you don't get laid this and that often you must be a looser or an asshole" yadayadyada.

      And mind you, most men don't really want or need the girls to be that slim (modellike slim).

      Just look at porn, you find many girls that are a bit chubby and still considered bomb shells alone for their big asses. Remeber the NYC haressment walking girl? She was not slim, not even normal weighted and still got loads of attention. (From black guys mostly, but I think also many white guys would like her for her big titts and her "bubble butt" ;)


    4. @ Brent: Yeah that's true. I think pornsites are an EXCELLENT source for the variety of female archetypes, which men find attractive. Heck, there's even porn of sex with grannies, animals, pregnant women, midgets, fake underage teen girls, tall women, the strict teacher milf, the babe, the nondescript girl-next-door, the pimped up bombshell and so on…
      Whereas the sexual ideal of male attractiveness for women has always been much narrower, it's basically a constant variation on the classic Graeco/Roman-statue, e.g. the gorgeous Primaporta statue of Imperator Augustus or the Renaissance models on that idiom, like Michelangelo's "David", with rather limited deviation from this. This has been the male ideal of attractiveness throughout the ages, certainly in Europe, but more or less in all other parts and culture of the world as well. There are no small, chubby role models of men, which women ever drooled over (well, not for their chubbiness or lack of tallness anyway ;).

      The nasty judgement of "asshole" and "creep", with which women so readily like to shame men into submission, whom they consider "losers" (i.e. men who are more or less not utilizable to them), in my opinion is just another feature of the pathological female nascissm/solipsism. They feel, that their feelings and worldview are the objective truth, just because this is what they FEEL, even though at the end of their day, those feelings don't really matter at all. It seems that women for the most part are physically unable to feel any empathy or understanding for ANYTHING that is outside her reality or point of view.

    5. There are girls who like chubby "bear" like guys, girls who like scrawny emos, girls whose ideal is thin but toned, and girls who like bulky, and girls who like ripped and HUGE. Lots of girls are turned off by big muscles.

      Male ideals come in probably as many forms as female ideals.

    6. "There are girls who like chubby "bear" like guys, girls who like scrawny emos,..."

      Of course there are. Theres are types and fetishes etc. No doubt about it. But I think compared to us men women as a whole are far less individualistic in what they find attractive in the opposite sex.

      Just look at Marcos comment below: A chubby (short) woman can find a ripped tall man for sex quite easily, I guess.

      But I wish every chubby short guy good luck in finding a sporty tall female fuck buddy or ONS.
      It can be done since hooking up is a numbers game, but he should better bring along some good amount of patience and get himslef ready to be ignored and rejected a lot.


  10. On this topic, I find it really annoying when you, as a guy, are considered an asshole or "shallow" for not being interested in a really big girl. I remember when I was younger and a girl tried setting me up with her friend. Anyways, as guys likely know, "She has such a great personality" = "Sally the hippo". I said I wasn't interested after seeing a pic, and I was BLASTED by her friend. "You're not interested because she's a little bigger?"

    Could you imagine if you started showing pics of your single friend "Bill the slob" and blasted women for not being interested?

    People can call me shallow or what not, but no way a guy is trying to improve himself so he can meet overweight women. Like Marco said, it just takes a little discipline on the woman's behalf to stay slimmer.

    After saying that though, I do not dislike overweight women, nor do I treat them with disrespect. I'm just not attracted to them, and therefore I do not approach them/have relationships with them.

    This article is really good. The 2nd paragraph is amazing. If you can meet women you find attractive, why would you be bashing fat women all the time? Who cares then? Just don't talk to them.

    1. I once had sex with a more chubby woman (not the dimensions of morbid obesity Aaron's post talks about though), I found her face cute, loved her BIG TITS, and was overall impressed with her sensitivity and sexual confidence. Her ass was quite big, but I sort of didn't care (even though I really like sweet, tight little perky asses). But she certainly wasn't slim or toned, like the girls I usually go for. And she was 31, but it didn't show that much. (I'm 38 but girls usually rate my age at 28 - 31yrs. Lucky me ;). Women over 30 normally don't really turn me on that much, it's not an actual prejudice, just my personal experience. My testosterone does flow with YOUNG chicks (and I think most normal heterosexual men feel this way, even if they're not allowed to admit this openly).

      I started working on her by starting to fondling around while sitting next to each other in a movie theatre and we subsequently continued this in her car on the nightly parking lot, where my dick finally entered her vag. Everything went fast as it should, because she simply liked me a lot and I did my good horny male job. I met her once again at her place a week later and we fucked around for an entire weekend.

      She was a great fuck, but I don't feel like meeting her again, at least not for sex. And why? Mainly because, in all honesty – all her qualities notwithstanding – I just don't like her chubbiness and I cannot get over it by lying to myself. Of course she liked my trained body and I do sports, but I heard her once say that she doesn't feel like restricting the enjoyments in her life, tasty food and pastries being part of that. So she's well aware of the fact, that she COULD have an active influence on her actual physical appearance. But it's not what she chooses to do and to be. That's fine with me, since it's not my job to tell other people what to do.

      Luckily, she didn't and doesn't force me into any kind of commitment, and that's ok, but with her I could detect a slight version of that same sense of entitlement which Aaron highlighted with this post. She's 32 now and is certainly looking around to find men, whom she might make assume the provider role, cuz I'm certain that she wants to have a baby. I won't do that myself and my sexual conduct during our hookups showed her, that I'm not the kind of timid, controllable BF candidate. I know she is still single, but if she were to get in better shape and just shed some body fat, her chances to hook someone worthwhile who'd suit her "purpose" would certainly be much higher, she'd have a much higher pool of interested men to choose from. She has a good job and a good stable income and will get support payments and a job guarantee by her employer, should she become pregnant, thus the financial side of her family planning is reliably secure.

  11. I think this pic more or less says it all:

    1. I shouldn't have looked at this before lunch.

    2. I do feel sorry. I guess I'll try to make up for it another time.

    3. Normally I would say that the best birth control and defense against sexual assault is obesity, but my hometown and the previous post about pig girl has removed that.

      In a related note, here's Patrice O'Neal on not letting your girl get nasty:

    4. @Marco: Hilarious image! :D

      On the other hand, I agree with Topher, her fear of beeing raped might not be that less justified than the fear of Jane Average. (I still hope some trolling and fakeing was involeved in this sluthate-pig-woman-threat!)
      (Although I of course think, the risk of beeing raped for women in western nations is pretty low. The risk of me as a man beeing mugged and/or stabbed or beaten up is much higher. We certainly do not live in a rape culture at all.)

      Next time post some kind of "trigger warning" though. Maybe a vomit warning :D


    5. Seen that picture before. The text has been shopped. It was about fat acceptance, not rape.

    6. I guess you're right, I think I found the original:

    7. Ah, cool - thanks for the info! The girl sure looks better with the original, unaltered notice. *LOL*

  12. This is late but I just got to read the post. Coming from a woman, it's not that difficult to maintain a healthy weight. We don't need to completely abstain from sinful food either.

    Regular exercise, fresh food on most days and some indulgence on weekends works fine. I'm 5'3" and don't go past 120lbs. It's not as torturous and miserable as she makes it seem.

    The mindset that a woman can let herself go just because she's secured commitment is ridiculous. Being in a relationship means thinking for 2. His needs matter. I make more of an effort than when I was single so he'll not be ashamed to be seen with me while we're out and when he takes me to events.


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