Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mainstream Pickup and Seduction Forums

I owe a lot of my development to mASF, probably the oldest public seduction forum around. In 2008 I was lucky that one of the most experienced members on that forum, Nashvilleplayboy, became my mentor and extensively commented on my field reports. Without him, my development would have taken much longer. Only after months I began to read more extensively in other areas of that forum (outside of the field reports section), and was appalled at the state of affairs: it's not the one-eyed leading the blind but the blind trying to lead the blind. Some of the highlights were when complete "keyboard jockeys" clash. Hilarity usually ensues.

Indeed one of the main problems of public forums is quality control. Everybody can contribute and unfortunately even the most inexperienced people think they have something valuable to say. Sadly, this is not the case. A further problem is that many newbies confuse "post count" or seniority as expressed by an early join date with actual competence. In the case of mASF the consequence is that one of the biggest KJs with a total of ca. three lays under his belt -- in about ten years -- is one of the highest ranked members. Needless to say, this dude commands quite a bit of respect over there.

I am not saying that those problems are only rampant on mASF. If you have a look at other large public forums, like the "MPUA Forum" or the "Attraction Forum", the latter backed by LoveSystems, or, probably the worst of all, RSD Nation, you can only stare in disbelief at what's going on over there. Incompetence is paired with hero-worshipping, and in some instances incompetence extends to the alleged "gurus". (If you want to have a laugh at LoveSystems, check the Thread "Where can I watch Lovesystems" over at

People seem to not question anything the "big shots" say, not realising that many of those people are mediocre with women at best and full of insecurities. I can only laugh at how much "being social" is stressed by the biggest players in this industry. Another company is most concerned with "giving value". Well, as long as they bask in their "nimbus of glory", everything is great, I assume. Being delusional is certainly a great way of dealing with one's own insufficiencies.

In an attempt to rectify the sad situation of public forums, which for the most part will make you worse, not better, we at have started our own forum, which will keep users in a sandbox until they have convinced us with their abilities.

In order to buffer against the idiocy/keyboard jockeying/trolling of most forums, while still trying to be as public as possible, we're introducing a message board with a two-tier system. All new users have view and post access to the boards in the Sandbox. The Sandbox is meant for beginners and new users. When, through their posting history or through the recommendation of a trusted user, a new user demonstrates they are not an idiot/keyboard jockey/troll but actually a seducer (budding, competent, or expert) they gain access to The Seducer's boards. The Seducer's Boards are viewable to all, but can only be posted on by approved users. Approved users have the user title "Seducer". Demonstrations of actual practicing of seduction (like field reports and other posts that indicate time in field), as opposed to mere proclamations of expertise, are what will lead to promotion to the higher boards.

If you are serious about improving your game, join us over there!

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