Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pickup in New York City

Guys on mASF regularly said after reading "lay reports" by me or some of my friends that "game must be so much easier in Europe" or "I gotta come to Europe soon." Apparently, in their dreamland all you have to do in Europe is showing up to a club and the girls will drag you to the bathrooms or back home. It's not really like that. Further, some claim or assume that European girls are so much more open when it comes to sex, neglecting the fact that in some areas catholicism is still epidemic. However, from my observations of having spent four weeks in New York City, the issue is -- surprise, surprise -- all due to the behaviour of the guys. I have witnessed a level of passiveness in the States I have never seen anywhere else. I wondered why people in most European countries don't give a "flying f*ck" about pickup, whereas it's a multi-million industry in the US.

One night I showed up in a hipster bar in Williamsburg. All the girls were dancing, and the guys were standing at the bar, extremely close together. In fact, they were standing so close that I involuntarily perceived it as an expression of latent homosexuality. In other clubs I saw what one might want to call "music video behaviour". The most ridiculous performance was by a group of five guys who stood at the periphery, trying to act cool (and not moving at all). What is this nonsense?

On the other hand, in more upscale venues such as Marquee, you have an unhealthy combination of "attention whoring" and groping. Probably it is because you have to be over 21 to enter a night club that women act so incredibly juvenile. The guys were not much better and trying to indiscriminately grind up to literally anything that moved. It felt like high school all over again.

In all those cases, basic social skills would go a long way. It's certainly not that the girls don't want to talk to guys. It's quite the opposite. In fact, I have been approached by more girls in those four weeks than in the last year in Europe. This could well be a New York issue due to the surplus of women, though. Nonetheless, "game" is certainly not harder in the States.

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