Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seduction Industry vs Get Rich Online Industry, Part II

The Salty Droid article I referenced in my last post had an interesting comment by the user sidon:

@RunBrunsonRun, These people and all steal everything from everyone else because they are so freakin clueless about making something right in the first place. See they all think the other guy knows everything they need to know so they all end up doing the same thing over and over and looking such freakin idiots (like right now for Ray, Schirmer, Byrne, Vitale, and on and on). Their life becomes a viscous cycle of copy cat syndrome.

You obviously see the very same happening in the "seduction community". They are all running around like chicken with their head cut off, coming up with new concepts on "attraction", which is all just mental masturbation. One guy copies from the next, trying to integrate it into his "method". Recently someone emailed me that some other "guru" has copied some of my concepts, but about something like that I can only laugh. If the whole method is nonsensical and misleading, then having some sound aspects won't do much good.

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