Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chess and LMR

This is a follow up to my recent post What Chess and “Game” have in common.

Some days ago I had a Q & A chat session with the guys over at I got asked a number of really great questions. One was how I deal with so-called "last minute resistance" (LMR), i.e. you've got the girl home and now she doesn't want to do it. However, in my world LMR doesn't really exist. The very few times a girl stopped me, it was because she was on her period and had some hang-ups about it, so this wouldn't even count as "LMR" in community terms.

But what has this to do with chess? It's simple. In chess, the opening moves determine the character of the so-called mid-game, and even the end-game. It's somewhat ironic that Mystery always uses chess metaphors, even though he seems to have a rather limited understanding of it. In his "method" you'll obviously get "LMR" because you don't convey your sexuality enough. At one point you surprise the girl, after all the "comfort building", that you --- actually for real --- have a dick. This might rightly shock her, and in turn make her not want to put out. The opening determines the end game.

On the other hand, if you are very sexual from the outset, this simply won't happen, because the girl knows what's going to happen once she is alone with you. And she will want it to happen. Again, the opening determines the end game.

This is just some food for thought. But don't despair if you keep running "structured game" and run into LMR --- just do as Mystery says and pull out your portable chess set. Challenge her to a game! :P (I can't believe people really gave such advice, and others followed it.)


  1. 'Pull out your portable chess set' That cracked me up. It's amazing how many times people, myself included have followed bad advice without thinking a bit more critically as whether it's going to move them closer to their goal, or further away.

    I'll give my own example. A couple of years ago I had a date with a girl from work, she was hot and seemed really into me.

    We met up for a drink where, I cringe as I write this, I wasted two hours chatting and showing her things like a jive handshake (apparently a good kino routine) and trying to engineer the conversation so I could recite my carefully prepared DHV stories.

    Unsurprisingly this eroded much of the tension and desire which was already there. I had a brief makeout with her at the train station where we went our separate ways, and it was a wasted opportunity. In hindsight all I really needed to do was escalate physically and get her alone.

    So let this be a lesson! And a further reminder as Sleazy has been saying to GET TO THE POINT QUICKLY!


  2. TopLevel,

    thanks for this comment.

    As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. However, enough people still defend a "method" that hasn't given them tangible results. It's really sad --- and one of the reasons why I barely spend any time on public forums anymore. It's just too painful to read about guys doing the same mistakes over and over and over.

    When I was starting out, I had similar problems, but after a couple of messed up dates I realised that what the "community" is talking about isn't really working, so I stopped listening to most people. A notable exception was of course Nashvilleplayboy on mASF.

    I mean, isn't it odd that if you post something, people give you some random piece of general "advice" which, if you don't trust your instincts, only confirms a faulty method: "Yeah, you did great, but at point X you should have done Y." Sure.

    Thus, I switched to focussing on the big picture, and it served me very well.

  3. How many developers land on this page trying to find an article on Late Move Reduction ? :)

  4. Mickael,

    this sounds like one of the brain teasers you have to expect in job interviews these days. ;)


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