Monday, May 3, 2010

My View on

A number of people recently asked me why I was promoting so much. First of all, I don’t think this site is without its flaws. There are way too many trolls on there and even serious discussions regularly get hi-jacked. However, you quickly learn to disregard useless contributions and can focus on the good stuff.

The unique value of this site lies, IMO, in its openness. It is the only bigger forum where you can freely speak your mind about the seduction community. Of course, some people are taking it too far, and sadly a great many of them seem to be rather immature and/or unable to use proper English. Arguing with those people is about as productive as teaching dolphins how to climb trees. The worst aspect of this site, though, is that some people only “hate” the community because they are unwilling to admit their own failures at life. Frankly, someone who hadn’t gotten laid in over a year has no business bashing anything, and sadly those are sometimes the most vocal people on this site.

However, despite all those shortcomings I have found a lot of gems on PUAHate and met a few very critical and intelligent people. I am glad this website exists, and I am thankful for all the “lulz” it provides.


  1. Sounds pretty accurate to me.

  2. PUA hate has opened me to the fact that if I am 5'4 and average looking I will never get a average -hot girl unless I'm famous. Genetics play 90% of a part.


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