Saturday, August 14, 2010

According to Vin DiCarlo, working out is killing your Chances with Women

I was just browsing after a long absence and found that hilarity these days comes in boat loads. There were not one but two threads mocking fun at Vin DiCarlo's latest newsletter.

In case you don't know Vin, he used to post on mASF as "Woodhaven" and was provided one of the most extreme cases of over-analysis I have ever seen. "Ever" in this context means: in all my life, no matter the subject. A prime example is his "escalation ladder", which is supposed to teach you how to escalate to sex and includes eye openers such as "pinching her cheek". I don't want to know how many Asperger patients run around and try to replicate Vin DiCarlo's procedure on unsuspecting women.

Anyway, not only has Vin strange ideas on how you are supposed to "escalate", he is also concerned about your overall well-being, which is why in his latest newsletter, he recommends you to not work out in order to increase your chances to getting laid. This may sound like nonsense, and that's because it really is. Let's quote the first part of it (emphasis not in the original):

The more time you spend in the gym,
the less time you're likely to spend with
a beautiful woman...

Seems wrong. Seems like guys with
big muscles, pumping iron get laid all
the time...

Seems like you see them out in bars
and clubs with women hanging all over

But the truth is: Some of the men with
the most in-shape bodies you've ever
seen are TERRIBLE with women.

I've got a friend named Tyler.
First of all, the "I've got a friend X" technique is just one of the shady methods of copywriters and Internet marketers use in the hope of sounding more believable to their hopefully gullible audience. Whenever you read such a sentence, you can substitute it with "I have no idea what the f*ck I've just pulled out of my a**, but I'll just dream up a story to justify it".

This imaginary Tyler apparently got laid in high school, but once he picked up bodybuilding in college --- Ta Daa! --- he just can't get laid anymore, despite looking like a stud, because even though he was already "big"...

He wanted the "perfect shape."

The shape Men's Health and other
magazines say is attractive to women.

And the more he worked on himself,
the more he worried that he wasn't

Because even if you thought Tyler
looked great... He knew he could gain
another inch on his biceps.

He thought women noticed his shoudlers
were uneven.

He thought women knew he wasn't as
"big" as he could be.
By the way, Vin, nice typo! Apart from that, if you dare to go to a club or leave the house --- you will get a ton of attention if you are in shape and wear clothes that accentuate your body. Being overweight is a deal breaker par excellence and if you are obese, then it doesn't matter how confident you are. Such honesty probably wouldn't sell stuff like Vin's ebook "The Attraction Code".

Indeed, one of the absurd conclusions people reading Vin DiCarlo's newsletter are supposed to make is that "inner game" trumps everything else, including a great body, and working on a great body will only make you insecure. His imaginary friend Tyler only would have to go somewhere, and he will get attention from women. Some will even throw themselves at him. Certainly more than a guy wearing plateau shoes who is desperately trying to hide his 20 kilos of excess baggage under his shirt.

Having a great body of course doesn't mean that you have to look like Arnold in his prime. In terms of muscles "more" is not necessarily better, but in terms of body fat, "more" is always worse. The only exception I can think off is if you are anorectic, which you probably aren't. So got out and hit the gym, but at the very least lose some weight. If you like going to the gym --- which I don't do either --- then have a look at Scooby's Home Body Building Workouts, a great free resource, which I have already recommended some weeks ago.


  1. Hahahaha this made me laugh so hard. I remember noticing two guys at your facebook profile arguing about something about pick up, and both of them have around good 130kg !! xD I mean come on guys, why are you even sitting behind your computers when you should be out working you balls off...

    People can say what ever they want, if you don't look after yourself you can at best hope to find a girl who doesn't look after herself

  2. "And the more he worked on himself, the more he worried that he wasn't perfect."

    If you bought into this idea and went a little further, it would mean that improving any area of your life will make you more self-concious, because you worry too much about it. What a BS.

    It depends on the way you do it, not on the particular activity. Just don't get lost in details.

    The irony is that it actually applies to the regular pick-up guy. Most 'PUAs' are so caught in the belief that they have to improve certain details of their 'game', before they can get 'to the next level'. They can't just go out and meet girls... (I've got a friend who is that way.;-))

  3. Jack, it doesn't even stop at "game". Once I attended an event by the London Seduction Society and was told about more than just a handful of areas I was supposed to "fix" before I could get girls, including "time management" (so that I could "balance my busy life and sarging"). I'm certainly not against the idea of working on certain aspects of your life, but apparently some people seem to be prone to not see the forest for the trees. If I want to learn about nutrition and workout schedule, I certainly would consult other sources than a guy in a pink featherboa.

    Of course you can imagine what the effect of being presented with a huge list of areas to fix is to a shy and somewhat insecure guy that just wants to get laid...

  4. In my opinion, Vin DiCarlo is a scam artist.


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