Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Classic Post: "Good" Bad Sets vs "Bad" Bad Sets

In my discussion of feeltheburn's post "The Fishermen Realization" I mentioned an old post of mine with the title “Good” Bad Sets vs “Bad” Bad Sets. Some of you may remember it, but since it is buried in the depth's of the Internet and also because I have taken the content of my old blog offline, I decided to re-post it on my forum.

“Good” Bad Sets vs “Bad” Bad Sets was one of the most important posts I have written --- not necessarily in terms of its influence on others, but on the influence it had on me, because it is the summary of my experiences as a seducer, and sitting down and really thinking about the issues why some interactions just didn't go anywhere made me aware that what the seduction industry/community wants to tell you is mostly nonsense and the truth is much simpler and easier to grasp. In fact, this article "set me free". Afterwards, I focussed a lot on "streamlining" my game until it couldn't possibly get more minimalistic. Part of the last sentence is also a bit of a teaser, since there were many encounters (=successful seductions) which I have written up but not released yet.

But without further ado, here's the article, which I have written over a year and a half ago.


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