Monday, November 18, 2013

Attraction and Age Differences

Following up on my post Male Sex Drive from Teenage Years to the Middle Age, I'm now going to answer the the one remaining question:
What is your view about age when dating and chasing girls who are interested in you but significantly younger than you?
First, what exactly is "significantly" supposed to mean? Let's assume we're talking of girls past the threshold of the age of consent. Okay, say, she's 18. How old would a guy have to be in order to be called "significantly older"? I'd say, 25, 26 maybe. Ten years is certainly an age difference I would call significant.

Having settled that, the question then is how this would affect your sex drive. I'm tempted to say quite significantly. Youth is equated with beauty and sexual attractiveness. There are some absurd feminist campaigns that guys should marry someone "their own age", "a mature woman", or "someone who can handle you", but at the end of the day, this is all just so much hot air. Normally, you would pick a younger woman over an older one. This is fine, since girls prefer older guys, too, which explains the malaise of young guys trying to get girls.

The fact that guys want to get with younger girls also explains why older women complain that they are literally invisible. What happened to all those people she loved to complain about because they were "harassing" her? Turns out they now ogle other, younger, chicks instead. Of course, not having men chasing after her means that she now has time to post diatribes online about all those male sexist pigs who would rather stick it into a good-looking girl in her twenties than a "mature" woman of 38, like herself.

I think that it's not just libido-enhancing when your girl is younger. I would even go as far as to say that her youth is libido-enabling. Without her youth, you would not even think of pursuing her. Of course, if you had a weak mind, then feminist rhetoric that tried to shame you for wanting to fornicate with young girls would make you feel bad about your desires. Just think of the guy who asked me that question above: If those young girls are lusting after you, then go for it, man! Just make sure you're not just a walking wallet for them.

Further, let's not forget about biology. Even if some 38-year old thinks that she would be such a great catch, let's just be honest: She's not going to be the mother of your children. On the other hand, if you managed to settle down with a 24 year-old, you could take it easy for a while. Nature is surely not pressuring you to have children right now.

A few years can make quite a difference, as any guy who ever got involved with a woman around 30 has experienced. Many men find their behavior downright absurd. They might push really hard for a relationship, even in the complete absence of interest from the male. His opinion doesn't count, only his sperm. If this describes you, then please be extremely careful about protection, if you really have to get involved with such women. There is a good chance that she's lying to you about being on the pill. I've had this happen, and apparently any guy I know who had sex with more than one or two women, too. Some guys are not so lucky, and were thus tricked into fatherhood. What lovely little angels older women can be!

The ticking biological clock is just one of the reasons why older women can be quite difficult to deal with. They want to pressure you into anything. Of course, they do feel a lot of pressure themselves, realizing that there aren't so many guys interested in her anymore, and seeing friends of hers popping out babies left, right and center doesn't relax her either. But now she's got a new guy, and she's got to make it work! It sounds horrible, right? But now think of how much more easy-going a young girl could be.


  1. I was dating a 32 year old for a while. All she could mention was marriage and a child. She was also insanely jealous as well. I am 28 and just starting to notice the attention of early to mid somethings as well.

  2. Aaron, long time reader/first time commenter here. There is another aspect to the issue of dating "older" women that the manosphere (I use that term in the broadest sense) seldom addresses. That aspect pertains to the basic innate quality of the woman. The whole entire reason for picking a "mature" woman (over an equally accessible younger one) is that the older one is presumably smarter, wiser, has learned valuable life lessons, is not as obsessed with having kids, etc. If that is true then by all means go for her, but a lot of times it's not. In this era of feminist brainwashing and deification of every so-called "minority", a lot of older females exist that are every bit as clueless as they were at 18 and still have an entitlement complex, thinking that the male world is their oyster. Newsflash--if an attractive and reasonably intelligent woman is single at 35 or beyond, there is probably a really big reason why--she either has significant character flaws or just didn't want to get into a relationship very much. It's one thing if the 35 year-old woman acknowledges she is single by her own fault and is rectifying those character flaws, but a whole lot of them aren't. Between one of these, regardless of how smart she is otherwise or even how attractive she still is, and the 20 year-old ditz that has more or less correct priorities in life and knows how to treat a man, all men will choose the latter every single time.

    1. This is the topic of the blog post I'm currently working on, so stay tuned.

  3. This is what I like about your blog, you don't censor yourself and you're completely the opposite of politically correct thinking.

    Which is quite rare these days!

  4. I would (and I think a lot of other guys would too) date older women, if it meant less drama and less of these shenanigans which are born out of insecurities, personality defects of the ICD-variety, just plain moronic views how the world works (he has to call me four times before I consider picking up the phone [that's a quote by the way]) or no personality/interests whatsoever. But sadly older women have most of the times more baggage, which often includes more insecurities, more personality defects of the ICD-variety (albeit different ones), even more moronic views and still no personality/interests. Add their oftentimes fastly dwindling looks and their overwhelming desire for kids and you are in for a hellride.
    So, given the decision between:
    a) a hot young girl with some defects
    b) a rapidly aging and weight gaining woman with the same defects and a very loudly ticking clock.
    The obvious choice is, well, obvious.

  5. "Let's assume we're talking of girls past the threshold of the age of consent."

    Then she's something called "fair game" and ain't nobody's business if I do.

  6. I just found your blog and I must say it contains some interesting topics and well written opinions. What you write about women in their late thirties is true and I actually have a lot of empathy for them.
    As a guy I did not enjoy my early twenties that much, because I was too shy and sensitive to be very successful with women. I often felt bitter when women complained about society and men in general, because in my eyes the part of the twentysomething females was actually much easier than the part of a twentysomething male. I thought of young women as arrogant.
    I started noticing a shift in these gender dynamics in my late 20s. I suddenly became interesting and eventually got married and got two wonderful sons.
    I nowadays meet (via work) a lot of these lone women in their thirties. Some are clearly interested in me before i tell them about my family. Some of them have asked me about my single friends (most of my friends are married by now in their early 30s). However, it does not make me feel victorious at all. It makes me feel really sad. When I now see the similar agony in them that once filled me, I can finally relate more to them and see them primarly as human and secondarly as women.

    just som thoughts i felt to share. Sorry for my English. /Mike

  7. As Asian, I always encourage Asian men to go for young 20 girls because Asian men do age well. I also tell them to steer away from old white women or white women with kids. I do not believe they suddenly find Asian guys attractive after they are "mature" or with a kid.


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