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About women who give you shit

There was a rather emotional comment in the most recent Open Thread, where a reader claimed that balding would be an enormous problem for men who are affected by it. Well, losing your hair will certainly not make it easier for you to get your dick wet, but it is hardly the beginning of a never-ending dry spell. That comment caught my attention not so much because of the topic —- baldness — but due to the many attribution errors. In this article, I’d like to briefly discuss one of them.

So, have a look at the following paragraph, and think about what the problem with the bolded sentence might be:
I know you're not bald or even balding Aaron, so to do this, I suggest you gather opinions from bald men, especially men who have dealt with balding in their late teens and early 20's. I've been in that situation, and it was no walk in the park. Women telling me flat out that they don't date bald guys, women abusing me when I was in a relationship with them, and often replacing me once they had found a guy similar to me that had a full head of hair.

As anyone with at least a modicum of experience with women is fully aware of, some women will give you shit for literally anything. More correctly, they will try to. The reasons are manyfold. First, I am fully convinced that, as a whole, women are much less satisfied with their life than men, which may very well be related to the realisation that pretty much their entire existence boils down to their sexual market value. At the very least, their unhappiness may stem from the fact that beauty is fleeting. Those who never were beautiful are bitter because they never had been desired by many men, and certainly not by the kind they masturbate to. On the other hand, for beautiful women it may come as a shock that they will gradually become invisible to men. To recall a very succinct statement left by Marco_Polo some time ago — past a certain age, I think Marco put it at 40, they will simply never see another dick in their life. Thats’s probably not so tough for women who have never seen many dicks to begin with, but imagine a woman goes from, er, tightening the pants for something like 70% of guys who see her to becoming gradually invisible. No wonder she’s getting really, really pissed!

Second, and related, it seems that many women possess rather poor strategies for dealing with frustration. While a rational approach, whenever life throws you a curve ball, would be to analyse the situation in oder to learn something from it for the future, a much less mature, and fairly, dare I say, women-like approach is to instead lash out at those closest to you. This does not only refer to the guy(s) they are fucking. Have you ever wondered why women so often “break up” with their ‘bestest’ girl friends?Rumor has it that it’s due to emotional outburst. Our little princess couldn’t get her way, and thus her best friend of eight months is now a stranger, if not an enemy.

Quite frankly, I am doubtful if there are women out there who are really stable. Now you can say, “Geez, Sleazy, no wonder your women are psychos — you pick them up at the wrong places.” I wish the explanation was that simple. I’ve sampled women of more or less every socioeconomic status, and basically the entire sexually desirable age range (something like 16 to 36, but skewed to the left). As long as you don’t know them well, and they don’t think they’ve gotten their hooks in you yet, they can be the sweetest things. But eventually they will reveal their true selves. In general, younger women are much more pleasant in that regard. But eventually they will start giving you shit. Plenty of blue pillers don't even think anything of it because they view it as normal. Some girls will want to start arguments, others restrict themselves to passive aggressive behaviour. None of this improves your quality of life, though.

This wasn’t a detour. Instead, the point of this elaboration was to highlight that some women will verbally abuse you for anything that seems suitable in the moment. Have you ever had a woman throw something at you? In that case, they likewise grab whatever is closest. I tell you, the comedic effect of an upset woman who wants to throw a shawl at you is enormous! Understanding the reason behind this may help you dealing with such situations, but eventually your patience might very well wear thin. In case of the balding guy who left that comment: Dude, you were balding when you met her. But for some reason this suddenly is an issue for her X months into the relationship? Don’t you realize how absurd this is? Let’s just exchange the roles: Let’s say your girl is short, and that’s fine because petite girls give you a massive hard-on. Yet, one fine day your boss gets pissed at you because you didn't correctly fill out form XF-130871 again — so you come home and harangue your girl because she is short. This just doesn’t make any sense, because she is the same height she was yesterday. It’s not as if she had turned from being a fitness model into Jabba the Hut. Of course, you’d be a sexist if you suggested that she should get back into working out, but that's a different issue.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I love the buerocratic joke at the end ("form XF-130871")! Hilarious! ;)

  2. I think perhaps the women or woman the writer was involved with probably figured that baldness was one of his insecurities and probably decided when she wanted to fling crap that was a good way to turn the knife. Being bald is a handicap in the looks department but doesn't seem to be a crippling one from what I can tell. If you were short, bald, fat and poor then I would readily agree it is no walk in the park

  3. lol, girls give you shit all the time, yep, its just annoying. or rather
    i dont see the point of dealing with it, i am not going to deal with it. i am just going to drop
    the interaction.

    1. for example today i was with 16 years old, girl/

      i told her i am 25,after that she was all horny after 15 minutes of sitting near me and ready to
      go, but, i needed to do something else, so i took her phone,
      and later on she refused to meet claiming i am too old for her.
      DA FUCK? she was so horny with me like i was her dream guy and shit,
      yet later on she refused, i dropped her. u see they give you nonsense all the time,
      even when they are not "frustrated" and even if it means they miss opportunities.
      i am not telling my age anymore fuck it. i just generally dont like to lie and be honest but it never ends well for me, because something always pops up.
      if i were to lie it wouldnt pop up. or atleast less. shit.
      basically they are full of shit. i thought if she responded so well to me , she will meet me regardless, nooo NOT AT ALL, i guess her image in her social circle is more important.

    2. In America they are trying to pass a law where if you have sex and lie about your age - or anything else like your income, status, etc - you will be charged with rape.

      And as America goes, so goes Europe. America cannot be allowed to out-liberal Europe. Enjoy while you can.

    3. Can you give me a link on that issue?

      What you write does sound plausible enough to me, judging from the rape/feminism craze in the US. Of course, it would be off-limits to charge a woman with rape if she lied about being single, on the pill, or claimed to be emotionally stable.

    4. Or if SHE lied about her age haha. Do they plan to charge transvestites with rape too, if some drunk guy confuses one of them with a true woman ? What kind of sentence will the woman who's with you only for your money but claims to be in love with you receive ?

      No, seriously, laws like that make me mad. Here, mainly because it's a "one law for men, no laws for women" kind of law. But it is also a "don't think, sue later" kind of law which is even worse. Because it kills common sense and intelligence as you don't have to think (in this case, only if you're a woman). Because it's killing normal social interactions as you always feel like you have to be careful not to be accused of rape when talking to a girl, which will in the end make the guy insecure and the girl unhappy (yeah, you won't really "pull the trigger" as fast as if you didn't have to worry about that, if at all). OR will put the guy in jail for rape, because he did something trivial that wasn't even about sex itself.

      And it's annihilating the concept of responsability for women : believe everything the guy says, don't think about the consequences, you can always sue his ass off later if you find out that this 16 year-old guy doesn't actually have a Lamborghini in his garage.

      Pseudo-feminists who propose that kind of laws are already in that "don't think, don't be responsible, sue a guy" mentality anyway. So much that they can't see what their actions will bring. We already know they don't give a rat's ass about men, but that kind of law will also make women the OPPOSITE of what feminism was about in the beginning, namely making them strong and independent women treated equally by the law. Here they'll just become airheads treated differently by the law who have to rely on the court system and government handouts to survive.

      Okay I'm maybe exaggerating on some bits but that's roughly how it sounds to me.



    Google should have more articles Aaron


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