Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Open Thread: July 2015

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'.

In short, it you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.


  1. Personally, I'd like to see an article on how balding and baldness will affect your success with women. I see a lot of blog posts talking about height or facial structure being important, but what about hair? Isn't it the first thing we all notice in another human being? And also a symbol of beauty, youthfulness and healthy genes?

    I know you're not bald or even balding Aaron, so to do this, I suggest you gather opinions from bald men, especially men who have dealt with balding in their late teens and early 20's. I've been in that situation, and it was no walk in the park. Women telling me flat out that they don't date bald guys, women abusing me when I was in a relationship with them, and often replacing me once they had found a guy similar to me that had a full head of hair.

    In my experience, I know it's practically impossible for people who have hair to understand the struggle that is balding at a young age. They will offer you "solutions" like shaving it all off, getting a tan, and "becoming huge". As if those two last advices were healthy or so easy to put in practice. But in fact, they won't help at all, you will still remain "the bald guy" in the eyes of society. And in a time where looks are glorified in the media, you don't want to be that guy.

    That guy will never be the successful romantic lead in any movie. You will not be able to find one. The bald man will always be the loser, the creep, or the badass meathead that blows up everything. This plays a lot on the collective consciousness of women. Even if they are attracted to a bald man physically and biologically, they will consciously deny that attraction thinking "Wait, I deserve better, none of the men in Grey's Anatomy and Sex and the City are bald."

    I think it's a quite interesting topic, but you need the testimonies of men who are bald in their 20's, not just your opinion of what you think it's like to be bald at such a young age or what you might do if you started losing your hair. It's devastating, and there are no easy solutions. Personally, I got a successful hair transplant a year ago and the abuse from women and society has stopped. I hope you will not say it's because I'm more "confident".

    1. but then none bald guys have other problems to deal with.
      for its baldness, for me its small frame body and somewhat height,
      so.. baldness could be an issue and there are other issues, see?

    2. I'm not really interested in computer games at all, but isn't there an almost bald guy in one of those "Grand Theft Auto" games, who resembles Jason Statham? Anyway, there you have two attractive male role model with limited hair on their heads.
      Alternatively going for a completely bald look can always be a feadible alternative, if it complements your overall style...

    3. Balding does hurt you a bit but not terribly.

      I have a very receding hairline which I developed in my late 20s, and now in my mid 30s I'm still pulling girls in their early 20s. I shaved my head on a number 2 but my receding hairline is still quite apparent. It hasn't hurt that much.

      I have in general a very youthful look and I'm slim and fit, so that helps.

      The human mind has an incredible ability to invent "stories". Some girl you were dating treated you bad, and it was "because" you were bald, and she left you for another guy who was "just like you", just had a head of hair.

      We see literally anything we want to see.

      I have never been abused by women I dated, with hair or without hair - you know why? Because I don't interact with abusive women. The moment the woman is anything less than polite and friendly to me, I don't bother with "why", I bail.

      It has served me well and has allowed me to have a good sex life without the bitterness that many men succumb to.

      There are men out there who firmly believe that in order to get women you have to deal with negative attitudes, ranging from indifference that you are supposed to "plow past", to outright negativity.

      I have never found that to be the case, and there is nothing very special about me. You simply have to be very careful and clear about who you will interact with and never try and control or overcome the other persons reaction. Only control yourself.

      There are plenty of bad people in the world, both women and men, and its getting worse in modern times with all the ego. I have seen normal men get extremely embittered, developing a simmering rage, from the belief that if they want to get women, they have to put up with abuse of some kind or another, so they constantly put up with various kinds of abuse from women, from plowing past indifference (I would never do that), to worse.

      If someone had simply told them they don't, and they just need to be more selective and accept what they can get, they may have developed more healthily.

      Despite the modern moral wasteland, there are a surprising number of good girls out there who are not in the least abusive, don't pretend indifference, and if you are selective yourself, it isn't so difficult to find them.

    4. I started going bald in my teens and it sucked. Going to college parties, people often thought I was a parent or a professor I looked so old. Although that is far from the only thing making me a failure with women, it's one of the biggest things.

    5. Balding definitely isn't a great thing, but depending on the other things one brings to the table, it may not be that big a problem.

      I am a guy who has a receding hairline (fairly obvious to anyone), but probably wouldn't classify myself as balding yet (only a matter of time though). I do not tend to have major issues with women. I am also fairly fit, have a good social circle with a lot of acquaintances, good latin dancer (so get women from that circle), and went to a top school and do very well professionally (so get women from those circles as well).

      My roommate is definitely balding. He is also fat, but not like obese. Somewhere middle of chubby and obese. However, he has a very cute face, works for one of the top investment banks, and has an MBA from one of the top B-schools of the world. The girls he has got have always been gorgeous. Again, they are broadly through his social and alumni circles of people from top schools and top professional organizations.

      Another very close friend of mine with a very similar story as my roommate. Fat guy, balding, but a very cute face. Studied at top schools and works in one of the best investment firms of my country. Once again, no major problems with women. His women aren't as beautiful as my roomie's, but still pretty good.

      I think overall, being balding is bad, but probably should be lesser down the priority order of things that need to be fixed, especially for guys.

  2. Hi Aaron,
    In your most recent post you said "the typical guy in his late 30s is quite remote from being a pussy magnet." and this probably merited a post in and of itself. Would you like to elaborate?

    1. i was at the beach today, i saw a lot of average people, they are all ugly in my opnion
      guys , women all of them, are fking fat. guys are fat and bald mostly
      and chicks are fat and wrinkly.

    2. Aaron wrote: "So, how unfair is it that a woman might learn in her 30s that the stream of cocks she had gotten used to is coming to an end? ... However, the typical guy in his late 30's is quite remote from being a pussy magnet."

      So, 25-year-old women get sex easier than 35-year-old women, who get sex easier than 35-year-old men, who get sex easier than 25-year-old men. The politically correct inference is that life is unfair to women.

    3. Clarke,

      He answered it. "Typical" guy, as in average job, not in shape, can't dress, etc...if he was jacked, dressed well, and is successful as a man should be at that point in his life...then I think getting pussy shouldn't be an issue for him.

    4. Part 1:
      If I may:
      Look around. What do you see? The way you look at at age 35-40 is a result of how you lived your life before, correct? How does the typical life look like of a dude past age 20?
      (Yes, me included I don't pretend to be a red/blue/rainbow/silver whatever pill taker)
      You get out of school, you go to make your studies. You probably (I'd say the majority of people do) live at home, still. Hotel Mama. If you where active during school time (sports club or similar) you might still be, but the structures tend to fall apart, as everybody makes different life choices after high school (Gymnasium in Germany). Now look: When you were at school I assume there where between 25 and 30 people in your class half of them guys. How many of them were in a sports club? 2-3 maximum. Of them 1 or 2 will continue doing sports. That's a rough 15%. That's just the physical side.
      Now let's go on:
      You have the smart guys left, and the cool kids left. The smart guys don't get no chicks, cause, well they are looked at like nerds. The cool ones are certainly partly taking drugs so this will reflect success later.
      How many potential future "pussy magnets" do we have left out of the 15 guys? I'd say MAXIMUM 5.
      Let's move on:
      Some of them will study. Now studying takes time and some will persue their interests and some won't, but mostly not all of these 5 will get exposure to a) people and b) girls. The highest chances have those who do not live at home anymore, but go study elsewhere and hopefully support themselves with a job. If they do a job it's a low paid BS job in a restaurant or a fast food chain. What's good is that they get exposure to people which gives them social skills. Negative part is that now you have too much exposure and I can tell you from experience that people make me puke after a 8h shift at a hotel front desk. They fucking make me puke. I was driving home on public transport and I couldn't stand looking at people because I could read every reaction, I could predict the next smirk on the face, and they were and still are not oh-so-different from each other.
      Now what happens next?

    5. Part 2:
      These ~3 guys that are socially good now, still are studying, and have not much time on their hands to go doing sports because guess what travel time, studying time, working time, household time, sleeping time... The day has but 24h, and boy it goes by fast when you have sh*t to do.
      So, approx three guys with potential but no time to play it out.
      What about the other guys? They still live at home, pampered by their parent’s money and services. They will get reality-fucked when they become 27 or 28. And from experience the transition phase where you just UNDERSTAND how to value your time due to life requirements and that you need to push yourself to get something more, takes YEARS. You know how hard it is to accept, that you need to work long-time oriented and do something consistently? Not just understand, that's easy. But accept, that it is valid FOR YOU, too?
      So these guys are in for a surprise-motherfucker-life-ain't-easy-time of some years.

      Are you still with me? these dudes are 32 now and begin to realize what it's about.

      And the other three guys who started differently have this little time advantage and can play it out once, studies are over, a job is in place and they can afford to buy material things that are attractive and they add up on their good physique, their social skills and their slowly coming success.
      3 guys is 20% of the initial 15.

      It's all down to some math actually. And believe me, the differences might not seem that vast in the beginning when kids are 10 or 11 years old. But man, you'll see the gap widening when people turn 23-25. I know my numbers might not add up here and there but I hope I could make my point.

      I don't know how old you are, I am 25, and I can see it coming with my class mates. I haven't been to class meetings over the last 7 years but from what I hear Aaron says it very well stating that some dudes are "quite remote from being a pussy magnet".

      Oh btw don't get me started on the chicks, they are even worse.

  3. Hey Aaron!

    Are you ever going to resume attacking and continuing your siege of the manosphere/return of kings crowd/Roosh/Jack Donovan crowd? I would appreciate it a lot if you do, b/c they have getting mainstream media attention lately. Roosh recently went on the Dr.Oz show, and I'm not sure if you have seen the video for that. It would be interesting if you could make a blog post on that.

    The amount of stupidity and hilarity on the forums there is incredible, sometimes the posts there are so stupid or just slimy/despicable that it makes me angry. It would be interesting if you could destroy them again like you did with shakleford & alek novy in the past.

    1. You may not want to believe it, but I am an incredibly busy guy. I had plans for a free ebook on the manosphere, and in fact it exists as a draft, but it sits very much at the bottom of my to do list.

    2. I feel the same way about the manosphere, Super Wog. I think one of the biggest jokes about it is just how useless it is for guys that are actually serious about meeting women. This whole "alpha" thing is ridiculous,too. Who really acts like a "Navy Seal" 24/7? The manosphere followers have to be some of the most gullible idiots in the world! Anyone with a bit of common sense/life experience knows that they have no clue what they are talking about.

  4. I had not really heard of this Donovan guy, but checked his blog and the first thing that came to mind was white supremacist. He was talking about german runes and later about guns and it was like the stream of consciousness from a neo-nazi.

    I had read Roosh's stuff before and it was amusing and some of his stuff was really funny and somewhat insightful. But, after a while it was the same crap over and over. His travel stories and comments were mostly bitching about how he could not get laid and this was always the result of social welfare or feminism or whatever. Based upon some of his things on youtube he really does not come across as pleasant company, and maybe that is a bigger reason why women don't throw themselves at him.

  5. Our friend Alek Novy left an interesting comment very recently on BPs blog:


    I'm getting more and more disgusted by female nature to the point where I'm even considering just jacking off to -free- internet porn for the rest of my life and leave the wyms all alone once and for all. I want to get as far away from their pathetic self-absorbed destructiveness as I can.

    Some of you might think I completely lost my mind (could be), but when I hit on a chick and she gives me this female laziness –entitlement-privilege-BS by sending out ambiguous signals, showing token resistance etc. (seemingly harmless stuff) I can't help but to be reminded of the fact that this BS is just one manifestation of something much bigger within the female psyche, that will make sure that we as a species will never raise above the level of shit flinging monkeys.

    See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elA9nxAIV7A

    Jesus! Sorry for being such a Debby Downer, but in real life I am just surrounded by nether apes and their mistresses.

    See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdEjMhRhoAw

    Due to dieting, working out and dressing more fashionable I probably never looked better my whole life than I'm doing right now, but at the same time -in a way- I never felt less appreciated by females and more demotivated to hit on them than right now, too.

    I might sound like a bitter bitch here, but I hate the thought of risking humiliation, busting my ass etc. just to end up being deemed only just acceptable to hook up with by some 6 (even some 8 here and there), that does not work out and is passive as hell, and can’t even be bother to make herself somewhat easy to approach. Fuck this shit! (Of course I'm not expecting legions of HB12s to jump my cock and what have you, just because I lost 10 kg in the past 10 weeks. I know I’m still no stud and never will be, but would it kill those (very) few members of the unfair(er) sex that nonetheless would like to fuck me to give me some kind of clear hint/something to work with once in a while and not engage in shit like token resistance or sending out mixed signals?)

    Mr Novy again:


    For the German readers: Have a look at this blog by a German woman in her mid 20s getting causal sex with studs left right and centre with ease!


    Look at her lacking writing talent, at her lack of insightfulness! Look at what a lazy, entitled, narcissistic and thoroughly unpleasant ice princess bitch she is! How little she thinks of most of even the men she deems “worthy” to fuck with (i.e. her sex partners) and how little she cares to hide her despite towards men- and more so:
    how perfectly fine she gets away with it, because of men forgetting all sense of self respect and even self preservation just to get their dicks wet. JESUS!!!

    Makes me wanna puke!

    Sorry for this meltdown, but I had to release some steam. Hope you guys get at least some kind of entertainment out of my random rant/meltdown ;)

    Peace, gents! :)


    1. Brent, it sounds like you're really suffering, so for your mental health you might want to reconsider some of your assumptions. We all have cognitive biases.

      If you're not getting reasonably clear signals of interest from women, and if the women you're meeting are not reasonably easy to approach and are not reasonably active throughout the interaction, you may want to consider you are not as attractive as you think you are.

      Generally, if you are a 6 you should be having no problem with most 6s, and likewise whatever your level.

      Lots of guys who are really 3s and 2s are convinced they are 6s and 7s. A good friend of mine who I would call a 2 was sure he was a 7.

      If you start from the wrong assumptions you will get incredibly bitter and unhappy with regard to women. For a long time I thought i was like a male 8, and was extremely bitter that "my level" women weren't responsive to me. At a certain point I had to lower my sights to girls who were about 6s, and everything became better. Some guys realistically have to go down to 4s.

      There will still be some nasty and shitty women at your level, but if you are selective and wait for relatively clear signals (and keep on going down the scale until you get relatively clear signals. It may be lower than you wish to go, but that, honestly, is your true level), you should find plenty of approachable, nice women at that level.

      And if still can't, just laugh it all off anyways. The universe is a big cosmic joke and not be taken seriously. So women don't find you sexy - big deal!

    2. PART 1

      Thanks for the feedback, Anon!
      "The universe is a big cosmic joke and not be taken seriously. So women don't find you sexy - big deal!" True words!

      I appraciate your answer and maybe I'm an uggo and just don't know about this or don't wanna face this truth, but maybe not.

      "If you're not getting reasonably clear signals of interest from women, and if the women you're meeting are not reasonably easy to approach and are not reasonably active throughout the interaction, you may want to consider you are not as attractive as you think you are."
      Depends on what passes for "reasonably clear signals of interest".

      "Generally, if you are a 6 you should be having no problem with most 6s, and likewise whatever your level."

      "At a certain point I had to lower my sights to girls who were about 6s, and everything became better. Some guys realistically have to go down to 4s."

      If I was really a -let's say- 4 I should get a better ROI, if I focused on 4s. But I doubt they would make it easy for me; I think I would still have to face a lot of mindgames and token resistance etc. And they would reject me more harshly.


      I get the feeling that I here and there have some decent/cute chicks attracted to me, ogle me etc, but the moment I try to take it from there they start playing games etc.

      And I don't see my self dealing with this type of nonesense, EVEN IF I could succssed in banging them. I just feel like a moron enganing in their games! It might have been the normal communication between male and female since the dawn of man, but I feel it's a kind of socially inept, lame-ass phony bullshit and I'm just repulsed by this nonsense! I have no paticence for this!

      I recently was invited to a party, a decent looking girl started talking to me, we chatted for a while. She leaves the pub to smoke, comes back and acts cold as fuck all the sudden. Shit like this I encounter on a regular basis.

    3. PART 2
      So yeah, there probaly are enough cute chicks intressted in me (if I'm not completly deluded), but regognizing them (and filter them out from the polite, but not intressted girls, or the attention/validation whores, or the girls that just wanna be social etc.) and getting them to act on their intrest seems to be too much of an effort considering the fact, that the few times I had intercourse I even could not keep my errection, let alone blow my load.

      But yeah one problem might be, that I find myself in warm sceneraios way to seeldom.
      I mostly approached chicks on campus, in parks etc. for the mere reason that my social circle is just too small and I'm not that intrested in socialzing/clubbing etc. for the mere sake of pussy. On the other hand, I have the feeling that you have to deal with the crab in the basket mentality of the males in your social circle and various other BS, if you try to get closer to chicks of this group.

      I think I could get a some what ok sex life with somewhat cute girls, but would it be worth the effort/hassle?

      The thing is: if I now opt out of the dating game, I might never find in (again).
      On the other hand: there are bigger fish to fry and more worthwhile activities for me to persue, and dating (or rather trying to date) eats away to much of my attention, energy and time (I'm getting easily exhausted anyways, i.e. my energy levle has always been quite low). And since I have zero intrest in any kind of seroius commited relatishonship and getting married/having kids etc. I'm asking myself if I should just opt out now and just resort to porn and maybe hookers.

      I feel like I reached some kind of crossroads and am soon approaching a point of no return (since I'm pushing 30 and still have very little experience with chicks), but in a way, I'm not afraid at all, since I now strongly belive you not only don't need women in your life, you can also go more or less all time celebate.
      If you have some basic things in your life sorted out, you're fine to go. And if I had some real hobbies/passions I could persue I would have never bother that much about this whole women thing to begin with. (My studies still take away to much time and enrgy for me to persue a hobby or two, but that might come to an end quite soon.)

    4. PART 3
      Like Sleazy put it: "No, your romantic partners are not there to give your life meaning. If you're a miserable piece of shit without having someone to fuck, you're most likely remain a miserable piece of shit even if you manage to get a girlfriend." (http://aaronsleazy.blogspot.de/2015/01/found-on-rooshs-forum-guy-does-3000.html)

      "If loneliness was an issue for you before you've entered the relationship, it may very well remain an issue in the relationship. Or do you honestly believe that just one woman on this planet will be able to relate to anything you say? Of course, there will be many areas where she would have absolutely nothing to contribute because it is outside the scope of her interests."

      Until recently I thought I had to bang 15+ chicks to get over this hornyness and the yearning for female company, but now I think, that was just some retarted assumption of mine. (Thanks to Marco P., with whom I chatted about this! Very helpful talk, man!)

      I maybe should had split the coment into two, to give this whole twitter harresment article the atteention it deserves, but on the otherhand my intenet was to show how -IMHO- the daily pettiness of the human (female) is conected to the big picture and the fate of our species as a whole, i.e. how everything ties togehter with everything, if you know what I mean LOL ;)


    5. on the side note today i met a chick who didnt play any games with me, the only limit
      is the fact that she has busy time.
      i think this might be some sort of a win, no mind games, clear interest.
      she is very horny near me.
      umm. brent, if she plays mind games, then she doesnt like you that much.
      should focus on chicks who likes u a lot, they are quite rare, but once met
      its a short road without bullshit.
      i only considered her because she smiled to me a lot.
      then again i am kinda fearful she is 16 and takes action like a complete grown up. lol. i was a bit surprised that she immedietly grabbed my dick, when we kissed in a somewhat people-less environment outside.

    6. Lots of guys have reported that girls play games and make it hard for them, but I have to be honest and say my experience differs in certain crucial ways. Yes, I have encountered games, of course, but I've responded to it differently than other guys and its been different for me.

      For instance, I have never been able to "get" girls who played games with me like lots of guys report - maybe I wasn't a good player? Yet lots of guys report that after a period of "plowing" they actually DO manage to get the girl. Never happened to me - it was always a frustrating experience that went nowhere and left me feeling foolish.

      Since that was so, I simply figured girls who were playing games with me weren't "really" in to me despite their seemingly obvious signals and were either pumping me for drinks or ego gratification, and I made it a policy to bail the moment games appeared - token resistance that was unreasonable, making me work for it, hiding interest, etc. I'm outta there.

      I am very selective and only go for girls who are relatively clear and don't play games, and in my experience there are many such girls. I think the great fear is that if you refuse to play games, you won't get laid. I can't speak for other guys, but that hasn''t been my experience, and I am hardly amazing looking.

      In other words, clear signals of interest can be "fake" signals - she wants something, maybe drinks from you, or just ego stroking.

      If you simply screen these girls out, the interaction can be easy and straightforward. I believe Aaron also believes in very early on testing to see if she is serious or just playing games. I think that's beyond excellent advice - absolutely essential advice.

      Now you have to make sure that YOU also don't play games - I mean none of that fake alpha bullshit, no putting on airs and trying to be "cool" or a macho tough guy who's "too good" for her so she'll be turned on by your awesome superority etc, etc. If YOU play games, like the average PUA, its much more likely she will too - girls are very insecure and don't have strong egos. If you come off as high and mighty, just to protect her ego SHE will then pretend she isn't that interested.

      By avoiding games yourself, and screening out girls who themselves play games, you may face a far more limited field of of operations, but it will be so much more pleasant and enjoyable - you've effectively screened out the shitty insecure people (women) of the world, and what could be better than that? And in my experiences there WILL still be enough girls left over that you can have a great time.

      And to repeat, if not - well, life isn't worth living if you have to deal with the shitty, female or otherwise, and just laugh it off for the big joke that it is.

    7. "Lots of guys have reported that girls play games and make it hard for them, but I have to be honest and say my experience differs in certain crucial ways."

      Here's where it gets interesting... Want to have your mind blown? Women ACTUALLY often play games (test you) in order to prevent being "hurt" (pumped & dump) despite being interested.

      To give you my personal experience. The first 30 chicks I hooked up with (whether lays or just bjs/makeouts), it was zero drama, zero games... I show interest, she shows interest back (or not), we go hookup (bang or bj or makeout).

      However, at one point, everything flipped. Once I got the confidence of being a guy who's "above average"... all of a sudden all women started testing me. They all accused me of being a player and made me jump through endless hoops.

      [you have no idea how annoying/flattering it is to constantly be accused of having 20 girlfriends... even if you're busy working on business and haven't left the house in the past 3 weeks] That literally happens to me these days when I suggest to chicks to go back to my place, they ask me "so why don't you invite one of your other 20 girls, why me", and I'm like thinking "bitch I haven't had any in 3 weeks, whatcha talking bout".

      When I was nervous and inexperienced, they played no games, did no tests. It was "me interested, you interest, go".

      But also, my buddy who is amazing (top 0.01%) gets no games/tests either. So there's this weird middleground where she can tell you're not NAIVE, so she tests you. But you're not so super-charismatic and experienced that you can skip through it.

      So there's this weird bad middleground. If you're completely naive you don't get tested, in fact girls are kind of nice and forgiving. And they're also great if you're really good (like my friend).

      I'm nowhere near my friend's level. This guy is like hollywood level charisma, been with hundreds of girls this guy. He's really good at getting girls to feel as if though they have a chance of being his next girlfriend. So they just act spontaneously and go, no testing.

      Me? They test the crap out of me, because I have 0000% anxiety about escalation, making moves, but i'm nowhere near as good at relating/making a connection like this guy.

      Now this is just one example of a SCENARIO WHERE WOMEN play games/test you. Its one of HUNDREDS. And unfortunately, a lot of it is complex and subtle. There's no easy way to tell one guy is having the fortune of not being tested and having clear communication from the women who are interested.

      I WISH the answers were as easy as "you must be ugly if women test you, go for uglier women"... Unfortunately, its not.

      IF YOU PERSONALLY are lucky, and have the right set of characteristics to not get tested, good... But don't forget that luck might run out... and don't try to generalize this bullshit to other guys.

      Like these fucking idiot shrills who keep coming here and saying "if you get tested by 6s, you must be a 2"... Which is the most moronic, bullying, soul destroying crap ever. It's just utter non-sense (most often its said by women pretending to be men, or virgins with no real world experience).

      Especially when these same guys KNOW they have banged 8s, and they go and test this BS and find twos TEST THEM EVEN MORE, and eights are MORE DIRECT. So the theory is complete oversimplified bs.

    8. "Lots of guys have reported that girls play games and make it hard for the"

      Also, don't try to make it out as if this is something that came out of some dudes on the internet. This has been part of common-sense, common knowledge for THOUSANDS of years.

      Anthropology and social psychology (basically all social science departments except gender studies) very well document that FEMALES mate by playing games and put males through courtship (chasing) and force males into proving themselves and how "serious" they are.

      You know what else? Its true of all fucking mammals as well. So don't play that lame feminist shill game where "oh its just a bunch of bitter guys on the internetz invented this idea, women are super clear, unambigious and direct to normal guys teheheh"

    9. PART 1
      Thanks for the intresting chat, Lads! :)

      @LazyLife: You know the saying:
      You've got to eat the grape before it turns into a rasin ;)
      By the way: which country are you from if I may ask? You mentioned once that the age of consent in your contry is pretty low, if I don't mistake you for someone else.

      "To give you my personal experience. The first 30 chicks I hooked up with (whether lays or just bjs/makeouts), it was zero drama, zero games... I show interest, she shows interest back (or not), we go hookup (bang or bj or makeout).

      However, at one point, everything flipped. Once I got the confidence of being a guy who's "above average"... all of a sudden all women started testing me. They all accused me of being a player and made me jump through endless hoops."

      Fascinating observation! I'm baffled! 0_o

      From what I understood from the many comments you left on this and various other blogs you busted your ass to get a certain amount of flirting experience to asses with somewhat certainty which chicks you should focused on.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, please, because I don't want to spread BS about you, but even through you gained a very good instinct in regards to which chicks are worthy of your efforts, you nonetheless quite often (or even more often than not?) have to spend a rather large amount of time to lay a chick due to the reasons you stated in your comment above, don't you?

      I really admire your dedication, your will power, your stamina and how you used your inteligence to figure all this stuff out. I admire how you built an amazing social life/life style and how you shaped your body to almost Adonis-like perfection and I hope you will continue reaping the rewards of your herculean efforts for many many decades to come.

      But how do you cope with the fact that you still have to work to hook up with chicks that are -despite how hot/stunning they may be- intelectually, personality/courage wise and in regards of life experince and the ability to deal with (emotional) stress miles and miles and miles below your level. I don't want to insult these girls, please, don't get me wrong.

    10. PART2
      But however good looking (and even pleasent to be around) they may be, they are (almost certainly) much less worthy of a guy like you than vice versa, if you know what I want to say.
      A guy like you -absoulutly spoken- allways has to himself short even if he hits only on the most beautiful women, because -although some girls might be better looking than him- the amount of girls that are a match for him intelectually and personality wise is basically zero.

      I mean I certanly don't bring nearly as much to the table as you do (far from it), but I certanly bring more to the table than at least many of the 6s I hit on (and I felt that were -at least somewhat- into me*! ) and still I'm supposed to do more than meet them half way. That's absurd!

      *Crucial point! I know women have there types they go for and I can only
      expect a tiny fraction of females to consider me their type and to prefer me to other men that are her type and I furthermore can only expect a fraction of those women to be avalible to me. At this point I'm bitching soley about females, that are sexually attracted AND availble to me (and prefer me to other guys that are their type) and that are "within my league" and aware of being in my league. (At this point I'm not even bitching about girls in my league and attracted to me but not hooking up with me because they -falsley- feel to high up above me to act on their attraction towards me.)

    11. PART 3
      Once again, sorry if I sound like a bitter, deluded, soure grape with a god complex that spent to much time browsing roosh-Vs and other fuckards drivle, but don't I have some kind of point?

      I would be perfectly fine to engage in somewhat risky behaviour to do maybe like 60-70% percent of the work, but I feel anything less than doing 90% of the work is almost certanly a road to celibacy these days.

      I just don't feel much of an incentive to give that much, especially since the few times I fucked a chick -even if she was good looking- I felt nothing close to sexual arousel.

      Anyways, thanks for the chat, fellas! :)


    12. @Brent,

      "but don't I have some kind of point?"

      Your point is that modern women have almost nothing to offer a man these days, especially if one compares it to the amount of effort and risks a male must endure; or, as Barbarossaaaa puts it, "The juice ain't worth the squeeze".

      I agree, so I think you will find these posts by blogger Advocatus Diaboli interesting. This is one of my favorite collections of MGTOW-related writings, and was quite an eye-opener for me.

    13. Alek, it seems you are describing a different situation. These girls aren't faking disinterest, they are assessing your sincerity for a long term relationship. I'm guessing you aren't meeting these girls in clubs for one night stands. If you are, then they are still trying to find out your sincerity, which is only relevant for long term. Maybe they aren't attracted enough for short term.

      There does not appear to be any deception involved either. These girls, as you describe them, seen concerned about your long term intentions with them and are quite upfront abo

      I agree that women are kind to "naive" men. That has been my experience, which goes against prevailing dogma that women are especially harsh to "nice" guys. It's also why I recommend that you yourself don't put on any airs.

      Your explanations seem less convincing to me. Cause and effect are hard to disentangle.

      You might be conveying a very insincere vibe, and putting on inauthentic airs of some kind, triggering skepticism in these girls.

      Your friend might simply be a much more naturally sincere and authentic person than you who doesn't put on airs.

      Either way is only really relevant for long term.

      As you say social psychology has documented that women test your sincerity for long term commitment. I'm don't see how this is relevant to one night stand or the question of whet women fake disinterest or create pointless obstacles.

      Of course every interaction is different between two people, and trust is establishedat different rates, but overall if your are hitting on your level and are yourself not putting on airs, it should be "generally" smooth going.

      If anyone is having so much trouble and effort that is making them bitter and unhappy, something is wrong. The amount of effort described by anon above makes no sense. It's not supposed to be like that for most guys hitting on their level. It's not for me.

    14. Brent , I was born in Belarus, and live in Israel.

      16 is the age of consent, and i think in Germany it is 16 as well.

      i currently work at an odd job at an amusement park, there is a lot of chicks
      who are 16-19 years old, most of them live a bit far, few dont, but most of those who dont either ugly or not interested in me.

      how ever chicks are consistently suck a lot of attention, i tell you because chicks
      who liked me would refuse me.
      since i dont really would like to engage in chasing, i drop them but.
      either they are scared of the OTHER PEOPLE opinions
      either u are make moves too fast or too slow, or they are scared of some other bullshit scenerio, they lose interest c ause of it.

      i am certainly surprised to ogle a chick to find out she "i have b(bullshit)bf
      " while she close to me and smiles, since i ask her do you want to meet up.
      of couse she says " idont know" and blahblah.
      untill u hit upon a chick that dont bullshit you, you waste alot of energy its tiring.
      whats the point?

      i certainly start to think that 16-18 girls are full of shit, scared of too many scenerios and thus lose interest easily becasue of that.
      or you just need to chase them alot untill those scenerios start to be irrelevent,
      i say fuck this shit. i just ogle them sometimes becasue i am at work and find myself free to do whatever i want.lol.

    15. there is of course one type of interaction i particularly hate,
      either the chick likes you and lose interest or , she doesnt but want to get some
      attention once she knows you are business, she drops on u.

      anyway the chick expresses interest and then at one point, she becomes cold, and starts to ignore you.
      this one is really crappy because i cant tell before hand what chick will be like that. and then i get shit stomped when this happens.
      bitch please be cold and and ignore me from the start.
      there is also chicks who likes u but behaves cold as stone from the start.
      this kills my mood for even bothering. it is a complete turn off.
      i say do as marco does, go fuck some hot prostitutes.

    16. As much as I always appreciate Novy's succinct observations and contributions, I must say that having to go through all that kind of female testing hassle is just exactly that: unnerving hassle. To me sex is only fun, if it is more or less effortless, and natural. Anything substantially above that level and the girl just becomes uninteresting to me and I stop being horny for her and soon have forgot about her altogether.
      No pussy is worth too much hassle, particularly because boredomn quickly sets in anyway.

    17. @ Brent:
      Hey Brent, I had the good fortune to make an interesting personal observation recently. Maybe you might wanna check this out:


    18. (PART 1:) I should probably commit to not post rants when I don't have the time to write proper. Which is why its such an entangled mess of inclarity.

      Brent: Fascinating observation! I'm baffled! 0_o
      you busted your ass to get a certain amount of flirting experience to asses with somewhat certainty which chicks you should focused on.

      Actually as I said in the comments discussing Aaron's book, this part i'm the least successful at. I have friends who are amazing at this. Personally I'm only "somewhat better than the average guy". I'm nowhere near Aaron's level or my friend's levels in terms of super-reading ability. I'm merely observant and have noticed it is a "skill", i.e. something you can develop. I never quite developed it to super high levels myself. You'll notice I always say "you can develop it", I never said "I developed it".

      The only thing I am really "exceptional" at is the ability to escalate without giving a crap. That means **if** I hit on 20-30 random chicks, I can bang one just by virtue of the fact that I won't ever not make a move when she wants me to. (notice the If before you misread, that's not how I life my life now, I'm just saying if I DID hit on chicks indiscriminately, that's what I can get)

    19. (PART 2:) Brent:Correct me if I'm wrong, please, because I don't want to spread BS about you, but even through you gained a very good instinct in regards to which chicks are worthy of your efforts, you nonetheless quite often (or even more often than not?) have to spend a rather large amount of time to lay a chick due to the reasons you stated in your comment above, don't you?

      Actually no, compared to the average guy I am "spoiled" and don't want to invest "any time". When I complain about women playing games and wanting me to invest time - I'm not saying that i'm ACTUALLY accepting the deal.

      Also I'm not comparing myself to the average guy who spends 20-30 hours on facebook chat or phone, goes on 7 seven dates and spends 10 hours on the phone before he even gets a fucking first kiss. I'm comparing myself to the top 0.1% of guys who I'm fortunate to have befriended a few.

      Since I KNOW that a woman CAN AND DOES know she can hookup much earlier. I see any delay as her playing games. Does that make sense? I see chicks constantly hookup with guys in just 5-10 minutes of conversation, meeting a guy for the second in their life.

      Then with another guy they pretend they need 7 dates to decide. This is the game playing part I'm talking about.

      Here are some facts

      - In the past 7(?) years I haven't taken a single phone number from a single woman. Not a single one.

      - Have not been on a single date... not one single date (I just go places where I'll be anyway, and some chick I've met somewhere might come along alone or friends, i go to places where I have status and dozens of friends, so she (and or her friends) tags along, no formal dates)

      - Communication pre hookup has never been more than 2-3 lines exchanged on facebook chat or text (just letting them know where I'll be with my friends, location, time, that's it)

      But how do you cope with the fact that you still have to work to hook up with chicks that are -despite how hot/stunning they may be- intelectually, personality/courage wise and in regards of life experince and the ability to deal with (emotional) stress miles and miles and miles below your level. I don't want to insult these girls, please, don't get me wrong.

      I think you (and the others) misunderstood what I am being asked to do for BEING what I actually do. I DON'T ACTUALLY accept these games at this point in life. I am asked to play these games, I refuse... She might later on in my life turn up again and decide to drop the games and be more direct, or she might lose out on me forever... whatever. I refuse to accept a shitty deal. I don't ACTUALLY accept these deals.

      The reason that I KNOW that you can bang the women who play these games (act hard to get) if you go through, is because I TESTED IT FOR A PERIOD of time.

      I just had a period where (to prove the idiotic theory wrong) I did go through with a massive amount of these game players, and banged them, proving the feminist bullshit theory wrong.

      I have no intention of doing that as a way of life. It's stupid, its unfair (to the man). Its just that I flip out and lose it whenever a feminist shill comes on here and says "women don't play games, never play hard to get, ALL interested women communicate unambigiously and clearly and make it easy for you"

      Sane person: "yes they do, most of them do play hard to get, play games and communicate ambiguously"

      Feminist: "Well, they must find you ugly, because only a woman who finds you ugly would ever communicate ambiguously".

      That's what I'm ranting against. Don't misunderstand it as me recommending it as a way of life "you should accept women playing hard to get and persist through".

      I'm just saying its not true a woman finds you utterly unfuckable and ugly if she plays hard to get. That's a feminist bullying theory invented to nudge guys toward dating uggos.

    20. Well, fellas! That's a lot of valubale feedback to my comments! I realy appreciate!

      @The Plague Doctor:
      Bar Bar surley coined this juice-squeeze-saying for me! To many men are oblivious to this whole return of investment-thing when it comes to women/mating.

      "I agree, so I think you will find these posts by blogger Advocatus Diaboli interesting. This is one of my favorite collections of MGTOW-related writings, and was quite an eye-opener for me." Thanks very much for sharing! I like the guy's blunt no-BS-straight-foward attitude! Condensed wisdom! No fluff! (I think Marco also has him in his blogroll.)

      @Lazy Life:

      Just a few questions about israeli chicks: I often heard they are tuff as nails and I always had the impression female obisity is not such big of an issue with (young) Israeli women.
      Is feminism a big thing (like in europe/north america) in Israel?
      Israeli women are also liable to military service, aren't they?
      I'm asking because I get chills imagiening some shit-crazy feminist bitch, who recived shooting lessons and Krav Maga training! LOL! What a nightmarish thought! :D

      Do you think your female soldiers do their part or is it -like always- the men that have to deal with the real dangerous, bone-breaking and soul crushing tasks, when shit hits the fan? (Let me guess ;)
      Would you say that girls who did serve in the military are at least somewhat more mature than women of the same age from other Western/westernized countries?

      "either they are scared of the OTHER PEOPLE opinions
      either u are make moves too fast or too slow, or they are scared of some other bullshit scenerio, they lose interest c ause of it."
      A true pain in the ass indeed! Grow up, girlies!

      "This one is really crappy because i cant tell before hand what chick will be like that. and then i get shit stomped when this happens.(...)
      this kills my mood for even bothering. it is a complete turn off."
      Feel you, man! Same goes for me!

      "i say do as marco does, go fuck some hot prostitutes." Smart choice! I agree! :)

      @Marco: "No pussy is worth too much hassle, particularly because boredomn quickly sets in anyway." I wish I had internalised this 10 - 13 yeras ago! All this years- wasted to a certain degree. Sigh! But better late than never.

      Furthermore: Thanks for hinting at your post! I read it, I liked it and I left you a comment :)


    21. @Alek: Ah, okay! Now I get it. Thank you very much for the clarification!
      Sorry for misinterpreting you!


  6. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/women-sound-alarm-about-pickup-artist-s-youtube-site-1.3158314

    Wow, you just can't make this stuff up.

    1. "OMG, he recorded our conversation ! Send him to jail !! Hurry ! No... finally, death penalty !!"

    2. Haha. My friend texted me that article last night.

      Check this out,


      One thing that has always puzzled me about Roosh is how he attracts so many followers. Didn't I read before that he generally bangs like 5 new women a year? I bet most of his followers are better than him. Roosh to me seems like the kindergarten student tutoring the high school student.

    3. You are making the crucial mistake that game in general, and Roosh in particular, is actually about getting girls.

      Roosh admits that he struggled mightily to get girls - he is absolutely honest about this, and that most of his lays are through drunk girls (he gives detailed accounts of banging girls who cannot give consent), low status women, etc. He admits this.

      By not concealing he is terrible with women, Roosh has set himself up as the figurehead and symbolic representative of the mass of men who also struggle with women.

      He symbolically represents and is the masthead for men who are terrible with women - they see themselves in him, they can relate to him, they have found someone who symbolizes their marginal status, their pain, their failures. He is just like them - he gives collective voice to their anguish.

      A guy who is great with women they would unable to relate to.

      The more I discover PUA, the more I believe it is not about getting women - it is about filling a whole range of psychological needs, wish fulfillment fantasies, revenge fantasies, religious needs, etc.

      Thus understood, it makes far more sense.

    4. no, man pua first of all is about sucking money out of you.
      by selling the fantasy you made a point in the end of the message.

    5. Well there are various types of pua, there is the guys who sell bootcamps etc. They try to get your money first.

      I think roosh (and I don't think he really said he has had trouble with women, just that recently he is in a slump, and that caused him not to try. (probably for all his supposed mastery, he still needs to put the same hours (and perhaps more, due to age, and reputation) in)).

      His sites are just very very good at getting angry readers and writers, who pride themselves on being 'logical' while making one logical fallacy after another.

      Think that is why he is rebranding himself as a neomasculine figurehead. And moved away from pua writings. And yeah, think tehre is more money/followers in antifeminism, (and the other needs/things anon before lazylife mentioned) etc

  7. Heartiste goes empirical:



  8. It's really incredible how people would rather accept the comfortable lie rather than a more uncomfortable truth. Just came across this video which was immediately labeled as controversial. IMO, this guy is 100% spot on.


    1. If he named the video "morbidly obese people" then he would have a point. But since its named "overweight people"... I disagree with this video.

      While there are no genetic differences in terms of energy, there are huge differences in fullness, stress-handling, satiety hormones etc etc.

      In practical terms. Yes, an overweight person can look the same as a "naturally skinny person" if he eats the exact same amount of food/exercise. But one will feel starved and out of energy, whereas the other will feel full.

      Yeah if someone's morbidly obese, its probably laziness. Its not true about being overweight. That's like saying all non-charismatic men are "lazy".

    2. There are some health benefits to being overweight. But, these are only if you are over 65/70 years of age. (Do not have citation, sorry).

      My personal beliefs around the matter is that this is due to more muscle mass, people who are heavier, also have a little bit more muscle (due to carrying the weight around, and well, always getting enough protein). I think that the increased health benefits are due to the larger stocks of muscles.

  9. @Alek

    I just noticed a recent post on the black pill where you commented on RSD. I'm not familiar with them, but know what teach is bullshit. How do you think they've managed to stand the test of time while a company like Lovesystems is almost dead? I read before that Lovesystems hasn't changed their material EVER, so that could be part of the problem. Just seems weird that RSD is just as big, if not bigger, and one of their competitors is basically extinct. Perhaps Savoy just got lazy and thought the well would never run dry? I know it was pretty dumb of him to claim that Lovesystems instructors could GUARANTEE that you would be able to pickup strippers after a bootcamp with Cajun(I think it Cajun?).

  10. I used to like Jurassic Park (1993) and The Lost World (1996). With JP III the frenchise really started to take a nosedive. Anyhow, I spared myself the latest installment, no purely because of but maybe to a certain extent due to the fact, that it depicts a female character running for her dear life away from all kinds of dinos WARING HIGH HEELS ALL THE F***IN TIME.
    At least that's what I've been told.

    And now look at this => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RZi6NCuLbQ
    ***Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition (Parody)***


  11. I found this : http://www.pnas.org/content/97/22/12385.full.pdf

    Very interesting.

    In a nutshell : when they count prostitutes in surveys about sexual partners, suddenly the mean for men and women are equal.

  12. Here is something different for a change of tone: Prepare to meet Stacy Jean, a skilled/passionate artists, mother of three and beautiful women --> https://instagram.com/1bite2xshy/?hl=de.

    This blog got a little too depressing for my taste, though I still enjoy the articles! :)


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